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Why does a $500 flagship AMD CPU from 2017 have worse single-threaded performance than a $320 Intel CPU from 2011?

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heil hitler

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Um, threadripper is their flagship, try again sweaty.

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>ryzen beats the competition in cpu-z benchmark
>cpu-z update released
>this is no longer true

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Why does a $999 flagship AMD CPU from 2017 have worse single-threaded performance than a $320 Intel CPU from 2011?

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Why does a $1700 flagship Intel CPU from 2016 have worse single-threaded performance than a $320 Intel CPU from 2011?

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Why are you comparing an overclocked CPU with a not overclocked CPU?

Ryzen at 4Ghz has the same single thread performance as Sandy Bridge at 5Ghz

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Lets think about this for a second.

Hardware that has 16 cores and 32 threads might be optimized for using 32 threads rather than just one alone.

Have you considered that?

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Show me a Rypoo at 4GHz even coming close to this score. Go ahead, I'll wait.

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>>61740874 (OP)
Lets think about this for a second.

Hardware+Software that has 16 cores and 32 threads might be optimized for using 32 threads rather than just one alone.

Have you considered that? Ditto for 32 cores.

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>this is what Intel calls progress

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op and Intel btfo

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>4.7GHz vs 3.8GHz

An overclocked 7600K scores nearly 600 points single thread.

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is single threaded performance even important now?

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that's 27% improvement in 6 years

4.06% improvement per year
4.89% per processor generation

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nobody fucking cares
Ryzen fucked Intel's anus whether you like it or not

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reminder cpuz adjusted their scoring because ryzen was too good.

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don't pretend like your CPU is stock fag

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>"P-P-P-Poozen can d-do that t-too!"
>Prove it then.
>"Benchmarks don't even matter Poozen is the best!"

AMDrones everybody!

Yesssssssss, it's all a big conspiracy to mask Poozen's amazing performance! All benchmarks and real world applications have been bought by Intel and the Jewish Global Conspiracy, otherwise you'd see Poozen on top, because the performance is there. Honest. :^)

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lmao 5Ghz is worse than my 4 core i5

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The 7770K is a beast..
Anyone got a 7600K to compared against my [email protected]?

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>Intel CPU from 2015 beats Intel CPU from 2011

Really made me think.

Still worse multithreaded performance though. Imagine falling for the i5 meme.

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4% difference single threaded
+175% multithreaded performance

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Because GPU-Z got gimped with an update when Ryzen outperformed Intel. GPU-Z confiormed for Intel shill or got paid.

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>It's all da jooz fault!!!


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The CPU-Z scores are weird

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who the fuck still use 2011 processor??

get a fucking job man!!

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It's using dated instructions so more CPUs can bench on it.
If we used something like AVX2 the older CPUs would crawl or not manage to bench at all.

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what the fuck is wrong with you

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>literally calling facts /pol/
are you a parody of yourself? they straight up changed the algorithm for CPU-Z because ryzen could fit the entire benchmark in cache and it was "unfairly overperforming"

but no tell me more about the raycism and how it triggers you

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How the hell are you supposed to compare against a "reference" 1800X when the performance of Zen CPUs seems to rely entirely on RAM speed and timings?

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I have a 2400 i5 and it doesn't bottleneck me and works perfectly at 3.4GHz. I'd rather add $250 to GPU savings instead of 5fps gains CPU

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>we found out that their ALUs executed this unexpected sequence in a much more efficient way so we removed it from the test
not even hiding it kek
hurr durr this particular part of our synthetic benchmark is irrelevant, but the rest of the score totally is!

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You're mentally ill.

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The (((update))) was a success.


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oy vey

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Guys, aren't the modern CPUs supposed to be 10 times faster than my ancient shit by now?

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Not sure.. why does my $200 AMD cpu come so close to to this $1000 Intel CPU from 2014?

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Yeah but having lots of cache is an unfair advantage because efsyvghdgfjn trnfmkbmurvtydfnverdstbwts!!

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>almost 30% higher than Intel Skylake
>We reviewed many software and synthetics benchmarks without being able to find a single case where such a performance boost occurs. We're now convinced that this special case is very unlikely to happen in real-world applications. Our new algorithm described below does not exhibit this behaviour.
It's not like this explanation doesn't make any sense, though. Zen doesn't exhibit 30% better single-thread performance than Skylake in any real-world test.

That being said, though, it does imply that their benchmarking methodology consists in trying to develop a benchmark that matches some perceived real-world performance, which is problematic.

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It really is a terrible benchmark tacked on to an info tool. Don't know why anyone uses it except to troll. Which is probably what the OP is doing here.

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why does a $9000 xeon from 2017 have worse single thread performance than a highly overclocked $320 intel CPU from 2011?

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Also disabled HT

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AMD is a joke

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Get back in the cuckcage, Brian.

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