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Anyone else feel cheated? I always thought Intel being Jews was just a meme but now that Ryzen has been released, Intel has pulled off the chains lowering prices and changing the tiers of their lineup entirely.

>4c8t will now be lowend
>6c/12t+ is now highend
>10c/20t+ is now enthusiast

The price of 1700X and Threadripper are so god damn fucking good it makes the price we've been paying for Intel over the past 6 years look like an absolute scam.

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my rig is 10 years old so I don't know how to feel besides anger that everything is perfect for a new build except memory and gpu prices.

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>The price of 1700X and Threadripper are so god damn fucking good it makes the price we've been paying for Intel over the past 6 years look like an absolute scam.
That's because it was a scam.

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>4c8t will now be lowend
That 4c8t i3 was a fake. But they were in fact price gouging the entire market for years due to monopoly status and lack of competition.

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>tfw you bought Sandy Bridge and haven't fallen for any memes since

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you think what intel did is a scam?

look what nvidia did 2 days ago by enabling titan x features essentially bringing close to quadro 6000
literally killing their quadro sales because amd was near titan xp and above quadro p6000...

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Intel sacrified their entire i3 lineup to beat Ryzen 3 and A12-9800. They even dropped prices on the i3-7350K by $20. It's still not worth it, though.

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after people have recently started compiling all the shit Intel has done over the years, and putting it out for all to see,I don't think I can do business with them again.

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I knew of Intel's tricks and nonsense since before Ryzen was only just being talked about. However Intel was the only option when it came to high end performance while FX from AMD was barely considered "good enough". I had an AMD FX-4100, 6300, then 9590. All were inefficient, hot and all around disappointing. I grot my teeth and endured using a 6700k for a little.

As soon as Ryzen came out and was a hit, I sold my z170 setup and dropped Intel like a bad habit. Sucks we still use their LAN chipset so much though. No other option really.

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>Sucks we still use their LAN chipset so much though. No other option really.
Realtek LAN sucks that badly? I never had any problems.

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Yea. Realtek is shit. I can saturate my LAN 1Gb/s transfer speed with just one regular mechanical hard drive using Intel chipset. Realtek with the same drive and network caps at 750Mb/sand frequently drops as low as 500Mb/s.

Non Intel LAN chipset are a deal breaker for me when looking at motherboards.

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The only thing I was really aware of was the hall Vista Fiasco with Intel and Microsoft. I had no idea that time nearly all of Dell and hp's revenue was coming from Intel bribes.

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Both AMD and Intel has R&D centers in Israel.

But while AMD has less than 1000 Israeli employees, Intel is with its 10,000+ Israeli employees the largest private sector employer in Israel.

TL;DR: Both Intel and AMD are Jews but Intel is x10 more Jewish.

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why you know this

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>bribing all major OEMs to not use AMD all the way pack to Pentium 4 days
>even though AMD's athlon 64 was way better
>Intel working with MS to have certain features only available on latest 7th Gen CPUs (4k Netflix streaming)
>replaced metal/fluxless solder under the CPU lid in favor of shit thermal paste all the way since Ivy bridge (3rd Gen) resulting in the housefires we have today
>thinking out the silicon wafers on all CPUs to save a few cents, resulting in bent PCB when the chip is under a heavy cooler for too long
>having certain benchmark utilities be optimized for Intel only and have benchmark perform worse if it detects an AMD CPU.(does this by disabling the use of certain instructions)
>purposely make new CPUs incompatible with existing boards even though they're the same socket, forcing people to buy new boards for no reason

All around Intel is and has always been a shady as fuck company.

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>10c/20t+ is now enthusiast
>requires delidding

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I'm half-Palestinian and half-Swedish.

Have you ever noticed that Intel's logo features the same primary colors as the Israeli flag?

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lool but fuck me you're right

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oy vey

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Zen+ soon?

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>4c/8t low end
that "i3 8300" screencap was fake you tool

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My nigga, I did the same

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I wish someone besides Intel would make fast NICs with open source firmware. Maybe AMD should start making NICs.

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Realtek is acceptable for a desktop but if you want to do things over LAN like filesharing and if you want to use it for a server realtek is trash.

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2019 presumably. Mom said they'll start production in 2nd half of next year.

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My wife has the exact same party tooth as Amada

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Amada's fang is the cutest.

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>I'm half-Palestinian and half-Swedish.


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Broski I am from Israeli and even I see through the Jewish tricks of Intel. Would rather support AMD any day.

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>half-Palestinian and half-Swedish.
How is that possible?

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If only the minning faggots didn't buy up all the miners.

The price for a gpu I bought 2 years ago is higher today than it was when I bought it.


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Swedish women looove brown and black men.

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You're not familiar with Sweden's immigration policies, I see.

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they did the same after AMD lost the 486 microcode lawsuit and until the athlon came out. mid-range pentiums were ridiculously expensive at the time. btw they used the name pentium instead of 586 to trademark and prevent any copying. 386-DX40's from AMD were better and Intel just couldn't stand it.

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It already looked like a scam. Intel has limited the mainstream to quadcores for about 10 years. Anyone that's paid any attention whatsoever isn't surprised that that's only just starting to change.

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pick one

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>Your post
>Not shit
Pick one.


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A nearly 10% shift in market share in one quarter is a massive swing.

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>A nearly 5% shift in market share in one quarter is a massive shit.

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Fine, 5%/quarter, two quarters in a row. either way, that's some pretty fast movement.

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p-pls buy intel .. pls ..

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p-plz don't pre-order threadriper .. fug D:

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what happened in 2006?

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We knew it was a scam.

It's why we were telling everyone to buy i5s and overclock them and not support the $400 i7s like fucking retards

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