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When will threadripper be available at Microcenter?. I want to build a new system and thinking about dropping a grand at Microcenter tomorrow on a 1700x or 1800x. Don't want to wait any longer for threadripper to become available.

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the 10th, can't you read?

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Sorry, I'm so impatient I don't even want to read. I just want to buy the shit and get to building my new system.

Threadripper supposedly single core speed isn't much better than other Ryzen chips right?.

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Wraith Max hype?

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There is literally no reason to buy a Threadripper unless you need each and every last one of those cores for whatever it is you're doing

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nope, it's the same clocks than the 1800x but just more cores.

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what if i just want to shitpost on speccy threads and run cinebench to increase my epeen?

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sweet fan/cooler, but enjoy your RAM clearance issues

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I'm looking at the 1700x and 1800x. I'm starting to t hink that they both ship with coolers even though it's not marketed that way. Anyone confirm this?. It'd be nice to give their new coolers a chance before I jump the gun and drop 30-50 bucks on a cooler I might not need like I did with the 8350.

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1700X/1800X don't come with coolers included, at least for the moment

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What clearance issues? It doesn't have any.. It's basically the same as the stock cooler that comes with the FX-8370 and A10-7890K.

You won't see 1700X or 1800X shipping with coolers. The SKU's that had coolers bundled were OEM only, and even then very few actually existed.

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Dang all right. Microcenter's online site has a shit faggot fucking selection of coolers, I might have to buy one online. If that's the case anyone got a suggestion for a cooler?.

I'm tired of the Hyper 212 and dealing with this refrigerator sized cooler poking out of my motherboard for the last 4 years or so. I need something low profile. So far I like this one Cryorig C7 40.5 CFM CPU COOLER

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It's nice that AMD is bumping up their stock cooler game a bit, but ultimately it's not a huge whoop-de-doo if your Ryzen doesn't come with one

CM EVO 212 works at least as well as a Wraith, and you can get one for $20 right now


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This is now officially a Canon Lake thread.

Kindly fuck off OP.

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The benefit of the Wraith coolers is that they are shorter, and provides good airflow to the components on the motherboard close to the socket. This is great for SFF systems or cheap motherboards, where VRM temperatures can be concerning.

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I'm happy with my 8 cores thank you.

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ANUS hasn't updated the Crosshair VI dram qvl since March and I'm thinking about deviating from the list. Is it worth the risk? I'll still be buying Samsung B Die

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unless you need massive IO and cores i dont see why ud get a threadripper

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My Trident Z 3200C14 works fine with it.

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>Thinks 4 superglued dies on a single socket are the answer.

I have news for you, gay boy.

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Still better than bingbus.

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Stick to the list, and your odds are good

Might wanna wait for one more BIOS update though, we're probably due for one soon with the release of Ryzen 3

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I've been looking at the Trident Z RGB 3200C14 since it's nearly identical to the other 3200C14 Trident Zs (minus the trash software which is fine since Asus already has aura)
Thanks for the heads up anon, I desperately need to order ram since I've been holding off for a couple weeks now.

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Aura is quite screwy with my CH6 after AGESA It almost never syncs the memory after a reboot (reverts to stock rainbow), but resetting the Aura devices manually in the software usually fixes it.

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I've read similar things on other forums, good to know.
Have you had any issues with conflicting software? Like Link, CAM or CPU-Z? Seems like the only work around is to make sure only one of these programs is open at a time? Or is there anything else users need to be aware of.

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>running anything other than full itx

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I have Link installed, and it doesn't conflict at all.
CAM doesn't even interact with RAM yet, so no problems there.
You just can't sync it with anything that isn't Aura.

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Oh okay, sounds good. Thanks for everything anon, guess I'll finally purchase my ram

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hold the fuck
people are talking about a Ryzen refresh with higher clocks early 2018 before Zen 2
is that true?

I was planning to make a 1600

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Well that is a valid reason, though not a very good one.

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>when pajeet glue is better than jewish solde-
Oh wait

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Buy the 1600 now, upgrade to a Zen 2/3 when it's out. Since AMD won't drop AM4 you can keep your Motherboard (and RAM)

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no, no I'm asking if there'll be a Ryzen refresh with 2XXX, maybe with higher clocks

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with higher clocks? no. it would be still 14 nm lpp.
higher IPC? yes.
wait for zen 2 regardless.

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No, if Zen refresh really exsists, it'll use 14nm HP, which means higher clocks.

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there is no 14nm hp in amd roadmap. glofo doesn't know about either. that's why they are going for 7nm.

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The Ryzen 7 1700 comes with the wraith spire, if it matters.

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There's 14nm+, which IS 14nm HP.

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>There's 14nm+, which IS 14nm HP.
there is 14nm+, but it is not hp.

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It's a custom node for AMD.

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it is not HP. Glofo doesn't work with HP in 14nm. They are going for it in 7nm.

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Oh they do. It's their own 14nm node, cutomised for AMD.

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we don't know, but it's possible (Zen+ in 2017). After TR and Epyc, the mobile APUs should be next, perhaps only they will be created with the improved process.

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*14nm+ instead of Zen+

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all of them are customized for amd. that doesn't mean anything.

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Found it!

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ok, but it says raven ridge aka apus will use that. not our beloved ryzens without igpus.
so, ryzen 2xxx will be 7nm, not 14nm+.

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Ryzen Pro

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ryzen pro is 2017 product, thus making it lpp.

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Pinnacle Ridge may still be NOT canned in favour of Zen2.

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I hope they will not can it. amd has to steal as much as market share as they can.

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Launching a higher clocking Zen refresh along with AM4 APUs will do the trick I guess.

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I really don't think apus will clock higher. gpu on die wouldn't allow that.

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You seem to forgetti how fucking insane AVFS employed by Zen and Vega is.
It gates fucking everything that's not in use.

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Feeling too poor for a KIKERIPPER

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I talk about apus from my previous experiences. if both cpu and gpu are active on die, they limit each other. particularly gpu limits cpu.
we have to see how amd overcome this.

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Can you order these separately?

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I've been out of the loop.
Are this AMD CPUs the best choice for compilers (gcc, clang,...) and emulators ( cemu, rpcs3, dolphin, citra,...) ?
Even in the €250 range?

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wraith will be sold seperately. 59 bucks.

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Wait for the i3-8300. It is already confirmed to have 4GHz, 4 cores and 8 threads for only $150 and with the superior Intel IPC.

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it's like they don't want to sell any of them

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they don't. they don't want to undercut cooler master.

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How much are they paying you? You really think Jewtel, the company that let us rot on 4-core, 8-thread chips for this long would let their i3 line compete with a previous gen's i7 line? Fuck off.

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where is the source?

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Oh fuck yeah. Wonder how well it cools.

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but it won't
you can see it on leaked intel slides where they have 2 core K series cpu listed, i3 will still be 2c/4t or maybe there will be 2c/4t and 4c/4t i3s but that's it

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can someone make table like this?
up to date with whole lineup?

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just like evo 212.

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I totally believe them.

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>toothpaste factory


For real though, it's fake.

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>slightly upgrade awful stock coolers
>ayo we noctua now gib monies
I appreciate their effort to make sure everybody buys a real cooler instead

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>awful stock coolers
amd is not intel.

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there is no reason to buy anything unless you need every feature of said product for whatever you are doing at all times

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Yum Yum.

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Fucking sweet. You can do a bit of overclocking with it, then.

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whats the best value for money cpu

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yes of course. wffctech already did one. it is very good.

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Microcenter has some good deals going on for Ryzen currently. I bought my 1700X at launch. Kind of salty desu. Considering returning my 1700X via warranty and spending less to get the 1800X just because I can. They also bumped their bundle deals if I'm not mistaken. $50 off motherboard + $25 off of certain ram kits if you buy the Ryzen CPU/motherboard together. $20 off ssung SSDs if you buy all 3. Some shit like that.

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$30 off CPU motherboard bundles*

That's actually worse. My bundle was $100 off for buying the 1700X. Got my Asus rog x370 for $120

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Why would you ever buy something on launch? Ever?

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Because I was coming from a furnace. (FX-9590 @ 5.4ghz). I wanted Ryzen and I wanted it now! Plus it's not like I'm broke. I can easily afford the early adopter fee. Just never really expected such a steep drop on the 1800X. AMD's 85-ish percent yield on useable processors is really showing.

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>9590 @ 5.4ghz

Jesus H christ anon how did your computer NOT burst into flames?

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Custom water cooling. Had a 360mm and 240mm radiator in the loop. Both rads were 60mm thick with fans in push pull. I had the 9590 @ 5.4ghz using 1.58v for stability. Shared a loop with 2 r9-290X's with custom flashed LN2 BIOS. They were running 1250mhz at 1.4v on air cooling. Was barely able to keep the CPU under 62C.

What prompted my jump to Ryzen was I blew up a couple VRMs on my Asus 990FX sabertooth. I got greedy and was pushing for 5.5ghz. Had an Overclock fail under load. Reset the CMOS battery and forgot to re-enable LLC on vcore. Motherboard boosted to 2.1-ish volts to try and retain stability. Magic smoke came out.

Never needed heat on in my house during the winter.

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Got any pics of the beast?

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Shared a case* not a loop. The cards were on air. 88C on bench loads.

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I wish. Not on me. At the time my camera was garbage so I never bothered. Maybe my friend does. Hmmm

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Theadripper pricing is bullshit
12 core should be $650 at the upmost maximum. $550 would be an almost perfect price.

Yeah I'm basing this on the fact that tge 1700 is $300 and thr 1800X is just an overglorified 1700

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There are non-X TRs now. Not out at launch though.

>> No.61713374

I want one. Have a Newberg rss feed for it

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What's the point of buying an 1800X over a 1700 or 1700X? What about 1700X over 1700?

>> No.61713851

XFR on the X edition chips. Basically a boost clock on some cores. And some say binning. Honestly really no reason I suppose. For those too lazy to overclock

An r7-1700 that you clock manually to 3.6ghz+ would serve you fine

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>upmost maximum
die pls

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As much as breadripper is hyped, and despite all the excitement people seem to have, I personally believe this thing will undersell. What average consumer spends $1000 on a CPU? If you're an 'enthusiast gaymer' Intel is no doubt the better option. Shreadraper is only going to be bought by fagbois with rich parents, shitty server runners that can't afford a server grade CPU, or niche 0.000000000001% consumers that actually have a practical use of high core counts.

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Preorders on Amazon looked pretty strong, also even if they don't sell a ton of them, AMD is making insane profit margins on each one sold.

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>buying a brand new CPU/architecture at launch

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The non-X chips seem to also have XFR, but less of it
I'm told that the chips are also binned by voltage, so you can (probably) squeeze just a little more overclocking out of an X chip than a non-X

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>tfw already got the 1800x


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Um... How much is the 1900 Threadripper

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Non-X models specs/price haven't been revealed yet. I would assume $100 cheaper than the X models.

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HEDT CPUs aren't for the average consumer or even for gamers. That is where Ryzen 3/5/7 is supposed to sell.

The reason that many people are celebrating TR and Epyc is because Intel finally has real competition in these higher-end spaces where Intel has been reaping insane profit margins for years. AMD's competition, even if you don't buy their product, benefits you because it forces Intel to build a better product at a lower cost to compete.

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serious question -

if i just want to do some gaymen while streaming and occasionally have some video encoding + another stream open in the background, is a threadripper going to be meaningfully better than a ryzen 7?

money isn't really an issue at these levels but i'd rather not waste money if i dont have to.

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Sounds like wishful thinking, I haven't seen any sources make that claim. Just make your build now and if anything new comes out next year you can consider an upgrade.

>> No.61716527


Is single thread performance better or not?

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>> No.61716628

there are lots of demos of software encoded ryzen 7 streams on youtube, you can decide for yourself if that performance is good enough for you

>> No.61716674

not only that but all the tech reviewers, aka pretty much the only people would realistically have ever bought, are getting them free as gratuities.

>> No.61717147

>Extra savings w/ promo code EMCRJRD44, ends 8/9

1600 is down to $200 on Newegg right now

>> No.61717164

On Threadripper? It XFR's to 4.2 GHz.

>> No.61717333

$190 all day everyday on microcenter site. You should try and find the Microcenter near you for it really. Plus their sick bundle deal.

>> No.61717372

Gamer's Nexus did a video on die coverage and shows the threadripper installation to the motherboard if anyone is interested.

>> No.61717599

Someone has to do it. Might as well be that guy.

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>it's not like i'm broke

than just buy a fucking 1800X on sale you salty bitch

>> No.61718306

1500X, 1600, or 1700?

>> No.61718689

1600 if your a gaymer, 1700 for doing actual work

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