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im sorry, WHAT

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oy vey

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Reminder: only poor people buy AMD. No one's gonna take you seriously unless you have an Intel Core i9™ cpu.

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This just in, highly multi-threaded workloads scale really well with more threads.

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>company marketing slides

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>Wealthy AMD noblemen buying superior Threadrippers while Intel peasants slum it up with overpriced quad cores

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I also buy 2 extra and keep them on my shelf to make sure no one ever mistakes me for a poorfag.

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but they are the same price in the picture. why would you spend 999 dollars on something inferior

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Affluent intel buyer can also afford a delidding tool and a fire extinguisher for rare emergencies. The same cannot be said for AMD peasants.

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Just wait for the drivers

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It's a myth that Skylake-X can't be aircooled.

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Did you waddle into the wrong thread?

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Of course, they process of delidding is to actually to get the glue out so they can eat it. It's the new cocaine, at 999 usa an oz. you also get a free inch burner in-case you want to go the injection route, that just so happens to also play CS:GO.

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60% more cores
Just avg less than 30% extra performance
Worse case +60% cores for just 15% extra performance

It's just the toy cores at work.
This is what happens when you build an abomination glued together with and arm like cores

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bro just wait for navi

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Kill yourself BR glueeater.

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The 16 and 18 cores will lose, too, despite costing $700-$1000 more. The clockspeeds just shrivel up.

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Worth it. Same price after all.

If the Threadripper cost >30% more then I would be thinking twice about it but you're getting up to 55% better performance for the same price.

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Stay mad cuck your toy rupee will just serve poor customer or dumb idiots.

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>trusting manufacturer benchmarks

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You are just breathtakingly stupid. I almost wish IMG_xxxx was hack here spamming CS:GO benchmarks, even he's more tolerable than you. Kill yourself, BR glueeater.

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Stay mad at Intel completely failing to put out an HEDT platform worth half a shit? Ok.

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Too bad the Xeon Gold the 18-core Dresdenlake-X is going to be a rebrand of can't even crack 3,000 in Cinebench R15.


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Because cinebench and WinZip are actual work since the damn of zen

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He just ignores all replies proving him wrong and shows up in the next thread spouting the exact same horseshit. You could replace his BR ass with a fucking bot.

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Don't be mad. We know you are also shitposting cause a neet basement dweller like you don't have use, work or money for an hedt platform and stay jelly with your poor ryzen 5 toy

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Back to the favela.

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I only replied because I wanted to crack the rebrandxeon line, to be quite honest famalam.

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>BR calling other people poor
Lets see your high end desktop then.

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You know TR on Cinebench only has 40% more over i9-7900X compared to the 30% average it has over it in other tasks.

Assuming i9-7960X loses to TR by 15% in Cinebench you'd still be looking at a 5% loss on average.

Yes, the 16 core i9 will still lose. It doesn't have the high clockspeed the lower core count CPUs have. And it will cost $700 more.

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>he doesn't run 4 Xeon Platinums
Poorfags as usual

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Screen cap this: when toy rupee is released all your niggers will be crying with how much power it will use.

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Nobody's going to care because unlike Intel CPUs, it's actually soldered and can keep itself cool, dipshit.

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1x overclocked 1800x - 180-200W
1x overclocked Threadripper 1950x - 360-400W.
Not bad for a 16c processor.

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Didn't know Zen was so shitty
Muh 95w tdp

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Fuck off favela monkey

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And when you OC X299, it turns into the fucking sun.

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>Oc zen
How? You oc 100mhz? Now that is fucking insane.. not even considering the 1.5+ v to past 4.1 GHz

>But muh 1700 oc
This shit will reach 4.0 only on rare exceptions. The better are binned as 1800x that either can't go past 4.1

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4 GHz on TR is possible
4 GHz on 16 core Intel is not, because 1. jizz TIM, 2. thermals out of control, 3. power usage causes VRMs to melt

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Rebranded xeons will be soldered

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kek, nice reference.

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fake news

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Sauce or it didn't happen.

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These ARE the rebranded Xeons fuckwit. Intel wholly and steadfastly refuses to solder anything that isnt the >500mm^2 silicon anymore simply because it costs more money than to use the cheap TIM (the gold layers on both the IHS and the die for optimal bonding is probably $1-2, and the indium solder is another $.50-1.00. The shitty TIM costs pennies at most per application)

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>Marketing slides with bar graphs that appear to start at 0%
Jesus fuck AMD what are you doing? That's just wrong and misleading, everyone knows that this is how you do it.

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funny how now the 290x shits on kepler

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>he doesn t have a double xeon

eh nothing personal hobbo

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Anon, you do know that they're lying, right?
Not even defending Jewtel, just think about it
They're both large companies with just one goal - make a fuckton of money
Of course they're both going to come up with bullshit benchmarks and schematics to jew you into buying their product
Buying a good processor is literally playing lottery, because you never get what you're promised

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Yes this is true.
What amazes me is that from ground up Zen was made to look good on benches, remember muh blender times?
When the shit hit the streets performance was dogshit as usual.

Some cucks say it's not fair they didn't rerereviewd but oc3d done a rereview some time ago and bingo, zen performance was same shitty from release.

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oy vey

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>blender is a benchmark and not a real application
>povray, premiere, handbrake, 7zip, veracrypt are also not real applications
kys cuck.

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Assuming these numbers are true despite coming straight from AMD, that 7900X is holding up pretty well. I mean the 1950X has 60% more cores and only performs 14-55% better. Still a very good deal, especially with the extra PCIe and the proper soldering instead of thermal jizz.

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can anyone explain why the monolith mesh is bad?

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Shitty memory latency, consistently bad and overclocking it does almost nothing. RAM speed also does nothing.

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>not using open cl/cuda for blender/adobe
kys cuck

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If AMD was cooking this shit you'd see +25% on all those. It seems to line up pretty well with what we know about the two CPUs and platforms already.

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>Shitty memory latency
To be fair, I doubt memory latency on Threadripper is going to be amazing when it has to hit memory channels residing on the other die. It definitely won't be as quick as accessing the local channels.

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Mesh is much more superior because it's interdie.
Infinity fabric is a latency joke and even worse it's speed is tied to memory speed.
With Intel mesh it's independent and can be changed without memory.

Infinity fabric latency penalties between dies is so bad it's better to just treat each h die as a whole different CPU. L3 latency is s shitty it's even slower than direct access.

Amd can only sustain performance on absolutely parallelizable loads like encoding. Performance drops when thread interdependence increases.

There is no magic with ryzen; it's a compromised arch designed to maintain somewhat linear performance on independent threads. Every other kind f load just shows the cheap and bulldozer like roots of this shit.

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Memory latency isn't even important on high core counts, Mesh's real problem is fuckslow core to core latency.

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> 30% faster overall
> consumes the same power
> same price
fuck off Intel shills, Threadripper literally destroyed Intel.
> b-but muh 10-core performing only 30% slower than 16 core
Do you think cores scale perfectly? Fucking faggots, wait for the 18-core Skylake X firehouse and let's see if it can maintain decent clockspeeds without exploding

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Wtf amdrone? Uno sal means nothing in ptbr

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Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. Latency is higher and bandwidth is lower when hitting RAM on a different die (or an entirely different CPU, though that won't happen with Threadripper). These sort of results are only natural though.

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mostly because IT WAS THE YIELDS
much simplifyed version cs anons dont get triggerd:
say on 1 wafer there are 10 imperfections == 10 broken dies
now if you have big ass dies that is a problem but if you cpu is made up of lots of smaler dies you loose much less from this since you will only have to replace 1 die (out of 2 or 4 dependinf if you are looking at tr or epyc) instead of the whole cpu

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Each 2 channel is tied to a die with up to 2 full ccx. It's not unified ram bus like Intel, you gonna incur in memory extra latency with the secondary channel related to the other die.

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Every thread the same mentally ill fuckers post the same memes.

What the fuck do I even come to this board for any more?

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recycled memes

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You need this chart

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yes i do, thx anon

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Yes, that's what I'm saying.

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Give it back Enriqo

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The (tm) gives it away, but this was only true before ryzen.

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rumor has it intel spent billions trying to make a propeler into a fan
eventually they found out that a jewish hat with a propeler is the optimal design

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whats funny is that that fan wouldnt be enough anyways.

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290x shits even on maxwell 2.0

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Just delid yourself

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>no scores

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Because CPU threads are /g/'s equivalent of /v/'s console wars, or /o/'s C7 vs GTR threads.

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Ok for a glued together cpu, I guess

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>this delusion
A GTX980 has better or on par performance with the FuryX

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95% scaling tho.
Explain this black magick.

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>Being so uninformed when it comes to 3D rendering that you actually think GPU rendering and CPU rendering are interchangeable.

Go ask a major Arch firm why they don't swap from VRay to Redshift and drop $1,000,000 worth of CPUs for $250,000 worth of GPUs. Ask Pixar why Renderman is CPU only with GPU only allowed for Denoising.

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Gaymers BTFO

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t. Bettynho Zirigudum

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>this delusion
Fury X fucking crushes the 980.

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Don't forget BINGMESH :-----DDDDDDDDD

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Underrated post

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So what. Intel has the stronger cores, ok, we get it. We're talking about multicore CPUs, beginning at 16 cores. The AMD offering may have more cores and only thus offers more performance, but it runs cooler, with less energy and is priced the same. Additionally, I assume that mainboards on the AMD side will be cheaper.

You don't need to be a fanboy to understand that what Intel offers is worse than what AMD offers.

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Oh, nice, now intel is new
>how to be poor but look rich

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