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i wonder what their excuse will be this time around


literally not a single reason to buy anything nvidia

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Needs re-testing with the new Titan Xp drivers.


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in case you didnt notice this is going against p6000 titan is slower than the p6000

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Did they update them to not render shadows in benchmarks to get better results?

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whos this semon demon

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>tfw no qt demonfu

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>we need to do it with the new titan xp drivers even though the titan xp is still slower than the quadro!

Are you retarded

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Nah, not giving click to those AYYMAD dicksuckers

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>tomshardware is biased towards AMD
Holy shit what alternate reality of stupid did you just crawl out of?

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I remember how hard they got roasted in the comments

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the funny part is their charts is full of ryzens all above intels
and they still are using only the 1600
like for real

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no thanks i like my power bill as it is

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first time i see someone wanting to pay more

but then again you must be the same br shitposter so you probably are stealing electricity in the favela

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You buy low power Ryzen CPU to go with your housefire Vega GPU to offset it, obviously.

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of course. AMD thinks of everything. Gaming and video editing are all about the video card of course, the CPU is irrelevant!

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Every worthwhile piece of software uses CUDA.

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the cpu is relevant if you have an nvidia card
if you buy a radeon ssg having even a 4c it wont matter

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so? every worthwhile dev that knows what the ssg brings will not even bother with nvidia anymore
especially after they literally cucked everyone that bought a quadro when they felt the need to unlock the titan xp
just go to beyond3d on the pascal thread and see what the actual devs are thinking about
tl dr its not good whatsoever

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Proprietary standards and lock-in only last as long as the vendor has a superior product. As soon as Radeon Pro SSG takes off, OpenCL will too.

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delusiona ayymmad cucks

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https://www facebook com/jarred.land/posts/10154878409465415?comment_id=10154878470535415&notif_t=like&notif_id=1501276190497990
this guy is the RED ceo you know the company that literally has a monopoly on render farms on hollywood...
how delusional he must be that he basicly is opening a studio with amd on hollywood and london with ssg's racks
no no random shill on /g/ knows better

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The shitter probably doesn't even know who that guy is.

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>mfw work at best buy seasonally and all of the laptops with AMD processors are idling at 70C
>mfw purchase a 2017 laptop with dedicated AMD video card and it goes up to 90C and cant run games from 2009 at low settings 60 fps

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That's fucking hot

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I have two AMD APU laptops and they never get anywhere near that hot, even one with dual graphics.

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You seem to know a lot about amd.

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