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>Intel Coffee Lake CPUs will NOT be compatible with Z270 chipset motherboards.

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But they didn't even change the socket this time.

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They save at least $0.001 by not even bothering to change the socket

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Just change the pin out :^)

t. 2011 v3 designer

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Intel fanboys will defend this.

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a kabylake cant use the platform it was created

only on intel

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Amazing that some retards ever expected them to be, from the same company that made Broadwell incompatible with Z87, despite using the same socket.

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>Intel Coffee Lake CPUs will NOT be compatible with Z270 chipset motherboards.

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>that's how it statistically works

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up to where? up to intel anus buyers?

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How long until AM4 board became obsolete?
Can I use the next AMD 7nm Ryzen with it when its out?

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AMD said AM4 is good for at least 4 years

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lisa said they gonna change socket only when ddr5 becomes mainstream

so at least 5 years

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Welp, looks like its finally the time to ditch my sandy.

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Are you guys fucking poor or something? Intel upgrades their CPU and it doesn't fit the previous older socket. Where have you been the past 20 years?

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the only people that upgrade to intel atm
2)intel sends free cpu's

everyone else just go amd

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oy vey! mashugana
you can't say that!

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It wont even matter how bad Threadripper or Ryzen performs, you just save money and have some room for futureproofing with X300 rather than deal with the already obsolete Z270.

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Then they can go fuck themselves.

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Sofucking what? Ryzen doesn't support FM3/AM3 motherboards either.

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>AM3 was launched on February 9, 2009
>LGA 1151 was launched on September 1, 2015

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Z270 boards were released six months ago.

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what the fuck ASRock?!
I'll never buy your stuff again

Please press the Pouwer Buttom to turn on your computa

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This is bait.

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If you're not going to buy products based on companies making spelling mistakes, you might as well give up on computer hardware. Most stuff I own has spelling mistakes and Engrish on the fucking box, let alone in Tweets.

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You're right but, a tech company that can't even spell "compatible" says it all, don't your think?

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It says nothing other than that their social media guy is some chink with a limited grasp of the English language.

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>not compati-bible

We're talking about Intel. I guess it would work if it was about compati-talmud

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You're not funny.

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>Skylake: 14nm
>Kaby Lake: 14nm
>Coffee Lake: 14nm

What did they mean by this?

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You forgot, it's

>14nm = Ok, let's groove.
>14nm+ = Let's TURN UP THE HEAT.
>14nm++ = I hope you like delidding.

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They also have 10nm and 10nm+. All signs point to 10nm being worse in a lot of metrics than 14++

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It is. The mask count on Intel's 10nm is so hilarious.
It's a fucking disaster.

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And you stood until am4 on pcie2 and shitty ram

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Your grammar is atrocious. You get an F. See me after class.

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Coffee Lake S @ 14nm++
Kaby Lake Refresh U @ 14nm++ Q4 '17
Cannon Lake Y @ 10nm Q4 '17
Cannon Lake S @ 10nm+ FUCKING NEVER

Where were you when Intel was BTFO'd by itself

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CNL-S is probably canned in favour of Icelake-S.

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I recently bought the i7 7700k, I'm starting to think that this will be the last intel cpu I use after a year or two.

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They put way too much faith in their foundries and process nodes. Should've had that new architecture ready this year. Imagine if, just as AMD is getting back on it's feet with Zen, BAM. New arch, kicks ass, AMD is right back on the back foot. Instead we get this comical 14nm++++/10nm never sideshow while JUSTnich yells at the clouds outside.

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To be fair, who the fuck would """""upgrade""""" from Kaby Lake to Coffee Lake?

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welp time to sell my mobo and 6600k and go full on Ryzen

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Moar coarz?

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New uarch - new socket. If it really is H2 2018, those who got CFL-S will be stuck. Again

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Someone on a G4560 looking to upgrade to 6c/6t or 6c/12t ?

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Thats good but tbqh I find its always best to just wait and buy when a sockets about to go out the door, so if AM4 lasts 4 years, get an AM4 chip in 3 or so years assuming its competitive with the intel offering.

Because sometimes even though its "compatible" often the older motherboards dont have some good feature the newer ones do (within the same socket generation), or someshit like that.

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People that buy G4560 usually have no money for upgrades.

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Yeah I'm likely riding my 4790k until ddr5 becomes mainstream, skipping ddr4. Hopefully by then 4k is more standard, and monitors for it are cheaper too. Until then, 1080p.

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I forgot an i3 cost you a liver these days, the next 4 cores i3 could cost you your first infant.

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Whats the + for ? Shouldnt it be a minus?

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Let's be honest, someone who got a Pentium isn't going to "need" 6c. Also, if someone was dumb enough to buy an i5 then they deserve this. Kaby Lake was 7700k or bust.

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"No money NOW, but I think I can scrape $300 in two years"

I'm sure there are a lot of buyers who had this line of thinking

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Also the mobo you put a Pentium in would surely be perfect for a high end 6c cpu.

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Likewise you have blind Faith amd will surely deliver 7nm 2018 AND it will be a huge performance leap.

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It's not amd that will deliver that, it's their business partners like Samsung.

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7nm LP is not just on track, it's a quarter earlier than expected.

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Oy vey!!

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not really
pci e 3.0 is a gimmick desu
ddr4 is worthless considering the stupid cl timings and abhorrent prices
better off waiting for pci e 4, ddr5(possibly hbm at that point)
ryzen singlecore is how good?

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>it's a quarter earlier than expected

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Just Wait™
>Just Wait™
Just Wait™
>Just Wait™
Just Wait™
>Just Wait™

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Ryzen Single core performance is about on par with broadwell, however, it does not clock as high as intel's offerings (blame the node) and thus wont go quite as fast.

Compared to Sandy Bridge Ryzen is something like 30-40% faster clock for clock ST. It certainly smacks the shit out of my E5-2690 Xeon.

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Need to wait and see if this is actually true, some idiot running the ASrock twitter is not a viable source since they usually know jack shit. Wouldn't be the first time they got their information wrong.

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>I don't understand bandwidth vs. latency: the post

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So what? I'm always excited to pay $400 for a new motherboard and $400 for a new CPU every 8 months.

Thanks Intel! You guys are great.

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The Chinese have better grasp of English than Japanese, but I think you're expecting a bit too much.

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So the 1151 only survived 1 CPU generation and a refresh. Intel fanboy hails this as very good.

How the fuck does Intel keep doing it? Literally fucking them in the ass and mouth at the same time.

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>implying amdpoorfag can afford it
>implying anyone upgrades every year

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>p-pls buy i9 .. pls ..

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people love to get fucked. you learn this now?

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>ddr4 is worthless considering the stupid cl timings

You're a dumb fuck. Latency is a factor of both timings AND clock speed. A stick a 3200MHz CL16 DDR4 has the same latency as a stick of 1600MHz CL8 DDR3, plus twice the bandwidth.

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A new socket every six months seems excessive, but how many users upgrade their CPU often enough for this to be an issue?
How often would you upgrade your CPU if sockets changed every five years?

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man i just want to have an option to buy a motherboard if mine breaks

I have i5 4670 and i already can't find anywhere my h87 mobo

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Should've bought spares when they were in stock.

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fuck off shlomo

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intel is a fucking mess

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intel you really never change

isnt it just a refresh?

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They've been at this for a decade. Good merchants!

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the problem is the motherboards are discontinued when the cpus are so if your motherboard dies down the line you basically have no option to replace it unless you fancy buying price gouged used motherboards off of ebay

I have a perfectly usable 2500k that's collecting dust because the shitty asus motherboard died, the cpu has no resale value and shitty used motherboards with dodgy ram sockets cost more than my motherboard did new

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Yep. Coffee lake is just Kaby Lake with higher clockspeeds which is just Skylake with higher clockspeeds. Same socket and everything. It's a straight up "Fuck You" to the 6700K and 7700K owners who have been hyping up the 6 core Coffee Lake for months now.

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> change my ryzen build to support vega
> vega 200 more than expected
>psu bump to 750 watts is like 40 more
> the cheap ram kit is sold out now everything is 170 at least for 3200

So much for ryzen being the value option went from 1100 to 1500

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>not using amd + nvidia
t. brazilian peasant

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I don't mix and match

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>American Micro Devices's face when

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As people have pointed out it's more of a problem when finding old mobos. For example, you can find x79 CPU's for relatively cheap but x79 mobos are expensive, basically as much as x99 ones. Upgrade path is usually a meme, as most people aren't actually going to install a brand new CPU on a 5 year old motherboard. AMD had some backwards compatible sockets and it ends up a compatibility mess with disabled features since you're spanning across PCI-e and memory controller gens.

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but anon dont you want beautiful mullato babeez?

>> No.61699780

Ok, then write the same sentence in Mandarin. You can even make 1 (one) mistake like in the above tweet.

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Nvidia+AMD and ATI/AMD+Intel was actually the optimum configuration until fairly recently. If Nvidia would improve their multicore performance a bit more AMD+Nvidia would still be the best choice.

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... ehm

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HOW LONG DO YOU THINK they will keep getting away with it ??

>> No.61700211

this is like the textbook war all over again

they change little shit so consumers will have to repurchase everything again to be able to benefit from it

what a bogus little shitheads these people are

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mfw the reason we're getting such small improvements is because we're reaching peak human technological development

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_ ______ ______ _ ____ _____ ___ _____ __ ____

Fill in the blanks!

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>future tense

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technology is asymptotic, so we'll never cease development, but it's going to be pretty slow from here on. hope you're ready for maximum jewing

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Pay up goyim! I need my shekels early this year!

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>Compared to Sandy Bridge Ryzen is something like 30-40% faster

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Do we know what iGPU is going to be in it? I have a 4790k, but I do want more cores, but I also want the iGPU.

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pitting my own SB-E 8c 3.3ghz Xeon against benchmarked Ryzen chips yields about this much. Of course, its wholly unscientific as fuck so take it with a bit of a grain of salt, but thats about what I get.

Depending on who you look at, a stock Ryzen chip will get between 1450-1650 points MT, ST gets about 140-160. Pic related is what I get.

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Holy fuck Intel literally retards

My socket is like 5 years old but it's been changed 5 times since

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the absolute state of
>just drop a coffee lake 6c in when its out, sell the 7700k to pay for the 6c

>> No.61702194

>wealthy AMD noblemen buying $999 16-core processors with spectacular price/performance
>filthy Intel peasants buying $300 quad-core processors with pathetic price/performance

>> No.61702209

>tfw when my i5-3470 is still kicking ass
I don't think I will have to upgrade for a few more years... It's perfect.

>> No.61702461

Pretty meh source.
Sandy bridge gets 140 ST with turbo boost

>> No.61702468

Jewish tricks works in mysterious ways.

>> No.61702558

My board is shit and prevents ST turbo.

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How about a $10 Starbucks gift card?

>> No.61703211

Does Zen 2/3 will be compatible with X370 / B350?

>> No.61703214

If you were smart, a 7700k should last you more than 2 years.

>> No.61703229


>> No.61703232

Why not?
Same socket.

>> No.61703267

>PII 1055T / Crosshair III / 16GB 1600MHz

>> No.61703290

This is just sales though. It's why I never trust the slimy fuckers.

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Holy fucking shit the arrogance of this company.
When faced with competition that makes them basically shit themselves what do they do?



>> No.61703321

They can't slash prices, the shareholders would enter into murderous rage.

>> No.61703336

I think I'll buy an 8700k. That singlethread performance is going to be good, while still offering 6 cores.

>> No.61703372

We're talking about people that can't press buttons on saturday here.
(But i bet the evil zionist overlords not only do press buttons on saturday, but do it with pleasure, using mechanical keys, while cackling madly)

>> No.61703414

intel literally does not know how to not jew

>> No.61703443

I think I heard the same thing when the 6 core Skylake-X could overclock to 5GHz

>> No.61703455

They can't. They assumed they would be winning forever and willingly tied both hands behind their back. And now that the company is run by marketing/business majors and not engineers they literally don't even know how to untie the knot.

Memes aside, Intel is currently following the same trajectory as other failed tech companies and might cease to exist within the next decade if management isn't purged NOW.

>> No.61703470

Intel killed Alpha, now Keller kills Intel.
Revenge is sweet you know.

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File: 155 KB, 804x978, AMDvIntel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Intel directors: Brian, Ryzen is a resounding success and we're getting raped in bechmarks and pricing, what are you going to do about this?

Let this company self destruct. They're a cancer to the computing industry.

>> No.61703496

>I buy shit I don't need
Oy vey enjoy your new motherboard and cpu

>> No.61703518

>muh 2500k
Any reasonable person would just enjoy a completely new system and move on.

>> No.61704110

I've been telling all those "B-But it's compatible with all LGBT 1151 motherboard" for weeks but none of the fucking retards listened

Doubt they will listen now

>> No.61704407

they still have a strong upgrade available within the current line

>> No.61704449

I'm not sure I understand, do people upgrade their CPUs through the life of a build?
I usually just make another build entirely because I was under the assumption that the old tech would bottleneck it.

>> No.61704510

Yeah I'm with you there. Going to treat mine nice so it lasts that long.

>> No.61704516

>ends up a compatibility mess after 5 years

Meanwhile Intel is doing that on release with kabylake, literally light years ahead. AMD btfo.

>> No.61704550

Lol b8 much

>> No.61704556

I'm still using this peice of shit sandybridge for a half decade already and you said I need to wait another half decade?

>> No.61704588

Get a Ryzen or wait for the mythical unicorn Coffee Lake 6-Core that can hit 5GHz. If that’s a meme, buy Zen 2 7nm

>> No.61704645

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking about and asked if AM4 will be obsolete in the next 4-5 years.
I will never buy a new rig for every 1-5 years except for upgrading part.
Last year January I bought an R9 390 and this piece of shit sandy actually bottlenecking my GPU, I know this when I compare it with my friend Haswell i3.

>> No.61704683

>there are people that care this much about a brands decision to make a minor hardware change
I'd understand if they were a monopoly, but ...wew

>> No.61704751

>I sure do love getting fucked in the mouth
>muh 10% gayman lead

Do what you want. The smart people will go buy AMD and pay fucking half of what you do.

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I have been saying this shit since fucking April. Sometimes multiple times per day.

I can't believe anyone thought Intel would have 3 generations, let alone one that's actually new-ish with 6cores "mainstream", on the same socket.
/g/ has too many morons.

>> No.61705593

>there are people who go out of their way to defend Incel on Chinese cave painting message boards

I'd understand if they were paying you, but... wew.

>> No.61705877

oy vey goy, looks like you'll have to buy a new motherboard too

>> No.61705934

I imagine AM4 will have to last through at least Zen-2
And then Zen-3 will probably go AM4+ (or some such) with backwards compatibility for older Ryzen CPUs

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>blunder after blunder

>> No.61705990

zen 2 is 7nm confirmed by pepermaster, 7nm node is q4 2018-q1 2019

if we assume miracle 7nm mass production might happen q2 2018

>> No.61706011

Unless Intel ups their game HARD, I imagine AMD will take their time and get this shit extra proper before release
Look for 7nm no earlier than Q4 2018

>> No.61706278

I would have upgraded from my 2500k to a 4790k if it used the same board. Fuck Intel. It's even worse for people whose boards die but then the boards end up being super expensive since they were only manufactured for a few months.

If you're on a 4790k with 1866 of faster RAM, then yeah you're probably okay for a while depending on your use case.

You would think, having spent 1.5 billion dollars on Volta R&D, they could invest in drivers that work for more than 4 cores.

I imagine they will hit 5GHZ at least with good silicon.
At over 400watts power draw.
That's much higher than even Vega power draw, for less than 1/10th the computation power.

But mots benchmarks show there generally isn't much of an FPS increase over 4-4.5GHz with modern IPC levels.

Tapeout is happening later this year. Product should come 5-10 months after. So surely sooner than Q4 2018.
But I think Ryzen 2 is likely to come later than Epyc 2.
Hell, the reason why Zen+Vega APUs are so delayed may be because they might be taping them out for 7nm and they're actually coming in Q1 2018 with that.
And the reason why Zen came to desktop first as Ryzen is because they used people as beta testers to iron out AGESA and other potential issues.

Keep in mind that AMD has been sandbagging a lot. Up until a few months ago, AMD said they had no plans for a HEDT platform to compete with X299. Look at how well catching Intel with their pants down helped them there.

>> No.61706328

>Broadwell: 14nm
>Skylake: 14nm
>Kabylake: 14nm
>Coffee Lake: 14nm

>> No.61706370

>Swan Lake

>> No.61706387

Maybe 14 is their lucky number?

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>> No.61706427

What about z170?

>> No.61706556

I bet the reason ASRock are salty and leaking this is because Intel sold them a ton of 200 series chipsets (which Intel charges a lot more for than AMD charges for A320/B350/X370) and they made a bunch of boards with them which they can't sell now.

>> No.61706573

Niggabyte CEO also said the same shit back on Computex.

>> No.61706580

all the mo manufacturers hate x299 not just asrock

>> No.61706604

>Keep in mind that AMD has been sandbagging a lot. Up until a few months ago, AMD said they had no plans for a HEDT platform to compete with X299.


>> No.61706627


>> No.61706639

Some interviews from ~February afaik.
AMD said they were not planning any HEDT offerings.

>> No.61706650

which interviews?

>> No.61706657

i have an i5-3570k
gtx 770 2gb
16 gb ddr3

will i be able to play new games in 3 or 4 years on mid settings o 1920x1080

>> No.61706674

I doubt.

>> No.61706730

I'm talking about B250, Z270, H210, or whatever all those chipsets are, not X299, obviously.

>CPU wise:
At 30fps? Yes, pretty much all the time.
Want at least like 60fps minimum stutter free? No.

>GPU wise:
I'm surprised you have a half decent experience now. GTX 770 is garbage.

Just upgrade when you can no longer play what you like to play acceptably? If you just play CS:GO and shit you're fine. But some newer games are already struggling with 4c/4t especially with Ivy Bridge's lower IPC and clocks. 4c/8t, Haswell or later, tends to be the minimum you want for a smooth 60fps+ minimum especially with stuff running in the background, for newer games. But 2600ks and 3770ks are still pretty decent currently.

>> No.61706754

i just dont see anything radically changing from year to year

sure the comp i have now is a boost from my old amd phenom II x6 and gtx 550ti

i ordered a 4k dell xps 15 9550 with an i5 last week that set me back $1250, im wondering now if i should have just saved the money and upgraded my main pc in 2 years

>> No.61706832

im suprised when i read about newer gen cpus having 15% more power than its predecessor each year. It compounds to like 60% more stength than what i have now or something. Yet it is still 4 cores/4threads and similar clock speed. Im honesty just hoping there are affordable intel 16 core cpus or some other similar technology in a few years.

Until a new stalker game or pc halo port or half descent metal gear comes out i just dont care about new games and rarely play any.

battle field went to shit after 3. Tripwire wont make a new engine ww2 or modern war simulator ANY time soon. No new valve engine and tf3.hl3. Squad isthe most intense game i could possibly think of right now and i handle it decently enough, although that kind of game needs like 1080 sli and an i7 and 4k monitor to truly enjoy

>> No.61707271

>only ASRock
probably more are angry that they're cutting shit this quickly

>> No.61707661


>> No.61707708

Z270 owners won't upgrade to Coffee Lake, a board change is irrelevant.

They should have made Kaby Lake six cores from the very beginning and then Coffee Lake with eight cores.

>> No.61707751

The extreme series processors don't have the iGPU so it is not something I was interested in.

What the fuck else do I want the CPU performance for? Premiere taking 5 more minutes to render or VS compiling taking a few more minutes doesn't affect me nearly as much as getting 54 FPS instead of 60.

For things that aren't real-time the difference in time is not going to be that high for it to make a huge difference. I can wait the few extra minutes, but I can't do that in real time applications like games.

>> No.61707786

Isn't the pin layout completely configurable by the firmware? Aren't they just I/O ports that you can talk to with IN and OUT in x86 assembly?

>> No.61707848
File: 58 KB, 547x547, 1496577904051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buying an i5 when ryzen exists

>> No.61707918

Intel has fucked up so hard this generation I almost can't believe it.

I cannot wait to get my Ryzen 1700.

>> No.61708207

And the newest ryzens don't work with anything below Wangblows 10, what's your point?

>> No.61708220

Skylake-X is bafflingly stupid
>o shit Ryzen is loosening our asshole
>quick moar corez
>huge TDP
>lel solder? use our patented Intel MayoJizz™
This shit is insane. All they needed to do was just solder Skylel-X and Coffee Lel, they'd still be more expensive with less PCIe but they have good IPC and better clocks than AMD, at the very least they'd have something usable/attractive for enthusiasts. Their use of jizz is so stupid I can't even wrap my head around it.

>> No.61708291

This was set in motion before ryzen ripped them a new one, they already sold all the tooling for producing soldered chips.

>> No.61708406

I know a guy who's been sitting on an Z270 ITX build for a while now, with that pentium in it, waiting for Intel to drop 6c/12t Coffee lake. He's gone back to russia now, I can only assume he's going to be so furious when he finds out.

>> No.61708469

They do work.
It's just MS being full of shit or just lazy.

>> No.61708600

3570k @ 4.4GHz here, not a fucking chance if you expect constant 60fps. This year alone has plenty of games already using moar cores, pushing even the 7700k to its limit.

>> No.61708959

Newfag lurk more

>> No.61709027


>> No.61709309

advanced micro devices

>> No.61709516


>> No.61709681

AMD shills are the most pathetic people ever. Go back to your circlejerk that is /r/amd. No one cares about your stupid cores retards. Your single thread performance is shit. It's obvious that Coffee Lake is gonna rape AMD. I wonder what kind of new excuses you'll use when that happens. Pathetic faggots.

>> No.61709898
File: 284 KB, 486x572, chronicles-of-skylake-oc-edition.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61710107
File: 112 KB, 691x771, 1500660013822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61710172

Believing marketing slides

>> No.61710224
File: 28 KB, 947x248, fuck intel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yep, INTEL is the reason MS Vista got such a shit show. I'm so happy Vista came out, it forced the hardware to finally update. before Vista 1GB ram was considered more than adequate. When Vista came out the last INTEL chip set could not run it. INTEL threw a fit and MS caved and gave shit PCs a sticker that said Vista ready for PCs that could not run it, cheap people bought cheap PCs then threw a hissy fit and MS took all the blame and even received a class action lawsuit

windows 7 came out, literally just an update of Vista but now INTEL was finally ready

>thw hardware and other software manufactures dump intel when AMD is ready

>> No.61710258 [DELETED] 

When will they come out?

I'm on the verge of buying a 6800K because I don't trust Ryzen (segfault) or X299 (obvious)

Or is this going to suffer from the same shit as X299 (shit thermals, slower than X99)?

>> No.61710326


update your fucking gentoo compiler you autist

the segfault error was due to people using linux kernels from 8 months ago or some shit like that

>> No.61710349

Given how many big companies, including Microsoft, jumped on the Epyc bandwagon so fast you can tell everyone hates Intel. They were waiting to switch to anything decent to dump Xeons.

>> No.61710408
File: 515 KB, 1721x1601, Pin Sandy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You only need to switch two of them and it would fuck up completely. Here's a Sandy Bridge pin layout for example.

>> No.61711850

8 core Ryzen laptops are on the way.

>> No.61712537
File: 123 KB, 638x599, 1497689967244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so much denial...

>> No.61712669

Intel fanboy here. Off to AMD I go! I can no longer defend this Judaism.

>> No.61712802

dropping in a 6 core was my only upgrade path, now I'm done for good with Intel also. Fun while it lasted I guess.

>> No.61713203
File: 96 KB, 638x710, 1500260377912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61713317
File: 13 KB, 255x255, 6a5c101058b1ad962705514a4ed9475055ea8c0a1ff0ee0ddc9ecf9019aec935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>giving money to intel

>> No.61713593

>dell xps 15 9550
Outside of the monitor, that PC is worse than a $550 you could build yourself.

Don't forget:
>Lets lie even worse than usual on the TDP spec, when in reality it'll throttle below the BASE CLOCK, let alone not boost, if you only have cooling TDP of the spec.

Thanks for actually confirming that. Too many people on /g/ would call me out when i said my 2500k overclocked kept dropping below 60fps.

People said it was my 7970 bottlenecking, but it wasn't. I still have the 7970 with my 1600X and it's much smoother and higher framerate now. Now I'm actually GPU bottlenecked in newer games when I wasn't before.
This is with a few things running in the background that used like 10-20% of the 2500k cores, but still it wasn't even close to a smooth 60fps+ experience.

Yep. They don't care that they'll have to optimize software for it. It's a massive industry so it's worth it.
15% savings in power will pay for itself quickly when the server industry uses more energy than the airline industry does.

The 2TB Vega SSG is probably going to find a nice market for it as well, as it's worth optimizing software to make use of its capability.

>> No.61713686
File: 101 KB, 1280x720, 1501624101049.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's literally no redeeming factors for Intel anymore lads....

waiting on Threadripper 1900x, going to taste that sweet quad channel memory support and 64 PCIE lanes

>> No.61713743

Jewtel is literally finished and bankrupt

>> No.61713871
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Bad goy.

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