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worth it

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I'll be buying Threadtripper to avoid the faggy gamer mobos.

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Just buy the Asrock Taichi.

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Active VRM cooling is a nice touch.
The RGB stuff - not so much.

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You can disabled gay lights.

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wow, so many LGBTQ+ lights.

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What's the dimm.2 on the far right? any of these support ECC?

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>What's the dimm.2 on the far right?
Slot for rizer with two m.2 ports.
>any of these support ECC?
They ALL support ECC.

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Looks pretty nice. Set those RGBs to white and you're all good

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Rather pay a bit less for the "stealth" version

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> paying that much for visual cancer

RGBQT meme needs to end

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Zenith Extreme is ASUS's flagship mobo, mostly just fluff and overkill, I think TR mobos start from $200

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Hahahaha pajeets glued 4 cpu dies to fit on a giant socket haahhahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Fucking pajeets have no imagination.

Welcome to 2002

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Is this some kind of coping mechanism?

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Reminder to report shitposters.

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No, but your mum is xDDDDDD

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>rewrite firmware

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Buy the Asrock Prog(r)aming and support the adoption of 10GBps Ethernet.

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If I'm going for 10GbE+ NICs I'm going for something that's actually fucking good like Startech or Intel

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when will those fucking retards drop the gaymen shit

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Announcing reports is illegal

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Since when is that anything but crap?


New is expensive as fuck, used doesn't signal to manufacturers that there is a demand.

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>$25 10GbE chips


Actual good 10GbE chips like Inte's are $200-$250.

Aquantia is some unstable chink shit like Realtek that's not ready for real world usage.

FYI I can always add a 10GbE PCIe card later. No biggie.

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>ASUS gaymor extreme
this is going to the most expensive one

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>mfw 10GbE still bottlnecks NVMe drives

40GbE over ethernet and not that SFP+ crap under $300 when?

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fuck me, looks like I wont be touching this high core shit until 5 years from now, gg.

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I think you mean, fiberoptic home networks when?

maybe in 20 years.

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$500 and doesn't even have boot code LED indicator while a $200 Taichi has

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Compared to full featured RGB lighting and 1-click-OC button that is irrelevant

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And /v/ wonders why /g/ hates gamers.

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Learn to find that not every person who considering by amd threadripper is a gayming fag


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>boot code led
>oled screen on the heatsink

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Fibreoptic is dead, new server enterprise gear all use Ethernet and iSCSI

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But does it make you better at games

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USD pricing

fuck you amerifats.

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>disabled gay lights
accurate description of RGB

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ANUSrock is a piece of chink garbage.

Their BIOS is always unstable and ugly and limited.

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t. Asus user.

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no consensus on which x399 board is best then, i assume.

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>muh underdog
>muh cheap toyripper

Stay mad cuck. At least you have 64 pcie memes to use dual veja and your 2kw psu

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BR glueeater you are just one of a kind.

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good luck gaymer
At least you know performance is gonna be shit for games with these meme cores and shit frequency.

I dont really this gaymur meme on such a low gaming performance platform

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wtf with this brazilian shit meme?
Its the new boogieman of amdtards?

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Why do you even bother? Everyone knows it's you.

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Looks slightly less nauseating with the LGBT lights off

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The X299 "Extreme" board has even more disco light sit looks like

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Yeah so what?

Just got the X299 Asus Prime Deluxe.

It's pretty dank desu.

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Oi what the fuck is that.

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Why the fuck is Fatal1ty's name still slapped on shit? He's been irrelevant for so fucking long

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Rampage VI Extreme

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Looks fucking GAY.

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Republic of Puffs

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Good fucking god Seamicro where the fuck are you.

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You mean Supermicro?

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Supermicro, fucking brain farts.

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>p-pls buy i9 ..

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Because of a post anyone is a monkey now?

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I'm 100% sure that was just a false flagging.
Retards are out of ammo.

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I have no guilty amd releases inferior products.

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You can barely even speak English, retard. Fuck off and don't come back.

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>it's not good unless it's expensive

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I pre-ordered the MSI board.
I've never been an early adopter guinea-pig before, I'll let you know how it goes.

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Godspeed, anon.

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deciding between this or the gigabyte.

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Is that a daughterboard or an insanely large vreg heatsink?

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this is what im considering as well

what was your thought process/considerations when you decided onw hich x399 board to go with? so far they seem largely similar to me, minus gayming aesthetic lights and some meme 10 GbE shit. any key features is hould be mindful of?

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Thanks :}

Just a heatsink

I'm not super knowledgeable with mobos, but at the moment there aren't really too many choices:

>Asus Zenith
More money than I want to spend, don't need 10G

>Asus Prime
Don't like how the PCI slots are laid out.

>Asrock Taichi
>a fucking cog

>Asrock Fatality
More money than I want to spend, don't need 10G

>Gigabyte Aorus
I asked for opinions here yesterday and a couple of people said Gigabyte has shitty BIOS. The board also looks pretty fruity. I know that shouldn't matter but damn it looks dumb.

That leaves the MSI. Their boards seem to have an okay reputation and the price is acceptable. We recently built an X99 workstation at my job that has a gaming pro carbon board and we've had no complaints. That being said I've heard MSI are cunts when it comes to RMAs. You hear horror stories about all motherboard manufacturers though.

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op here

just realized that the zenith extreme is over $500 but only has 1 x M.2

what the literal fuck

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It's 1 m.2 slot native and two more on riser card that you plug into DIMM.2 slot.

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The PRIME X399-A looks much better!

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no shit I'd bet the majority of people playing whatever game is popular trash right now have no idea who fatality is

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and cucks you out of an m.2 slot

prime x399-ws with more pcie/m.2 slots when?

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fuck that's awful

Would look great if not for the ugly chipset heatsink.

>"gaming pro"

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Don't forget your sexmusik installation video for those m.2 shields:

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Okay but can I just say that Threadripper looks to be insane. for real, if you actually need that power it's downright insane.

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Yes, it's the first HEDT platform worth buying since what, Skulltrail times?

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It has a vertical M.2 slot.

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I'll probably wait and see if 1950X can OC up to 4.2, If the rumors are true I'll probably bite on the 12c/24t part.

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Has he ever been popular? I only vaguely remember him being mentioned once on G4/TechTV

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Are MSI releasing an sli plus mobo on x399?

>> No.61686850

Wait it says 3600 ram support? I thought Zen peaked at 3200. Would like to be able to use my $190 3600 cl16 kit

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The only limitation before was software/firmware.

>> No.61686938

How come theres that one slightly different looking memory slot? whats that for?

>> No.61686947

Ignore this, was answered earlier.

>> No.61686949

so sage but fuck you anyways .pol.tard

>> No.61686950

What are you poor?
This isn't just any turd, this is a premium turd.

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how much is the prime version?

>> No.61687071

Still only two slots where every other X399 board has three. There's the U.2 port as well I guess but it seems kinda useless.

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You can mount two m.2 drives on the dimm.2 carrier.

>> No.61687337

does this thing even have an external chipset anymore, or does it just have a shit ton of memory and PCIe traces going from the socket?

mobos shouldn't even cost that much anymore thanks to IMCs and now even integrated PCIe etc.

>> No.61687398

It's 60 (out of 64) lanes from the socket.

>> No.61687532

there is no dimm.2 carrier on >>61685466

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I disagree with that faggot because the X520 based Intel dogshits are fucking dogshit. You need atleast the X710 to have some decent throughput and not huge CPU loads. That being said, some Solarflare controllers would be tits onboard but you won't see it. I'd even take a Broadcom.

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Poor kid, growing up ugly as sin isn't easy. And all because her mother wanted to show everyone she isn't like the other girls.
Burn the coal, pay the toll.

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Did AMD seriously call their chipset X399? That's pathetic.

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X399 is greater than X299

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Depends on the value of X famboitano

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>he bought a i9

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fuck. that girl really has the right to sue his mother for coal burning. nobody deserves to be born this ugly and abomination. fucking coal burner selfish cunt. glad she's abandoned by the diverse father.

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I suppose that's the price of the absolute best

>> No.61690468

Where's that m.2 ??

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$1000 CPU's are going to have expensive motherboards because they know people buying them have more money than sense.

>> No.61690532

Because some pathetic cucks maybe fooled by the numbers

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Go away BR glueeater.

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Dumb BR monkey.

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It's not me that need special memories.
When I use memory on Intel I don't need to know if it's dual or single rank, I just put it in and it works.

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This image needs improved upon by adding like 4 8-pin connectors

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>Aquantia is some unstable chink shit like Realtek that's not ready for real world usage.
Aquantia fucking basically created the 2.5 and 5gbps ethernet standard you ignorant cuck.

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>550 dollarydoos
>just 6 SATA ports
>not even a LED POST indicator
>no NVME support

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old pic from the ryzen release, before the agesa shit that allowed higher freq RAM to be used.

fuck off to your favela with your fake news.

>> No.61692523

What do you think the chances are monkey boy here is running a dumpster tier PC? I'd say pretty close to 100%.

>> No.61692537

I'm 90% certain he's phoneposting

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>he bought msi

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i wonder where we are going with that shit LED era...

we are near a time that we will need a cpu only for the light show

>> No.61692871

everything started with those shitty cases side windows, Now literally every case has side windows, so literally everyone thinks we need LEDS. Honestly i understand leds can look good, but not this over the top gaming shit for mobos and cpus, that designed for hardcore workstation pc.
>buy x399 and TR for company since its best value
>Coworker from another DEP comes in, seens huge about of RGB LEDs
>Thinks you are huge faggot or bitch as pcmasterracegamer

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>Buying AYYMD HOUSEFIRES 180W overpriced mobos


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>Housefires spammer is still too retarded to realize TR won't have heat dissipation issues because it's not using jizz under the lid

Kill yourself, housefires spammer.

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> Fibreoptic is dead
Sure thing bro, good luck bringing intercontinental conection in UTP cables.

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