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>3277 CB score @4ghz
Xeons and Core i9s BTFO.

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Will clocklets ever learn?

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>128gb quad channel 3200mhz

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Yes, that is something you'd expect out of a Threadripper build.

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Is CPU-Z reporting your RAM timings wrong? Those are looser than your mum after a night om the town

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>top 2% bin

What did AMD mean by this

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Threadripper platform is x399 - quad channel.

Eypc also supports up to 256GB of memory per socket iirc.

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I'm wrong, it is actually 2TB RAM per socket on Epyc.

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EPYC supports up to 2TB of memory per socket (you'll have to use 128GB LR-DIMMS for that, that is).

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Don't the 32 core EPYC and 28 core Xeon get around 4300?

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Holy shit, have fun rendering on that. Stick to Photon Map and ditch the entire idea of Irradiance Cache unless you want shitty Xeon tier frame render times.

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That is prob. just CPU-Z being derpy.

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one guy benchmarked dual EPYC 7601s on cinebench and got ~5100, but that was with the initial firmware

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Cinnebench is broken on really high core counts


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I love STH as it really shows how cluless /g/ is when it comes to srs bsns hardware.

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>p-pls buy i9 .. pls ..

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it has 4.2 GHz XFR BTW (even 1900X).

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threadripper NDA lift when?

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August 10th

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Tsk tsk tsk look who's talking shit, it's the corelet! How is that obsolete house fire i7 7700k doing? Don't worry, just buy the (finally) arriving 6 core mainstream parts. But don't forget to buy a new motherboard and delid good goy!

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if it does 4.2GHz turbo on a sensible amount of cores, there's no reason to overclock it whatsoever

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>Intel getting its ass whipped by Ryzen and Threadripper in Cinebench
>Release a new driver
>Now Intel is skyrocketing to impossible scores


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It's a 4 socket system

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Read the article, the score is scaling beyond anything possible, even if you had 200 cores the score would not go that high in Cinebench.

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They need to fix Cinebench.

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Strange, isn't it? Ryzen also whipped Intel in the CPU-Z benchmark and they responded by changing the benchmark so that Intel was ahead again.

Just a (((coincidence))) I'm sure.

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This is only an issue under insane core counts so it's obviously not something like the bullshit CPU-Z did.

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