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Holy shit, Skylake-X was hot and power hungry already at 140W TDP. Are you guys ready for 165W TDP?

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AMD = Threadripper
Intel = Socketmelter

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The mandatory water cooling era has arisen, go liquid or go molten.

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mandatory 1000w psu era has arrived as well

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From what I recall the VRMs are using about 100W out of that 500W. Which is also cause for housefires.

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Pooripper is 180W


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Do you have any kind of idea how much fucking chokes at 120C you'd need to pull 100W directly from the phases?

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>He thinks seperate soldered dies + gigantic heatspreader will cause housefires even at 180 watts

Kill yourself, dipshit.

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Don't worry because Skylake-X with a lil bit of work can arrange that.

The higher core parts don't even need your help!

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XE means Xtream energy (required)?

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Funny with Intlel
>Goy buy this gaming cpu, you can even get more performance with an overclock
After purchase
>Goy don't overclock, it voids your warranty and literally toasts your socket

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So the $364 CAD Ryzen 1700 I just bought, 8 cores, 4.0ghz overclock. Can buy me an equivalent 4 core from Intel for near the same price?

No thanks.

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That is USD, so no. It would be even more expensive.

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Can you imagine what a nightmare Intel would be if Jen-Hsun Huang led it instead of Brian Fuckshitup?

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Wow Larrashit as consumer GPU.

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intel would actually do cool and good things under jen-hsun huang and actually won't provide them at ripoff prices unless your job description includes "enterprise" in which case he gets out the money vacuum

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thank you my friend

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Can you imagine what would happen if Hector Ruiz wasn't such a massive idiotic failure and leather jacket man becomes the CEO of AMD and Nvidia?

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>you can now a buy an 8c/16t overclockable Intel CPU for $599
>/g/ shills think this is a bad thing

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Problem is the "old" overclockable Intel 8 core performed better than the new ones.

At least in muhgayms

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[citation needed]
Yeah you're not gonna have much luck with a cheap air cooler but if you're spending $600 on a CPU you probably have a good custom loop or a good air cooler like a D15.

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It's cause of Mesh bus. Can't solder cause it's too fragile, thermal jizz can't move heat off the chip fast enough, bye bye unified L3 advantage, etc.

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>too fragile
So that's the new excuse, now that you can't say it's too small ?

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