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Took them long enough to realize.

Intel seems to be in deep shit right now and Krzanich piss-poor management certainly is to blame.

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>author is some pajeet street shitter

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>inb4 Indian CEO

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Replace him with Raja pls.

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But Intel is shit at GPUs.
And Pajeet made things like that.

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the only job a CEO does now days is post on Twitter and Raja is good at that

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Now we need "JHH gets blacked".

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Give me a high res photo of JHH with a transparent background and I'll make it.

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Have you seen their current president?

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>They have internal sources at Intel and the climate there is currently awful apparently, employees are very discouraged and some feel like "they have nothing left to lose". They are making big profits now by totally screwing up the future. According to the magazine, Intel is "probably in the most delicate situation it has had to face to this day". The CEO is reducing cost so much that he's managing engineers like "supermarket cashiers", he doesn't care about taking the time to train them.

>Krzanich is very impatient and eager and keeps changing his mind about projects. If a new architecture isn't created in like a couple weeks, he gives up and cancels the project... he keeps sending contradictory instructions to the teams.

>"Fab Hell": Intel is likely going to have a 6 month delay on 10nm. Worse, even Cannon Lake is not expected to feature any significant architectural improvement. Basically Intel was just hoping AMD would keep not competing with them.

>In the picture before the last picture I posted, it is said that Kaby Lake has exactly the same IPC as Skylake. No improvement as to perf/watt but there seems to be more room for overclocking.


CannardPC, December 2016
Reminder that Nostradamus was French.

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That's a small JHH

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For you

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He has an exceptionally tiny head.

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JHH is a literal Olympian deity. Nvidia's a powerhouse for a reason, the dude is hyper competent and AMD only looks bad because they deal with a company that makes basically 0 big missteps and has garnered a fanbase dedicated enough to over look the small mistakes. Meanwhile we get stuff like the 390/x and Vega bring a very late flop worse than its competitor. Fiji at least was on par with a 980ti

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Fucking took them long enough.

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Intel is the new AMD hahahahahahahah *breathes in* AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

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improved jhh

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oy vey

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this guy or hector?

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And so; We have come full-circle to Athlon.

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Intel are correct, though. Just like AMD was decades ago in their own law suits.

Qualcomm's wireless receivers are superior, but they do have a monopoly. They need to be forced to allow others to use their patents.

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They can open their dumb mouths after they've paid their fines.

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This. Intel is whining about people abusing their monopoly position and calling for fines while at the same time crying that they might maybe have to pay fines for abusing their own monopoly position.

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