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KEK, Loltel is literally rebranding Xeon processors as Skylake-X and trying to pass it off as a consumer processor.



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>base clock

How does that even matter?

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>Base clock doesn't matter

Are you retarded?

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There's a correlation between base clock and overclockability

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because turbo is is on a couple cores at most

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Literally this. Anyone buying this chip is going to have the proper liquid nitrogen setup you need to hit the 3.1 all-core boost clock anyway.

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That's the max freq you'll have when doing something useful.

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> rebranding Xeon processors as Skylake-X and trying to pass it off as a consumer processor
Why is that news? HEDT CPUs shared the socket with Xeons since forever.

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I'm desensitized from this practice.

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I bet it will turbo on 8 cores as far as Ryzen will overclock at all.

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>haha games intel
>single core perf
>it doesnt matter

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>Not realizing Jewtel hasn't been this desperate since Pentium 4

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And overclocks to 5.0GHz, so whats the problem?

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Now comsumers are going to have to glue together fucks to give and buy this hunk of shit.

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Sauce on turboboost?
I mean stock not retarded OC.

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In reality it throttles at stock clocks.

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I can't believe how incompetent they are.

Play to your fucking strengths, release a 7700k for $250 and gut the main consumer market.

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Enjoy that housefire.

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There is no point to the 7700k, it's about to be discontinued and taken over by Coffee Lake 8700k 6c/12t (I heard rumors it might be supported on Z170 too).


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never going to happen, muh 60% margins

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>overclocks to 5.0GHz
even if it did, you'd need a separate 1000W power supply just for the CPU and a constant waterfall of liquid nitrogen not to melt your neighbourhood

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It can only get worse from the 10-core model.
Intel's architecture can't handle that many cores at those frequencies

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WTF Intel???
> pic related
At this rate, the 18-core i9 will be 2.2GHz base lmao

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holy fuck amd didn't even give intel a pillow to bite

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You're dumb if you don't know Mhz by Mhz Intel is stonger, Intel 3000MHz is about as powerful as 3700 AMD MHz

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You know that MHz are stadardized and the same everywhere, right?

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Clocks aren't important for high core counts, efficiency is, and Intel is targeting efficiency with these chips

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> that's what Intel shills believe

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hi jew

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Due to the new surprises with the X299 platform like exploding VRMs and lol chainmail/ringmeshTM this should be updated.

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> 4GHz boost
Is that on all 16 cores?

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This is the high-end desktop platform. It's supposed to be powerful, not efficient.
Also, Zen has the better energy efficiency AND performance while also being cheaper. Doesn't bode well for Intel.

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very efficient yes

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Hi Brian.

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Only 4 cores, all cores will be 3.5 or 3.6

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>threadripper won

Best timeline

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If it had not been for miner fags and memory cartels colluding it would have been a glorious time to build a Ryzen PC. Instead we have Intel jewing and GPU's and memory at extortionate prices.

Fuck this world.

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What about the R7? On the 1800X, only 2 cores get at 4.0GHz?

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2.9 GHz base and it will still consume 600W to do any meaningful work.

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The reverse is true, strangely enough.

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more power is better, r-right?

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mmmh no?

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Dumb jewpoo, Intel is dead.

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Delete this

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Watts is a measure of energy, more energy is better.

Or you'd rather tell me you'd want a 500W car battery instead of a 2000W one?

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>what is architecture?
>what is l2 cache?
>what is pipeline?

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more power = more powerful

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Impressive rebound

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So why is the Intel $1200 and AMD only $700? INtel isn't worried at all by the poor showing by AMD, Intel knows that it's a tier or two higher.

10 Intel cores > 14 AMD cores

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Aktualy efficency is more power if the power is less.
making less = more is not possible so making less, less less is better. like pressing a banana to get all its juice instead of eating it.

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Watt is the unit for power, not energy.

Also, you're a gigantic faggot, more faggot is obviously better, right?

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Jewpoos are braindead.

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Serious answer, Intel has to fund its fabs.
It literally needs its margins, that's why you can't see Intel dropping prices.

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it's because of Intel's 1.7% yields

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Whatever you're smoking, I want some.

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Their 18 core Xeon mold loses to Threadraper which gets ~3050 in this benchmark. You've got it the other way around.

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>Intel has to lose 5k+ on each chip they sell
Mhmmm yess.

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Compared to the Xeons? They were lower binned anyway, weren't they?

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Watch their 18 core clock at .9 ghz to keep thermals in check

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Am I reading this right? Aren't Intel's remaining advantages over AMD better IPC and higher clocks this go-around? And Threadripper is nullifying the latter?

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The difference in IPC is insignificant, MOAR GIGAHURTZ is all they have left. At the cost of housefires.

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quality bait

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4+0 or 2+2?

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Doesn't say, but if it's 2+2 then Raven Ridge is gonna be funny.

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We heard this nonsense before the current crop of X299 CPUs were released. We all saw how that turned out.

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As hot as Pentium 4's were, their TDP only capped out at 115w, and D's at 130w

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What does it matter when TR 16 core will all core boost to 3.5/3.6 GHz and destroy it for $200 less?

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>Clearly showing that at the same clock intel is 10% faster

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Yes, it is a 10% difference, not a
>Intel 3000MHz is about as powerful as 3700 AMD MHz

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10.361/9.157 ~ 1.13
3000*1.13 = 3390
3390/3700 = 0.916
Anon was off by less than 9%

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It's the opposite, brainlet. Learn to read.

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ayy i'm stupid, sorry.

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He was off by 13% at least.

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That's the only effective metric. Their turbo for these only work for 1 core.

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>overclock Intel 12core to 5 Ghz
>PSU explodes because 1000 watt usage of which CPU is ~600w

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Got me

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>being a corelet and hertzlet at the same time
Wew lads

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This is the result of their choice to go with a Mesh interconnect for their cores.
> Each node in a mesh has to act as an endpoint and a router, it has to draw more power to operate.

This is what's causing the inferno on the chip + monolithic die (heat density). This is also what's causing the pronounced power draw. So, from what it seems.. they incur a 300/400mhz reduction in clocks from 8 core onward per 2 cores they add on.

The kicker of it all : Depending on which layer in the die the mesh network (it be sensitive) is located, this is also the reason why they couldn't go solder w.r.t to connecting the heat spreader.

While a thick bundle can likely handle the heat of a solder job, that grout like mesh interconnect probably would melt.

Slide 9 :

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so now intel lost the only thing they had going for them, clockspeed advantage?

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They still have a slight 10% IPC advantage, at least until Zen 2 comes out. But yeah the clockspeed advantage is all but gone except for a few people willing to run custom loops and delid etc.

>> No.61455740

No, this is the result of resorting to
MOAR L2 (Bulldozer much?)

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the IPC advantage they had is now gone too, those clocks are way too low for it to win over amd overall performance

>> No.61455923

IPC advantage is still there but is arguably now irrelevant.

>> No.61455962

this is what I meant

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>miner fags and memory cartels colluding
If I was getting anything from "memory cartels" you couldn't even BELIEVE how many gaymen cards I would have snatched by now.
But seriously, mining cards + mobos + probably other shit are coming out soon to segment the market so if you have money set aside for a gaming pc, just buy the components that aren't marked up right now and wait a bit for the market segmentation.

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So I'm looking through the Xeons at what we know about the 7920 so far (12 cores, and a couple claims of 16.5Mb of L3), and 2 pop up: the Silver 4116 and the Gold 5118. Can we use them as a guesstimate for a baseline of where this will end up? Any benchmarks of them? I can already see the 5118's max turbo is 3.2Ghz, not really seeing it go much farther on the 7920, at least on all cores.

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>all cores

if these are 1800x based in MCM it will get 4ghz just like the 1800x, its the same silicon

>> No.61456805

We already have the 18 core. >>61453446

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I only know of this:


>> No.61456865


>Not keeping 3.4Ghz on all cores


>> No.61456879

>wanting a housefire on your hands

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wow intel really is fucked, who is going to buy that abortion?

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Dem diminishing returns. I calculated a 300-400Mhz drop every +2 core addition starting from the 8core. So, you can go 14/16/18 from there w/ some variability and you can see how you end up at corresponding Xeon level clocks. There's no wonder why they stopped at detailing 10 core. Now that AMD has released threadripper details they're eeking out their next +2 core bump.. LOL, finish for feels to see how people respond to the clock drop. 14/16/18 gonna get leaked one by one when needed? LOL

Can you imagine what's going on right now at HQ?
Engineer : We can't clock it any higher
Manager : Just bump it.. fuck it.. By the time the processor burns out we'll have designed a new chip/socket.

Dem future cyberpunk dystopia hardware outlets

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And it costs $2000. Icing on the shit cake.

>> No.61456909 [DELETED] 

AMD doesn't have this problem

>> No.61456929


What? Who the fuck wants that? If 16 core TR's can hold their clocks well, Intel might as well just get the lube right away.

>> No.61456994

that's the difference between having 2 dies vs a single die, I wouldn't be surprised if someone manages to overclock TR to 3.8~4.0 GHz given good power delivery

>> No.61457435

dubs get

>> No.61457918

>Ryzen (4C/8T)
So 4 cores got disabled already and still have nearly 90%-ish performance of a 7700K?

>> No.61457986 [DELETED] 


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You idiots. Its **X** cpu, it is created for overclocking

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> impaling ryzen 7 can be overclocked to 4+ ghz at home without bdos on load

>> No.61458423

Dumb phoneposter.

>> No.61458430


You can air cool ryzen 7 at 4ghz territory if you have a chip that can get there.

>> No.61458453

TR 16 core will OC to 3.9-4 GHz on all cores and absolutely shit all over whatever OC result you get out of X299. (No, nobody cares about single core dickwaving when it comes to HEDT)

>> No.61458534

Oh, 20% of 1800x? I want 1700 at 4.2 ghz, on air or liquid

>> No.61458575

Cow2beef.exe says
10 * 3.3 = 33.0 GHz
12 * 2.9 = 34.8 GHz
So for a perfectly threaded workload, 7920X will be at most 5.5% faster, while unoptimized software can be slower up to 12% (the clock speed difference). All in all I expect them to be pretty much on par on averaged benchmarks, so what's the point?

>> No.61458754


Outside of golden samples those doesn't exist precicely because AMD bins ryzen 7 for leakage and clocks. That is to say you'll basically never (again, golden samples excluded) make a 1800x run at the same clocks as a 1700 at the same volts - it will be thirstier. In the same vein getting a 1700 to 4ghz is a bitch.

My own 1700 can do 3.9ghz at silly high voltage but 4ghz simply does not happen regardless of the juice I pump through it.

>> No.61458799

ackchyually tarbo boost max 3.0 is to find the fastest core and move critical tasks there. all TBM3 procs still have tarbo boost 2.0, which is still the standard 2-4 core boost that varies depending on # of cores. my intel retail shill lessons taught me that. oh but both techs are useless if you OC the proc at all.

>> No.61458806

Oh shi~. Finally i went to 4chan and i hear here same about ryzen as on 2ch.hk. This is disgusting

>> No.61458992

>same people go to different chans

Holy penis what a scoop

They might even post on *shudder* le reddit!

>> No.61459036

>Watt is the unit for power, not energy.

Watt is just Joule per second, so energy per second. Watt is literally just a simpler term for "total amount of energy".

>> No.61459129

And still only about 10 percent behind Intel. I really look forward to the rape that zen2 will be

>> No.61459133

>600 MHz lower base clock
>fewer PCIe lanes
>more expensive
>uses more power
>less future-proof platform (come on, we know X299 won't last more than two generations, which already fucking exists at launch in Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X)

>b-but I can delid it and re-apply the heatspreader then overclock it and get 5% better single-core performance anon

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File: 1.02 MB, 1266x669, AMDramspeed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Using 2400mhz ram on ryzen
Why Rize

Also the 12 core i9 will be 5%~ faster than the 10 core model while using 5%~ less power out of the box

>> No.61459651

It has shitty clocks, what the fuck are they doing. The 7700K will beat it in single core performance, lmao.

>> No.61459747

>so whats the problem?
your house catches on fire in turn

>> No.61459865

What the fuck did you just fucking say about Intel, you little pajeet? I’ll have you know my comments get the most upvotes on Gamers Nexus, I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on r/amd, and I have over 300 confirmed shills. I am trained in single corefare and I’m the top delidder in the entire Intel Performance Tuning Plan forces. You are nothing to me but just another framerate target. I will overclock the fuck out with temperatures the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking volts. You think you can get away with saying that shit about Intel over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the MSN and your data is being collected right now so you better prepare to install Gentoo, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call functionality. You’re fucking bsod, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can compromise your system in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my hardware backdoors. Not only am I extensively trained in anti consumerism, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Nvidia® The Way It's Meant To Be Played™ corps and I will use it to its full extent to watch miserable cartoons from another continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, goy. I will shilltel all over the catalog and you will drown in it. You fucking delid dis, kiddo.

>> No.61459895

>people need to run Ryzen with expensive fast speed memory kits to get semi descent performance
What a fantastic design

>> No.61459971 [DELETED] 

>beats 7700K
>semi decent (learn to spell you fucking mongoloid shiteater)

>> No.61460022

>it beats a 7700k in my cherrypicked benchmark

Also don't get mad burgerclap I would be surprised if your tiny brain is even capable of speaking more than one language

>> No.61460059

A 2000W battery is an exploding bomb, capacity is in Watt * hour, brainlet

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>> No.61460088

>source: my ass

>> No.61460109

It's not a review

>> No.61460151

Meanwhile Intel's shitty mesh can't beat their own CPU at gaming no matter what you do, and it costs 2-3x as much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTQ6ymQIY64

>> No.61460179

It's not mesh, it's the cache.

>> No.61460192

>buying a 6 or 8 core cpu for gaming
Should have done some actual research

Steer clear of skylake-x

Get a 7700k, or a used 6700k,

Boom you got the best gaming cpu on the market right now

>> No.61460201

There is no way Z170/Z270 boards support a 6 core.

>> No.61460300

They can if you
Don't Overclock It™

>> No.61460326

They could, but they won't. Coffee Lake will be on LGA 1151-v2.

>> No.61460331

It's totally possible.

Someone that's close to Intel confirmed it.

This makes me happy cuz I have a ROG z170 board and wouldn't mind going to 6core.

>> No.61460348

>They could, but they won't. Coffee Lake will be on LGA 1151-v2.

Really doubt it.

I think Intel would be completely retarded to piss off a huge segment of the gaymen community with this and it will give them bad press.

Kaby Lake works on Z170.

>> No.61460355

So if you downcore, which one of these is better or does it matter??

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quad cores will be where dual cores are today in about 4 years
Games are scaling with more threads
1600 is only 200$\
Which build would you rather have?
1080 or 1060?

>> No.61460369

Unless you have a 1080 or 1080Ti, there is no difference between a Ryzen and the latest housefire.

>> No.61460372

LGA 1151.5
An extra half pin because fuck you we make money selling chipsets to motherboard vendors.

Quad cores are dual cores now.
Games are using 4-8 threads well now. You want extra cores to spare for other shit and to not have a game entirely maxing out your CPU.

>> No.61460393
File: 117 KB, 830x842, intel-g4560-bf1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Note how stable the frames are on the 8 core ryzens

>> No.61460417

You can doubt away, but the same Korean who leaked X299 details with 100% accuracy is the source for it being a new socket. You're in for a big disappointment if you're expecting to drop one into your Z170/Z270 board.

Incidentally, he idea that Intel care about pissing anybody off with a socket change is hilarious. This is the company that made desktop Broadwell incompatible with Z87 motherboards, despite it using the SAME socket.

>> No.61460434
File: 238 KB, 1125x581, Intel-Pentium-G3258_Battlefield-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not quite
2 thread CPUs simple dont work these days but in 4 years 4 thread cpus wont work

>> No.61460448

>quad cores will be where dual cores are today in about 4 years
yep right when it will prob be time to upgrade to the newest socket from both manufacturers

>> No.61460458

>didn't read or didn't understand

>> No.61460472
File: 42 KB, 806x583, watch-dogs-cpu-benchmark_2500k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or you can buy a 6 or 8 core today and you wont have any issues for a while
5+ year old CPUs are working well today
Ryzen 1600 or 1700 will be working fine in 4 years

Notice the 2600k @ stock

>> No.61460504

Coffee Lake S won't be as good at muh gaymes compared to 7700K and is too expensive compared to Ryzen for multicore performance. And it requires a new motherboard. Who the fuck is the market for this? Who is going to buy a new motherboard just for Coffee Lake S? Idiots who think they can delid/custom loop and OC it to 4.5 GHz? Intel pls.

>> No.61460515

AMD actually supports their sockets too so... You can probably just pop a zen2 r7 or threadripper into your board if you need more perf. From everything we have seen it will at the very least offer much higher clocks, making game performance much more competitive with intel. If they can tweak IF to make the l3 caching issues better by zen2 it will be even more ridiculous.

>> No.61460520

the same retards that dumped their 6700k for the 7700k

>> No.61460544

You mean Intlel

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Quad cores are not crazy bottlenecks yet but they will be soon enough to not buy one anymore
You are saying its a major choke already which it is not.

The thing is games have been CPU limited for a long time now. Now if you pair a mid tier GPU with a mid tier CPU it wont be a huge deal but with how fast mid-high tier GPUs are these days plus with monitors running over 144hz you will end up being CPU limited on anything locked from intel
7700k is decent but its way to expensive and requires an expensive cooler as the 212 is not enough to cool it. Ryzen is the way to go these days even for gaming as newer engines come out that use more threads they will age much better than the 4c8t intel counterparts

>> No.61460595

Not after they see the benchmarks.

>> No.61460643

>with monitors running over 144hz
this is literally the only time any of this matters

i5 3550 oc'd
fallout 4 2560x1600 60hz
still have a little in reserve.

unless you are chasing that high refresh, anything back to the 2500k is good to go for years yet.

>> No.61460673

As soon as Intel ditch quad cores, their fanboys will be saying that losing 10fps average doesn't matter because you're getting more cores and it'll be useful for other things. You know, the same argument they dismiss regarding Ryzen now. And they'll jump and celebrate when it inevitably overclocks by a few hundred megahertz over Ryzen and offers 10% more performance, despite costing 50% more (and don't forget your $200 Z370 motherboard, goy).

>> No.61460678

Going from 16gb 2400 to 3000 is literally 20 bucks.

>> No.61460752


>> No.61460983

>overclocks a few megahertz above ryzen
then zen2 arrives and crushes intel IPC, clockspeeds and core count at the same time

>> No.61461683

$1.2k for 12c/24t, no cooler, base clock of 2.9ghz

$800 for 12c/24t, watercooler bundled, 3.5ghz base clock

tough choice

>> No.61462120

>watercooler bundled,
This rumor stinks of bullshit. Don't be too disappointed if it doesn't pan out.

>> No.61462143


>> No.61462188
File: 2.36 MB, 1920x1440, Ryzen7_7700k_1080ti.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, as long as you give Ryzen 3600mhz ram its pretty much as fast as a 7700k even with a 1080ti in most modern games.

>> No.61462243

Literally DOA. Who would buy that?

>> No.61462289
File: 158 KB, 1024x683, 01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AMD have done it before. They must be pretty tight with AIO manufacturers at this point after the Fury X and Vega FE, so probably get a good deal on them, and it's not like 120mm AIOs are expensive even at retail. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see it.

>> No.61462307

> Watt is just Joule per second, so energy per second. Watt is literally just a simpler term for "total amount of energy".

W = P*t (e.g. kWh) would be a unit for energy, or as you call it, "total amount of energy".

Watt (J/s) and Joule (J) are about as related to each other as velocity (m/s) and lenghts (m) are.

Or is your velocity "the total amount of metres" now?

>> No.61462330

>32 threads at 4.0


>> No.61462361

Not really. Not even thinking s out this on Tim. Just to hold this chip at stock with Tim will be a burden.
There is no way the other memelakes will not be soldered 18 cores unless you run this at apple throttling levels

>> No.61462376

It's good to see AMD finally providing solid competition again. It's like the Athlon 64 all over again.

>> No.61462383

No current process can manage so much cores on a same die monolithic at higher frequencies.

At least on tr is theorically possible to run all cores @4ghz with proper cooling since it's 2 dies.

>> No.61462392

GloFo works for free?

>> No.61462397

You can manually force all cores x40 but it's up to die to stay stable.

>> No.61462413

GloFo fabs for others besides AMD.

>> No.61462429

Who else is contracting 14nm and future 7nm fabs?

>> No.61462643

It is actually. Too bad the average brainlet doesn't have a comp. eng degree and thus has no clue why. The less clock zones and clock multiplier complexity the better. Ultimately, there's not much your processor can do when it can't access instructions/data to do stuff on.
> Muh Ghz (mem stall stall stall stall stall stall stall stall stall...

>> No.61462672

Don't blame litography on Tim
Xeons sk is soldered and uses mesh
Probably soldering incur some loses like a % cracked die. With xeon margins it's very good but since they were forced to cut prices on skx they are cheaping out. Solder itself isn't costly is the lowered yield that soldering probably causes

>> No.61462703

^this desu. Lots of reuse across the product lines. Raises volume discount too. Plus, it takes a dump in shintel. You can even see an alienware branded version in the pics that have come out about their OEM system.

>> No.61462798

> soldering incur some loses like a % cracked die
> is the lowered yield that soldering probably causes
> lithography

You effectively restated what I just said ...That mesh design likely led to a more fragile die depending on how it was integrated into the die layers leading to increased cracked dies.

>> No.61462826

I'm guessing it's initial launch stuff, after a product refresh they release non-X versions and/or drop prices in lieu of no cooler bundled.as third party coolers come into play.

>> No.61463441

qualcomm uses them for their low-cost 14nm chips that get put in 200 dollar phones

>> No.61463565

It wouldn't make sense for Noctua to make a whole line of TR4 air coolers if AMD was bundling them with AIOs. Unless it's just the X parts.

>> No.61463663

but but but big die better!!!!

>> No.61463815


>> No.61463899

Of course it would. Noctua's high end air coolers are better than any 120mm AIO on the market (and many 240mm ones). Not everybody wants an AIO in their system either, be it because of a fear of leaks or a dislike for pump noise.

>> No.61464041

if AMD sells TR with a 120mm AIO it would be just dumb, sure the way it was built gives it better thermal characteristics, but there's still a high amount of wattage that needs to get out of the heatspreader and go to the radiator, a 120mm one is not going to cut it

>> No.61464059

and I'm really sad that noctua didn't show any dual tower coolers for TR

>> No.61464101

Don't worry, dual tower coolers are bit old anyways. Future is quad tower coolers. Maybe if we are lucky we will get hexa or octa tower coolers when technology advances.

>> No.61464277
File: 14 KB, 188x181, 1491292517006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Rice-boy builders and their dual tower cooler stacks
> Need 2 moar fps for vidya
> Cooling solution costing more than their processor

>> No.61464332

All they had to do was change the mounting plate's surface area. They've stated on several occasions that they're using existing coolers w/ a bigger contact plate. Hardly anything costly to engineer or push out a Chinese factory. Their existing towers are already over-spec'd to high hell for the CPUs they're used on. So, they can just reuse them on threadripper.

>> No.61465592

A fucking embarrassment.

>> No.61465773

Protip: Most of the fab's chips by volume are from companies you've never heard of.

>> No.61465864

Can we blame Intel?
They got blindsided and have nothing to counter high core count ryzen chips.
What else are they supposed to do?
A new arch takes like 5 years to make.

>> No.61466040

they can't just slap a new baseplate, the heatpipes need to be rerouted too, so it's basically a whole new cooler anyways

>> No.61466043

The power of dual 6000 rpm fans > 360mm AIO


>> No.61466423

>retard still doesn't read or understand
Those benchmarks are ONLY with the game running and nothing else. Lots of services disabled. No one plays a game like that.

>> No.61466967

>No one plays a game like that.
I do
I'm using an old 2600k, so I don't want programs running in the background.

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