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Core i7-8700K 6C/12T 12MB L3, 95W
Core i7-8700 6C/12T 12MB L3, 65W
Core i5-8600K 6C/6T 9MB L3, 95W




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>15% better performance on sysmark tm.
so it's fucking nothing and just rebranded sky kek?

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But what about the mayo?

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3.7 base on the most expensive model
3.2 no HT on i5


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>All the gens have Lake in their name

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>Source: My Ass
Also if they did make i5 6c/6t it would be the most awkardly placed i5 ever. Shit single threaded and multithreaded, lol.

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>95 watt tdp

Did they forget to type the third digit?

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they even put it in HDET now, this is consumer
100C awaits you

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i5 is 6t but without HT and at 3.2
the reason is binning of defective i7s
they can't push that much watts in defective chip

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you know it's going to be worse than ryzen at those cloks right?
all that kaby=cofee has is clocks.

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>TFW lower clock rate than a Ryzen 5

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>1600x for $70 more
>1600 without OCing for $70 more
>shitty 6/6 abortion with the price of 1600

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It's not soldered and has to fit in the 91W TDP specification. Clockspeed is either going to be shit or it's going to be a housefire..

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it's rushed new arch refresh, something more hilarious than skylake-x

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6C/6T would be a horrible idea, it would be too confusing for consumers whether the 6 core i5 or 4C i7 would be better.

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The 4c i7 but barely.

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Doesn't actually say, but I sure do fear Intel hasn't learned

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did you see how xeons segmented now? they don't care
intel gone bonkers.

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Also I should note this is literally what killed the Edsel and a million other products and companies. Segmentation has to make sense, if customers are confused as to what's the better value they either won't buy it or will default to the cheapest model. Skylake-SP is a segmentation disaster but at least server guys MIGHT be able to differentiate between them. Adding confusing segmentation to a consumer market is always a disaster.

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>intel is going to sell locked 1600 for more
Did SKL-SP launch teach them nothing?

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>Shit single threaded and multithreaded
Just like Ryzens kek

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Hyperthreading is worth 25% and it doesn't always scale that well, so 6/6.

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tables have turned, now intel has lower clocks

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There's nothing to be confused about

Kaby Lake i5 has 4 cores, Coffee Lake has 6 cores

Kaby Lake i7 has 4 cores 8 threads, Coffee Lake has 6 cores 12 threads

Only a dumb AYYMDPOORFAG can confuse such a simple and easy to understand progression

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>He's retarded enough to think he's going to get 7700K clockspeeds on a 6 core 95 watt Intel CPU

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They can only have high clocks due to process advantage.
They can't clock moar cores as high.

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What I'm more impressed at is 16 core threadrippers being capable of 4ghz.

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Because it could theoretically clock higher?

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It's two Zeppelin dies.
What's impressive?

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>advancing moore's law

Not even close.

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>i5 6c/6t

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Boy i want to see the powerdraw figures on OCed 8700k.

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they should upgrade it to i6 to further confuse everyone

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Is this Thuban?

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>best i7 isn't even an 8 core
>6c12t 95w

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>12MB L3
And I'm an Intel user.

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>these clocks
Why would they even bother launching it?
It's pricier Ryzen with the same clocks.

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For anyone hoping they can grab an 8700K and delid/OC the hell out of it, stop right now. Intel is not going to be binning these for high clockspeeds and you're likely not going to get very good results. They probably want you to buy a 6 core X299 CPU instead.

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Top binned Zepplin dies, huge and soldered heat spreader along with spaced dies for maximum heat dissapation, what's there to be impressed about? TR is going to make most of X299 obsolete.

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if anyone wants to observe the fuckery

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>According to CPC Hardware the six-core series will not end at 8600K. The slowest 6-core desktop CPU is allegedly the Core i5-8400 with a core clock of 2.8 GHz and TDP at 65W. This is a direct response to AMD’s Ryzen 5.
slowest 6 core i5 clocked at 2.8Ghz definitely without smt, as the 8600k doesnt even fucking have it, is supposed to compete with ryzen 5, and it cant even be over clocked, i5s are still dead nothing to see here

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Maybe not surprising, but certainly still impressive.

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That's how Zen works.

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>15% better performance
Relay mekes u thienk

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>15% (((better)))

>Software and workloads used in the performance tests may have been optimized for performance only on Intel microprocessors

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This, Metal Xeons, and X299 have all proven one thing. Intel can't into MOAR CORES like AMD can. And when Zen 2 launches, they will be even in terms of IPC.

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I think Zen can push it higher.
It's inherently wider than Core.
Also 7nm LP means POWER-tier clocks.

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literally meaningless without price.

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Also rip in piece anyone who actually bought an i5 in the past year

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>Top binned Zepplin dies, huge and soldered heat spreader along with spaced dies for maximum heat dissapation

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>implying price ever changed last 10 years

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You think this is great?
Boy it supports RDIMMs/LRDIMMs.

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two more cores

instead of i7 = 4c/8t it's 6c/12t and the i5 is 6c/6t

50% increase of cores gives >15% increase of performance

Can't wait to see the 1% IPC gains.

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>Can't wait to see the 1% IPC gains.
It's a refresh.
There's no IPC gains.

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It's literally the 6 core skylake x.

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See that L3?
These are 2Mb slices.

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It isn't going to clock as high. Same process, garbage thermal interface, more cores. So you're going to see performance regressions on gaming benchmarks, which is all Intel has left.

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Intel is dead, anon.

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There's no IPC gain.

All rounder

Skylake with moar niggahurtz
IPC increase = 0
power consumption and heat increase

Skylake with moar coarz
IPC increase = 0
powr consumption can't go higher thank kabylake, solution is to have clocks lower than Skylake

Pretty simple, really. They're all differently tweaked Skymemes.

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Can't make this shit up
Zen is weaker in single threaded benchmarks than fucking Excavator.
>b-b-but it's 3.6GHz vs 3.4GHz
Even if you adjusted the Ryzen's score to the same clock frequency, it still loses to the Excavator CPU by a hundred points.
What a fucking joke of an architecture. This is literally Bulldozer rehashed and marketed.

Cannon Lake will leave AMD in the fucking dust
>higher IPC at lower clocks
>better HT
>no latency penalties thanks to MEME Fabric
The i7-8700K will make mincemeat out of the Ryzen 5 1600X at lower clocks.

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Hi Rajeet!
15 rupees have been deposited on your Intel™ Retail Edge account.

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>higher IPC at lower clocks

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Zen loses to Excavator in single threaded benchmarks
Kaby Lake murders Excavator by at least 45%
What a fucking disaster

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Agreed, Intel is a fucking disaster.

>> No.61422193

and less cores.

>> No.61422214

You can get 1700 for $280 and they are trying to sell this?

>> No.61422215

>Zen loses to Excavator in single threaded benchmarks

Show me more than one cherrypicked launch day benchmark where Zen actually loses to Excavator

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Why is Intel so shit bros?

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>14nm for the 4th generation in a row
>Moore's law

They are just trolling at this point.

>> No.61422246

Because thinking you're invincible in semicon is a bad idea.
Remember DEC? Or 3dfx? Or SG?

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> 6-core 45W mobile i7s
> 4-core 28W mobile i5s/i7s
Pretty good tbqh, hopefully Raven Ridge is able to compete

>> No.61422275

>moore's law
>by gordon moore, intel co-founder
really makes you think

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>literally releasing a Phenom II X6 with better single thread performance
Why. A 6 core without hyperthreading is a colossally stupid idea.

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Reminder that Intel's 10nm is an inferior process compared to their 14nm "++++++" shit.
That means we'll need 4 or five generations to see any IPC increase (since skymeme to whatever comes next).

>> No.61422308

you don't know how to read graphs? also

>> No.61422319

>has to fit in the 91W TDP specification
no, they'll probably blow right past it.

>> No.61422320

Come on.
>Reminder that Intel's 10nm is an inferior process compared to their 14nm "++++++" shit
Hell no.
It simply can't clock as high.
It's still denser and delivers more perf/watt.
Yes it's worse than 7nm LP.

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Its over, Commander. The law of diminishing returns is kicking in hard. The gen after this will need to double cores on the last one just to achieve the same 15% power increase. When are you gonna start building your last gen rig to end all rigs, Anons?

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Honestly don't try to make sense of any of this. They obviously don't want Coffee Lake to step on the toes of SKL-X or the retarded KBL-X chips but seriously what a clusterfuck.

Intel is in pre-death spiral panic mode. Nothing they are doing can be explained by anything other than sheer terror. Literally making mistake after mistake after mistake.

That press kit with the bullshit about the ecosystems and "glued together" AMD chips has to be the most desperate I've ever seen any tech company.

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Intel isn't the problem but ASML.
Nobody can make decent 10nm yet.

But Intel shouldn't use jew lies in their marketing and just admit that Moore's law is dead.

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Intel should re-arrange their Core i numbering to better reflect their new product line
>Core i4 - quad core
>Core i5 - quad core with HT
>Core i6 - hex core
>Core i7 - hex core with HT

>> No.61422393

>the problem is ASML
Samsung and GloFlo use ASML machines too and they're not reporting any problems.

>> No.61422395

Intel already sold over 500K Skylake-SP chips, they don't give a fuck about AYYMD garbage which has not sold a single EPYC FAIL chip

>> No.61422399

GloFo is starting risk production of their awesome 7nm LP H1 2018.
ASML is not the pronlem.
Retarded beancounters at Intel are.
Intel is literally on their way to become next DEC.

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>tfw sitting on a 6700k comfortably overclocked at 4.5ghz, 1,27v
>tfw people jumping on these six cores are fucking retards, we already seen how the 6 core intel and AMD variants do in games, shit
>it might change in the future, and when it does I will just hop over

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who the fuck keeps making these OPs

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I'm saving up for a Zen2 7nm R9-2950X Super Threadripper build.

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>Intel already sold over 500K Skylake-SP chips
lmao keep LARPing, Nishit.

>> No.61422448

You forgot to mention that was Early Purley with ded SGX and some other shit that was dumped for peanuts to Google so they can report victory™ of their xeons.

>> No.61422462

They're still at 14nm as well.
(hint: """""12nm"""" is just re-branded 14nm)

>7nm LP H1 2018.
That's almost a year from now.
And will probably be delayed as usual.

>> No.61422484

>That's almost a year from now.
It's 6 months tops.
>And will probably be delayed as usual.
It's actually earlier than expected.
You see, everyone but Intel is competent.

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Do you even have a 1080 ti and 144hz screen?

>> No.61422499

1080 and yes I have a 144hz screen

>> No.61422515

>It's 6 months tops.

When they say "first half" they always mean END of first half.
ie: June 2018

>> No.61422574

I can feel your desperation.

>> No.61422763

oy vey, the fellow jews are not going to be pleased

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>yfw 4.1ghz wall equal as ryzen

>> No.61422837

Maybe 4.2ghz just like BDW-E.

>> No.61422838

Stop spamming this shit.

>> No.61422876

Zen 2 - 14nm+, 5.0ghz wall with +5-10% IPC.
Zen 3 - 7nm 6core CCX. Kyzen 12c/24t, Promethean 24c/48t. Starchip(server) 48c/96t

>> No.61422882

Anon 6core CCX is probably Zen2.

>> No.61422910

%15 lol

>> No.61422936

>userbenchmarks in user environment with AV/5 btc miners and 500 apps spying on you

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Reading the translated source now

>At the top of the range, we first find the Core i7 8700K . It therefore has 6 cores running at a base frequency of 3.70 GHz. HyperThreading (SMT) is enabled, allowing it to handle 12 threads simultaneously. The chip incorporates a L3 cache of 12 MB and offers a TDP of 95W. This frequency seems extremely aggressive: the newest Core i7 7800X in LGA2066 does not exceed the 3.50 GHz base, and for a TDP of 140W!

tl;dr They claim 95 watt TDP but it's obviously going to go way over that. Like, wayyyyyyyy over. The TDP is a flat out lie. This is going to be SKL-X 2.0. Housefires going mainstream, again.

>> No.61422978

CFL-S has smaller L2 and bigger L3.
Also no mesh and smaller uncore.
But yes it smells like housefires.

>> No.61423130

Well here's the whole translated link https://translate.google.com/translate?tl=en-us&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cpchardware.com%2Fcoffee-lake-approche%2F

>More interesting, the Core i5 8600K also has 6 cores, at a frequency barely lower than 3.60 GHz. It is also distinguished from the Core i7 by the absence of Hyperthreading and by an L3 cache limited to 9 Mo. Its TDP remains positioned at 95W.

>No HT
>9 MB L3

i5's are really dead, aren't they? There is no reason to ever buy this thing.

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>advancing Moore's law on 14nm

>> No.61423180

The kind of "advancing" you get with trench warfare in a fight against the laws of physics. Spoilers: Intel loses.

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>> No.61423279

>release skylake again: moar coars edition

>> No.61423297

>intel is now making their own little bulldozer
zen2 new sandy bridge?

>> No.61423309



>One thing we should have mentioned is that the pulled in Skylake-EP/Purley chips were not final and had some features disabled. Sure they were being sold at a premium, but now there are two tiers of Skylake-EP, early-Purley and Purley. The former is not feature complete and the latter is, but no word on whether or not they will be differentiated on the spec sheet. If Intel wants our advice, put a -HB for early-Purley and -FW for Purley. That is -HalfBaked and -FullyWorking for the CLI impared.

They dumped their defective trash Xeons on Google and Amazon.

>> No.61423342

>AMD already has 8C/16T 12MB L3, 65W

Are you OK Intel?

>> No.61423347

Charlie wtf is wrong with your website.

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Zen2 is 7nm, Zen3 7nm+

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How long until intel markets that their CPUs can be used to effectively warm the house too, and how that's a feature the AMD doesn't have.

>> No.61424158

>Robust fireplace solution

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File: 41 KB, 602x365, pic_disp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who needs this anyway? It has been proven time and time again that most editing software scales like shit so it's even useless for >muh ""content creators"" (aka youtube eceleb-shit).

The only reason for moar coarz is basically server-like tasks like a shitton of VMs or maybe if you compress/decompress 7zip archives all day erryday

>> No.61424315

Bad news for Intel since they can't bribe the laws of physics.

>> No.61424512

15+% on SysMark. Are you retarded? 15% on a benchmark doesn't translate in 15% less seconds encoding, 15% more FPS on a crappy game nor 15% less seconds rendering in 3DStudio.

Are all Intel shills this retarded?

>> No.61424537

No, but the stupid retard who's been spamming the same all-caps AYYMD copypasta for months is.

>> No.61424545

>6 cores but still only 16 PCIe lanes

lmao have fun running your gpu at 8x if you want as much as an NVMe ssd

>> No.61424673


wasn't the 7th gen i7 7700K released in february this fucking year?

Man, Intel has gone full JUST after AMD rekt their buttholes with Ryzen and Ebyc

>> No.61424727

I want some reproducible benchmarks.

>> No.61424857


>> No.61425980

Core i5-6500 went from top 15 best selling current gen CPUs to top 10 on Amazon.
Ryzen 5 failed pretty hard there

>> No.61426258

Running with Intel Bingbus and Mayo technologies™.

>> No.61426310

There's a lot of retarded CPU's in the Amazon best sellers, the Pentium 4400 is #6 despite being interior to the 4560 in every way.

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File: 155 KB, 804x978, AMDvIntel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>shitty 6/6 abortion with the price of 1600




>> No.61426574

You overestimate the intelligence of your average consumer, they'll see an i7 sticker on a laptop and go "oh dis one faster cause i7 right?" even though it's a Nehalem and the i5 they're comparing it with is a Haswell.

>> No.61426699

and thats comparing the boost clocks. otherwise theyre exactly the same. also the 7700k runs hotter

>> No.61426777

Guy is on Twitter claiming backwards compatibility. https://twitter.com/CPCHardware/status/886940741599145984

>> No.61426785

>even though it's a Nehalem and the i5 they're comparing it with is a Haswell.
Well that's not too bad. They'll think a weak ass ULV i7 is better than a 6600k.

>> No.61426845

>$350 1600X with jizz tim inside(tm)


>> No.61427096

The fact that consumers are going to be confused about what to buy, a 6C/6T CPU or a 4C/8T CPU, is a serious issue. It's market segmentation in the worst way possible.

>> No.61427211

The entire lineup is a sidegrade.

>> No.61427221

As Ken Rockwell said, when he worked in marketing the acroynym "FUD" is second most popular word after "price".

>> No.61427388

Haha, Intel really fucking hates their customers. It's good that they use all the money saved on solder on shilling.

>> No.61427452

They used all the money they saved to hire trolls from /g/ to write the now infamous Skylake-SP slides.

>> No.61427781

Yeah, those are one example of teething hate towards people who buy their products. It feels Intel will come knocking on my door and punching me if I happen to buy something from them. Of course this would cost something so they'll just management engine my ass or throttle DDR4 speed if I don't buy a Win10 DDR4 3000+ Mhz upgrade pack.

I'm actually only slightly exaggerating.

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