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So whats the deal with AMD's brand new flagship CPU still getting completely roasted and toasted by outdated Intel hardware (6950X)?

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Intel components are simply built to last, that's why even Sandy Bridge stomps Ryzen.

Ryzen simply isn't a compelling buy right now, I'll be sticking with my Intel X299 platform for now because as your benchmark shows, their processors consistently perform better.

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So whats the deal with Intel's brand new flagship CPU still getting completely roasted and toasted by outdated Intel hardware (6950X)?

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Delete this.

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nobody plays that stupid game

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>8 core cpu is defeated by 10 core cpu
>10 core cpu is over $1000
stop the presses

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Ryzen is a great buy for someone who needs the core/thread count for the work they do. Single thread is where it's not so amazing, but still a good buy IMO.

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>Ashes of the Benchmark
Literally who gives a shit? At least post something platform agnostic that shows pricing.

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If you look a bit deeper into the xeon intel compared to the 1800x, it's ~$2200 USD. So it's fair to compare a $450 desktop cpu to a $2200 server cpu? Come on intel, at least TRY to make a good case.

You know that Intel is sweating when they need to more or less lie about AMD cpu performance. But that's what happens when you're spoiled with almost all the market share. Once the good times end, you actually have to... You know, produce a decent product at a decent price.

Intel are like retarded kids that had their candy(market share) taken from them and now is going tantrum and crazy.

Fun fact. They underclocked the 1800x when they tested it.

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I am more interested in how the 1800X OC'd is within spitting distance of the 7700K OC'd. It really makes you think.

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Oh and the 6800K OC beating the 7700K OC kek

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Intel is definitely in full on damage control mode with EPYC coming out. They are just making themselves look like fools.

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>that's why even Sandy Bridge stomps Ryzen.
Not even in games, much less any other workload.

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>buying shitty firebrick intel

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>140W 599 minimum
its like you think I cant read

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t. Intel marketing shill.

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>playing games

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>both amd and old Intel can beat new Intel
What the fuck happened?

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Intel got lazy, and went full fucking retard with their latest arch.

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שלום שלומו, 5 שקל הוכנסו לחשבון אינטל שלך. המשך עבודתך הטובה!

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Ryzen is popular because it is getting within spitting distance of some much more expensive chips for much less money. It's almost never just about outright performance, it's about performance per dollar, and Ryzen is kicking ass with that. It's stupid to compare a 400 dollar CPU to a 1200 dollar CPU, but the fact that Ryzen is still visibly on the chart up against a 1200 dollar CPU says more than enough about performance per dollar

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Fuck off schlomo

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>their processors consistently perform better
Yeah they consisntely draw far too much power and get way too hot while being outperformed by Broadwell-E

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Hello goyim. Always remember, we are watching you.

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>6950x vs 1800x
>10 cores vs 8 cores

Nice comparison you've got there.

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>$400 CPU is beaten by $1000 CPU
Wow, next thing you're gonna tell me is that the Titan Xp gets better FPS than a RX 580.

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>Zen is bad because it isn't at the top of muh gaymen benchmarks


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Cuz AMD is total shit

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intel is shit

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What power consumption does a system with an AMD 10 core CPU have in those tests while overclocked to 4500 MHz?

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>buying intel
>the company that doesn't give a shit to their customers

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>In the end, the delta between the cores and top of the heat spreader reaches 71°C, and that's using one of the best cooling setups money can buy.

Fucking insane.

Why even bother buying a good cooler when the heat from the CPU isn't even making it that far.

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>even Sandy Bridge stomps Ryzen

lol no. http://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/2867-intel-i7-2600k-2017-benchmark-vs-7700k-1700-more

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this, basically
good cpu with more #of cores and low price.
the future is multicore because moore's rekted

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>gaming benchmarks
>on a 4+ core CPU

Games only need and use 4 cores, what matters most is speed.

Go the fuck back to /v/

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>Sandy Bridge stomps ryzen
Even piledriver outperforms sandy bridge

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>i9 7900x doing worse than the 6950x is the real news

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That's moar bingbus for you.

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We should he comparing the 6950X to the kikeripper cpu's.

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Make it sound believable and not as if it was something out of a script you fucking retard.

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That 7900X result is OCed.

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OC'd it only squeezes out another 180ish? Is that a temp issue?

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7900X is a temp issue.


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We are the merchant we tell you what is correct.

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>Using gaymes as an performance metric.
Literally the most unoptimized shit to measure performance
I find funny how people come to shit post here but all of them forget the Intel compiler still a thing

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>meanwhile literally 80% here are AMD shills

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>stop using real world benchmarks when my purchase does worse than the thing I didn't buy!

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>Performance in games
>Somehow the best representation of performance when there's loads and loads of non-game benchmarks around
I wish they'd create a separate version of /g/ that anyone who has ever been to /v/ would get redirected to whenever they try to access /g/.

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Cherry picking.

Ryzen is better at Linux kernel compiling, which is the only benchmark that matters.

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How triggered are you right now, trumpledyte? Hate to break it to you, but video game benchmarks aren't fake news and no, you can't just ban the truth away, no matter how much it hurts you. The first step to finding inner peace is accepting the truth.

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Reminder to report shitposters.

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>buying a 2017 x299

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