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>Starting at $799

RIP AMD, you will be missed.

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Not bad actually for under $2000. This is actually something I would consider paying more for if necessary.

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/g/ - AMD

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Prosumers will pay out the ass for this shit.

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Clocks are still bellow an i9 tho so anything that isn't massively parallel will suffer.

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mainboard starting at 500

what's the point

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>buy 12/16 core cpus
>not running heavy threaded workloads

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>Buying HEDT for any reason besides massively parallel processing

Also it would only be about 18% faster single core. With 41% worse multicore. For the same price.

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>Wait for thread ripper
Said no one ever. Also compared to Intel'$ equivalent offerings is a pretty good option.

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yeah it's winter anyway, so a cozy burning intel would be much better for just a hundred bucks more

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Are these even mean for average consumer usage? Going by that pricing, I would expect them to be used for heavy duty work.

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Any one buying these for gaming is a retard. These are computation monsters that are meant for srs biznis or at least for users who know that they do in fact need all these cores.
If you're struggling to figure out what you need that many cores for, you don't need it.

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But /g/ told me to wait for this instead of Ryzen

Are you telling me I waited for fucking nothing again?

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I have not seen a single person here say "Wait for TR" unless they were already looking at getting an 8 core CPU and weren't sure if they needed more or not.

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Threadripper's product placement is competing with the i9 line.

Anybody who uses an i9 for gaming is a retard.

Anybody who uses Threadripper for gaming is a retard.

Threadripper beats out Intel at workstation tasks which can utilize many cores in parallel because of its price/performance.

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>Anyone who uses AMD is retarded


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This is probably bait but it's a server CPU that competes with $2000 CPUs and it absolutely shits on them.

Fuck off Intel shill.

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/g/ - #TeamRed

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If you are building for gaming either deal with the housefire 7700k, buy 6700k, or wait for 7nm Ryzen next year.

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you can tell every time when aussie and amerifats brand whores wake up

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Let's play "spot the bait thread OP's samefaggotry!"

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Last time I listened to an AMD employee

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Hi Brian

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>25 posts 14 IPs
OP sure does love samefagging his bait thread.

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>AMD jew isn't selling their best workstation CPUs for under $500

I bet they moved to Israel this year.

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Finally 2014 performance for 20% less.

t-thx AMD

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It's a compelling product for a good price.
But like Epyc, what the fuck is up with the name? I mean they understand people will buy trying to explain to their tech illiterate bosses that their company needs to buy a bunch of thread rippers and epyc processors?

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Plz show me that $800 2014 CPU that can hit 3k in cinebench.

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....so jewish names like Silver, Gold, and Platinum isn't cringe also?

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It's clear as day that they were originally intended to compete in the gaymen market. They even started that way with Ryzen, trying to tell people they could finally stream DotA 2 on Twitch using fudged benchmarks.

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No one told you to wait.

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Yup Ryzen is a complete failure at streaming while gaming .. retard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VL2TAJvfiQU

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You have negative brain cell count if you can't see Zen was designed as a low power efficient scaleable server architecture first.

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No, they sound much more professional.
As does ceon i7, or i9.
They should just name the a bunch of random numbers.
Ryzen for gaming sure. R5 is even compelling. But threadripper and epyc where never once considered to be for gaming you giant fucking mongoloid. I wish gaymers would fuck off /g/ with their illusion that everything is for them. I'm sorry if I'm being harsh for you just not understanding server or workstation processors (epyc) or super high core count processors (threadripper)vs high clocked lower core gaming parts. But this sheer ignorance gets annoying as fuck. AMD never intended to make a 16core 32 thread gaming cpu. If that doesn't seem obvious to you, stick to /v/
Literally anything else.
Random numbers would work, words that have no real meaning etc. Nothing wrong with ryzen, threadripper isn't as bad as epyc though i admit.

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how much are comparable i9s again?

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$1000 for the 10 core that gets BTFO. $2000 for the yet to be released 18 core which will also lose, unless Intel makes it have a 200 watt TDP.

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What clockd can you reach on the 10 core i9?

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> 16c/32t
> $1000
literally two 1800X glued toghether, how can Intel even compete?

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Depends on the silicon lottery. And your ability to deal with nuclear holocaust right inside your socket.

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Depends. You got one of these handy? http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/intel-core-i9-7900x-skylake-x,5092-11.html

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Doesn't seem like a bad deal compared to intels i9 offerings, I'm tempted to get the 12 core variant, but will probably stick to ryzen for the moment.

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Should have been $600 tops

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12/16 cores for 799 and 999 one from intel is like 2000

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They could use their 8 core lcc dies linked with an OCed qpi, I wonder why they don't do it.

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QPI is not intended for in-package communication.

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What point are you tying to make?

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It's a shitty troll bait thread.

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If you're running single core workloads then why the fuck aren't you buying a 7700K or that cheap ass Pentium you fucking retard?

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By all accounts, it's going to rip an $800 intel CPU to shit.

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The i9 will also suffer if something is not massively parallel. These processors are not meant for /v/. The 16 core Zen rekts every intel chip. There is nothing faster on the market.

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>It's double the 1800X price
>It has double the cores and ram

Literally nothing wrong.

>triple the price of the 1600X

Ok, that's gay. They should slash the price to $500~570

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It can't ebin play my gaymes at 25fps let alone stream them, so buttfuck amd in their poochink assholes.

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>They should slash the price to $500~570
That's how much 1800X costs, bro. At most I can see the price going down by $100.

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Reminder to report shitposters.

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> $500 for a 12 core
but that's the 1800X anon

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the 1800x is right now almost below $400, they reduced the prices some months back to account for the TR launch

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report anyone who states an ugly truth about amd cpus? I'm not on the payroll poojeet.

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I already know what garbage game you're trying to claim doesn't run well on Ryzen so you might as well just fuck off already.
You're a sad little lump of shit.

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>I already know what garbage game you're trying to claim doesn't run well on Ryzen
Yeah everyone knows about those garbage games that are currently topping steam charts.
>You're a sad little lump of shit.
Being this mad that your "favorite" manufacturer/employer isn't good at something. Why do you care THIS much again?
>inb4 doom, and aots ryzen benchmarks

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PUBG runs fine on Ryzen


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You're not funny.

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if you want to burn down your fucking house

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>linking reddit

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>faggot posts plebbit post that can't be confirmed.
At the very least archive that cancer, or just stay there.
This is what I hated most when shopping for a gaming cpu, and asking about how it performs on certain titles. It's always a forum post that showed nothing, or best case scenario for the game with the lowest possible settings away from any actual gameplay (like every arma 3 ryzen benchmarks).

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There was apparently a patch at some point that fixed things up.

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>12 cores for cheaper than or 16 cores for the same price as the competing 10-core

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These are server CPUs you autist.

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The 7900x is a disaster priced at $1,000
That 12 core threadripper will beat it by a little but not run hotter than the sun.

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I propose KikeRipper and Glued-Together-Yet-You-Still-BTFO

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No fucking shit.

Worth it.

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You need to take your anti-semitic memes back to /pol/

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>starting at $799
No 10 core CPU????????

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You can't make 10core CPU.
CCX is always power of two.

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The CCXs probably need to be symmetrical in threadripper too, so the amount of cores is always a multiple of 4.

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le dumb cunt doesn't realise these are server parts and that the mainstream cpus are labeled under the ryzen 5 and 7 name

>> No.61361748

Server parts are EPYC.
Threadripper is HEDT.

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Ryzen 1600?????

Oh man
AMD pls reles 20 Core CPU

>> No.61361842

1600 is 3+3.

>> No.61361882

Not him but why couldn't it be 3+3+3+3 then?

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> tfw no $70 3-core/6-thread R3

>> No.61361893

It's 12 cores then.

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Fuck I'm retarded i thought we were talking about 12 cores not the 10
Im an asshole

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You want the times of tricore Athlons back?

>> No.61361933

Hell yes, some Apple's chips are 3-core and they kick ass.

>> No.61361968

Xenon in xbawks360 was also a tricore.

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HEDT is not for you. Neither are games made after 2006, apparently.

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People pay over $400 for quadcores all the time

>OP is suggesting $700 is too much for fucking 12.


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literally name a single game that can use more than one core
battlefield n? no.
colladoody 16? no.
wanted? no.
space chess? no.
autism effect? nope.

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Go back to /v/. Every single AAA game these days has multiple threads.

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Battlefield 1 uses 8. Nearly doubled my performance going from an i5 to i7. Though I wouldn't say it's a good thing considering Battlefront and BF4 both ran way better than BF1 - I think in their quest to optimize for more threads, they forgot that most people are still on 4 cores or less because the game runs like absolute shit despite not improving the graphics very much.

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All of them?
Did you even try to launch a game made after 2010 with a single core?
Here is handy video.

>> No.61362479

>1920X and 1950X sell like hotcakes compared to the i9-7900X
>12+ core Skylake Xs launches
>1910X and 1940X launches with lower core frequencies for $100 less

>> No.61362502

kek, Intel's highest end 12 core is $2k read TWO THOUSAND AMERICAN SHEKELS, I can't even imagine how expensive their mutilated Xeon 18 core will be. Big dies is not the answer, smaller dies glued together is better for everyone.

>> No.61362508

They will more than likely just lower prices on the 12 core. It looks like it could drop $100 easily.

>> No.61362513

>HEDT made affordable

For small 3d farm this CPU is a gods sent.

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The 18 core is $2000.

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t. intel shill

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They're dropping prices on the Ryzen 5s and 7s because they're not selling too well.

>> No.61362573

>implying they're not dropping prices to squeeze in more TR units

>> No.61362579

Know you're trolling but check this out .. the X299 CPUs also suck at games due to the mesh fabric and cache changes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKX9Bcxnd7U

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The 7820x wouldn't be so bad if the 1700 didn't exist.

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This is some old ass shit and also completely wrong.

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>>61358751 what is that? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT

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you didn't see the "t. intel shill" at the end anon?

>> No.61362617

>The [Intel CPU] wouldn't be so bad if the [AMD CPU] didn't exist.

You could pretty much just fill in the blanks at this point.

>> No.61362621

Seekingalpha is a pro-AMD financial blog. Like every other story on their page is about how Goldman Sachs is underestimating AMD's potential at their own peril.

They've got a point though, desktop CPUs just aren't selling like they used to. AMD needs Raven Ridge sooner rather than later so they can gain market share in the mobile sector. Literally the only reason why AMD's market share is falling in Steam charts is because everyone is buying Intel laptops and gaming on them.

>> No.61362631

Ryzen Mobile is coming Soon(tm).

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Nu-Doom runs on Vulkan and uses every core you have


>> No.61362660

16 core CPU for $999 that outperforms the i9-7900x

>> No.61362692

>Clocks are still bellow an i9 tho so anything that isn't massively parallel will suffer.
90% single core performance for half the price, with similar power draw.

>> No.61362700

even the $799 one outperforms it (and can perform toe to toe if you overclock the 7900X and survive the nuclear holocaust)

>> No.61362703

It's not a server processor. Epyc is servers, threadripper is HEDT (think business workstations).

>> No.61362738

>(think business workstations).
So, this isn't for the average consumer, its for people that run servers, VMs.

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>Jul 11th
>old ass shit

l m a o

This is what it's at RIGHT NOW.

>> No.61362756

Threadripper PRO is coming out shortly afterwards, so it's HEDT for now. It still has ECC capable memory controllers since they're based on Ryzen dies.

>> No.61362757

No, not for servers or VMs. That is EPYC. This is more for workstations, like CAD shit or computers for multiple users with varying cpu requirements.

>> No.61362764

>Seekingalpha is a pro-AMD financial blog.
This is just clueless. Look at any of their articles from the past 5 years. SeekingAlpha is not pro AMD, they are not pro ANY company. They are a front for stock manipulation. They've ran more damning articles on AMD than any other financial outlet, and they've done it to hundreds of smaller tech companies as well. They want to spread FUD to create dips so the Arabs and Pakis who run the show can turn a profit.

>> No.61362786

>This is more for workstations, like CAD shit or computers for multiple users with varying cpu requirements.
Oops. I'm a noob xD

>> No.61362798

ecks DEE

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On another note, I can't fathom why people get the 7700k unless they already have a 1080Ti or some shit. Might as well get a 1600 instead and put that extra money on the GPU.

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Computers are for more than games.

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Don't know where you got "34."

>> No.61362871

Because Ryzen can't push high refresh rate monitors like Sky/Kaby.

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File: 63 KB, 758x626, intel amd marketshare.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61362916

>push high refresh rate monitors

.. it's a GPU - not a CPU - that's connected to the monitors. It doesn't matter if you go with a 7700k or a 1600x or a 1800x if you're using a 1080ti and you have high refresh rate monitors.

>> No.61362984

Most modern games require a powerful CPU to reach high frame rates. Weak core performance from Ryzen doesn't cut it.

>> No.61362995

you didn't see the "i know you're trolling, but" ?

>> No.61362999

>hurr what is a bottleneck

>> No.61363012

>that close competition in 2006
fucking intel and their unfair competition horseshit

>> No.61363163

Some numbers actually show AMD hitting 50% market share. Intel is just a fucking scum company, and they never changed.

>> No.61363177

Fuck me only $800 for 12 cores?
I've been due for an upgrade, maybe going overkill is the right call.

>> No.61363198

can't wait to go back to Ryzen when i can afford it
i love my 3770k but holy fucking shit my DZ77GA70K is actually the singlehandedly worst motherboard i have ever owned
i can't even adjust C-states for optimal overclocking

>> No.61363205

As much as I hate /pol/ the antisemite stuff predates them

>> No.61363239

He is funny.

>> No.61363282

Haha, this is actually pretty humorous.

>> No.61363322

I've got a Ryzen system I use for rendering stuff, and its been faithfully churning away without any hiccups. Only had some feature support with my motherboard be spotty, ASUS Prime B350 Plus, but with all the BIOS updates and latest AGESA code its all working.
No downsides to it.

>> No.61363343

By a at least a millenia

>> No.61363382

i really want the msi X370 gaming plus and a 1700 to go with it
i just want to be on team red instead of blue like i used to be

>> No.61363499

why not 3+3+4 then idiot

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I'm on pic related right now and am considering going with a 1700, but I don't know what I would do with my current hardware. Maybe I'll get a new case altogether and buy just about everything except a GPU. Repurposing it alter as a NAS or small homeserver sounds neat, all I'd have to do is check for mobos that support it and buy the ECC RAM later.

>> No.61363521


Is this some reverse shit posting?


>> No.61363523

>not 3770k
>3.5GB 970
i'm so sorry

>> No.61363530 [DELETED] 

Fuck theres just, too many posts that needs to be repirted in this thread. How can you nefags stand thus horseshit.

>> No.61363540

16 cores for 1 grand is a solid price.

>> No.61363547
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>> No.61363582

Intel is charging 1,000 dollars for a 10-core. For 200 dollars less you get 12 cores and for the same price you get 16 cores.

What kind of pricing were you expecting exactly? 500?

>> No.61363595

800 for the 16 core would sell double the volume.

>> No.61363596
File: 108 KB, 782x782, 1475211353488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61363604

wtf...you can't even use it at stock with a good HSF? Fucking retarded.

>> No.61363607

Well there is the rumor that there's a cheaper 16c threadripper model that would sit within that price range. It however is still a rumor.

>> No.61363653

sounds like something intel would do
sell a shitload of cpus at 1k then release the same shit for 800 once everyone who wanted one already bought it
ryzen launch was perfect
everything launched at the same time
everyone knew what was coming
all the cards were out on the table
fanboys and nouveau-riche bought 1800X, smart shoppers bought 1700 which was the same exact shit for people who know how to overclock for much less money

they're trying to do something schemey here

>> No.61363654

Nope, Intel reccomends watercooling even at stock. Mostly because of the teeny heatspreader and toothpaste under the lid.

>> No.61363756

>$100 more for nothing at the time
I still think going 4 core i7 is absolutely retarded. Might as well grab an i7 6core if you want the extra threads.
>implying the 3.5 meme was as soon as it came out
Nvidia are assholes but it's still a decent card. I don't see myself jumping on the Vega disaster anytime soon, but I could consider it. Polaris is a decent upgrade, but I didn't want it at the time. Might as well check out consumer Vega or wait for 2die Navi.

>> No.61363760

yeah but i have a 980ti

>> No.61363762

Gone the days of best value sub $100 mid range processors.

>> No.61363782

That's mainly because at this point most people buy them used.

>> No.61363804

You'd expect that after saving 0.012$ per sold CPU by using cum of foxcon slave labourers as thermal interface between die and heatspreader they'd up their game and start soldering again when it is evident that there will be competition, but no, can't have that. For this attitude and all the shit they pulled in the past they'd deserve to bleed so much more money than what they'll loose now.

>> No.61363814

I play the vidya too, but thinking this is bad just because it doesn't offer gains I'm framerate is retarded. There's a shit ton of workloads that can utilize that power.

>> No.61363830

They're totally going to phase out overclocking. This is the beginning.

>> No.61363872



>> No.61363900

To be fair, with Finfets and eventually FDSOI in the future the spread of clockrates chips achieve will narrow dramatically. There's just no room for significant overclocking if achieved clockrates are consistent enough to do it in the fan and sell it as a distinct product.

>> No.61363934


If you say so, Shlomo.

>> No.61363946


Nice fake graph, lying faggot.

>> No.61363977
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>> No.61363989

clickbait vs not clickbait

>> No.61364005
File: 94 KB, 799x720, [HorribleSubs] Eromanga-sensei - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.50_[2017.06.24_14.32.00].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mainboard starting at 500
>Source: My ass

>> No.61364007

6950X was $2k

>> No.61364028

Kind of stupid. They could have gotten significantly more money out of this market.
Maybe they're charging more than normal for the X399 chipsets, though.

>> No.61364038

it's basically the cost of 2 1800x's

>> No.61364041

X399 chips are rebadged X370

>> No.61364061

"Gluing" the 1800X together isn't free
The larger package isn't free
The shitload of pins aren't free
The extra solder used due to package size isn't free(ask Intel)
The bigger socket isn't free

>> No.61364074

You aint not funney

>> No.61364093

>Ryzen launch
[muffled oy vey resounds in the distance]

>EPYC launch
[Hebraic screeching intensifies]

>TR launch
[Hebraic howling intensifies]

>Raven Ridge launch

>> No.61364114

>PhD in EECS from MIT
Lisa Su is so fucking based.

>> No.61364115

If there is another cheaper 16 core SKU coming it would be one with lower clockspeeds.
Uhh .. kike cacophony?

>> No.61364135

>>Raven Ridge launch
>kikes wish they were transported into Drakengard universe

>> No.61364143

it needs to launch the same day

>> No.61364172

It would make sense for AMD to launch the lower TDP lower clocked versions a bit latter so they can make some profit off the higher clocked models first, nobody would buy the X versions then.

>> No.61364197

Non-X Threadrippers would be either 120 or 115W

>> No.61364206

Raven Ridge isn't looking too great
Clock speeds are limited to 4.0GHz again and Vega has turned out to be a massive flop. It's just Fiji in a die shrink.

The only hype thing about it is that it's the first APU to use IF to connect the GPU and CPU together.

>> No.61364219

Dunno, it could underclock/undervolt really well. That would be where Vega could shine. That, and drivers that actually fucking work.

>> No.61364239

Which fucking laptop is gonna need clocks over 4.0GHz? Are you nuts?
And Vega's drivers are in limbo and you have no idea how 800 shaders at somewhere below 1000MHz would do power wise, and you don't even have to, it's gonna be better than Intel graphics by default.

>> No.61364261

if TDP is purely a marketting meme. We should get basically the same die but without the binning/factory oc.
like 1700/1700x/1800/1800X
all the exact same CPU

not something with less cache or some shit like that

>> No.61364288

They didn't forgot, they fucked up everything else

>> No.61364368

>it's gonna be better than Intel graphics by default.
Intel already caught up to GCN1.2 in the Bristol Ridge APUs. They're going to be revamping their iGPU just in time for Raven Ridge's launch with Cannon Lake and the new GT4e.

>> No.61364413
File: 276 KB, 1919x1080, 006919_wp_20170531_11_05_21_pro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too bad you're comparing 28nm planar chips, that have retardedly slow x86 cores with massive bandwidth issues

>> No.61364414

AMD could use GCN 1.0 and still shit all over flagship ARM SoCs and whatever the current i7 with Iris Pro flagship is
Intel is unironically a decade behind AMD and Nvidia, ARM vendors aren't that far behind but they still can't compete with powerful laptops

>> No.61364428

They caught up with a massive and ridiculously expensive eDRAM slab

>> No.61364472

Hardware aside, which Intel is lagging far behind, the bigger issue is drivers and Intel's drivers for 3D are freaking junk, especially for older pre DX9 stuff where Intel didn't have anything but GMA which was literally useless for anything but 2D

>> No.61364537

they need the mindshare

It's not just about a compelling product, it's about being so compelling nobody can even say no to it. It gets AMD in the game again.

>> No.61364619

Intel may have caught up in raw power but their drivers are still shit. AMD's APU's still have the advantage of using GCN drivers (inb4 AMD has no drivers) which makes it better for light gaming than Intel. The main issue with FM2 and FM2+ APU's is that they were still based on Bulldozer and derivatives, Raven Ridge will fix that.

>> No.61364742
File: 93 KB, 666x666, 1494626041441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Epyc" is a play on Itanium's EPIC architecture.

>> No.61364958

Clevo laptops run beyond 4ghz

>> No.61364993

And weight more than your mom-

>> No.61365616

Non-symmetrical you moron.

>> No.61365681

Are you actually retarded? Intel is BTFO like we haven't seen since Athlon

>> No.61365684
File: 412 KB, 392x418, nani.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>m-muh single coar
>on a HEDT platform
Go buy a Bentium you living fucking meme.

>> No.61365704
File: 858 KB, 200x267, FFFFFFFFFUCK_MAN.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Intel rn

>> No.61365956


>> No.61366279

Hey at least Intel has iGPU which is useful in some situations (like if you get a dead display and don't know if your addon GPU is dead or something else is fucked).

>> No.61366358

In these situations you just have another gpu lying around.

>> No.61366433

they dropped prices because 80% yields on a product that costs then like what, $10 per chip and they're still selling them for $270 during prime day?

>> No.61366436

iGPUs are almost completely useless for desktops. They're very useful for laptops though, there's no doubt Intel is still king on laptops.

Hopefully Raven Ridge changes that tho, Intel graphics are complete fuckhg garbage, even Iris Pro.

>> No.61366481

if it came out like that, it'd be like gluing 1700's together rather than 1800x's, as a 1700 owner I can attest that my chip doesn't overclock as well as like 80% of the 1800x's even though my chip overclocks better than most 1700's.

They are binning a bit for voltages and maximum clocks.

>> No.61366515
File: 84 KB, 653x726, 1499957247669.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haha yeah i guess there's that last crumbling straw to cling to

>> No.61366584

There's no reason why I cant run VMs out of this

>> No.61367839
File: 1.45 MB, 500x281, 1491417829840.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> I buy processors to run Cinebench all day long
This is /g/.

Not a fanboy of either brand but this is the point where it gets really fucking stupid. What's next, Prime95 comparison?


>> No.61367850

AMD also has stuff in Israel you dumb fuck.

>> No.61367877

1600 is 4+2

>> No.61367892

Bullshit it is. Disabling 1 core in a CCX must be mirrored by 1 core in all other CCXes, on die or off, in the system. Its why many of us have an issue with the 1500x, because its 2+2

>> No.61367898

>comparing cpus so you can know which one is better is somehow wrong

>> No.61367911
File: 125 KB, 960x878, 1487297768743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Starting at $799

>> No.61367944


>> No.61367969

Ure not funi

>> No.61368070

But how the fuck is it better if X beats Y in some synthetic benchmark?
I mean okay, compare load times, execution times of programs, games, whatever. BUT jerk off to ONE single application that is literally a benchmark that companies love to exploit?

This is some premium bullshit.

>> No.61368092

he gets paid for this.
desu we should ban both fucking paid poster camp from /g/. no one literally fucking cares. both i9, Ryzen and EPYC sucks ass.

>> No.61368128

I agree that using only a single benchmark to measure performance is bullshit, but cinebench is one of the benchmarks that is not that far away from certain real workloads seeing that it deals with 3d rendering and lighting

>> No.61368185


one X299 ® RAID key has been sent to your home adress.

Thanks again for correcting the record at behalf of Intel ®

>> No.61368187

3D rendering is okay, but that's like benchmarking Ashes of AMDularity.

Like, let's say I have a parallel build system for my program.
So buying an 1800X would be the best if for compilation speeds.
But then again... do you compile all day long? No, you don't.

At least I don't. I open programs, open web pages, watch videos, read tutorials, open PDF files. All single threaded workloads. The one time when I benefit from the parallel speed is when I compile - but to be honest, no one really compiles big programs at home, like at the company we just push shit and the build bots will build them ASAP like ... everywhere. Or if I really have some breaking changes, I can just issue the compile, grab a coffee and wait maybe +15seconds.

Now I am not saying Single Thread > all, just saying that real life workload is very, very far from synthetic perfectly parallel.
This is a problem since Core2Duo and Pentium with HT and not much changed, to be honest.

So, back to square 1. Let's compare a realistic workload, applications and all included.

>> No.61368216


>mfw i converted some videos the other day and wanted to play video games so i just dedicated 4 cores and 8 threads to HandBrake and the other half to my game

I want to see Intel Core i5 and i7 users to this

>> No.61368230

Uhm but that's retarded anon.
There is a reason why we have schedulers since 15 years. Use them.

Trust me, they do their job superb.
Simply put Handbrake to Low and it will use all available resources. You can also put your game or task to AboveNormal for example.

The way you did this will just make the task take longer.

>> No.61368248

They already confirmed they haven't cut the RRP, those are just sales anon.

>> No.61368269

>Simply put Handbrake to Low and it will use all available resources
That's the problem with corelets. They have no resources left.

>> No.61368280

That doesn't make any sense.

Even if you have 128 cores, and you allocate 64 only to Handbrake, it would be still the same. Retarded. A waste.
Your task (either transmission, game, or your MPV playing your porn), will not use all the available cores all the time.
That is why you have a scheduler. Look it up mate.

>> No.61368286

>A Tcore of up to 65°C and a heat spreader temperature of approximately 24°C make for a difference of more than 40°C. That's at 230W. Once the 300W line is crossed, even the Alphacool Eiszeit Chiller 2000 taps out. This isn’t even difficult to do: with a Core i9-7900X running at 4.6 or 4.7 GHz, using the voltages needed to get there, even simple rendering applications trigger those levels. The highest power consumption numbers we saw were just north of 300W, which had the CPU hitting its 100°C thermal limit consistently. An emergency shutdown followed soon after.

>Massively expensive phase change cooler.
>Emergency temperature shutdown.

>> No.61368287

do you really think all those single threaded workloads you do will all be running on the same core? I'll give an absurd example here to illustrate my reasoning, if you open 8 instances of minecraft, each one will run on a different core, and this happens for most software, only really old ones and specific OS services stack up on cpu0

but it's still slower, sure you can play your games with no trouble, but the video on the background will encode so slowly that there's basically no advantages in doing it, while on a cpu with more cores you can do both and still finish your encoding in a reasonable time

>> No.61368299

those other posts aren't me btw

>> No.61368300

Die you hook nosed rat

>> No.61368308

>no one literally fucking cares

>> No.61368312

>implying i9 have onboard graphics
Anon, the shilling has blinded you.

>> No.61368313

Prosumers, like me, might buy them. I work in machine learning and I multithread all my code. However, I have a research server and GPU cluster for that, still would be nice to do experiments at home.

>> No.61368320

>but it's still slower, sure you can play your games with no trouble
Trust me, if you use your scheduler on any OS, it will do it's magic.
Test yourself. Give 2 cores to your encoder, play CS:GO in a window or whatever. Measure time.
Then do my method, use scheduler.
You can measure FPS, e-peen, even your dick, but my method will win and game performance will not suffer whatsoever.

> do you really think all those single threaded workloads you do will all be running on the same core? I'll give an absurd example here to illustrate my reasoning, if you open 8 instances of minecraft, each one will run on a different core, and this happens for most software, only really old ones and specific OS services stack up on cpu0
First you say they run on different cores, but basically eat a single core (that's false though, Minecraft uses several cores). Then you say they use only CPU0.
> CPU0
That's XP-era, old game things. On a past-Vista OS even if it's an old single threaded game or program, it will be rotated through cores and threads to achieve best performance available. It won't just eat ONE dedicated same core all the time.

>> No.61368324

Sorry anon but no amount of shilling will defend your corelet ways.

>> No.61368335

This is not about brands for fuck's sake.
/g/ is technology, not brand wars you cunt.

There was Xeon and Opteron way before you came here to shitpost.

>> No.61368343
File: 3.57 MB, 1920x1080, TESV_2017_07_14_06_40_28_024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2011 DX9 Game
>Famous for needing single core performance

Games will use as many threads as they can these days, desu

>> No.61368344

Also no one said where you have to test this, grab your EPYC AMD CPU that is RYZEN from the dead (lmao dem EPYC product names), and do what I wrote to see that you were wrong. There is nothing bad about being wrong, we are human.

>> No.61368345


this is the problem with tech youtubers. Go look at any of the big ones (linustechtips. bitwit, pauls hardware, jayztwocents etc) and they act like their overclocked 7700K processors hitting 95C during their game benchmarks is totally fine, even with a 280MM AIO with 100% pump and fan speed.

but when Ryzen got to 80C overclcoked they all yelled at how hot it got.

>> No.61368349

Multicore was a mistake.

We need to come back to housefire 5Ghz+ monocore CPUs and SMP motherboards.

>> No.61368352

Well, this was a civil thread until the rabid fanboy threadshitters showed up.

>> No.61368356

Can someone post examples where these HEDT cpus are going to be used, and examples where EPYC is supposed to be used

HEDT for business (like what?) and EPYC for servers, is that right? How is server different from business?

>> No.61368361

>Games will use as many threads as they can these days, desu
But that's wrong.
Only like 0.1% of the games on the market do that each year.
You need a huge budget, some AAA title to mess with threading.

Even if someone licenses Unreal, it's threaded.
But then they want to add their game logic which won't be threaded, and they cannot bother, it's just not worth it.

tl;dr: Games that multi-thread like Battlefield 1 - will run on any CPU, even on a Pentium G4560. Games that need juice will run only good if the CPU is excellent single threaded performance.

>> No.61368369

Good thing you admitted you were wrong and that corelets are shit.

>> No.61368372

It's an extremely small market and small segment. No one knows who they aim these machines with.
Like desktop already has Xeon, Opteron. Workstation machines were built with these for a very long time, they are even available in dual socket configuration. No business will use water cooled machines.

So there are servers. Where you can just use server boards again.
tl;dr: It's mostly just paid posting, and extreme marketing.

>> No.61368376

Hey /g/ would this be good for recording my gayming in 4k60 and editing it?

>> No.61368378

> you must be 18 years or older to post
We should require ID cards.

>> No.61368380

You can do that with Ryzen 7 already

>> No.61368388

You only need a proper GPU or a dedicated card such as Avermedia for that.
Software encoding is a maymay, waste of resources.

Editing... well, the more cores you have, the better. But then your game would run awful due to the low single thread performance on Ryzen. So... recording choppy game footage is kinda pointless...

>> No.61368397

of course the task scheduler will squeeze every last % of cpu that isn't used by the game for the encoding, but it's still slower if you're running anything else besides the encoding

of course they will eventually use a full single core's worth of performance, that's how cpu usage works, but they won't stack up all on a single core, if you run X single threaded applications that are heavy on the processor, they will run at full speed if you have X < cores on the cpu

>> No.61368406

nice meme

>> No.61368415

Glad I could help you with your wrong ways.

>> No.61368431

>No one knows who they aim these machines with.

cmon this cantbe irght, they wouldn't be making whole new line without finding the segment it needs it

>> No.61368432

and it's just dumb to think that the task scheduler trick can't be used on a cpu with high core count too or that it isn't worth it

>> No.61368433

Yes, and the intel equivalents are a lot more expensive.

>> No.61368436
File: 155 KB, 804x978, AMDvIntel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.61368437

That is what causes frame stutters, not having enough cores to handle background programs to prevent them from stealing cpu time from the game which causes hitching.

>> No.61368456

Well, just do the benchmark.
Fun project.

But there is no stutter, again. We are talking about something that anyone here can test and try at home.
It's what makes us IT, or /g/.

>> No.61368464

Research and development. I am a natural language processing researcher who is very happy with the Tesla K80 and 48 thread Xeon on his research server. I am currently using 26 threads and 240GB of RAM for a machine learning experiment. The GPU is being used by my colleague.

>> No.61368472

they're just spouting memes, threadripper is great for 90% of all workstation tasks, anything ranging from video editing/encoding, using virtual machines, running simulations, 3d rendering/raytracing, compiling when you don't need/have access to computer clusters and other heavy computing capabilities

>> No.61368481

Intel Marketing strategy, gentoomen.

>> No.61368520

why don't you run any benchmark on high priority while doing nothing else on the computer, then run it at low priority while playing a game and show to us that the final score is the same if you're so sure of yourself?

>> No.61368524

> $2000 for the yet to be released 18 core which will also lose, unless Intel makes it have a 200 watt TDP.
You mean 2000W

>> No.61368593

Delid dis

>> No.61368884

How you will cool that?
I mean, with the three pin power socket on the CPU itself, will be quite hard to fit a heatsink.

>> No.61368930

umm sweetie, what do you think liquid helium is for?

>> No.61368969

Filling the server so it gets lighter and don't break thru the floor?

>> No.61368978

You don't get how this works.

The reason the 1600/1600X is priced how it is is due to yields.
AMD wants people to buy a lot of 1700s, and barring that to get a 1600 or 1600X. That's why the 1600 is cheap and the 4c/8t are hardly any cheaper.

The 1800X is a bit overpriced and should have been like $425 max MSRP, as you can see from retailers pricing it cheaper, but the 12 core Threadripper price is reasonable. Its PCIe lanes alone mostly justify its cost.

Ya I guess.
I mean these prices are so cheap that I'm tempted to make a 12 core home server. But I have no use for it. My NAS runs on my old i5-2500k right now.

ur dumb

Look at Intel mobile clock speeds, retard. Raven Ridge are looking to have higher base clocks for a given TDP.

>> No.61369100

They're fine.
The problem is when intel start with shit like heart gold, soul silver, black 2, X, Y etc..

>> No.61369138

How's this overpriced? For years Intel's HEDT processors used to cost 2-3k

>> No.61369198


>> No.61369238

>game runs like absolute shit

Did you create a user.cfg at any point? I remember my game feeling miles smoother after doing that. It does have some graphical performance hits but it still looked great. I can try and find the one I used if you still play BF1.

>> No.61369256

>Vega disaster
The thing is though FE Vega is intended for workstations and isn't aimed at gamers. RX Vega will be coming soon and is aimed at gamers and will have different card aiming for 1070, 1080, and 1080 Ti levels of performance.

>> No.61369320


>> No.61369372
File: 134 KB, 1210x636, samefag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61369386

End yourself.

>> No.61370047

Just could not help yourself kek.

>> No.61370287
File: 464 KB, 1304x849, IeatIntelforbreakfast.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being such an anally devastated fanboy that you pretend to no longer even understand what a benchmark is
LMAO :^)

>> No.61370327

>I'm going to claim a particular benchmark is biased and not indicative of performance in similar real world workloads without presenting a single shred of evidence whatsoever to support that assertion.
Please go ahead and compare the Cinebench R15 scores of already released processors to the performance of those same processors in highly multi-threaded workloads and calculate how large the disparity between Cinebench R15 results and those "real world" results is.

Until then choke on a cock, you motivated reasoning faggot.

>> No.61370351
File: 1.44 MB, 499x654, enemy_is_weak_to_physical_attacks.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So, back to square 1. Let's compare a realistic workload, applications and all included.
LMAO yes, instead of comparing the performance of CPUs using the kinds of computationally intensive workloads for which they are purchased, we should instead compare them on their ability to watch videos and shitpost as well as a $60 Bentium.

>> No.61370632

You know TR is only going to be ~18% slower in single core tasks compared to an i9-7900X, right? You won't even notice it in day to day tasks ..

>> No.61370784

>what is a bottleneck
pretty much any intel CPU at this point
holy shit competition is fun

>> No.61370794

how do I become updated about processors and graphic cards? i didnt follow the hardware news and development for years.

what are the best sources? pls no wiki

>> No.61370812

>that video
What the fuck?

>> No.61370874

Due to architecture changes in Skylake-X it's worse in most games. Mesh + Cache changes.

>> No.61370896

That's not for the average Joe, retard.

>> No.61370910

tl;dr AMD is finally back

>> No.61370931

Why didn't you rent such a server? I've seen setups with Xeon+teslas in microsoft azure, with daily/hourly renting
I hope new cheap AMD shit will push prices lower, wanna ass cheap VPS for VPN and shiet

>> No.61371052

>but to be honest, no one really compiles big programs at home, like at the company we just push shit and the build bots will build them ASAP like ... everywhere

HEDT is useful for those that don't have access to company wide distributed computing nodes .. that they have limited access to in the first place. And with TR it won't even destroy your wallet.

>> No.61371063
File: 5 KB, 154x141, Gone .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck, man. Intel seriously caught with their pants down.

>> No.61371066

Rent-a-server needs to die. It's another relic of Intel charging insane prices for server/high end prosumer shit. Everyone should be able to afford their own personal 16+ core workstation.

>> No.61371118

that's what happens when you milk the same architecture for 10 years

>> No.61371271


prove it

>> No.61371350

>antisemitism didn't exist before /pol/

>> No.61371708

20 years*

>> No.61372197
File: 582 KB, 2000x1000, intel fix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice fake graph

>> No.61372365

let me break it down for you:
best value is in used high end cards from the last 2-3 gen, just make sure to check if the card you're buying is popular with bitcoin miners to avoid getting shit.
If you insist on buying new, then a midrange card from either is fine, AMD Freesync is cheaper than G-Sync monitors, so keep that in mind.
Intel is best for gaymen in most cases, however you only need something from the last 3 generations if you're going to play in 1440p or higher with 100+ FPS. Ryzen is perfectly fine too, maybe wait for them to catch up on software before buying, assuming you're not the type to check for bios updates.
If you get Ryzen, get fast RAM. If Intel then whatever just get 8GB for gaymen, and 16GB if you want extra room for light work and maybe a virtual machine to hide your pr0nz in.
IPS looks great, just make sure it's also good for gaymen in 60FPS. If you're into FPS the most important thing on a monitor is that it has low enough ms to support the framerate, and then look for it's black levels and color contrast. 4k looks really nice in some games, but [email protected] looks amazing and smooth as fuck, the extra pixels on 4k ends up being novelty once the game starts.

Also, install OpenBSD.

>> No.61372389

Oops, meant to say that you only need recent CPU's IF you're going to play in 4K or 100+ FPS games. A fast CPU from the last 2 Intel generations and Ryzen really helps boost min fps on the higher settings.

>> No.61372632
File: 19 KB, 500x370, perfrel_1920_1080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you get Ryzen, get fast RAM
Except benchmarks show that there's no real-world performance difference between RAM speeds with Ryzen, just like with every other architecture ever. Fast RAM is a meme.

>b-but gaymen is for kids!
The CPU performance summary shows even less difference between memory speeds.

>> No.61372706

>1080 benchmarks
You should only get a Ryzen for gaming purposes in the first place, if you also plan on running [email protected]+ FPS or 4K. Then the memory speed helps, for low 1080 anything faster than a texas instruments works.

>> No.61372732
File: 20 KB, 500x370, perfrel_3840_2160.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah? You sure about that?

>> No.61372754
File: 25 KB, 600x800, 1425064642713.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will it upset you when I buy the thousand dollar big brother on day 1?

>> No.61372806

3+3+2+2 sounds unlikely
They made a point to assure everyone the CCX configuration was symmetric on the 4 to 8 core parts.

>> No.61373005

It's GPU-bound tho.
It only makes a very small difference for 144+ @ smaller resolutions.

>> No.61373037
File: 115 KB, 1087x786, Witcher 3 Memtest V4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its still good to get faster ram

>> No.61373053
File: 40 KB, 944x670, m$.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61373119

>144+ @ smaller resolutions.
You mean like this: >>61372632?

>20% more performance for 60+% more money at an irrelevant resolution in a single game
>Even still, practically no difference between 2400 and 3466 MHz
You sure showed me.

>> No.61373132

>You mean like this: >>61372632
Yes, not saying that it's a big difference (different anon).

>> No.61373152
File: 174 KB, 500x358, 3c1d819f0aac48af037626f651f3ad2d0980f45f7c92b5d70e523385c3fb2f1b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All these retards thinking that a strong AMD means better competition and lower prices for consumers
>Still not realizing that AMD finally dying would mean Intel getting hit by a gazillion Antitrusts
>Not knowing that Intel would have to license all their technology at regulated prices
>Not realizing that prices would drop in all CPU categories, harder than ever before
>Still not realizing that Intel is profiting off of the existence of AMD

>> No.61373181

very funny post

>> No.61373187

The antitrust would result in Intel getting split up. It would also result in investors fleeing from x86 like rats from a sinking ship. At that point it would be inevitable that cheap ARM CPUs would overtake x86 eventually.

>> No.61373237

799 is pretty cheap for a 12 core workstation CPU
Cheaper and stronger than intel i9
And they wont burn your house down

>> No.61373245

I didnt expect it to be anything under $800, considering 1700X is $400, which seems to be what threadripper is based on. Lowest i would guess it to be is $749

>> No.61373501

Pretty much me. I have a lot running at once, often high CPU intensive "background" tasks, like mining on a few cores, CCTV software, rendering etc. Now I've seen Threadrippers pricing, I don't know whether to get that, instead of Ryzen. PCI-E lanes are also a big deal for me having 3x graphics cards (planned) along with PCIe SSDs and a 10G NIC.

>> No.61373797
File: 42 KB, 215x191, ripandtear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go big or go home.

>> No.61373833
File: 3 KB, 108x125, Happy_Donald.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Any win for the consumer

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