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>Intel BTFO'd by Kikeripper
is this real life......

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>3 replies
>1 ip

/g/ = r/amd

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Yeah and threadripper is fucking $800 for the low end one

No shit its gonna be the best

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hi summer

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anon, what is the retail price of the i9-7900X?

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~1000 USD

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The 3 fist post before...

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I fell into a burning ring of fire,
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire.

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Intel "Optimized" Blast Furnace

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so the jews made some nice and hot ovens and identification guidelines for their concentration camps? thanks for saving us from the work

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They got a CB score of 2468 which tells me they had the same issue Guru3D did, namely that the motherboard is auto-overclocking it out of the box. Stock CB score should be ~2175 or so.


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mummy made a new video


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Amada is love, Amada is life.

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Let's see

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They were close. Kindof.

Everyone knew it was going to at least break 3k.

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shilltel summer deal.
>$300 MSRP mobo with only 2 DIMMs
>Still the ancient 6850K
Probably gonna buy the 6850K again and sell it to retards for $400 at the least. Easy $200 after all the eBay fees. Mobo is probably not worth it to resell.

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This is only available to goys in the shill partner program.

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>6850k cheaper than 7700k
kek, they know it's their only good product right now and it's still not worth the buy.

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a 6850k for 150 bucks is a good buy desu

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But then you'll have to pay for their expensive as shit mobos. I already got the 6700k which should last me well until Zen2/Threadripper2.

I'm thinking chip production costs are close to nothing for Broadwell-E now.

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oy vey

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This is actually probably one of the main reasons people that know what they're doing will buy Intel over AMD. Vendor lock-in.

They have nothing else going for them so they're just baffling the normies with bullshit.

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im waiting for the inevitable gayming benchmark where intel will still win by a negligible margin and /v/irgins will keep buying their shit

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>people that know what they're doing
Yeah sure. Gaymers have some gayming shit, playing etc. It's easy. So they know what they're doing.

t. g4600 owner

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I don't think anyone will buy firehazard-x.

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You're not funny.

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might as well buy 4 threadrippers bahahahahahah

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right here

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kek. fucking ringbus. die in agony intel.

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Bingbus is no more.
Long live ebinmail!

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how come Intel gets beaten? weren't they the best?

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>intel optimized

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they were only the best because amd was sleeping

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no, intel is arrogant. amd lied to its face about zen's performance, sandbagged to oblivion, and intel ate that lie like the idiot it is.

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>weren't they the best?
AMD fucked up with Bulldozer (and with Barcelona launch T B H).
AMD was the best during K7/K8 times.

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You should update that to include Kikeripper BTFO'ing the everloving shit out of it.

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it doesn't matter anymore, it's all ogre now

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i want it, but not for $1000

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The boards will be pricey too.
That's HEDT for you.

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now $1000 turned into a lot of money for a modern 16 core cpu


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To be fair, you'll get better bang for the buck with Epyc.

~$1,300 for 32 cores (16x2) @ 2.7 GHz turbo with 8-channel RAM and 128 PCI-E lanes
$1,000 for 16 cores @ 4 GHz turbo with 4-channel RAM and 64 PCI-E lanes


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It's per core perf vs memory & I/O.
AMD has a clear segmentation there.

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on epyc you need a extremely expensive motherboard and you can't buy it as an end consumer

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ok reality check y'all zen has always overperformed in cinebench we don't need to go through this shit AGAIN

if anything this is good news because it proves that AMD's MCM design has basically no consequences but that won't magically make threadripper win at tasks where ryzen doesn't beat equivalent intel chips right now

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>that won't magically make threadripper win at tasks where ryzen doesn't beat equivalent intel chips right now
These tasks being ARMA3 and dorf fort?

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That'd be high clockspeed 4 cores, the last thing Intel has. We're talking HEDT here, though, Intel loses in every possible way (Nobody buys HEDT for single core and X299 sucks for gaming due to memory latency/cache changes anyway)

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>cinebench is biased towards AMD
>intel is better at gaming

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delid this

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X299 loses to i7-7700K though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKX9Bcxnd7U

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Why is intel pretending like they actually care about the desktop market now when the last few years they focused solely on laptops and servers?

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But that's going to be a $1000 CPU
None of us is going to get it

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Because it's they only place they actually have a competitive product any more.

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Raven Ridge is here to rape you!
EPYC already shits on you and AMD got like 80% of the market in partners on day1.
They have only g4560 and 7700k left.

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speak for yourself idiot

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there was no threat to their presence in the desktop market

to keep growing they needed to go after ARM

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>They have only g4560
hahaha ..

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>/g/ is one person

Yeah, no.

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These will be priced higher than g4560.
Unless mommy Su will bring some mercy to poorfags.

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You should buy amd even if it's just somewhat viable compared to intel, so we get competition, better intel processors and better amd processors.

But right now Intel is just getting DESTROYED, literally no reason to touch intel

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Let's see your computers with $1000 CPUs.

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G4560 is up to $80 right now. All they have to do is price the 1200 at $100 and it's game over. Even the 1300X at $120 would be amazing.

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>intel gets crushed
>shills turn back to the "why would you ever need this" "no one is going to buy it" "it's too expensive"

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None of you idiots is going to buy a 999$ 16c cpu.

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Doesn't this mean you should buy intel?

>> No.61357024

Some people here who are really bad with money might

>> No.61357046

Yeah, but it's dual cores. You legit have to be retarded to buy a dual core for $80 when you can get a 4 core for $100

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When Intel's R&D budget won't be several times amd's, yes. Right now, it's still basically a monopoly.

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You mean really good with money? You're bad with money if you can't afford a $1000 CPU.

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>hey goys AMD processors need a lot of numa nodes, they're shit

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lmao no

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fucking millennials lmao

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EPYC mobos have no PLX switches or anything pricey at all.

>> No.61357094

I don't care about Intel's $1000 cpu either
I just find it funny how desperately you nerds find validation in your chosen brands

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all they need is to price the 1200 @99 american yen and it's game over. It should be able to clock higher than a g4600 (3.6 Ghz) even if not by a large margin. Even the shittiest 1600s clock up to 3.7 Ghz at reasonable temps/volts.

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>server grade motherboard

>> No.61357111

I'm probably going to, depending on whether Threadripper has 2:1 infinity fabric speed like Epyc and depending on how the 16-core overclocks compared to the 12-core model.

I have the money to spend and I do enough video rendering to actually benefit from the coarz.

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They could have a decent job and spend it as fast or faster than they make it.

>> No.61357118

EPYC is a SoC. Nothing pricey is on the mobo itself.
No chipset, no PLX, nothing.
It's all from the socket.

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>"I do anything other than gayming"
Yeah, right.

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>getting more performance out of something you bough is useless unless you're playing games

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>Losing the server market
>Losing the HETD market
>Losing the mid-tier marker
>Will lose the low-end market
What´s Intel´s next move?
I really can´t think of a worse outcome for their CPU market

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Go full retard and double down on the high clockspeed 4 cores until they resurrect Tejas and Jayhawk.

>> No.61357359

>core i7 8700k
>5.5GHz base clock
>250W tdp

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Dam son, AMD really wants intel 6 feet under huh?

>> No.61357371

Cinebench is an irrelevant AMD shill benchmark.

Try Sysmark, Far Cry Primal, TW: Warhammer, etc.

>> No.61357372

would be a great machine for dorf fort tho

>> No.61357397

Once again, a "glued together" chip beats Intel's monolithic housefire, lmao.

>> No.61357399

you forgot cpu-z 1.7.9 and geekbench 4.1.0 my good goy

>> No.61357415

>TW: Warhammer
That one's off the list, it got patched months ago. As did Tomb Raider.

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Oh, those goddman fucking AMD shills.

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>Nitrogen cooling recommended

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Hmm how the hell AMD actually fits into their CPU TDPs?

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>you want more memory goy? pay $2500 extra!

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Yes hello good sir please be to kindly removing this

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>Wanting an optimal trade-off between single-thread and multi-threaded performance for a variety of workloads which include lots of video rendering is a bad thing
What could this entity have intended to communicate by such actions?

>> No.61357478

Oh yes they want revenge and no bribes will save Intel since AMD got like 80% of the server market as a partners on day 1.

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Guys is Intel actually finished or is it just a meme?

>> No.61357566

You can't kill Intel, it's too big.
But boy they are about to start bleeding money.
AMD wants their every market (maybe besides IoT and Intel's IoT division is DOA).
Even during K8 times Intel had superior mobile offering.
Not this time.

>> No.61357573

In the HEDT space they are pretty much done like dinner. 12/16 core TR will be out long before the 18 core Xeon abortion shambles onto X299v2.

>> No.61357574

It's a meme you dip. But they have lost much of their advantage, and nothing on the horizon looks promising for them. They have their Name and billions in the bank to weather any storm tho.

>> No.61357589

server market too

>> No.61357603

Hoo boy Intel is worse than satan for many many people.

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>> No.61357650

Daughter of a bitch doesn't sound right and just bitch sounds hostile.

>> No.61357671

What can I say, AMD got some nice gluing skills

>> No.61357672

AMD is no peach either after the last 8+ years, friend.

>> No.61357676

Maybe I'll change it to "smug fucking CEO"

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this glue is extremely sexy

>> No.61357713

where the single core benchs at?

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>single core benches for manycore HEDT processors

>> No.61357739

back in 2002

same as a 1800X

>> No.61357747

>Far Cry Primal
still don't get it why it is so used in benchmarks, no one plays that shit

>> No.61357748

It's likely to be around the same level as the 1800X, although >>61357733 has the right idea (Nobody buys HEDT for muh single core)

>> No.61357759

>video games are relevant benchmarks for HEDT processors


>> No.61357768 [DELETED] 

Pajeets already know it's shit.

>> No.61357777

i'll give you a hint: those things he wanted benchmark on are things that are biased against amd

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File: 310 KB, 1618x519, this is what intelfags actually believe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The single core tradeoff with Intel is already bad enough with their desktop CPUs. You really want to play this game with their HEDT CPUs?

>> No.61357796

Intel's extreme premium xenon server cpu line up just got destroyed.

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>> No.61357808 [DELETED] 

>AMD drivers

>> No.61357811

everything but that shitty pentium and 7700k are ogre now

>> No.61357819

That's CPU, not GPU thread.
You can complain about nonexisting Vega drivers elsewhere.

>> No.61357824

We're talking about CPUs here, dumbass.

>> No.61357845

Take your autism somewhere else.

>> No.61357846

fuck off beawesome

>> No.61357848

while i do understand muh cores, there are many engineering applications that are dog shit with multithread

eat a dick

>> No.61357849 [DELETED] 

so many salty AMD losers

>> No.61357852

Jensen please.

>> No.61357859 [DELETED] 


>> No.61357861

I don't understand the point of 80 dollar cpus. If you are building your own computer you are already paying for at least the mobo and likely your ram to dd4 if you're the actual target for an entry level cpu on a new platform. Why invest in building a computer with decent quality components only to gimp it at the end with a cheap cpu?

>> No.61357867

I'd but 1600 for any new system.

>> No.61357876

Because these $80 CPUs are what is going to wind up in some $300 OEM Best Buy PC.

>> No.61357879

>amd losers still think peoppe care about benchmarks
>they don't know that the vast majority of people will continue to buy intel no matter what because of the name

>> No.61357887

Hi Brian!
Reminder that you need to prepare the lube.
The board will be not pleased with SKL-X and SKL-SP launches.

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Damn, about time the IDF showed up. Been waiting on you guys.

>> No.61357900 [DELETED] 

Who cares? Only poor people buy AMD and they can't afford any of this.

>> No.61357917 [DELETED] 

fuck off AMD shills

>> No.61357924

The lube, Brian.
You need to prepare the lube.
Prepare the lube.
The board and the shareholders will get really-really angry soon.

>> No.61357928 [DELETED] 

Don't you have a screechy damage control thread to be making?

>> No.61357933 [DELETED] 

Is this the new AMD shill tactic? It's really shitty.

>> No.61357943

Brian, the board will be VERY angry.

>> No.61357953

Name a famous person who uses AMD products.
You can't, because only poor people use AMD garbage.

>> No.61357974

getting real tired of your shit Carl

>> No.61357982

Microsoft is starting their EPYC rollout H2 2017. Famous enough for you, Brian?
Learn not to scam MS for Early Purley Xeons.

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>> No.61357985

So this how low Intel's JIDF is willing to go?
What famous person uses AMD.....?
What next? the Kardashian don't know about AMD?


>> No.61357997

just report and leave him blabbering alone

>> No.61358005

The Kardashians DON'T know about AMD and it's for a good reason. Only poor people use AMD products. That's my point.

>> No.61358015 [DELETED] 

AMD shills sure are stupid, huh?

>> No.61358016

come on dude, you're sounding like a satire of an intel shill now

>> No.61358025

You can't just call anyone you disagree with a shill to shut them down.

>> No.61358032 [DELETED] 

>12 core and 16 core chips are better than 10 core
>oh no
>oh intel is rip
>oh gord amd mustard reis

You do realize you are on another level of retarded, right?

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>more coars is always better!!!

>> No.61358067

>comparing two completely different chips to confuse the retards on /g/
This is a new low for the AMD shills.

>> No.61358077

both are HEDT platform

>> No.61358084

t. knows nothing about computers

>> No.61358097

why are AMD shills so hard on their shit right now ?
The i7 7800x out-trash the Ryzen 7 1800x
The i7 7700k out-trash the Ryzen 5 1500x

every thing amd has is less powerfull than the intel's equivalent

>> No.61358103

fake news

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>> No.61358121

>thread about server-tier CPUs
>brings up games

>> No.61358123

weak bait

>> No.61358131


>> No.61358161

I didn't brought up games

>> No.61358168

Threadripper is much more expensive. Who cares?

>> No.61358169

that nigger moved to another thread it seems >>61358136

>> No.61358177


Then you're simply wrong.

>> No.61358189 [DELETED] 

>calling someone a nigger
Wow, the AMD shills are evolving.

>> No.61358210

and I'm not talking price wise nor power consumption, only performance

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It's like the S from Superman.

Damn, they even though about that.

>> No.61358238


>> No.61358257 [DELETED] 

in the real world thats a lot. You will understan when you are old enough to have a job.

but your probably to stupid to do anything other than flipping burgers.

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Why are you so mad, bro? Here, have an Amada.

>> No.61358354

really makes you think

>> No.61358369
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Think again kid.

>> No.61358405

AMD is Superman
Intel is Batman

>> No.61358435

It really does.

>> No.61358447

I'm using QEMU/KVM VMs on clustered Proxmox hosts at work. Planning to upgrade to EPYC CPUs when the warranty period expires, unless Dell fucks up EPYC pricing.
I was worried a bit about the live-migration issue, but a quick look at KVM's man states this :
>KVM currently supports savevm/loadvm and offline or live migration Migration commands are given when in qemu-monitor (Alt-Ctrl-2). Upon successful completion, the migrated VM continues to run on the destination host.
>You can migrate a guest between an AMD host to an Intel host and back. Naturally, a 64-bit guest can only be migrated to a 64-bit host, but a 32-bit guest can be migrated at will.

>> No.61358465

It's probably some proprietary Intel shit that won't transfer over.

>> No.61358485

>expensive as shit mobos

Don't know about where you are, but X99 boards are available dirt cheap now here in the UK. OcUK were selling the Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion for under £100 the other day (cheaper than several B350 boards). Sadly, the CPUs are still overpriced as fuck, or I might have been tempted.

>> No.61358688

They're only good for gaming on an extreme budget or for windows really. I ised to have an AMD APU, it's about the same benchmarks as the g4560 and it ran like shit. Everything runs slower and feels less responsive. 2C4T might work for gaming but I really wouldn't recommend it if you use your computer for literally anything else.

>> No.61358781

just a friendly reminder to review the qemu vfio mailing lists on redhatmailman

>> No.61358806

>people still think synthetics matter
>when most CPU market share is decided by gaymen

>> No.61358822

>HEDT CPUs are decided by gaymen

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>The holy Ryzen Nvidia combo I always believed in is finally happening.


>> No.61358845

Here is your (you)

>> No.61358893

>muh gayman
Yeah, and X299 is trash at it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKX9Bcxnd7U

>> No.61358916

No shit, meme mesh and bulldozer-tier caches are definetly not good for gayman.

>> No.61359792

1600x or 1700
Hardest choice in my life desu
I want to futureproof with 8cores but I'll mostly game

1600x with 1080ti is this going to murder things at 4k or should I go for 1700/1800s?

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1700/1700X is on sale right now, just DO IT.

>> No.61360076

1600x invest money saved into AMD and upgrade for free when Zen 2 comes out.

>> No.61360124

>S from Superman
so it means "hope"?

>> No.61360205

by using a process optimized for low power consumption.

It can't clock high (4 GHz wall), but it's very power efficient (well, the best binned chips are).

Can't wait for the mobile chips, especially the APUs.

>> No.61360352



>> No.61360416

lol, right now all Intel has is 'lock in' on servers and 'muh gaymen' on some older shitty titles.

'Buy me goy! We won't support you if you move to AMD!

AMD are glue in loo!'.

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>> No.61360505

they'll just spout more lies and FUD like they're already doing

>> No.61360648
File: 296 KB, 688x3147, (52)_g_-_RIP_in_piss,_Intel_www.pcper.com_reviews_-_Technology_-_4chan_-_2017-07-13_23.08.14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All these salty Intel shill deletions.

>> No.61360710

not really
intel is better at special snowflake games, worse at everything else

>> No.61360843

>content under embargo
What does that mean?

>> No.61361137
File: 308 KB, 1160x984, 1498347843216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61361861

NDA, non disclosure agreement. Journalists have to sign shit like that. They get exclusive papers and briefings to bring them up to date on a product and are only allowed to publish the info they recieved until a certain point in time. That's why reviews and big announcements always pop up around the same time on big sites and you only get leaks and speculation before that

>> No.61361939

Intel calling AMD's Epyc a glued together desktop CPU is a trade secret.

>> No.61362163

there were plenty of other slides, no idea what was on them. Also it's just for uniformitys sake, they do it for pretty much anything they hand out to journalists

>> No.61362219

Please delete goy-kun~

>> No.61362785


>> No.61362987

Imagine that you have to put up an office with 10 machines where it's highest demanding task will be spreadsheeting would you go for overkill or what does the job?

>> No.61363912

jej, I'd buy this.

>> No.61364058

Why would you build computers for that, let alone with a fancy new 2017 platform?

>> No.61364117


>> No.61364202

Not that guy
>Why would you build computers for that
read "office"
> a fancy new 2017 platform?
Availability and warranty.

I'm a reseller, would you tell your consumer to buy dozens of 2012 used PC for your office with no guaranteed it will hold for another five years and parts availability when something breakdown like motherboard or CPU?

>> No.61364297

ok but i meant why build like why not buy oem

>> No.61364415

Someone already mention reply to that most of them also will exist in OEM.
But must in most China and Asia, offices also bought it from local stores since its much cheaper and provide decent services and similar warranty since those stores getting their stuff directly from the distributor.
I sold dozens units to my local schools three times this year alone, because it much cheaper than what OEM offer so it fit their budget.

>> No.61365968

> 1977X
> 14 cores
wut? I thought Therad Ripper was only 12/16?

>> No.61366077

>99$ quad core OCed @ 4.0ghz on stock cooler
>79$ dual core locked at 3.5ghz


Btw prices are
99$ for 1200
129$ for 1300x
159$ for 1400

>> No.61366412


>> No.61366500 [DELETED] 
File: 944 KB, 1228x1502, 1495812218308.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61366504

what about for games

>> No.61366622

>intels next move

Blow a few billion on larabee 2 or itanium next

>> No.61366650
File: 134 KB, 1500x844, 1499834543861.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Its totally valid to look at gaymen perf anon, why else would intel put it in their marketing material?

>> No.61366667

>AMD drivers

holy fuck are these tards just given a list of terms to post, without any knowledge on what they mean?

>> No.61367590

i love this image
intel openly admits that it has/had a complete monopoly

>> No.61367612


1000$ 16 [email protected],8 GHz 4channel ram
950$ 16 core @ 2,9 GHz 2x8 channel ram

>> No.61367635

>AMD shilled

It's funny, because everyone used to label it Intel biased for ages. Now that AMD's FPU doesn't suck anymore, it's suddenly an AMD shill benchmark. Really makes you think, huh. :^)

>> No.61367647


>> No.61368390

More like AMD Kikeripper, am I right guys?!

>> No.61368890 [DELETED] 
File: 318 KB, 882x758, 1490730560541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

delid dis

>> No.61368904

But the cores are ugly and glued together!

>> No.61369003

I bet it doesn't even have Intel's thermal interface jizz for maximum heat generation.

>> No.61369274

yeah, but where's RX Vega

>> No.61369288


>> No.61369327

>flagship Threadripper is just 1100 points ahead of an Intel 10-core

Literally in range of an Intel 14-core, maybe 16-core.

>> No.61369355

You're missing that the 12C threadripper there is cheaper than the CPU under it.

>> No.61369362


>> No.61369408

see >>61358050's pic

>> No.61369720


>> No.61369745



>> No.61370362

lmao they're gonna have to crank the clocks and TDP on their 18 core to retard levels just to beat AMD's 16 core. And it will be impossible to cool with the toothpaste they put under the lid.

>> No.61370383
File: 7 KB, 125x132, 1487787405736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Two moar cores
>Still worse than Threadripper

>> No.61370422

>I don't understand how somebody doesn't have money

>> No.61370424
File: 155 KB, 804x978, AMDvIntel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Ring(bus) of fire(y TDP)

>> No.61370450

309W in load what the fuck

>> No.61370464

the intel whatevercore will not clock that high

>> No.61370541

>you can't buy it as an end consumer

What is SuperMicro

>> No.61371859
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