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This does not bode well for Intel.

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And Ryzen 3.

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you get worse value for money (as in $ per core) on the cut down model

what did AyyMD mean by this?

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Buy flagship?

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That 12c model is stupid
If you're spending as much as 800 for a cpu, might as well add 200 more for a proper kike ripping experience

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Damn, 4Ghz max turbo just like the 1800x? Was not expecting. This thing will rip shit up.
Price is about in line with what I was expecting, but I do hope there will be a step-down 16-core SKU for maybe $850~$900 that I could just OC to the same performance levels.

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That's the point i guess.
Maybe they'll drop it to $699 for lulz.
Since it shits on 7900x.

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16 core TR - 3100 score
12 core TR - 2400 score
10 core i9 - 2100 score


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I imagine TR not setting your pc on fire is a pleasant bonus.

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>same price
>~50% more performance
>64 vs 44 pci-e lanes
>not a house fire
>no jews inside
Rest in piss

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It's all ogre.

Reminder to report shitposters.

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>Update: Threadripper 1950X and 1920X confirmed 180W.



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Don't worry, that's still far lower than Intel's "140W"

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pls buy intel.I work at intel

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Good thing that AMD is using seperate, soldered dies and a fuckhueg headspreader, so cooling shouldn't be an issue. Unlike a certian other HEDT CPU which has glue under the hood and is fucking impossible to cool properly.

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R3 under $100?

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It's probably going to compete with the i3, so the same price or lower than those

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100C stock on water is perfectly normal, goy.

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I don't understand why we don't have prices when it's coming out sooner than threadripper.

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Intel 18 cores 36 thread 165W

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Probably undecided yet, Intel is doing some shekelling with that great perf/price Pentium at the moment so the prices might change for Ryzen 3

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That 18 core loses to the 16 core TR, lol. Intel would have to go way over 165 watts to win.

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Is anyone else confused by how many chips Intel has released at once? I have no fucking idea what most of these chips are, I usually have to look them up because the model numbers make no sense and don't seem to correspond to anything.

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top kek

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thanks anon for making me laugh

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They should use the CPU profits to sell Vega for cost and bury Nvidia

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>two levels of gold
why not bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond?
were they afraid to copy Starcraft ladder ranking?

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>how to keep track of the jews on the concentration camp

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this will melt the ice caps

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You are pretty funny

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>Update: Threadripper 1950X and 1920X confirmed 180W.


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reminder to report shitposters

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>Update: Threadripper 1950X and 1920X confirmed 180W.


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Now imagine if Nvidia did this and AMD went out of business, wouldn't that be anti-competitive business practices? I couldn't see the U.S. government looking away from this if Nvidia indeed did go out of business, but I as well as you do, know that their performance is crowned king.

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>Update: Threadripper 1950X and 1920X confirmed 180W.


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>Not Mithril, Adamantite, Rune, and Dragon

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Finally someone appreciates my Jew posting!

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Delid dis

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It's soldered.

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>EPYC actually consumes less power than it's advertised TDP

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That's because AMD's processors actually use a few % of power for computing and the rest to generate heat. Unlike Intel's processors which use over 100% of power and somehow transform it into heat. You have to give props to Intel's engineers though.

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just like an electric oven

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I was hoping for something cheaper than $800, I really want the lanes but not the cores. Dumping $800 for a CPU is still a bit much for me, I would've loved something around $600.

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How is it anti-competitive? companies have even sold products at a lose without issue.

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I was hoping as well when I saw an EPYC 16core at $650. Oh well, can't win them all. I guess I'm going 1700 after all and later go full retard with Zen2.

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Maybe they'll price drop the 12 core. Right now it seems a bit expensive. They dropped prices on the R7 lineup already.

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This won't make video games any faster. Waste of money

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There are 3 SKUs below that $800 chip, don't worry.

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Not even a (You) for (You).

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@61355481 (You)

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I'm waiting for AMD to release their 32 core 64 thread version.

Intel fanboys will have lost everything by that point.

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no, there aren't

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>I'm waiting for AMD to release their 32 core 64 thread version.

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not coming for threadripper's platform, this is only at enterprise grade

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>sub $100 for the R3 line
Rip i3

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Intel's 18core is fucked, it's either going to be a fucking nuclear bomb, or they'll have to under clock it so hard, or both

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>Gov should tell companies how to price they're products
fuck off

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look at the fucking OP R3 1200 most likely be sub 100.

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I did well to hold off buying a new CPU. I is smart.

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R5 is already cheap as i3

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I'm thinking $120/$140 myself.

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maybe for the 1300 model.
I am betting on sub 100 for the lowest tier cpu.

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1400 is 160 which is too close

1200 going to compete with g4560

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I probably won't buy anything yet, I'm looking for something with more lanes so I guess it's back to waiting since Kaby Lake X is retarded and expensive, Threadripper is expensive too.

I hope so, but it's probably going to be a while until that happens. It's not really bad value at all compared to the disgusting shit Intel is pulling, but it's still a pretty large sum for a CPU. I can afford it but it's above my comfort zone.

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waiting on Zen+
will be the best CPU to buy, with 14nm+ perfected
while my FX-6350 serves me well

Thank You AMD

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Anon, I think they're going straight to 7nm.

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there won't be a zen+ >>61355848

only the notebook APUs will come in 14nm+ it seems

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Thx anons, ordering 1700 now then

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>999 burgers
I prefer to buy professional gadgets. Such as MacBook you know. The real technology.

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hold up I just saw it somewhere for 260

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I just saw this sucker on sale too. Think I'm gonna buy it even though I shouldn't and get the rest of my build in another month or two.

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i think its the same model

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I'm from Canuck land ;(

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Holy shit

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>58 SKUs isn't confusing at all to customers

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why are you implying that he implied that?

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Drive down border and price match at local store?

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>what are 10c/20t chips

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Why are you implying that I implied that he implied that?

>> No.61356142

They don't exist.

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because you implied that

>> No.61356175

Was implying Intel think that but never mind.

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The only thing that counts for everyone who doesn't do rendering or other weird shit is still single core performance. 4 cores are more than enough.

>> No.61356192

now you're making sense, thanks for the clearup

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not revealed yet

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For Ryzen3? I wish i knew.

>> No.61356238

Now everyone is switching to 6-8 core AMD or 6 core mainstream intel CPU's, that is going to change dramatically in the near future.

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AMD are comparing the R3 1300X to the Core i3-7100 so it's pretty obvious they'll be similarly priced.

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must not be that great. since threadripper prices were released & it's coming out after.

it's probably 120 at the lowest, since the 4/8 r5 is 170

so intel still dominates the cheap market

we'll see their APUs have cheaper or probably not? I mean all ryzen chips are 4+ cores right now and have to be unless they gimped the die

>> No.61356264

>we'll see their APUs have cheaper or probably not?
Yes? 2/4 RR chip with some 512/768 Vega shaders?

>> No.61356269

oh ok so my guess in the above post was right, about 120 probably?

>> No.61356272

So the R3 1200 should be <$100 although probably not as cheap as the Pentium G4560.

>> No.61356290

I'd like to see one in the 40-60 range to btfo intel's cheap pentiums. honestly.
I'm on a 3.9ghz 1700X so I wouldn't be buying one, but I want to recommend and supply them for companies / family

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probably sub 100 better than the Pentium and equivalent or better than the i3.
that's what im expecting.

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it's predatory pricing and it's generally illegal in most civilized jurisdictions

>> No.61356315

doubt it. it'll be $120 same price as the i3 and it isn't a shit dual core

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>they are products
fuck off

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that's how you create a monopoly. and it's been illegal since Rockefeller

let's say there's 3 gas stations on a corner
$2 for a gallon of gas
some guy buys 1 of them, and sells the gas for $1 losing money for a few months till the other 2 go out of business
now he can raise his prices to $5 a gallon without competition

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What do you guys recommend? I wanted to grab a 1600x with 1080ti but I'm leaning towards 1800x, $250 for 2 more cores at the same base and overclock is tempting

Bit of gaming, some rendering, may use the PC in the future for editing and more

Really even if its for game I feel like futureproofing with 8 cores will pay off...or am I being retarded?

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There's an 8c/16t Epyc chip coming out for $400 if you don't mind the lower clock speed.

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Get 1700 for $270. OC it.

>> No.61356941

1700 or 1700X.

>> No.61357009

1700x is also much cheaper right now:

>> No.61357058

>290 dorra for 1700x

>> No.61357110

Your best bet is a 1700 non-x. Cheapest 8 core that has a 95% chance of clocking just as far a 1800x. And you actually get a stock cooler with it, the x versions come sans cooler.

Aside from that, 8 core is definitely future proofing your build for multi-core support in upcoming games.

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Give real world examples for precedence

>> No.61357508


Holy smokes, I didn't know the x versions don't come with a cooler
I was going to buy a cooler regardless because I'm never sure how reliable the stock ones are

Why make the x versions without a cooler when its overclocked out of the box? Or am I terribly misinformed here, I thought x is overclocked from the regular counterparts

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Have we seen any temps/wattage benchmarks yet?

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180 watts. However, temps shouldn't be much of an issue. The dies are seperate and soldered, and the contact plate/heatspreader is fucking huge.

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For TR? No, these are not launched yet.

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Look at literally any global monopoly and you'll see your examples everywhere. Its an old Jew tactic that lots have gotten away with. By the time they get caught or whatever they've got enough to cover up/pay fines and just agree not to screw people over. Look at the Australian internet problem. Exact same thing they got a monopoly via dodgy means now they're still screwing over the public. They just had to pay a fine but still to this day no competition has been able to stand up for I forgot some reason

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The X variants do have higher clocks, but it's more to indicate its XFR, i.e. another name for boosting clocks.

>> No.61358164

The stock cooler is pretty okay-ish. But most aftermarket coolers with a decent sized heatsink will leave it in the dust, even a $30 212 evo.

The x versions are indeed oc'd out of the box and are binned die's so theoretically have a much higher chance at reaching the 4Ghz max on all cores. They also come with XFR, which sort of auto clocks it even futher from stock when it senses there's more headroom.

Realistically pretty much all 1700's seem to able to reach 3.9Ghz on a safe Vcore. Meaning there's basically a 100Mhz difference between the $500 1800x and the $270 1700-non x. Difference that's negligible for the most part. BUT, you're forced to buy an aftermarket cooler for the 1800x, which futher increases the cost difference. So best bang for buck right now is the 1700 non-x. Get that and spend the rest of the money on upgrading something else in your build. Get a Ti instead of plain 1080 (wait for vega)... or a fast m.2 ssd (if your motherboard supports it).

>> No.61358480

>or a fast m.2 ssd (if your motherboard supports it).
I'd rather get 2TB SATA SSD desu.

>> No.61358560

Most of those people would be better off with an Intel dual core desu. Single-threaded oriented software is more commonly used by those people so a g4560 would actually be a better recommendation.

>> No.61358698

I wouldn't go for high capacity SATA SSDs anymore. I already have a 1 TB EVO, I just bought a 500 GB 960 for my system, I wish there were affordable 2 TB drives.

I would pay 500-600 € for a 2 TB 960 EVO, but not 1200 €. I cannot afford deleting games as I am on a 2 M connection.

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Selling gf 100g

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get off of here jew

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AMD stopped shitting in the streets, and started shitting on intel instead.

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thanks for the laugh anon

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It's for people who need the io but not 16 cores.

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I think they are going for the Jewtel approach
>Charge the same as Intel's 10 and 8 core cpus which AMD out classes
>Intel craps out shitty 16 and 18 core 1500$ housefires
>AMD drop 1940X and 1910X that are just 100mhz slower for a hundred dollars less each just a week before Intel's launch
>We laugh at Intel being unable to compete despite having a commanding market share lead for over 5 years.

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Is TR going to be B2 stepping?

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>Ryzen 3 + mobo is gonna be ~$150
Fug. Ryzen APU when?

>> No.61359339

Q1 2018 for desktop.

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Intel is coming out with a new arch soon anyway
With i9 they judt throw out the rest of the old silicon they still have.
Intel has like 10x the manpower and actually builds processor's themselves instead of letting pajeets do it for them. I bet half the technology in ryzen is stolen directly from core series processor's via reverse engineering. AMD just isn't good enough. I'm not saying AMD should go bankrupt and I'm not even a Intel fanboy. Actually I don't even have a notebook or PC anymore , only tablet and smartphone. Everyone who thinks AMD can beat Intel is a daydreamer. Just look at AVX512, AMD doesn't even come close.

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You earned it, pal.

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Let's hope the 1:1 or even 2:1 IF:DRAM clock ratio rumors are true then.

>> No.61359714

so is it a good time to upgrade my pentium 4?

>> No.61359796

if it comes at 2:1 then it will be 4 times faster considering the additional ram channels

>> No.61359999

You'd have to buy a spaceheater to make up for it, so it's not worth it.

>> No.61360030


>> No.61360040

so an i9?

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kek. Here, have a (You).

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Hey man, I said a spaceheater, not a nuclear meltdown.

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