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What did 4chan mean by this?

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the prophecy is coming true

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>or else we may all end up banned from 4chan

As if that was a bad thing

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>All Amerifarts banned from 4chan
Bless the gods

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american server

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British Internet

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even worse shithole

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wow gl connecting to a non existant server with that totally useful connection

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That's the beauty of it. An american server only accessible from foreign countries.

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They can still use vpn

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Reminder that ~70%+ of the population can't even use adblockers. How would they even know what a vpn does ?

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It means Hiro or or whoever else did this is an well-intentioned idiot who doesn't know law very well.

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If they don't know what a vpn is then they shouldn't use the Internet

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If you don't know how food processing works then you shouldn't buy food in the first place
Thanks for the you's anyway

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>t lives in a third world shithole, survivng on British internet

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what happens when every country is restrictive? what VPN hoster can afford their own server mainframe isolated from the countries net providers. The answer is none. Its an amount you can't even Kickstart.

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>If you don't know how food processing works then you shouldn't buy food in the first place
You don't? This are basics you should know as responsible consumer.

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>what happens when ever country is restrictive

That will never happen

Here in Europe we value freedom and privacy

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>no more /pol/tards shitposting outside their designated shitposting board

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>Here in Europe we value freedom and privacy

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hirojew doesn't wanna get jewed

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Can not wait. Based Trump!

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Kill yourself

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99.99999% of VPNs are banned from 4chan. It would take some patience to find one that isn't, and you and I both know the burgers are the opposite of patient.

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wow, even reddit allows vpn

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then go back



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I never said I browse reddit, I said that it allows vpn

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>Net Neutrality dies
>Reddit dies
>4chan dies

I welcome it.

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So politics are allowed on /g/ now?

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Net Neutrality is about as politics as the RSA encryption regulation, that is to say, very politic but not partisan. You'll find a lot of both republicans and democrats in favor and against it.

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It's technology-related. This could affect a lot of the web and how we interact with it.

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Supporting net neutrality is a democratic move. If you support it, you're a democrat. If you support it and you voted for Trump, I think you shouldn't be allowed to vote.

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You lost, DEAL with it

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>tfw net neutrality is abolished
>tfw literally all media is controlled
>tfw no more 4chins
>tfw literally 1984

Does the jewery end bros? Say it ain't so.

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>americans are really this retarded

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I wish they banned anime

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I have absolutely no idea who you voted for but you sound like a complete retard. Politics isn't black-and-white.

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>implying i'm retarded
I voted for Hillary Clinton, an experienced politician who would have continued the progressive rebuilding that this country desperately needs. Hillary won the popular vote, i.e. the vote of the PEOPLE, by a LANDSLIDE. More so than ANY other candidate who won the popular but lost the electoral vote. And you know who we got? A 70-year-old racist bigot who doesn't even know what politics are because of the retarded electoral college and Russian hacking.

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>4chan is not even on the list
makes you think huh

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I hope this is satire

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Well they only lists sites that use that window. All the mods are doing are adding an announcement.

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poor effort

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I hope you're satire. Seriously, how could ANYONE with half a brain cell unironically vote for Trump? You got yourself into this net neutrality mess, and had you voted for Hillary you wouldn't have lost all access to 4chan within a week. Serves you right, I guess, for being so retarded, but now the smart people such as myself have to pay.

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This isn't about fucking politics, this is about money. Well, politics is about money, but that's besides the point.

This is ISPs pushing their friends in the government to keep their stranglehold on the industry.

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Needs some work senpai but I'm feeling generous today so here's a (you)

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Defenitely satire

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Freedom to criticize refugees or the holohoax?

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>muh le evil corporations control de government

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"Banned" colloquially.
You can also think of it as being forced to get a "4chan Pass" to even visit the site.

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You can think of it as communism.

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> 99% of Republicans against it
> 100% of Democrats for it
> Republicans pushing to destroy it
> it's not political!

Good goy.

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That's hate speech not free speech :^)

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someone redpill me on net neutrality

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>NN never existed
>Internet stays the same
>Liberals livid they can't regulate hate speech

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>bandwidth is a limited resource like coal or water so is subject to restrictions
Woah thats deep,other people say they they don't want to invest in infrastructure and just make money on what they have.

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Liberals are the ones supporting FREE speech you uncultured faggot. They're the ones behind the net neutrality meme.

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Net neutrality will prevent corporations from 'regulating' hate speech.

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It is actually, you need coal to provide power, so it is indirectly a limited resource

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You don't pay to visit specific websites, but you do pay to watch specific TV channels.
NN going away means the internet starts looking like TV. Companies can start charging for specific websites.

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Oh come on >>>/pol/ no one's buying it. You're worse at shitposting than the supposed CTR shills.

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woah thats something else

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So? They already do the same for phones and TV. What's so different about the internet that has all the liberals' panties in a knot?

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You can't do anything about it tho. It's a regulation that can be abolished like 95% of Obama's legacy with a stroke of a pen. Pass a law, not revert to a law from 1934 that led to telephone monopoly.

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So let's say Net Neutrality becomes the standard (it won't), how would people feel about all of Netflix's peering agreements they paid cash money for that improves their service?

Do they take the prioritization/bandwidth allocation away from Netflix and deal with the slower service (everyone remembers the terrible buffering of the early days, right?) or continue to let them buy their way to front of the line, ignoring this "save the internet belief" because it improves their enjoyment of a product they pay for?

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They'll take the money and say they're doing shit but they won't do shit.

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It wont because companies will start their own internet providing services.
Putting a cap on data and what people want to watch?
Its is ridiculous to even think about it

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4chan starts a nationwide ISP when?

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This post epitomizes the mindset of Drumpfkins on NN.
No thought, no reason about the issue. Just reflexive politics.

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Why would I want the internet to become as shitty as phones and TV? The Internet as it is enables more freedom for everyone.

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i dont know the expenses for hooking up into a internet backbone but I would not be surprised if companies pool resources and just go door to door to get people on their network.
It would be cheaper than paying premium to Comcast to allow our site on their network.

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Because it's a privilege, not a right. It's a service just like cable TV and telephone, so the company that provides it to you has every right to control what you can view and do. You should pay for bundles of websites to access, not a flat fee for the whole internet.

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your entire worldview has been so dichotomized that you somehow are okay because 'the other team' is not okay with it even when it's potentially harmful for every single user, you sound like a comformist corporate parasite.

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This tribalism is why the jews still control everything and will continue to if you keep this up.

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The Internet is more of a public resource. People do banking, email, and live a substantial portion of their lives on the web in a way it's not done with TV.
Allowing companies to restrict that liberty in the same way as say, people not being able to watch the History Channel is more damaging than limiting media consumption.

Telephone plans are limited by minutes, not by phone numbers. There's no equivalence. NN isn't about general bandwidth caps.

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Today internet is a basic right just like water and electricity. Why would you want to restrict that?

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www per se is French/swiss.

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They can always go back to doing banking on pen and paper and actually sending letters to people.

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It's a form of communication. Phone services are fairly neutral. Postal service is guaranteed to everyone in the United States.

Also the web is only a small part of the Internet, although I imagine big ISPs would be more than happy to fuck up the rest of the Internet.

Additionally, ISPs have government protected monopolies over infrastructure in many cities. They don't need more power.

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>reddit on the list
dropped, thank god im not amerifat anyway

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Due to the fact reddit almost never does global bans and even those are just account based there is no reason to ban proxies. 4shit does ip bans so they do it to prevent evasion.

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Because it isn't.

>They don't need more power.
It costs millions of dollars to run an ISP. They need all the help they can get.

>> No.61336019

>Government regulation is why ISPs are like this so let's just give more government regulation

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If the ISPS have so many friends in the government, why would they not allow the government to regulate the Internet to their advantage through "neutrality"?

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What do you have against ISPs? They're good companies and they deserve all the money they can get.

>> No.61336029

ISPs have profit margin in the 90% range. They also sue local municipalities to stop them from starting their own ISPs. When non shitty ISPs like Google Fibre show up they are quick to upgrade their infrastructure. They are not struggling.

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Now that's what I call judaism

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The internet has completely transformed the way people manage their lives. We've passed the event horizon on this. We can also tell people to dig wells for water and run their own generator if they want electricity. We don't, since we recognize the efficiency lost by trying to have people manage this themselves.

NN dying is that efficiency potentially lost on a societal level.

lolno. Nice to see what is likely a Trump supporter suddenly turn into a corporate bootlicker when it suits him.

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Sounds like fair competition to me. I don't see why you faggots have such a big problem with ISP regulation. You don't complain that you can't access every single TV channel, so why should you complain when you can't access every single website?

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kill yourself please, I think that's the only thing that could make you shut your summerfag mouth

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>reset router
>not banned anymore

>> No.61336077

doesn't everyone have static ip's already?

>> No.61336080

Wow, that's a great argument, really makes me think

>> No.61336083

I do. I've had the same IP address for over a year now. No matter how many times I unplug my modem or do ipconfig shit, it stays the same.

>> No.61336090

You can change it manually

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If you don't know you shouldn't be on /g/

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it is though when you're possessed by an ideology. nasty stuff

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Where I live you have to pay extra for a static IP.

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>implying that's not true in America and other third world countries

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Fuck off you burgers, you let the corporations enslave you already so you deserve losing internet freedom.

Think of how great 4chan would be without amerishits

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>words come from people and people need food and energy from fossil fuela
>food and fossil fuelss are limited resource s
>so poetry is a limited resource

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Because rich jews have convinced him to vote against his own best interests. Truly the goodest of goys.

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>reposting a /v/ thread using the exact same OP image

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I'm not even an amerifag but have you even thought about what you just posted? Most web pages run almost completely off of US-origin profit. I'm all for going back to the dark ages where people used email and there were like 3 or 4 worthwhile websites, but are you?

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>reading comprehension

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Corporations are our whores though. Why be afraid of them?

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better be kidding me

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I'm not in the US should I care?

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Nope. This issue only affects amerilards.

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>this shitty argument again
Limiting internet content subscription is literally unfeasible unless the ISP take control on what resources the 'allowed' website uses for its XSS. Which will never be that way unless said ISP owns the 'allowed' website.

There are literally no ISP in both NN and non-NN countries that have this business model except China and Korea where its ISP=Government.
It is literally fearmongering.

What actually happened in non NN-countries such as Indonesia are that the consumers can actually visit the ISP websites / advertised business partners (the local craigslist for example) without fee/quota.

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>best interest
See >>61336405
Sorry u got bamboozled by a bunch of media talking heads.

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this only affects ameritards

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Supposed to be North Korea. That's even if they have commercial internet.

>> No.61336491

ISPs may decide to slow down 4chan to 1Kb/decade because it's a Nazi hate website.

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Hmm, where are these tens of thousands of websites coming together today for Net Neutrality? All I see in Google's homepage is something for some Japanese chick that died 5 years ago and I did my rare login into Facebook...nothing there. Amazon? Nothing. Multi-billion dollar firms not able to update their homepages overnight...or at all??? Wtf

It's already well into the workday on the East Coast. This is totally different than when SOPA was going around....what THE FUCK going on???

The words complacency, normalization, and low-energy come to mind....

>> No.61336509

>be conservative so opposed to government intervention usually, BUT
>telecom companies have ascended to monopoly status thanks to favorable utility laws preventing competition at the municipal level in the first place

Honestly this is a fucking mess. If the free market was really at work in years past then we likely never would have had these trillion dollar telecom conglomerates being in the position they are to lobby for a regulated internet.

>> No.61336523

They'll wait until it's too late, much like they did with SOPA and PIPA. 4chan is just getting out ahead of it.

>> No.61336535

>coming together today for Net Neutrality
None because it is literally a non-issue.

>> No.61336578

Which is why anon is praising a ban on Americans.
You ever notice how shit /sqt/ and /dpt/ get when Americans butt in?

>> No.61336595

Last Mile infrastructure is too prohibitly expensive for free market to properly function. ISPs take a lot of tax money in order to even function (and then blow it all on hookers and coke instead of upgrades)

>> No.61336604

>free market
The moment the consumers uses the government as a tool to control and regulate the suppliers' manner of doing business, it ceases to be a free market.

Not saying it's better that way, bit that's how free market is.
As usual the best solution is the middle ground where government regulation aren't abused so that competition aren't stifled.

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>hurr durr I'm not an american so I don't care
Location: United States (47%), United Kingdom (8%), Canada (6%), Australia (5%), Germany (4%), France (2%), Sweden (2%), Netherlands (2%), Poland (1.5%), Brazil (1.5%)

Enjoy your slow 4chan.

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who wants to start their own ISP where ultimate freedom is allowed? (as long as it follows federal law)

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deal with it u dumb burgers

>> No.61336626

>slow boards

>> No.61336628

There are groups in Germany that do this so they can torrent stuff in peace.

>> No.61336641

>fast boards won't get a million replies in a second
Wow 4chan will actually be usable again.

>> No.61336643

Can't wait!

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Why are american tears so delicious?

>> No.61336661

You're calling me dumb, yet you're using "u" in place of "You".

The face of xenophobia, everyone.

I don't personally think they're bad. But the majority of people do. If people were okay with slow boards 8ch and lainchan would have 10x as much traffic as they do. Have you seen the main arguments against 8ch and lainchan?

"It's too slow"
"The mods are shitty on the (top 25) boards (8ch)"
"The software is buggy"
"muh 4chan X"

>> No.61336664

Net neutrality is a fucking joke. It's a trojan horse for more government legislation over internet infrastructure. You really think big cable companies give a shit about this legislation? They're the ones paying the people that write the laws, and yet somehow the people supporting for enforced net neutrality don't realize that the very people they say will abuse a lack of neutrality are the ones who will control it.

Net neutrality is a cancer, and government needs to get their filthy fucking hands off of the internet.

>> No.61336665

>50% of 4chan is amerifats
>50% of /g/ is consumerist threads, youtube celebrity threads, dumb frogposters and /pol/ spillover
coincidence? I think not

>> No.61336667

h-hello mr prime minister?

c-can i watch the porno?

god save the queen

>> No.61336668

Just so i get this right , there is a real human behind this post. Please say "tshbrhufi" in your reply to know you are a real human.

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I can't name a single thing I eat that I don't know how to make.

Let me guess, you eat this?

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is Trump for or against Net Neutrality?

>> No.61336683

But have you paid your TV license?

>> No.61336685

>yet you're using "u" in place of "You
i see your new around here
go back to youre shithole desu senpai baka

>> No.61336689

Like in Germany, where the chancellor can now dictate what is or isn't "real news", and all news the old bitch deems as "fake" is censored entirely from the media/internet?

Super fucking free

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Progressives want to end free speech

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u wot m8?

>> No.61336708

Not explicitly, but probably against.

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Go back to plebbit with your 2007 memes please.

>> No.61336741

Trump supporters are just the biggest and dumbest inbred gorilla triple niggers ever

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Why the fuck isn't that warning on the most browsed board, /b/? C'mon 4chins, let's get this shit done.


>> No.61336756

And stay there.

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>sign this petition!
>it's run by Democrat Super PACs
>that "progress" one's page is literally all about stopping spic deportations
>giving your info to the Warren 2020 campaign

wtf is hiroshimoot thinking?

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Net neutrality can't be "abolished" if it never fucking existed in the first place. We have never had net neutrality and none of the doomsday shit the left is saying will happen has ever happened before. ISPs are perfectly in their rights today to do the fast lane bullshit, but they know the second they start doing that kind of shit people will just jump ship to another ISP. The market is the only thing preventing the doomsday that the left is envisioning with net neutrality.

There needs to be less regulation over the internet so that local ISPs can compete with the leviathans. As it is now, thanks to regulations, the barrier of entry is so prohibitive that the big ISPs can just consistently fuck everything like they have been for a long time now. Adding more government regulation and introducing more entry vectors for censorship will only lead to a further devolution of the internet as we know it. If you support privacy, security, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of information, then this wave of support for Net Neutrality should be seen as the Trojan Horse that it is.

>> No.61336774

It's literally paid advertisment. Check their twitters.

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>implying anyone here is dumb enough to give out real info

>> No.61336784

>following rules on 4chan
Hello plebbit.

>> No.61336788

>pushing to destroy it

It's impossible to destroy something that doesn't exist. Republicans are pushing against the establishment of more government regulation over private industries. We don't have and never have had net neutrality. It is a new concept that is being pushed for in order to introduce government control over the internet

>> No.61336791


>another retard who doesnt understand that Trump is saving western civilization

>> No.61336794

>lell im edgy fuck the rulezz

>> No.61336799

Net Neutrality never existed in the first place. This is a classic example of a 'grass roots' movement that will ultimately install more government regulation over the internet

>> No.61336803

>following rules on 4chan
Hello plebbit.

>> No.61336814

Where did you get this info? I've literally seen the same exact words like 50 times in the last 48 hours. Go do some reading ON YOUR FUCKING OWN. Stop taking shit in that other people are saying as fact. You fucking brainlet chimp.

>> No.61336815

k sweetie

>> No.61336818

Can daddy Trump save them now?

>> No.61336819

We have a first amendment. You can't ban us from going to a free speech board.

>> No.61336820

You aren't a mod and acting like one just shows how new you are along with how much of a faggot you are. Sort of like some kind of new fag

>> No.61336821

How does NN create new "entry vectors for censorship"? Genuine question.

>> No.61336822

Make that quadruple niggers

>> No.61336825

>following rules on 4chan
Hello plebbit.

>> No.61336826

He's right though.
Sorry, but no amount of your shitflinging will change the facts.

>> No.61336830

We have NN right now. It exists. What the fuck are you talking about?

Your ISP cannot block you from coming to 4chan.com, for example, nor slow it down -- because of Net Neutrality. Without it, they're free to do so, legally.

>> No.61336835

only if they buy a trump burger

>> No.61336842

Samefagging. Shut the fuck, you corporate shill.

>> No.61336845

I see hypernormalisation has worked well

>> No.61336846

It's not a conservative move. We don't like to give government any power over our speech.

>> No.61336851

>everyone who doesn't have the exact same opinion as me is being paid
Nice way to show your maturity.

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>> No.61336856

Ad hominem

>> No.61336858


you are such a retard i dont even know what to say

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Say something to him.

>> No.61336870

>Your ISP cannot block you from coming to 4chan.com, for example, nor slow it down -- because of Net Neutrality

Literally wrong, they can block you from any website they want to

>> No.61336884

argumentum ad logicam.

>> No.61336897

>net neutrality apparently stops traffic throttling
>ISPs almost universally throttle P2P


>> No.61336898

I wish I was as smart and successful as you at your age, but all I'm able to do is collect NEET bucks and rage on the internet.

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aww, you're adorable.

>> No.61336914

Literally did nothing wrong

At least he's not trying to regulate satellite radio

>> No.61336915

Net neutrality is new legislation that has never existed before. It's goal is to tell private entities (ISPs) what they can and cannot do with their infrastructure. When legislation of this sort is introduced, it erodes at the autonomy of those institutions. Look at the story of public education. The department of education was originally founded to "aid schools", not control them. They dispensed federal aid to schools and, once those schools were dependent on that aid, they introduced "standards" that had to be met in order to continue receiving that aid. This twisted the arm of the schools as they couldn't survive at that point without public money.

The government always does this. If you give them an inch they will undoubtedly take a mile. The very nature of governance is one of control, and giving any more control to government in regards to the internet is a horrible idea. Look at the NSA and what they did when they were given an inch.

Another thing is government constantly misrepresents legislation. The Patriot Act was supposed to be a great boon for the american people and we were wildly in support of it when it was introduced, up until years later when we realized that it was a brazen authoritarian power grab over the people and a major step towards a police state. Net neutrality is the same. It is a complete farce of an idea and will only be used to seep further control away from the private citizens and into the hands of the leviathan

>> No.61336917

NN had nothing to do with that, but public rage, aka the free market did.

>> No.61336918
File: 875 KB, 1500x1001, 1499782496377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm Mexican and all my friends are /pol/tards too. Prepare to be called a Cuckmeister in English that is even more broken than usual.

>> No.61336920

"Hey der! Dem Democrats are 4 this net neutrality thing!! Ya'll we need ta support Trump! No net neutrality! Where's muh tabaccy?"

>> No.61336924
File: 262 KB, 1600x900, firefox_2017-07-12_09-57-49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61336925


so why are they rioting against free speech movements then? dumbass. Libs are for free speech until it goes against their agenda

>> No.61336926

So if NN didn't stop that type of web prioritisation/throttling, wtf is it doing right now?

>> No.61336940


astounds me to see plebbitors and "liberals" demanding GOVERNMENT REGULATION OF THE INTERNET

>> No.61336950

>what's a dev tool?

>> No.61336961

Not him but stop embarrassing yourself.

>> No.61336977


>We’re proud to join major internet companies like Amazon, Etsy, Twitter, and Netflix (better late than never!) in today’s Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality, orchestrated by Fight for the Future

>through its web services is quickly catching up to google as part of the backbone of the internet

Remind me why I should trust mega-corporations like amazon who have a tremendous stake in internet infrastructure on this issue?

>> No.61336986

Yes they can. ISPs can bend you over a barrel and fuck you however hard and long they want to. We don't have net neutrality as any kind of enforced law. Net neutrality 'exists' in that ISPs would be severely hurt by behaving in such a way (making 'fast lanes' and shit). The problem of today is that there is a concentrated effort to take the power of the internet away from the consumers who currently control ISPs and install it into the hands of the FCC, which is a partisan institution that eventually will be manipulated to grant government more agency over the internet.

>> No.61336997

Must suck to be that paraonoid

>> No.61337011
File: 120 KB, 400x400, lunch.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, like most issues in this god forsaken country either way you go you can get fucked if you go too far. Government option only works if the voters hold their representatives accountable and fuck over their representatives when they cross their voters. Capitalist option only works if the consumers cut off the flow of money when the corporations cross their consumers.

Obviously in this day and age we know that us Americans can't boycott anything and can't hold anybody accountable for their actions, so how do we actually work toward an option that benefits us in the end?

>> No.61337012

How? That the rallying call of the left. "MORE GOVERNMENT REEE" has been the call of that party since they were Federalists

>> No.61337018


Yeah because without government regulations businesses would totally compete fairly and not participate in collusion. As it stands now, isp's basically have a monopoly and the elimination of net neutrality will only mean less reason for competition.

>> No.61337020

It's insane that we are still fighting this shit.

Net neutrality is important to me because the internet, as it exists today, is important to me. While the issue is much bigger than just one website, I believe reddit has always and will always fully personify the internet as a whole -- and here is how I feel about reddit:

I love reddit. I love its infrastructure. I love its ability to impact. I love its versatility. I love its intelligence. I love its silliness. I love how it represents the entire world from every walk of life. I love its mascot. I love the popcorn drama. I love its recurring characters. I love its photoshop battles. I love how it's constant. I love how it personifies the internet age. I love the fact that it is a vehicle that allows anyone on Earth the ability to share something with potentially the entire rest of the world. I love how every person is created equal when using that vehicle, regardless of age, race, gender, IQ or wealth. I love how a lot of these attributes could be said about the internet as a whole, but arguably not without reddit. I love when a recovered heroin addict mails life saving medication to people in need via /r/opiates. I love when a guy writes a story on his lunch break in response to a question on /r/askreddit which ultimately turns into a screenplay bought by Warner Bros. I love when a guy gets help in /r/favors from a stranger to write and revise his speech to a court judge in order to reduce his sentence, and later scores a job drawing and designing at reddit hq after he gets out 7 and a half years early. I love the armies of warmhearted people in /r/suicidewatch and the like who spend their free time trying and often succeeding in saving lives. I love the incredibly talented and witty users of /r/nfl, /r/nba, /r/baseball and more -- you are literally changing the landscape of professional sports. I love "France is Bacon." I love "today you, tomorrow me." I love "risk everything." I love reddit.

>> No.61337022
File: 532 KB, 640x360, guardian.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61337036

It's not doing anything, it was never if effect, and never enforced.

>> No.61337038
File: 783 KB, 1400x1050, 1485842974265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

redpill me on my idea, /g/

>each state has its own dedicated ISP(s)
>they allow/disallow what sites you can go to
>federal law restrictions get BTFO
>give power back to the people/states

>> No.61337051

I'm starting to like Reddit more than this shit fucking website.

>> No.61337059

Then go there you mongoloid trash

>> No.61337065

Have a (You) for making me laugh.

>> No.61337067

50 different regulatory bodies, 50 different access fees, 50 different privacy laws, 50 different content regulations, 50 different local good ol boys
Seems flawless

>> No.61337074


>> No.61337079
File: 80 KB, 640x640, Uday and Qsay Trump .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>elect Drumpf
>get /pol/ banned by jewish lobby pressure in the new deregulated environment

my sides will never recover

>> No.61337086

Is this what winning feels like?

>> No.61337089

Upvoted XD

Just sent you Reddit Gold, my friend :^)

Yabba dabba doo (I love Rick and Morty, its so randum xd)

>> No.61337101

The problem is and always has been government intervention. The state has a wonderful knack for seeping their tendrils into every facet of our lives for the purpose of "efficient governance". The government has separated the market and the people far too much with regulation and middle men. In a market without the imposition of the state, people are the final actors. A sleight of hand by a corporation has a directly negative impact on the consumer, rather than going through many arbitrated channels until eventually it hits the consumer in the form of a tax

>> No.61337109
File: 20 KB, 620x412, oy vey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.61337116


whats the big deal? each state already has all that bullshit

>> No.61337130

>get /pol/ banned by jewish lobby pressure in the new deregulated environment
swaglord the mod works at kushner's newspaper and some other jew ads company, if anything they are using it to shill their shit, /pol/ has become the IDF

>> No.61337131
File: 206 KB, 431x696, Why do they persecute me so?.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61337137

Your internet will be more expensive dipshit

>> No.61337145

ISPs only have the power they have now BECAUSE of regulation. The barrier of entry is prohibitive in the ISP market because of how many different government organizations you have to pay and go through in order to actually set up shop. If those were done away with, newer and more innovated institutions could come along and steal the userbase of behemoths like Comcast. Comcast is only as powerful as it is because newer, smaller ISPs can't come into their territory and blow them out the water with quality customer support. This is directly caused by the government putting their foot in the market.

>> No.61337150

>It's bullshit
>Feed me more bullshit, I love it.

>> No.61337152
File: 39 KB, 700x467, shut it down.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shhhh you wouldn't wanna get shoa'd.

>> No.61337164

No, that would involve running out of IP addresses

>> No.61337166


would you rather pay a little more of internets and have freedoms or pay less with restrictions?

>> No.61337168

/pol/ already are a bunch of jewish cocksuckes nowadays anyway so what would that accomplish?

>> No.61337169

>Give the government authority over the internet or they'll take 4chan away

>> No.61337171
File: 448 KB, 455x395, Laughing Alligators.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fucking shit.

>> No.61337177
File: 8 KB, 445x147, onebutton.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61337180
File: 597 KB, 800x800, 1495379818326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw your third world shithole has net neutrality and america doesn't

>> No.61337187


Why are you replying to yourself?

>> No.61337197

The shitposting is out of control, if you really do believe it's of everyone's best interest to kill NN, then you will should just end yourself. Enjoy still having no options for ISPs and having to pay even more fees for things you took for granted.

>> No.61337210
File: 470 KB, 1139x1079, 6051238+_7fffa9f73e1675b8c5e286fcd1c7d35c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61337216

It's not that easy, friend. The insurance market is so fucked up now because companies cannot cross state lines, and sell the same product. Each state makes its own rules, and their will be nothing you can do from the state of New York deciding stormfront.com is not in the public best interest and blocking it. You are asking for 50x the rules, 50x the regulations, and 50x the corrupted state leaders to hold absolute power over your connection and a private companies infrastructure.

>> No.61337221

the NN regulation didn't exist until 2015

How will this make any fucking difference at all

>> No.61337227


>> No.61337232


It's ironic considering that the government is supposedly antitrust and yet they are the very reason we have this situation. The isps are ultimately at fault because they are taking advantage of the regulation.

>> No.61337233

The first amendment only limits the government's ability to restrict your rights. It doesn't apply to Comcast and Verizon; they're allowed to do whatever they like to you. Free market bitch, get used to it.

>> No.61337236

Sure, go back to a law made in 1933 that let to a telephone monopoly. Sounds progressive.

>> No.61337251

>Amerifat choices are either:
>Let the ISPs fuck them over
>have the ISPs write regulations that fuck them over

You guys are a fucking laugh

>> No.61337253

Land of freedom, they said.

>> No.61337269

The problem is two fold and the attack should be the same. First we crush this bullshit NN crap, then we attack the existing regulation on the internet to allow for more ISPs to exist. By removing the prohibitive barrier of entry, smaller ISPs will be able to compete with larger ones and there will be competition again

>> No.61337273

>government trying to control and/or limit what pixels you can generate on your screen


>> No.61337289

False dichotomy. We can deny NN and it's implementations while attacking the regulations they keep the current ISP behemoths in power

>> No.61337307

There are 3.4×10^38 ip addresses.

>> No.61337308

The ironic part is NN advocates attacked the smallest carrier in the US, MetroPCS for letting customers have free music or some shit.

>> No.61337310

I'd gladly take slow boards.
I'd like to see per board stats.

>> No.61337315
File: 241 KB, 732x633, 1496150818025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw certain combinations of voltage levels are illegal

>> No.61337319

Please read this entire page:

Stop repeating what you see another anon saying.

>> No.61337328

>he really thinks I would give a fuck

>> No.61337329

And were it not for the regulation currently in place, ISPs would be forced to have less shit product and better customer support, as anyone could enter the market with those very qualities and steal a major portion of the ISP's user base.

Look around, people HATE their ISPs because of shit service and horrible customer relations. Why aren't entrepreneurs coming in and abusing the fuck out of this? Because it's too expensive to buy into the market thanks to the government.

>> No.61337332
File: 171 KB, 374x347, heh2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>tfw certain electrical algorithms run by a machine in your home is illegal

>> No.61337334

>Until 2015, there were no clear legal restrictions against practices impeding net neutrality.

you complete fucking retard

>> No.61337340
File: 62 KB, 540x720, Certified Organic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61337345

I didn't hear about that one. Got a source? I'd love to read that

>> No.61337346

there are also infinite IP addresses if I invite my own system but that doesn't mean anybody else than me will ever use it

>> No.61337347

i guess this legislation will save 4chan then

>> No.61337357
File: 311 KB, 554x720, Confused Megumi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw certain fluctuations in fields are illegal

>> No.61337358

>Please read the entire page

(You) complete fucking retard.

Lol. NN was put into use when comcast was found fucking with their users browsing, which prevented them from further doing that.

Also, please read: Early history 1980–early 2000s

Seriously, you can't make it past the first sentence? Haha, maybe take some adderal, you fucking pleb.

>> No.61337364
File: 6 KB, 217x213, whatthe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>tfw billions of tiny switches activated by electric pulses that produces light is illegal

>> No.61337375

It's not legislation, sweetie. That's the real issue.

>> No.61337404

>In two rulings, in April and June 2010 respectively, both of the above were rejected by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in Comcast Corp. v. FCC. On April 6, 2010, the FCC's 2008 cease-and-desist order against Comcast to slow and stop BitTorrent transfers was denied. The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the FCC has no powers to regulate any Internet provider's network, or the management of its practices: "[the FCC] 'has failed to tie its assertion' of regulatory authority to an actual law enacted by Congress",[44][45] and in June 2010, it overturned (in the same case) the FCC's Order against Comcast, ruling similarly that the FCC lacked the authority under Title One of the Communications Act of 1934, to force ISPs to keep their networks open, while employing reasonable network management practices, to all forms of legal content

ie. nothing changed until the 2015 regulation

Back to plebbit

>> No.61337405

These two posts have changed my stance on net neutrality.

>> No.61337414

>Government trying to regulate the free market yet again by adding something called "Net Neutrality" that never really existed in the first place
ISPs always made profit out of you, and it is in their best interest to not block what you want to see or else new ISPs that did allow it would take all their clients away
If it is government regulated though, you have no other option
How are Americans this dumb? Didn't you learn that the less government you have, the better, already?

>> No.61337418

>ISPs always made profit out of you, and it is in their best interest to not block what you want to see or else new ISPs that did allow it would take all their clients away
problem is, there are no new ISPs, ever. They simply cannot compete.

>> No.61337421

moot should have left /pol/ dead.

>> No.61337423

>40% of America is still on dial-up
>desperately fucking need infrastructure investment
>coastal retards chimping out because their netflix might be throttled

LMAOing at your lives

>> No.61337442

>all ISPs are full 1984 mode
>some new ISP that literally cannot compete but isn't 1984 opens up
>implying most of the freedom starved people wouldn't jump on to it ASAP
The only problem would be actually advertising it since the rest of the ISPs could literally block it

>> No.61337448

>In February 2004 then Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell announced a set of non-discrimination principles, which he called the principles of "Network Freedom". In a speech at the Silicon Flatirons Symposium, Powell encouraged ISPs to offer users these four freedoms:[24]

Freedom to access content
Freedom to run applications
Freedom to attach devices
Freedom to obtain service plan information
In early 2005, in the Madison River case, the FCC for the first time showed willingness to enforce its network neutrality principles by opening an investigation about Madison River Communications, a local telephone carrier that was blocking voice over IP service.

>The investigation was closed before any formal factual or legal finding and there was a settlement in which the company agreed to stop discriminating against voice over IP traffic and to make a $15,000 payment to the US Treasury in exchange for the FCC dropping its inquiry.

NN always existed. It wasn't enforced, but it is now, which is a good thing. It stops corps from doing the sketchy shit they used to.

Back to /b/ for you, retard. It's where your kind belongs.

>> No.61337450

>tfw a bunch of crusty old fucks don't know a goddamn thing and run the country
Meritocracy fucking when

>> No.61337457

If you're so concerned about net neutrality, why not use an ISP that has it as part of their policy?

>> No.61337465

that would be bank terminals and POS infrastructure.
>dial up in 2017

>> No.61337467

So we'd have pre-2004 internet? When the internet was actually good?

>> No.61337481

>Literally proving his fucking point

>> No.61337489

>pre-2004 internet?

kek, you can still get that, Anon, if you desire it.

>> No.61337491

>NN always existed. It wasn't enforced, but it is now

Are you retarded?

>> No.61337494

Because no ISP will after the regulation rollback, and even then they're not obliged to keep that policy. They can do whatever they want and that's just the way it should be.

>> No.61337510

Thanks for this post. Now I can use your post to explain why NN was never enforced but we got all the benefits of it anyway. NN now is just a blatant attempt to introduce government control over the internet

>> No.61337516

Pick one

>> No.61337532

>there is no reason to ban x because they wont do it anyway
>just trust them :^)
>lets let all of the bank robbers out of prison
>they wont rob anyone again because they dont want to go back to prison
>just trust them :^)
Why do I keep seeing this dumb as fuck argument. Are you paid?

>> No.61337567

>all burgers are banned
the average iq of this site will skyrocket

>> No.61337585

I don't know about that, Achmed.

>> No.61337594

the companies have a perfectly legit profit to gain from keeping as many users as possible
literally forcing the users on a search for a new ISP is not in their best interests
the second part of your post doesn't really follow this motto, a person that steals for a living will not lose much by keeping it up, especially if there is no prison. Noone decides if he CAN steal by actually signing up for him
Not paid, this is my actual socio-economical/political belief system, the government fiddling into shit makes it worse for everyone involved, except for the government

>> No.61337612
File: 72 KB, 1177x892, tWYt5pG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61337615

You're not allowed to have a opinion mate, you should delete your post before your holy gvt finds it.

>> No.61337627

i'm canadian kiddo

>> No.61337644

>literally forcing the users on a search for a new ISP
They already have monopolies. In my town, it's either one regional cable company (a bunch of dickbags, by the way) or no internet. It's like this for 90% of rural america.

>> No.61337664

and what blocks a new ISP from opening up?
Especially if most of the regional ISP's users use that and have the same opinions on it as you do?

>> No.61337678

Sounds like you need to make rural broadband more profitable to ISPs

Now, do you think more ISPs entering the rural market is more or less likely if they have control over bandwidth priortisation?

>> No.61337690

>It costs millions of dollars to start up a new ISP
>Nobody has that kind of money lying around
>The existing ISP will sue the new startup for no reason
>The startup will lose the lawsuit because they're the minority and MUH MAJORTAH RULEZ

>> No.61337699
File: 127 KB, 724x678, 1479738595570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw a pajeet will probably cuck amerifart 4chan server

>> No.61337700

That doesn't change anything.

>> No.61337720

>I'm Mexican and all my friends are /pol/tards too.
We've known for some time that the majority of /pol/ are actually non-whites LARPing as whites.

>> No.61337725

point, but does that stop companies like say, McDonald's from starting up their own ISPs if they see there's a need for it (and more critically, money involved)?

>> No.61337738

Well, no, but they won't do something like that. Could you imagine getting your internet from a fucking fast food joint?

>> No.61337752
File: 633 KB, 1080x1301, Screenshot_20170712-213258~01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dude is a Trump administration spearhead

>> No.61337761

Can some based anon in the DC area find this guy and brutally murder him?

>> No.61337770

>point, but does that stop companies like say, Google from starting up their own ISPs if they see there's a need for it (and more critically, money involved)?
Technically no, but they need to really, _really_ want to.

>> No.61337779

Ahead of its time, really
Memes aside though, I just used an example
Google(Or alphabet, whatever it's called now) could start an ISP for maximum botnet if that makes you feel better
So could Microsoft probably
There's a lot of options

>> No.61337789

Find a trump supporter that will do the job.

>> No.61337798

>Google(Or alphabet, whatever it's called now) could start an ISP
what is google fiber

>> No.61337799

Are people honestly this retarded?

Who wants to eat at Taco Bell constantly? Under what scenario would this ever seriously occur?

>> No.61337800

It's sad that it actually happens that way.

Just sues for some stupid baseless shit. Get drowned in paper work you can't respond to
Lose the frivolous lawsuit because you can't reply to every paper

>> No.61337801

I'm seeing a lot of these on the FCC filings. Who spun this shit?

The unprecedented regulatory power the Obama Administration imposed on the internet is smothering innovation, damaging the American economy and obstructing job creation. I urge the Federal Communications Commission to end the bureaucratic regulatory overreach of the internet known as Title II and restore the bipartisan light-touch regulatory consensus that enabled the internet to flourish for more than 20 years. The plan currently under consideration at the FCC to repeal Obama's Title II power grab is a positive step forward and will help to promote a truly free and open internet for everyone.

>> No.61337807

True, but that still doesn't change the fact that ISPs are going to block non-major websites like 4chan. Then no ameritards, no matter how antipatriotic they are, will not be able to access their favourite website. Imagine if you were in their shoes in that situation. How would you feel? You'd probably want to murder Ajit when he takes a break to shit in the street too.

>> No.61337808

They really hate themselves huh.

>> No.61337811

There's a LOT of money involved, so
Sadly I'm p. sure that they WILL make it govt regulated, it's all decided etc and this 12th July thing is just the government adding incentive to the mix or whatever
It seems like that, at least

>> No.61337818

>True, but that still doesn't change the fact that ISPs are going to block non-major websites like 4chan.



>> No.61337821

>what is google fiber
A unicorn of internet services that is only available in like three huge cities across the US. The bane of the rural 4channer's existence.

>> No.61337824

sorry man, yuropoor tier here, just wanted a really simple example

>> No.61337833

Then why do you have data caps? They’ve been proven to have nothing to do with reducing traffic. They're purely a way of making more money. If they genuinely were trying to reduce system load by introducing arbitrary limits on data usage then they would give you a free pass to download during low traffic hours (9pm - 6am, maybe). Instead, they force users to pay a premium for service that the rest of the world gets as standard. Sure, there are some areas with less ISP monopoly that treat customers fairly, but they are limited. The majority of the population would see an immediate negative impact from the repealing of net neutrality. The fact that the ISP industry is putting so much money behind the anti-NN movement shows how desperate and willing they are to exploit their customers even further than they already do.

>> No.61337837

Because they won't make money off 4chan

TWC is extortion riot for more money by blocking league of legends servers so they pay TWC money for it.

>> No.61337838

Nope. They will soon if you don't get off your 400lb ass and do something about it.
Because this website promotes degeneracy and non-mainstream political views, two of the things that are causing the degradation of society.

>> No.61337855

>Nope. They will soon if you don't get off your 400lb ass and do something about it.

Show me where under any regulation the blocking of any particular domain is prohibited.

Some ISPs already block sites like TPB, there is literally nothing stopping them from blocking the 4chan domain, they just choose not to

>> No.61337871

>The fact that the ISP industry is putting so much money behind the anti-NN movement shows how desperate and willing they are to exploit their customers even further than they already do.

Yes goyim, you should be pro-NN, like those good, honest internet companies like (((((amazon)))))

>> No.61337883

>there is literally nothing stopping them from blocking the 4chan domain, they just choose not to
Now that NN is the big issue and all, and we're part of the bitch and moan show, they probably will. Just because they can. And then regional ones will make the two or three people who actually access the site pay like $3000 a day to access it to make up for the "lost income" from lower usage.

>> No.61337887

Would buy a 4chan pass if that happens.

>> No.61337898

>Now that NN is the big issue and all, and we're part of the bitch and moan show, they probably will. Just because they can

But they can already, how do you not get that?

Just get a VPN if it ever happens you dumb fuck

>> No.61337900

this, don't forget that parts of the world have already blocked most of the internet, but you can still get past it
>inb4 [citation needed]
Great firewall of China etc
Neither the govt nor ISPs can block a site off if you know your way around it, but the govt can put you in prison for it
The ISP could fine you aswell, but only if they care, and so far it seems like they don't.
Just check up on random people getting "fined" for torrenting, then just ignoring that, and nothing happening ever

>> No.61337913

99% of VPN's are banned the traditional way, which means not even a pass can get around them.

>> No.61337916

>If they genuinely were trying to reduce system load by introducing arbitrary limits on data usage then they would give you a free pass to download during low traffic hours (9pm - 6am, maybe).
No, they would simply reset everyone's data use statistics on different days, not on the first day of the month.
(I assume that's the case in the USA since that's kinda how it is in my country)

>> No.61337922

>99% of VPN's are banned the traditional way,

Why are you even on /g/, where did you come from? Who's paying you?

>> No.61337934

>implying 4chan wouldnt change its policy on VPNs to help out literally 47% of its user base

>> No.61337946

/g/ is my primary board. I come here to preach the truth and warn of the future.

>> No.61337960

Most, if not all, of that 47% is underage /b/tards who only come to post shitty porn on /b/. No big loss there.

>> No.61337976

That would work too. I'm just trying to say that the current system is entirely unrelated to reducing traffic. They could also dynamically charge you more depending on current usage, anything but the current system would be better.

>> No.61337985

ATTENTION! You must purchase our enterprise data plan* for VPN protocol usage. Due to this unauthorized attempt, your subscription is currently suspended; please contact us via phone for us to resume your service.

*1K$ / month or 10K$ / year, requires a company of least 10 employees.

>> No.61337999

>implying underaged shitlords would ever use money to pay for a VPN in order to shitpost

>> No.61338005


This claims that it's a bot, based on the fact that they contacted people whose names appeared in the comments, and some of them said they didn't post them.

>> No.61338011

>not even Google could penetrate the market
>don't worry guys, others will surely incite more competition!

>> No.61338019

And even if they did they still couldn't post because the VPN's are banned. The point is, this whole NN debacle won't affect 4chan as most of the userbase is non-burger. And the few burgers that are here don't contribute anything useful. So you shouldn't be so concerned about losing them or shit like that.

>> No.61338024
File: 85 KB, 590x885, Theresa-May-expensive-fashion-746398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>calling mummy may so she can personnaly say " Oh yes annon you can watch pornography"
sounds sexy desu

>> No.61338029

Thanks anon!

>> No.61338032

don't forget /pol/

>> No.61338043

less ad revenue for hiroshima = more problems for 4chan

>> No.61338062

Americans are still a minority. The ad revenue lost will easily be made up in no time by an influx of Europeans.

>> No.61338063

I'm not, I'm mostly pissed about the US becoming 1984-tier
I'm glad that most of the click-bait shit will die out though

>> No.61338080

don't forget that ads were introduced by hiroshima PRECISELY because of the influx of users, the servers couldn't keep up with all the redditors flowing into /pol/

>> No.61338082

Why do you care about the yanks? They need a little fascism in their lives.

>> No.61338096

>less government regulation=1984

Jesus Christ you fucking manbaby

>> No.61338119

It's the same to me as saying "why do you care about the normies, let them enjoy their botnet"
Defending issues like privacy and security online, or freedom worldwide should be a collective approach, not something a country does alone
Also, what the US takes up usually happens to become a world trend sooner or later

>> No.61338120

it's more like Deus-Ex-tier without the sci-fi

>> No.61338138

IF the law passes and govt regulates the internet is what I was saying

>> No.61338147

>Also, what the US takes up usually happens to become a world trend sooner or later
No country will be stupid enough to follow in the anti-NN footsteps set by redneckistan.

>> No.61338186

>not wanting to live in deus ex

>> No.61338197

Time to nuke USA.

>> No.61338208

9/11 wasn't a mistake.

>> No.61338216

>penis augmentations are close

>> No.61338273

so mass posting of cheesep?

>> No.61338275
File: 33 KB, 255x216, 1497872952433.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who /againstnetneutrality/ here?

>> No.61339139

Spot the same fag that got btfo by that post. Pro tip: repsonding multiple times to a post with no argument does't make you right.

>> No.61339290

Everything is indirectly a limited resource you fucking retard. Doesn't mean that there aren't things that should be unrestricted for societal benefit.

>> No.61339703

At least 4chan uses it.

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