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So have you read the news?
>be intel
>make a $60 pentium that is actually a fucking i3
>everyone with at least half a brain buys this for budget builds
>"muh i3"
>*teleports behind G4560*
>"nothing personnel kiddo"
>*limits production so everyone will eventually buy an i3*

Intel just BTFO themselves by ruining their chances of controlling the budget pc market before Ryzen 3 is released. So what's your move /g/? Buy one before stocks run out and the prices inflate or wait for R3?

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Press F to pay respects.

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why should they buy one? they are literally killing the HT the only reason this cpu exists

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It's already up to $80, so your chances to buy it at dirt cheap are already mostly gone.

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>We continue to offer the Intel Pentium SKU referenced. What you have observed on websites are possibly part of a normal demand fluctuation.


Shitty AYYMDPOORFAGS FUD failed miserably as usual

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It was shit anyway. So are i3s. The minimum requirement for a PC these days is an R5 1400. Anything else and you should buy a tablet.

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>we're totally not limiting production on a CPU that's undercutting our own product line
>please ignore that the price is rising and will continue to go up

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irony being at the price point the g4560 is utterly unbeatable.
R3s are $120 i3 rivals.
1600s are your go to mid point, i5s are poor value by comparison
then things get abit weird into the high tiers. money is less of an issue and your needs take front stage. IPC? has to be intel. Multi? AMD

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you sure? i have g4560 and don't understand why someone would need more if not for serious working purposes

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Kek what?

Did you kill that man? No? Okay then.

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>mfw its 50$ where i live
there are upside to living in 3rd world countries i guess

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g4560 is fine these days, it's even pretty good for gaming (LOL, Overwatch mostly competitive stuff)

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a g4560+rx470/1060 will run every game on the market @1080/60 no sweat.

one of those tech sites even listed it running upto a 1070 before any signs of cpu bottles

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That's complete horse shit though. There are plenty of games where you'll see a lot of dips below 60 with a G4560. Rise of the Tomb Raider, Hitman, The Witcher 3 and Watch Dogs 2, to name some examples.

Equally, there are plenty of games that a 1060 won't handle, unless you're willing to some settings down. I own a fucking 1080 and can easily choke it at 1080p by cranking everything in more demanding titles.

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>mfw I bought an i3 6100 and a Z170 motherboard and got the locked overclocking BIOS
>mfw locked Pentium cucks will now have to buy locked i3s
*teleports behind you at 4.8GHz*
pssh, nuthin personal, kid

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Meh, I'm still happily chugging away on an Ivy Bridge i3 for personal use. We hit Peak Casual CPU years ago.

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>He uses an officelady tier CPU

How are those spreadsheets going, grandma?

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>So what's your move /g/?
Use a used $20 CPU because I don't care about the 1% IPC gains per year that have happened in the last 6 years.

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I don't even use Excel on my personal computer. Work stays at work.

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Intel recommends at least an i5 for spreadsheet work. If you want to do anything intensive like making websites you'll need an i7.

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>So what's your move /g/?
I own a 2600k. I think I'm good for a few more years easily.

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stop buying dual core CPUs for desktops in 2017

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>Used $20 CPU
lol no, i5 2500Ks are still above $100 on ebay

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...BUT if you use more than 3 or 4 spreadsheets/word documents at the same time, an i9 is a minimum here, because you know - ultimate megatasking.

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they're still fine for most users.

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Until R3 is released there is no poorfag tier CPU with more than two cores that isn't VIA or Memedozer

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>Believing the lies & FUD of AYYMDPOORFAGS desperate to save their dying, bankrupt company

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If you're poor, you shouldn't be buying a new CPU, you should be buying a used computer.

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"Normal market fluctuations" = Nobody bothers with i3's anymore and the price keeps going up, lol

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Go away, Shekelstein.

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I can just feel the butthurt oozing out of every pore of your body.

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>believing in that jewish damage control
i sure am glad about not overclocking my unlocked k chip due to temperature


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Newegg prices:
>G4560: $108
>G4600: $87
Did I miss something? Their the same thing only thr 4600 has a better GPU (But it's intel so it's not saying much) and higher clocks, so is it cheaper because it doesn't have the fame of the 4560?

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My entire laptop cost me $105 with shipping on ebay. An exact used replacement CPU costs 15-20 burgers. There are tasks that I do where I think gee a new CPU would make this faster. Those tasks are done infrequently.

I grew up with a 486. Back in my day upgrading meant something. Now it's just another case of a socket change a year keeps the goyim in fear.

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