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Jesus Christ

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i bought an i9-7900x
how fucked am i?

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better keep a fire extinguisher by your computer just in case

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>when you can actually see the massive throttling happen

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Keep a bucket of water near you at all times.

Safety note: electricity and water might lead to adverse side affects.

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Bretty good if you want a housefire and you have insurance

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depends on your what you use it for but it's always going to be a house fire.
That's what you get for falling for the ((poorfag)) meme.

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>Skylake-X at its stock settings can barely be cooled during normal operation.
>There’s barely any room for enthusiasts to overclock.

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downclock it to 4ghz and you might be fine

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What are you poor can't even afford a industrial chiller

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They just use the proper equipment.

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are you gonna delid VRM, too?

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/r/intel damage control squad already on the scene

>Anyone new to this high wattage stuff, the solution is simple: get a 40mm and 2 zipties, set it above the VRM heatsink so it's blowing air upwards, and hook it up with zipties, and your MOSFETs will drop like 20 degrees. This is all it takes.
>And, judging from this review, and all of the 7900X reviews that are using a case and not a zero airflow test bench, you won't even need to do that.


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>Staple two already-hot i7 processors together
>Wonder why everything is melting

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You'll never be cold in winter again. Smart choice, anon.

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This is what we used to do when we were overclocking 65nm and 45nm processors on LGA775
It's not new, it's just all your fucking children have never experienced hardware that actually ran at high temperatures so shit doing this at stock is some big heinous mystery to you.

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Big difference between doing that ghetto shit on overclocked consumer CPUs versus HEDT CPUs at stock.

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This makes it ok does it?

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You're right. Which is why this is a big step backwards back into shitville.

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Not really, since most motherboards at the time had fucknormous heatsinks and active fans built into the VRM/NB/SB heatsinks.
I'm not saying it's an excusable design flaw, I'm just saying this shit isn't new.

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So it's confirmed that Skylake X can use up to 378W or so from the CPU alone at 4.6Ghz, and that full power draw is up to 500W. Does the VRM really use 100W of power and it's still not enough?

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That isn't even the craziest graph. The cores are hitting 100 degrees whilst the heatspreader isn't even hitting 30. That's fucking insane. The power draw would still be off the charts even with solder, but at least you might stand SOME chance of keeping them it from throttling. Instead they chose the absolute cheapest, most bottom of the barrel thermal paste they could find and it's barely transferring any heat away from the cores to the heatspreader.

Delidding is essentially mandatory to use these chips, even at stock.

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Ready for some xtreme OCing.

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It runs cooler than my old 8800 gt

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All of this is really making a strong case that intel panicked and rushed this out to answer Ryzen and Threadripper. Power usage is terrible because they had to push clocks high or they wouldn't be able to deliver compelling performance vs AMD's much cheaper offerings.

I don't think Ryzen is what they're really afraid of though, I think they're afraid of AMD's 7nm parts.
If Global Foundries facilitates AMD bringing a 10% IPC uplift with 15% to 20% higher clocks then intel won't have any recourse. Right now pushing clocks high is all intel can do, and when AMD can do the same its not going to be good for intel in benches. AMD could have an 8c/16t part with a 4ghz base clock and still fit in a 95w TDP. They could potentially reach those clocks well under 10w per core. Kaby Lake on intel's 14nm+ process takes 12.5w per core to hit 3.6ghz.

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Anon 7nm LP is tailored for 5ghz operation.

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I wonder just how much could be fixed had they used solder and not paste.
Obvious the chip can do more, but it's being held back thermally.

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>power consumption testing

Pick two. These guys have some serious gear for extracting all kinds of data when it comes to pc component power draw and if they are saying shits on fire yo you better believe it. Not that I personally have that problem.

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Thats a target fmax they want logic to be able to reach, those clocks come at the cost of power however. 14nm LPP had a target fmax of ">3ghz" and we see exactly where Zen is most efficient at 3.3ghz and lower.
The range of 4ghz to 4.5ghz is ballpark where we'll see Zen2 land. Something like an IBM POWER9+ on 7nm would come clocked at 5ghz because power usage in that segment can be justified.

If we account for uncore drawing 15w, then Ryzen nominally pulls 10w per core underload with its 3.6ghz base clock. If, and this is an enormous if, AMD had a 7nm Zen 2 chip reach 5ghz at 10w per core then they'd be looking at 4ghz around half of that power. That'd work out to a 4ghz 8c/16t part at 55w, likely lower as lower clocks come with lower uncore draw. That would mean a 3ghz chip would easily fit into a small laptop. It would mean that their server parts would be utterly unparalleled in efficiency. It would be such a massive industry shake up that it would change the computer landscape forever.
I don't think thats quite going to happen.

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We'll see.
Also Intel's 10nm node is piss.

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Lets run with this hypothetical of what Zen2 could me - the possibilities it opens up design wise in the console space (which are always TDP contrained) are staggering. It gets especially interesting for APUs.

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>console space
Irrelevant, since margins are basically nonexistant.
What matters is laptops and datacenter.

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For money sure but there is more to a modern cpu or gpu than the silicon itself. In fact the ecysystem is probably more important (see why CUDA is so dominant). With the nuances of GCN and ryzen - in this hypothetical - influencing game engine design (among other things) has some far reaching implications for the likes of Intel and Nvidia. AMD is going to take years to crack the data centre open.

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>For money sure but there is more to a modern cpu or gpu than the silicon itself.
It's still mostly silicon. Ecosystem is important in data center, and AMD has established it for EPYC.
>AMD is going to take years to crack the data centre open.
Hoo boy 2 (TWO) hyperscalers are starting rollouts 2H 2017.
Fucking Opteron Dual Core got 25% of the data center market in ~2 years.

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>throttling for continuous >0.5s intervals
wew, that's way worse than previous reports


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So they watercooled the CPU, why weren't they watercooling the VRMs?

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I just noticed that's actually minutes and not seconds!


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That makes my dual X5690s look fucking amazing and I'm using stock heatsinks in a Dell T7500.

Honestly I'm sure if Intel just took Westmere, put it on a smaller process and glued two 6 cores together on a single die it would probably still perform amazingly even by today's standards.

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Forget that, why wasn't the entire system suspended in mineral oil? I'll tell you why, it's because it's a paid AMD promotional piece that fuels antisemitism.

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They used a fucking FRIDGE to cool it and it was still not enough.

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I couldn't see the images because fuck them for not showing the images without JS, but aren't phase-change coolers strapped just to the CPU and not to any surrounding components? Were they doing what that one guy did and taking the VRM sinks off and blowing air on them?

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single processor package not die. My b.

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Either way, Zen2 will be significantly more efficient than Zen, and clock higher for less power. Its only a question of how high.

I think without a doubt we'll see some Zen2 based chips work their way into notebooks as small form factor mobile workstations. We already have 65w Ryzen 7 1700 with somewhat competent clocks, and that isn't too far away from 45w which is a well established bracket for mobile parts. Manufacturers well know how to design thermal solutions for 35w to 45w chips. Hell, one version of the Macbook Pro carried a "47w" Iris Pro Haswell chip that consumed 90w under full load.
The potential for a 35w Zen2 equivalent of the R7 1700 is very real, and thats the type of thing too good for an OEM to pass up.

Laptops, small form factor systems, thin client, data center, these are the areas where AMD will hit the hardest. Of course an APU will benefit in kind. Cut the core count in half and add an IGP, and you're still basically working with the same power draw. APUs however are more likely to scale down to the extreme in TDPs, to 15w and below. Ultabooks and convertible tablets would shine with that sort of hardware. Competent IGP performance is lacking in this area.

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Good Jesus, what are they using? That must be as inefficient as peanut butter.

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At this point, peanut butter might be more efficient. Make sure it's the extra creamy, though.

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wow, it's useless.

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You're not funny.

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Whatever it is, they should start selling it as a thermal insulator instead.

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Lipids are great heat insulators, and pb is pure fat, that HAS to be peanut butter.

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You're funny.

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What in the actual ever loving fuck, so much spaghetti from this terrible release. It's not like the enterprise will pick up EPYC day one when stability is a big name. Some will risk it due to the nice features, but it's not like everyone will just drop their retardedly expensive xeons overnight. TR will obliterate their HEDT market though, they have no chance when the 1700 itself is already a vastly superior buy and it's comparable to entry level TR.

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End yourselves.

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Intel's management is falling apart.
Executives trying to branch out into segments they have no hope of competing in, giving hundreds of millions to PR diversity nonsense, firing 12,000 American workers to replace with lower paid Indian H1Bs, not hiring enough competent engineers, investing in and buying out toy companies for billions.
They have no idea what they're doing.

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This further supports my theory that Intel doesn't want people to overclock anymore.

The keep making OC unfriendly.
hard to De-lid skylale-x
Bad Tim
Bad his to chip tolerances
Vrm cooling is lacking


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>no overclocking
>intel can sell ever increasingly segmented SKUs
>charge a premium for every added 100mhz

This does seem like something they'd think up.

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They literally said to not OC their 7700k.

>> No.61307439

Would make sense if it wasn't their "enthusiast" HEDT platform. They just fucked up, that's all.

>> No.61307466

A true Enthusiast™ would pay more for a certified higher factory clocked chip to get more Performance™

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We need to get a group buy of delid this case badges going.

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When the fuck is TR coming out? I wanna see some buttblasted Intel fags.

>> No.61307557

Isn't it this month? I'd say August at the latest, they already showed boards and the package.

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Ah, a member of OCN I see! Them poors shouldn't be allowed to overclock if they can't afford the best - thats why I buy Intel™

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intel brand mayonnaise strikes again!

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Fuck the fire extinguisher, you'd need a damn Halon system to suppress the house fire 7900x will cause.

>> No.61307873

How is this a 140W TDP part?

>> No.61307909


If you only run it for 45 seconds a 140w TDP seems reasonable.

>> No.61307922

TDP isn't actually the maximum power you can make the CPU draw for a sustained period of time, its the guideline they chose for how much power the CPU will probably draw over a sustained period for most workloads in typical conditions.

In other words TDP is basically a number they pull out of their ass that may sometimes have some vague relationship to what the CPU actually does. AMD and Nvidia do this shit too.

>> No.61307937

It's 140W TDP "under specific circumstances"

TDP definition changes for Intel every few weeks.

>> No.61307947

But you can't show that in the windowed cases anymore! Does nobody think of the appearance?

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Had to do it on AM3+ boards for piledriver too, my crosshair got toasty even with my average 4.5GHz OC.

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TDP is a meaningless sticker for any chip manufacturer. Not relegated to Intel. They all use different, self serving definitions.

>> No.61308037

A 4ghz Ryzen R7 pulls 200w or close to it. TDP means fuckall, It's usually calculated at stock voltage and no boost clock.

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You know that OCing Ryzen over 3.6GHz gives some insane diminishing returns, right? Process limit.
That's why a 1700 uses almost half the power of a 1800X at stock but it's only some 20% slower.

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This is what I was pushing on a board vastly inferior to the crosshair.

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Remember the reports of some 4770K and 4670K throttling at stock? Intel had to improve the TIM when they released the 4790K and 4690K.

Yet they had to release this new shitter. Maybe because no one complained last time.

>> No.61308159

It's because the company is ran by bean counters who don't know shit about engineering think saving a few million in packaging cost is worth your reputation down the shitter because "only nerds and extreMEEEE overcockers care about these things"

>> No.61308172

I only had it because I managed to get it for $100 used/refurb from a warehouse sale to replace the same board you're running on, funny enough.
And for the record, I was able to get mine to 4.8 or 4.9 stable, but I didn't want the daily use voltage to be something ridiculous.

>> No.61308199

Someone on reddit used a proper toothpaste as TIM for his i7-7700k and it performed better than the stuff Intel puts in.

>> No.61308200

They've gone too far this time though. These things can't even be cooled properly at stock, let alone overclocked. They could shrug at the previous housefires and say overclocking isn't recommended (and indeed voids your warranty), but this is a whole different level of incompetent.

>> No.61308259


>And for the record, I was able to get mine to 4.8 or 4.9 stable

I never maanged to keep my little 8320e stable for more than a few minutes at 4.9ghz because the board simply could not handle the power draw. This was even with a siler arrow cooler with the front fan replaced with a 3500rpm delta fan and the TY-147 (or whatever the fuck the thermalright that shipped with the silver arrow is) blowing over the motherboard vrms to provide additional cooling. The abuse that system took from me was incredible given I was pushing both the chip and board way beyond their intended use case.

>> No.61308261

appreciate the analysis.
this post is like chemotherapy that doesn't make you sick.

>> No.61308293

Piledrivers were fucking workhorses through and through, can't agree more.

>> No.61308461

Can you run these chips on air cooling?

>> No.61308521

[audibly chortles inside]

>> No.61308527


To be fair they were designed to take way more punishment than was sensible for a desktop platform. A good chip could take 1.6v 24/7 if you kept it (and the vrms) cool enough.

>> No.61308543

Feel like catching tornadoes?

>> No.61308605

Yeah, if you have decent over-ear headphones.

>> No.61308627

Are you willing to use three-amp, 250-CFM, 65-decibel, 120x120x38 Delta fans? (fans, plural)

>> No.61308695

ever set off a wall mine in Splinter Cell?
that's how fucked you are

>> No.61308708

if they dont switch to solder this is dead on arrival.

you can tell its just a heat dissipation issue now.

>> No.61308747

I refuse to believe it's just the TIM

It's probably

>low amount of copper going into the IHS or generally shoddy IHS construction(bean counter fault)
>gaps between the IHS and die(assembly fault which no one cares to fix)
>TIM(bean counter issue)

Just TIM alone can't explain these ridiculous temps.

>> No.61308796

You're forgetting how they pushed the CPU way past its comfort zone.
The temps would be ridiculous even if nothing but clocks and amount of cores changed.

>> No.61308837

That's the reason WHY it's a housefire, but it doesn't explain the extremely poor thermal transfer from the cores to the IHS.

>> No.61309199

Its largely due to the IHS shim height. Intel intentionally increased the z height of the IHS over the die, but they've never given a reason for it. We know for an absolute fact that adjusting this shim can can radically improve temps, usually when someone replaces the TIM themselves the biggest difference comes from altering this shim height. Unless there was some manufacturing reason for this(there isn't) intel intentionally chose to make their chips run hotter starting with Ivy Bridge. Now that the HEDT platform isn't even soldered it is very clear that intel is implementing a plan of some sort. Its not just phasing out solder, though properly applied TIM is perfectly passable, they're also intentionally preventing good contact with the IHS.

They want to make their chips run hotter. It does seem like they're moving in the direction of phasing out overclocking. Theres no other reason for the choices they're making.

>> No.61309257

Could the reason be that the exposed part of the die is way more fragile than expected and keeping it in constant contact might lead to issues?

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Watch this space - the evolution of turbo in cpus is going to render overclocking null and void on the tip top binnings (that will cost loads of shekels) because the chip will be smart enough to hit the upper limit anyone doing basic overclocking is likely to hit. Naturally those hardcore few that hand tune all the voltages and other such support values with squeeze out more.

Nvidia is doing the same thing via a combination of their gpu boost technology and more and more aggressively locking down their BIOS so AIB's can't expose features to the user.

Flipside is AMD's "YOLO FULL THROTTLE" approach means idiots are very likely to nuke their shit (on the gpu front for example Trixx lets you slam 1.4v through a hawaii chip and that is stupid voltage without obscene cooling).

>> No.61309337

People who delid themselves haven't been encountering unduly fragile crack prone dies. Nor have there been any longevity issues. We've got a solid sample size of Ivy Bridge owners with delided chips, the line launched nearly 5 years ago.

>> No.61309482

Unless you're taking things to the extreme ala LN2 or some other cooling method capable of dealing with 500w of power run through a chip, an adequate turbo scheme could viably replace overclocking. This is what AMD wants to do with XFR. If process metrics allowed, and adequate cooling were provided, they could have every core hit that 4.1ghz point, likely a lot higher. With the right sensors in the right places, and having preset known good voltage/clock states the chip doesn't need to operate in such a rigid static way. The concept of a base clock and single turbo state is already largely irrelevant.
Intel did make a very big push towards this with their Speedshift. They want high granularity and software defined pstates.

Letting the processor do more is still ultimately taking control away from the user.

>> No.61309540

Software controlled P-states are shit since CPUs can do them under 1ms while you're looking at 10ms+ for the OS to do it

>> No.61309631

Look at what intel introduced with their coded RAID keys just recently.
They could sell you a widget for an additional $100 coded to your specific CPU that lets you download a special driver/firmware to alter your pstates and give you an extra 200mhz turbo headroom.
Buy one SKU, pay for extra performance on top of it. Want to top those benchmarks? Buy the physical DLC. Thats likely where intel is headed. Watch them reduce the price of the top quad core i7 SKU by $50 while they charge an extra $100 for the functionality they removed. Fanboys will defend the price cut from" BASED" intel.

>> No.61309718

Its all about the upsell. Convince you that you're saving money, then get you to purchase the add ons by making it seem reasonable.
Really old marketing trick.

>> No.61310342

And along came Ryzen to save us.
Intel can't pull that shit anymore
Not when people have an alternative.

I'd jump the Intel ship immediately if they tried to lock down overclocking.

>> No.61310370

>if they tried to lock down overclocking
You mean .. lock it down even more than they already have?

>> No.61311084

>You mean .. lock it down even more than they already have?

Ya bro, that's what I just said.

>> No.61312632

All the poorfags in this thread.
You don't overclock a $1000 CPU you fucking retards.
If you need more power you buy a second one instead.

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Is it ironic that you can make two R7 1700 builds for the price of one i7-7900X build and still be ahead in terms of overall performance?

>> No.61312755


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>yfw AMD straight up glues two 1700 and sells it for $650

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>300W input
No shit it's going to heat up at that power input you fucking moron, but guess what, no fucking CPU uses 300W under regular loads so unless you plan on connecting like 50 servers to your i9, you're not gonna go past a 120W usage

>> No.61312889

>no fucking CPU uses 300W under regular loads
This one uses 400W :)

>> No.61312918

>d-don't overclock ..
>d-don't stress test, even at stock ..

The damage control is reaching peak stupid.


>Depending on whether you use the Enhanced Turbo option or not, power consumption in excess of 230W (in AVX-heavy workloads) or as high as 200W (without AVX) is possible right out of the box.

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File: 1.18 MB, 4080x4064, 1403000986235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, if you force 400W through it
If you knew even the slightest bit about electrical devices you'd realize that such a small thing drawing 400W is basically impossible
Why do you think the graph is just a few seconds in length?
Because they forced 400W through the CPU to shit on it on purpose

>> No.61312960

>Heating up process over 20 minutes

Might want to actually read the graph before you shitpost smug Danny Divito over it.

>> No.61312980

You can't "force" a cpu to consume power retard.
It's just a product of clock, voltage and workload.

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File: 56 KB, 540x720, 1456878210672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is but a lie, anon, at 400W a processor would literally light on fire within 20 minutes
Uh, except P = A x V which means you simply force either more voltage or current through it to up the amount of power going through it

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My neighbor has an intel, no wonder they don't need any fireplace

>> No.61313057

>merely having an i9 lights your computer on fire

That's some potent shit right there

>> No.61313065

>at 400W a processor would literally light on fire within 20 minutes
So, just like in OP's image?

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File: 682 KB, 2048x1362, 1455569959459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A 100 degrees is barely on fire
My shitty old laptop ran at 60 degrees idle and 130 degrees under load and while the laptop died the fucking CPU still lives on
100 degrees is literally babby-tier temps

>> No.61313123

Would've shut down well before 130c. You either got the temp readout wrong or you're talking fahrenheit.

>> No.61313134

Did you even read the post you're replying to?

>It's just a product of clock, voltage and workload.

Current is what you get when you pair a voltage with a resistance. You can't "force" more current through a fixed resistance without increasing voltage.

>> No.61313143

Not even shitty HPs with Turion CPUs ran at 130°C.

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>Would've shut down well before 130c
Yeah, maybe for AMJEW processors but that i5 is still trucking on like a motherfucker

Except we're talking about power, watts
There is no resistance when calculating watts, you multiply the voltage with the amps, you get the watts
If you need more watts you either up the current or you up the voltage, it's that simple

That laptop had shitty ass cooling that's probably why
Then again most laptops too

>> No.61313276

Holy fuck you're stupid.

>> No.61313278

I don't give a shit what you're calculating, I'm saying that you can't turn a magic dial on the power supply and increase current through a fixed resistance without also increasing voltage.

If you want more current, you decrease resistance or increase voltage. The CPU gets to control resistance. The motherboard gets to control voltage. Read a book, nigger.

I hope I'm being trolled, but I don't have that much faith in Intel fanboys.

>> No.61313293
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>> No.61313339
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Nice shitpost you retard, I'm sure that earned you enough good boy points for your mom to buy you a month's worth of tendies
Except guess what, you can supply a CPU with power without having to route it through the motherboard you fucking idiot
See those pins on the bottom of your processor?
You can literally hook them up with wires and supply your processor with power
You up the voltage until you hit 400W it's literally that simple

>> No.61313371

Whew, at least I know I'm being trolled. Wish you could have kept it up longer, but I guess I can sleep tonight.

>> No.61313396
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>lost the argument

Good job you fucking idiot, try growing past the age of 12 before opening your useless cock sucking mouth

>> No.61313738
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buttblasted intlelfag is buttblasted

>> No.61313913

Everytime you buy AMD, a jew is gassed.

Think before you buy. Buy AMD

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