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1. Delete your browsing history completely
2. Go to about:support and click on the button to open your profile folder
3. Open SiteSecurityServiceState.txt

Here you go, a plain text list of websites you've accessed even though you deleted the history.

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Here is a decently formulated page on what this thread is about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_Strict_Transport_Security

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... and way more extensive information on why Firefox does not respect your privacy: https://github.com/pyllyukko/user.js/

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So what is your solution? Stop browsing the internet?

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>he thinks invading privacy is simply tracking history
Shoo, pajeet.

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tails :^)

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turn off cache and history

learn before you shit post

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More than half of that isn't even privacy related. I don't even get what your point is. It's not like any other browser is doing a better job.

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hes talking about 3rd parties not mozilla

you seem to be very confused OP

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>he thinks invading privacy is simply tracking history
Stop shilling chrome, rajesh.

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Just use icecat, it's firefox without the google shit and other bloat spyware shit.

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It lists way more reasons than OP did, with links to explanations.

The small ones like QupZilla, qutebrowser and all those little shits are doing a better job at privacy.

You seem confused.

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>not using "Always use private browsing mode"

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firefox doesnt have spyware

anon is linking to fingerprinting by a website and implying hes being spied on by mozilla

also what does firefox have to do with google?

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>also what does firefox have to do with google?
go to about:config
type fuckin google...
You already seem like a windows fag desu

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The safebrowsing option checks the sites you visit on google's list of potential malware sites. But you can easily turn this off, which is recommended anyway since uBlock Origin is a better and more customizable domain blocker.

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Quick reminder that Firefox is ran by SJWs and as such they use the same tactic of making stuff up and then shutting down the conversation when asked to provide evidence. https://medium.com/@zerodpx/as-a-chrome-engineer-im-skeptical-that-the-differences-in-memory-use-between-firefox-and-chrome-29017186505e?source=responses---------1-----------

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google and firefox share api's

you implied google was using firefox to spy

>talking about sjw
>pretending google doesnt exist

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Except even chrome is developed by SJWs and there's nothing wrong with most SJWs anyway.

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funny how it quickly went from spying to sjwism when the OP was proved wrong

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firefox gets most of its money from google, so really this should not be a surprise

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>should not be a surprise
learn to read the thread

OP was proved wrong

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wew that was hard

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What does this setting even do? What does the txt file exactly store?

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Your stomach hurt; you need to poo
But I won't let you near my loo!
Begone from here, my son Pajeet

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its to verify certs

obviously its probably not the best idea to turn it off unless you have a alternitive

thats why its on by default

ie amazon.com says HTTPS but how do you know if that cert is legit

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if you werent such a cock sucker, you could have looked at the linked posted literally on the fist reply, summer

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Stop spouting BS. HSTS has nothing to do with TLS certificate verification. It just enforces that websites that enable it can ONLY be accessed over HTTPS (to prevent downgrade attacks).

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Is this a hidden pref? I don't see it on Nightly. I just set sitesecurityservicestate.txt to read only.

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>They don't use Waterfox.

Enjoy your SJW crap.

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yes and no, its a settings that shouldnt really be changed so its preference is not presented/available by default. creating it will apply properly

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>nothing wrong with most SJWs
Are you seriously that naive? SJWs are by definition "activists" (actually slacktivists) that shove their shitty diversity agenda down everyone's throat.

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Oh, ok. Having it set to read-only always worked, so I didn't really try to do anything else.
I don't get this thing of having invisible options though. I mean, about:config is not exactly a bunch of settings you end up editing by mistake, if I'm looking for something there I probably know what I'm doing.

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Edge does a far, far better job at respecting your privacy then FF does.

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So basically the same as a bunch of httpseverywhere-like addons?

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>I don't get this thing of having invisible options though. I mean, about:config is not exactly a bunch of settings you end up editing by mistake, if I'm looking for something there I probably know what I'm doing.
mozilla is filled with idiots who dont really know what they are doing besides forking chrom* looks and now functionality (webext, etc). mozilla wont stay afloat for long, now that they have alienated the remainder of their software users, not even rust is going to save them

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edge is closed source and cant be modified

you can contribute or fork firefox and audit it

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Once Firefox 57 comes out, I'm probably going to be forced away.

It was fun while it lasted.

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>he thinks mozilla is a corporation who directs firefox

>he doesnt know that the commits are all by individuals
>he doesnt read the change log contributors

youre a idiot

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dude havent you heard of decreasing your attack surface?


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GNU icecat

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That's what noscript and adblock are for.

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>all changes made onto the code ship in firefox
>mozilla employees are not the ones that chose what goes where
>you can commit code without any access to the repo
>there are no rules to commuting code, not even a code syntax structure you have to abide to
you know not what you are talking about

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>leddit enhancement suite

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every addon adds more vulnarabilities

so by this standard all of the *bsds are shit?

also the linux kernel is shit?

mozilla doesnt own firefox

thats how icecat/iceweasel was forked legally

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This, guys. Seriously we have super fast internet and you still use disk cache, haha.

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this has to be bait

these guys were outed on f-droid for tracking users

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>mozilla doesnt own firefox
excuse me? they do legally own the firefox brand and all its logos.
also, before killing yourself out of shame, show me one thing anyone, other than linus, decided, based solely on his wanting, to include in a kernel version. you wont because there isnt

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they only own the logo and the brand name

they dont own the software

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Me too. I'm using Nightly right now. Once it reaches 57 I'll have to roll back to regular Firefox. Once even that gets to 57 I'll either use ESR or a fork. Guess I'll have to try palemoon or waterfox.
Been using Firefox for over a decade and never looked back. Thanks for trying to drive me away SJWzilla.

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how are they SJW?

they are pretty tame compared to google/chrome

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>he doesn't block homepage elements with ublock

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>he endorses literal botnet + infused ultimate sjw cuckoldry

>childrens application

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I use secure sanitizer (pic related) because assholes post random CP on 4chan. I closed Firefox, reopened it, followed your instructions and SiteSecurityServiceState.txt was blank.

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cant find it in waterfox : ^ )

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>he doesnt know Firefox already deletes files securely by wiping over them

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i wonder when googles going to sell that racial algorithm to california courthouses against privileged white males

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and what is FIREFOX if not the branding, you fucking nigger?
also where is those "community decisions made into prod" commits?
jesus christ the retardation levels during summer time...

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sorry but they dont own the software

you were proven wrong

also look at the change logs

>trying to subvert muh summer

face it you have no ground and you got BTFO

>inb4 muh sjw
google out cucks them in every aspect

go cry some more else where

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it's the refugees from /pol/ calling anything that is slightly pro African/pro women SJW even if it is legit work.

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I thought every country got it

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We got it here.

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that's pretty neat!

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I see no indication that anything but history is overwritten there.

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>Some items in databases are privacy sensitive, such as deleted history items. Users have the expectation that deleting items in their history will remove the traces of that from the database. As a result, Mozilla enables the SQLITE_SECURE_DELETE preprocessor flag in db/sqlite3/src/Makefile.in. This flag causes deleted items to be filled with 0s on disk.

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hey. remember that story where the terrorist put in a copyright claim on some guy he didnt like on youtube, and got his address, becaue it says on teh dispute form thing, that you have to put your real name and information or .. its like against the law, so you can't do it. Then so, like you know. Anyway They use youtube. and taht story , if you remember it, like that day or afternoon, got buried quick. I remember i was like, uh wtf, for real?! then you konw, 6 hour later it was like, what?

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Are you high on Monster or Redbull or something, what the fuck did I just read.

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yu have trouble speaking english? you didnt fucking hear?

the dispute a copyright claim form on youtube requires you to put your real information and its a law.

.. I think i explained it in a way that everyone understands taht pretty much the usa uses any internet websites to promote terrorism, and you are mad about that.. am i right?

Its their rules, so a terrorist can say, i make a copyright claim, on somebody they dont like. becuase of a comment they made to them, or any reason, tehy dont like a video or something they made. whatever. Put a copyright claim on them, and gets their information, cause its required for them, youtube can't make that claim.

ok need me to explain it more in lamens terms, i know thats what you are realy mad about, cause, i dont recall ask you a thing

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Holy shit what is wrong with you.

>> No.61265192

I rate that 8/cringe

>what are journaled filesystems

>> No.61265195

hes talking about the dispute system

when there is a copyright claim or DMCA you can appeal to it

the problem is that youtube(google) makes you two settle it personally without their involvement

basically the person issuing the dispute hold all of the power and youtube(google) enforces it without investigating

there has been cases of people taking this outside of youtube by abusing the system

for example david irving the historian gets disputes on all his videos to get taken down

the problem is that google doesnt authenticate these people before they make their claims so basically anyone can dispute content and get it taken down without proof

even if its common creative license

pretty fucked up tbqh

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You didnt hear then? OH it was a story that came out one day, I think I opened my browser, and went to one of the sites I visit. Dont really know what it was, but it was a search hit for about 6 hours that day.


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then they ignore pic related content even though its reported for mature content

also its breaking intellectual property of disney and marvel(owned by disney)

also these videos of monetized

yet nothing happens

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>that pic
What in the absolute fuck....

>> No.61265246

yeAAA and it was fucking BIG NEWS one day. for like 6 hours it was everywhere. Then mentioning it got replies like these dumb fucks who didnt get me just saying exaactly what you said...

yea, you know, this is what im talking about. You would ask about i tand they would say, "What"? >>61265137

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these are all found in the kids youtube app
(for children under 10) so dont ban me mods! (ive been banned multiple times)

if its safe for children its safe for this board!

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Fuck sake...

>> No.61265335

File is still being written even with that pref set.

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it gets way worse

reminder these are all viewable within the children application so dont ban me damnit!


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Switch to Waterfox then.

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>it's just telemetry goy

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I am 25 and what is this?

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>disable telemetry

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>bad baby
$50/mo to colocate a rasPi is almost worth it to fuck google right off.

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When I get kids I will add youtube to the blacklist in the router. Vimeo should be good enough for them or just normal dvd cartoons.

>> No.61265409

>dat pic
David Tenant is so charming. Also I am straight as a pole.

>> No.61265411

what's it look like?

they get progressively more suggestive.

ask around on /pol/ to see the worse off stuff

they even found actual porn embedded in some of these videos

the recommended list and autoplay gets more suggestive as you go on

the messed up part is they continue to play childrens music so if parents are in the room but not looking at the screen they wouldnt know that porn flashed on the screen for 4 seconds

reminder this is in a childrens rated application on the play store

>> No.61265418

>softcore child scat porn on youtube
what a time to be alive

>> No.61265420

>the point
>your head

>> No.61265428

Based off firefox

>> No.61265451

how do we stop this?

>> No.61265484

we cant

google and disney have been contacted

google is clearly raking in adsense revenue since the videos are monetized

also disney legally could have them all shut down but they wont act on it

these should either be demonitzed or filtered to mature content

neither will happen though because people catch a 48hr ban on /pol/ and despite these videos having millions of views and being reported (parents always commenting they reported months ago)

its no where to be seen on any news network amazingly

imagine if this content was in the netflix childrens section

there would be outrage

we have to target googles sponsors that pay ad revenue (youtube cant host all those videos for free)

barely anyone knows about it though so its almost a lost cause

>> No.61265511

I would hope since yo have no parenting skills you'd commit suicide. Adoption is the best answer

pff use google products more often. Google is behind this all. Theyre careless with their search results. Its their search algorithms that put them there and people playing jokes on their naming shit that made the videos appear there. They are normal regular shit people make. If it was real bad it wouldnt be there. Youknow probably. But its their serach algorithms. and their searches appeals to the broad internet audicence.

until you find a video streaming shit place you call yours that panders to your non-parenting skills idk well too bad

>> No.61265516

I will make sure to spread the word anon. Thank you for letting everyone know about this. Don't worry, with the power of connectivity nowadays it is only a matter of time before people see the truth. The international kike hates the internet for this very reason.

>> No.61265519

4chan isn't your personal army, moralfag.

>> No.61265529

>pedo detected

>> No.61265535

anon are you ok? Because literally I can't understand what you said at all.

>> No.61265546

>we have to target googles sponsors that pay ad revenue (youtube cant host all those videos for free)
How much do you really think it costs them to host those videos? Be realistic, now.

>> No.61265559

ive found more luck informing young moms on facebook honestly lol

women get personal when it involves their children

everyone else will generally down play the issue

>> No.61265560

why should we stop this?

>> No.61265567

I dont give a shit you stupid faggots. Its how peoples curiosity goes.

you run into that. why dont you do yuor own parenting. sounds to me like someone using their kids non-speach to abuse others with. Better shut your mouth before I come over and stomp your kids lifes out

Internet searches may lead to that but i guess by their short term algorythmes thats what they lead to that people are looking to see who look for those kinds of things.




>> No.61265569

I don't know about you anon but I don't want my kids to be exposed to degeneracy. To each their own though.

>> No.61265585

I don't want people with kids coming here

>> No.61265587


>> No.61265593

id imagine billions

every video has multiple viewing formats

the average video that is monetized is over 10 minutes

thats got to atleast a couple gigs

not imagine that around 4000 of these videos are created every day

youtube isnt some magic cloud they rely on real hardware (harddrive arrays) and nothing is truely free

>> No.61265599

Stop reddit spacing

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Does it trigger your crippling autism?

>> No.61265602

install a parent filter or something

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Point is that these videos are in the kid's app. They are also named in such a way to override any sort of parenting filter , look at this: >>61265274

>> No.61265625

Normalfags don't belong here

>> No.61265640

>muh search terms
youtube has a robot that automatically marks videos as mature

>unable to filter these into mature section

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>muh sekret klub

>> No.61265657

thats the point of the youtube childrens application

sept the filter doesnt work anon

>> No.61265658

Normalfags always respond with that when told to fuck off and ruin some other website.

>> No.61265667

The file contains exactly just the pages that I browsed this session. If you're too dumb to configure ff for privacy, get lost.

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File: 42 KB, 1324x368, DEIJ6oIXkAAtNPk.jpg:large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not using Brave

Shiggy diggy doo

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>closed source

>> No.61265690

Your looking for catered too, not search results. if yuor searching the internet for non-mature content. try doing that with their picture search too, it never works.

please shtu the fuck up abuot how the internet works when you search. nothing will be done because it works, live

>> No.61265699

It's FOSS you stupid retard. CEO is the co-founder of Firefox: Brendan Eich.

Go spread FUD somewhere else.

>> No.61265706

It's called ElsaG8 btw anons. (I didn't name it)
In case if you ask on /pol/

There's not a lot of us out there but there's enough of us informed on the matter and we will not give up.

>> No.61265707

It's a jew browser, it interjects its own ads that can be tailored to you via data mining.

>> No.61265731

You're not funny.

>> No.61265741

>He doesn't deny it

>> No.61265752

Life isn't funny, anon.

>> No.61265764
File: 88 KB, 638x479, fear-uncertainty-and-doubt-by-robert-cummings-rsa-2014-2-638.jpg?cb=1400933766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is your (you)

>> No.61265768

You didn't provide a source of Brave Browser "data mining".

It is when you're not being antisemitic and /or racist.

>> No.61265779

>If I just keep calling everything that disagrees with bait or FUD, I don't have to actually argue.

>> No.61265792

>It is when you're not being antisemitic and /or racist.
(You) now go to be a jew somewhere else

>> No.61265802

You're not funny.

>> No.61265834

Yes it is

>> No.61265879

Google is number one Mozzila supporter. (Are not far of number 1) They give shit tones of money

>> No.61265921

I tried brave, it's pretty nice out of the box, but still run my firefox with shit tones of add-ons.
Brave is nice on Android.

>> No.61266023

>every video has multiple viewing formats
>hasn't heard of transcoding
>hasn't heard of caching
Do you even program, shlomo?
>thats got to atleast a couple gigs
>not imagine that around 4000 of these videos are created every day
Don't imagine, dipshit. Do the math. The solid colors make these videos easier to compress, so let's figure 4Mb/sec * 15 min = 450MB/video. Or, hey, why not double it to 8Mb/sec and 900MB/video. So, say 4TB/day.
Google estimates that one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second, so 86400 hours of video uploaded per day. Assuming your statistic of 4000 of these soft-cp videos uploaded per day, that's 1000 hours uploaded per day.
Consider the production effort required to film, produce, and edit 1000 hours of video per day. Without an EXTREMELY well-resourced operation employing hundreds of editors and thousands of sound-stage personnel, it's not reasonable to expect that the vast majority of those aren't reuploads and that YouTube is playing whack-a-mole.
>youtube isnt some magic cloud they rely on real hardware (harddrive arrays) and nothing is truely free
Disk costs about $50/TB at retail, so maybe $200/day.
>nothing is truely free
Consider the following:
1. Shut the fuck up until you understand how small a terabyte is in relation to exabytes and how large in relation to a human TOS screener.
2. Stop flapping like an autist.
2. Kill yourself for reddit spacing.

>not being pro-semitic is anti-semitic
>muh group narcissism
Is it fit to report muh you're not funny as spam?

I thought Google stopped supporting Mozilla, and that it was Yahoo now. From TechCrunch, 4lazy5link:
>2015 is the first year in a decade that Mozilla didn't rely on Google for the vast majority of its revenue. Mozilla signed a five-year partnership deal with Yahoo at the end of 2014 that went into effect in 2015.

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File: 141 KB, 876x872, Screenshot from 2017-07-07 17-17-44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Site preferences.
I stopped firefox from writing to this with sudo chattr +i Site[tab]
>change attributes add imutable.
Then I changed it back because my hat isn't tinfoil.

>> No.61267384


Even "Remember history" + "Clear history when Firefox closes" is not sufficient:
>'Clear Recent History' with 'Cache' or 'Offline Website Data' doesn't clear QuotaManager storage (indexedDB, asm.js cache)

>> No.61268319


But I've been having FF clear 'everything' for years. How does this even effect 90% of /g/ FF users? Don't we all dump this kind of data as standard procedure?

>> No.61268555

Tin(if thick enough) blocks EMF that WIFI signals operate. Those frequencies are known to cause damage to cells and oxidize the lenses of the human eye.

Put your fucking WIFI schedular on in your router settings and turn that fucking WIFI signal OFF from an hour before bed time until an hour after you wake up.

You will thank me later.

>> No.61268791

That's for HSTS you fucking moron. It stores all those URLS because it knows that those have HSTS enabled. So when you go to any of those domains you'll be redirected to the HTTPS version client-side. This redirection is done before a request is even sent to the server.

>> No.61268910

It's empty, you dumbfuck. 0 KB, with today's date as "Date modified", so I'm guessing the history clear did it's job.

Try configuring your privacy settings correctly instead of lying out of your ass and looking like an asshat, you stupid fuck.

>> No.61268961

>Try configuring your privacy settings correctly
is there a guide for idiots on how to do that?

>> No.61268988

>home of smut peddled as "music videos"

>> No.61269030

Brave is literally GOAT.

>not filled with SJWs
>blocks trackers/ads by default
>has even more options for less compatibility but greater privacy
>AND it has a system to pay websites if you feel too guilty to block ads

>> No.61269034

Most of those settings are on the options in the privacy and security tabs. Just set them to never remember anything, and to delete everything. It's kind of obvious.

The rest is in about:config, but there are a few lists of settings out there that people have compiled for privacy that you can just google. You just pick and choose those that suit you. It's not that hard.

>> No.61269139

What the Fuck?

>> No.61269844

Is waterfox worth getting?
Is it that much better than firefox and chrome

>> No.61270067

you are not doing enough. get learned

>> No.61270195

what add-ons are so essential that you can't use brave?

>> No.61270236
File: 37 KB, 843x1102, 1496111379704.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe when the jews stop ruining everything around the world I will start showing them some love but first things first, return Palestine to its rightful owners, abolish the banking system, and then we will talk about the problems of the so called "anti-semitism"

>> No.61270269

>>AND it has a system to pay websites if you feel too guilty to block ads

You can't make this shit up
Holy dinglebird

>> No.61270338
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>Your stomach hurt; you need to poo
>But I won't let you near my loo!
>Begone from here, my son Pajeet

>> No.61270536

>using firefox on a computer with an internet connection

Truly retarded, Firecuck is an insecure mess only useful for intranet contained in a safe space from the outside world and even then IE v8+ is a better choice.

>> No.61270751

What do you fucks think about Epic Privacy Browser?

>> No.61270795

>Here you go, a plain text list of websites you've accessed even though you deleted the history.
Only thing I have in there is crap about adblock plus and youtube. Nothing about a list of websites visited. You're doing something wrong.

>> No.61270976

No telemetry, 64-bit and no Pocket bullshit.

>> No.61271203

>Open SiteSecurityServiceState.txt
>ctrl+f "pornhub"
>0 matches


>> No.61271216

Your stomach hurt; you need to poo
But I won't let you near my loo!
Begone from here, my son Pajeet

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