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>yfw Fiji all over again, only worse this time

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JUST WAIT (tm)(c)(copyright: AMD, Calcutta)

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Inb4 >>>/v/
Is amd making this card for mining ? Seems like amd is not giving a fuck for games these days.

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The RX vega will be based on the exact same card with one HBM module less

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>months of AMD shilling on /g/
>keep warning them to not overhype, remember Fiji
>"It will beat the 1080ti just wait!"
>it arrives
>slower than a 1080 with higher power consumption
Every single time

AMDlets when will they learn

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these benches are worse than the apparent performance they showed months ago in doom so im still pretty confident that drivers will have double digit percentage impact on the proper final rx vega cards at launch. if it really is this bad though then yeah this is the worst new gpu architecture in decades and utter dwarfs the fermi disaster

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Vega FE shipped the slightly modified Fiji drivers.
If only someone tested ROCm on it.

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The aren't worse than what was showed at all

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>gamers nexus

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What are you talking about? You mean this demo?

Numbers pretty much. Keep in mind this is avg fps and the results might slightly vary depending on the benchmark method. Vega probably had drivers for months considering the massive delays. This is pretty much what you get plus minus 5 fps with non-reference models depending if they will be clocked higher or not.

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pretty much match*

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>Vega FE has TBR disabled
>bbut drivers were ready believe me gweilo

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Just wait

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Yes, fuck me, at least it's not Maxwell-tier delay, it's only two month late.

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>not Maxwell tier-delay
>arrives a year after the architecture it's competing with
You're right it isn't Maxwell-tier delay, it's about 10 times worse

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>yfw Fiji all over again, only worse this time

yeah, that's fiji's drivers.

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You're really delusional if you think AMD is sandbagging their products and makes official PR statements showing benchmarks and fps without proper drivers. I love how you indirectly call them bunch of incompetent idiots just to defend their product. I love how every shill on /g/ suddenly stopped spamming Adored's videos after he pretty much calculated and predicted the very performance you guys are getting now and gave up on AMD's GPUs trying to compete with Nvidia.

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Let's not talk how late 6 series was back then.

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>AMD ships pro card with broken drivers
>just wait to finish that project.

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At least they are showing something instead of nuking a bunch of SKUs are releasing big Polaris.

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It's not a pro card. It's a prosumer one. Also early adopters meme edition.

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This shit was supposed to come out Q4, last year. Then Q1. Then H1. What is this shit, it had better be good

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>Insider source at RTG

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And motherfucking Maxwell was moved from Q3 to Q4 2013 to Q1 2014 for no fucking reason (besides NVIDIA writing drivers for TBR). And yet no one complained.

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>amd markets pro card without signed drivers
>bluluminum gets the jackasses
>first public vid is a poorfag build hooked up to a tv in a 1 bedroom apartment
this is par for the course

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Err most autocad place is using Quadro, most devs are using Titan. What makes Vega so special that people will switch?

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Nvidia has marketing to cover their fuckups.

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And AMD has a year full of shiny new products to cover any Vega delays.

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>When your's company best friend on YT tries to warn you 5 months ago so you can cool down with the hype and realize that AMD isn't ever going to compete with Nvidia's best and you spam his video with autistic screeching because you belong to the worst fan base in hardware industry.

Friendly reminder that gamernexus was also considered "AMD friendly" before Ryzen release in threads we had made by delusional AMD shills that couldn't take no for an answer.

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Ryzen is good at benchmarks, however when you use shit like 7zip actually unzipping your porn its much slower than an i5 or i7. Also it sucks dick with mmorpgs like GW2 or ESO.

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Maxwell delivered. That might be the difference. It's one thing to delay and come out with the top card currently used on Steam, it's another if it's a disappointment

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>Maxwell delivered.
And Vega is yet to do it.
>It's one thing to delay and come out with the top card currently used on Steam
970 sold due to aggresive marketing and resurgence of ebin pc mustard race.
Not because 3.5 meme is any good.

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>Muh gamedevs don't optimize for AyyMD

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Muh gamedevs don't optimize for anything.

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>for no fucking reason
There was a reason, the reason was that there was no competing product except their own old shit and they didn't want to cannibalize their sales before the production run finished.

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970 sold because for its price it offered the best performance in 1080p gaming that was unheard of earlier and also because x60 cards from Nvidia before Pascal had a joke performance so if you wanted to get 60 fps in Witcher 3 etc. 970 was your cheapest choice.

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True, Vega still has a chance, but this first look at it isn't great even if it's muddy.

970 sold since it was at a brilliant price point for the performance. People didn't know about the memory thing for a long time.

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>aggressive marketing
What about the fact it still shit on every AMD product for about a year and came at a great price point and didn't consume the sun?

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Kekler refresh was not fucking supposed to exist, anon.
It's a result of TSMC 20nm node being shit and Maxwell1 being undercooked turd.

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>mfw all things considered the "muh Evil worst company in USA for two consecutive years" EA is doing best job of all AAA publishers at optimizing their games.

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Mostly because DICE programmers are really-really talented and almost every EA game uses Frostbite.

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>was not supposed to exist
It existed because they didn't have any competition and instead of pushing for an early release they decided to rehash their old shit due to the fact it'll still sell because AMD lol.

>Muh undercooked turd that outsold every single AMD card top to bottom.

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>Maxwell was a failure
I don't think you understand meanings of words.

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Maxwell1 was a failure. It had only one SKU anyway.

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This is the face of autism you guys.....

>970 sucks except it sold more than every other card ever but 0.5gb of ram makes a shit lick of difference because autism

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I know some retards in here honestly were expecting 1080 Ti/Quadro performance for cheap but Vega can still do really damn well depending on pricing. If they released slightly cheaper alternatives to 1060/1070/1080 they could still take over market since that's what 99% of people buy anyway.
Stop being retarded anon. You can shill and cry about AMD's superior hardware all you want but it doesn't change fact it was during the maxwell that AMD lost another 15% of market share.
So who cares then? 750 Ti still sold among poorfags I think.

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3.5 meme is Maxwell2.
>So who cares then? 750 Ti still sold among poorfags I think.
Well fuck, Polaris also sold well enough. Both were still stopgap measures.

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And? They came back with literally the most popular GPU series ever sold in history.

You're sitting here like BUBUBUBUBUBU you fucked up with maxwell 1!

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>maxwell 2
750ti is maxwell 1 so is 970 and 980, maxwell2 is the 980ti and the titan xm

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>GM204 is Maxwell1
Really makes me think.

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That's how it works atm and looking at Vega nothing will change. AMD trying to play catch up game and setting fire under Nvidia's ass forcing them to release another 30% faster slightly refreshed lineup putting them ahead for another 2 years. At least due to complete lack of innovation AMD should stay competitive against Intel for years to come.
Nah he is right. Only Maxwell1 GPUs I know of are 750Ti and few 800 series mobile processors.

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Yeah lets not talk about the cards that actualy matter right now

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I'm still buying one

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>I know some retards in here honestly were expecting 1080 Ti/Quadro performance for cheap but Vega can still do really damn well depending on pricing. If they released slightly cheaper alternatives to 1060/1070/1080 they could still take over market since that's what 99% of people buy anyway.

It really can't if these benchmarks are accurate. If it's using a larger die, taking more power and using HBM2 it's going to be more expensive than the Nvidia equivalent.

Nvidia could do a price drop on launch like they did with the 7xx series

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aren't the 700 series cards like literally budget crap?

I just associated maxwell with the 900 series. Do morons actually buy x50 nvidia cards?

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>looking at Vega nothing will change
Just like Maxwell never met it's perf/watt increase due to lack of 20nm node? Come on, people always find a way.
>forcing them to release another 30% faster slightly refreshed lineup
Now with housefires? Moar ALU is a dangerous road.

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aren't the x50 cards*

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>It didn't meet the ideal targets!
>still shit all over AMD anyway


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/v/eddit please stop.

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>please stop
Can you stop your AMD denial? It's looking real dumb for you claiming that any iteration of Nvidia's cards have been failures for anytime in the last 4 years. I know you'll buy into AMD's vega bullshit and I'm not looking to upgrade cards at all, but denying Nvidia superiority top to bottom for the last 2 GPU generations is laughable.

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>utter dwarfs the fermi disaster
This is the intelligence of wood screw cucks.

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>gp106 is superior to Ellesmere

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Also why are you shifting uarch discussion into realm of sales? nVidia managed to sell thermi. They can sell gaymen snake oil and people will buy it.

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You mean their meme tensor cores? I guess time will tell.
If you look at Steam hardware survey and take it with a grain of salt you can say 750 Ti was really popular probably cause of prebuilds sold to absolutely oblivious people but still.

>> No.61199182

No i literally mean consumer Volta will be moar ALUs. Tensor memes are irrelevant and meme learning bubble will burst in several years anyway.

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>750ti was really popular because prebuilts sold
Then you would also submit that intel integrated graphics are the best selling GPU ever because you're that retarded.

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Intel iGPU is THE best selling GPU if you simply compare Intel's mobile revenue and nVidia's revenue in general.

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Somehow Nvidia managed to add more cuda cores with each slightly improved alteration of Maxwell while lowering TDP and temps. I have absolutely no idea how the 12nm process will affect temps.
I don't think that makes much of a difference to Nvidia which ends up making cash. Also I don't even understand how we got to the point where you're calling me a retard because people get their GPU's through prebuilds.

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.. Why the fuck would you look at revenue in general if you were after items sold when they have different prices?

Does anyone on /g/ have a fucking brain?

>> No.61199250

> Somehow Nvidia managed to add more cuda cores with each slightly improved alteration of Maxwell while lowering TDP and temps.
Full node shrink and Finfets are doing miracles for perf/watt.
>I have absolutely no idea how the 12nm process will affect temps.
It's a slightly (very slightly, worth for marketing pruposes) better than 16nm FF+. Better power target and almost no (if any at all) density improvements.

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>people who buy prebuilts are nvidia's target market for enthusiast GPUs


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You dipshit, it will have two HBM units, just at 4-stack heights instead of 8-stack heights.

This should allow for much better heat characteristics of the HBM modules, in turn meaning higher clock rates (probably stock 1000Mhz and up to 1100 or 1150 on custom boards)

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because statistics are only true if they support your argument.

>> No.61199335

>this should allow for much better heat characteristics

based on your own original research from your own anus?

Thank you come again.

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>that pic
just seeing outlines makes me rage

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That can't be right, my rx 480 gets 60 fps at 4k in vulkan for the most part.

>> No.61199400

>and makes official PR statements showing benchmarks and fps without proper drivers.

1 they dont
2 they explcitly stated NOT TO PLAY GAMES ON IT
3 they provided it to reviewers tellng them DONT BENCH GAMES
4 they said Rx will be much better

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Fuck, they never sent anyone review samples of Vega FE.

>> No.61199409

I'm very neutral when it comes to hardware companies but it's still obvious to me that something is simply wrong with vega. It makes no sense. They put all this time into it and have marketing material claiming significant architectural gains and they just do not seem to be in the FE product.
Raja said "flavors of RX vega will actually be faster than FE" which to me sound like maybe a water cooled one and a dual GPU card but that isn't enough. FE is not fast enough to justify the architecture.
Polaris would have been sufficient if they made a larger die. If they just straight up shrunk fiji it would have been enough. So why go through all the trouble?
The answers that make sense to me are; there was a serious hardware bug that resulted in major uarch features being disabled. gaming friendly features were some how counter productive to professional workloads so were disabled. major driver issues. or the arch is significantly better in things like APUs and other non-enthusiast applications.
Any one of these can be the case but of course I have no information in that regard. Unless the card is priced where it performs it has little reason to exist. If I can get 980ti/1070 performance at the same price from AMD I'll sell my 980ti so I can use freesync but that's all this card has going for it.

>> No.61199410

Honestly I'm just hoping for an amd flavored 1070 at a decent price for Freesync. I'd be happy with that. Hopefully the consumer version doesn't consume as much power.

>> No.61199414

Vega11 is later.

>> No.61199415

>gamernexus was also considered "AMD friendly"
It is sponsored by EVGA, what do you think?

>Rahja says it will get better
>muh reviewers say "it will CERTAINLY not get better goyim we know it"
>Rahja says the biggest challenge is the drivers
>completely ignored

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That can't be right, my r270 gets 60 fps at 4k in vulkan for the most part.

>> No.61199418

Yeah but they leave half the game as DLC so it's a moot point.

>> No.61199419

>Raja said "flavors of RX vega will actually be faster than FE" which to me sound like maybe a water cooled one and a dual GPU card but that isn't enough.
It means his software monkeys will enable TBR for RX Vega launch drivers.

>> No.61199426

Vega FE can overclock its HBM to 1100 as told in this video:

"Memory can be pushed to about 1075"

Vega FE with 8-hi HBM stacks can apparently OC from 945Mhz to 1075-1100Mhz

Besides your inability to logically reason that more stacks of heat producing dies decreases the rate of heat transfer for the lower stacks,
Screencap this post and laugh at me when RX Vega is released and overclockers can push their 8GB of memory higher than Vega FE owners can push their 16GB

>> No.61199432

Everyone knows that you can clock 4-Hi stacks higher than 8-Hi. That's why nVidia uses 4 4-Hi stacks for P/V100.

>> No.61199433

I know you are trying to meme but it's true, vulkan is amazingly efficient on amd gpus.
Heck when I tried ghost recon wildlands at 4k I got a rock solid 30 fps on it, was pretty comfy.

>> No.61199437

They gave one site an exclusive review sample to run CAD, 3D, and other workstation shit.
It was pcworld or something.
Go find the very first hands on review n the internet.

They have FORBIDDEN them to publish game results.

>> No.61199438

Let me argue with an idiot for my own sake, there's already one person involved pointing out the obvious.

>> No.61199448

Too bad they also sold FE cards for public and here we are.
I think RTG marketing team is due for something good spanking from mommy Su.

>> No.61199477

I hear'd it was a hybrid card a sort of gaming and sort of prosumer card.

the fuck if I know what is going on.

>> No.61199484

As of now it works like an overclocked Fiji with worse IPC (probably due to gaps in graphical pipeline).

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>That pic


>> No.61199500

AMD thought it was a good idea to release card with no drivers to public.

>> No.61199507

Perhaps they REALLY REALLY had to deliver on that "2017 Q1" promisse.

Although it would be better if they had only released Mi25 as 'Vega'.
Or maybe the investors got sick of waiting.

In fact OPs theory actually does make sense if the first batch of Vegas is broken then to sell them as Instinct and Solidworks cards is the best option.

>> No.61199519

Certain people have MI25 already.
For a considerable amount of time.

>> No.61199531

>4 more weeks
Fuck this is so frustrating

>> No.61199548

Wel it had OFICIALLY been released on Epyc day.

>> No.61199551

And we know precisely fuck about Vega besides some high level details.
This nu-AMD way of saying nothing and then dumping everything on one presentation is frustrating.

>> No.61199563

I wish someone benched FE for some meme learning stuff.

>> No.61199587

Like Deep Bench?
They did.

>> No.61199592

And how was it?

>> No.61199605

I want the damn Vega white paper and programming guide so I can scour through it to find the ALU-level changes in the ISA for hints about exactly how much has been sacrificed in IPC to attain those clock targets.

Have they lengthened the pipeline two stages? Has it all been extreme tuning of the existing design framework? Is GCN still utterly incapable of division ops in any reasonable time frame without resorting to specific fine tuned code?

>> No.61199632

>the guy working for the company trying to sell a product says it will get better
>independent reviewer says it won't

Oh boy what a hard choice, who should I trust!

>> No.61199641

>Just wait it will get better!
Every single time

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File: 208 KB, 1067x600, actual.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how much has been sacrificed in IPC
they claimed the opposite though

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>tfw they still got out of stock quickly because "muh ethereum"

fuck, nvidia for gaming, amd for mining then

>> No.61199670

the relevant vega isnt out yet senpai

>> No.61199688

And I want to know how the fuck is AMD doing TBR. But fuck, no whitepapers for you, goy!

>> No.61199704

Side note: Linux Kernel 4.12 with initial Radeon RX Vega support (headless) and nvidia Pascal 1000 optimizations was released today.

>> No.61199765

Miners don't like HBM

>> No.61199774

RX Vega or Vega FE?

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literally worse than fury x in some compubech opencl tests

>> No.61199810
File: 116 KB, 920x1911, cb-vega2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder if it's hardware related, since opencl doesn't seem like something that needs driver optimizations

>> No.61199866

>independent reviewers say it wont
How the fuck do they know?
Their argument is "this is the final silicon, this is the vega chip"
Well shit it is, but if its not utilized by the software and all those hardare features like tiled rasterizer, geometry shader, pipeline bubble remover etc just dont fucking function theres a good reason to assume they will get better.

Try running Polaris on pre-polaris GCN drivers, it does work but feels crippled in all ways.

>> No.61200146

headless = no display driver, so only good for calculations. But at least they are working on it.

>> No.61200174

You're delusional m8

We've had many releases like this card before and even if there is some room for improvement it won't be great, 10% tops.

That pits it just above the 1080 in gaming performance.

History has shown time and time again that you can make an accurate guess about the gaming versions performance based on cards like these, like with the Titan series in Nvidia's case.

But sure, keep believing that it will be different this time, overhype the card again

>> No.61200186

There's a difference between driver optimization and simply enabling uarch features in the drivers you dolt. Fucking /v/eddit rope yourself.

>> No.61200192

Stay delusional you dafty, you overhyping retards will never learn.

>> No.61200201

Yes yes leather jacket man I am totally ready to give you my money (no).

>> No.61200207

Leather jacket man, lol wut

>> No.61200221

>my rx 480 gets 60 fps at 4k in vulkan for the most part.
Yeah, now try maxing out the settings and try again

>> No.61200222

The magical man that brings you woodscrews, 1.7% yields and 3.5 gigabytes of memory who also happens to love leather jackets.

>> No.61200250

>AMDlets still mad that AMD hasn't been able to touch Nvidia in performance/watt since Maxwell because of that sweet ass tile rasterizing

The 970 3,5GB debacle was definately embarassing but Maxwell was an amazing architecture, anybody who denies that knows nothing about gpu's

>> No.61200259

>ou can make an accurate guess about the gaming versions performance based on cards like thes

Yoy cant PREDICT what improvements would enabling all those hardware features would have.

Even if it was simply a FURY X with 60% core clocks and double memory speed it is supposed to be much faster than this.

But there's also fuckton of sick hardware features.

Vega FE right now is way under it's reasonable projection.

>> No.61200268

>getting mad about nvidiots getting cucked by leather jacket man himself
It was hilarious.

>> No.61200281

At least it works.

>> No.61200285

None of that matters when it doesn't translate to actual gaming performance.

It's the same old story, people have been saying AMD would dominate in games because of their hardware based scheduler for ages now. And yet for a few games nothing has changed, Nvidia still dominates.

And for a simple reason, AMD might have cool features on their card, but they leave it up to the developers to actualy make use of them, and many will not, because it takes alot of time, it's expensive and not Always worth it.

>> No.61200297

>developers will directly use TBR or primitive shaders
Oh come the fuck on.

>> No.61200299

Confirmed tech illiterate who can only spout 'le epic boogyman' memes, instead of actualy talking about gpu technology
Top kek

>> No.61200302
File: 505 KB, 1920x1080, 580 1060 game breakdown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's already happening and will continue to happen as more devs move towards DX12/Vulkan.

>> No.61200308

You can't expect NVidiots to actually know what developers use. Unless it's Goyworks features.

>> No.61200309

>nvidia literally lying about 970 spec
Class-action lawsuit was also a meme?
He's also shitposting, since you can simply wrap primitive shaders around usual vertex code using drivers.

>> No.61200323

The only good goyworks feature is HBAO+ anyway.

>> No.61200331

It might, it might not.

I'm not falling for /g/ memes anymore, they have been saying AMD will dominate for years and now the best they can come up with is a card that's slower than the three top cards of Nvidia one year old architecture.

AMD 'might' be faster in the future
Nvidia is faster right now and might still be so in the future and way more energy efficient

>> No.61200335

Yeah just continue to stick your head into the sand and deny that Maxwell was a fantastic leap forward in terms of power/performanc.

>> No.61200336

>way more entry efficient
Wat? GP102 is fucking powerhungry because there's nothing you can do when you're throwing more ALUs at the problem.

>> No.61200351

> Maxwell because of that sweet ass tile rasterizing

Did anyone test draw stream binning rasterezation that AMD was talking about?

>> No.61200355

PowerVR did these leaps back in 1994.
Yes and it's disabled.

>> No.61200357

Top fucking kek, I'm out of here, you people live in an alternative reality

>> No.61200366
File: 79 KB, 480x408, NVIDIA-Quadro-P6000-Power-Test.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We sure do

>> No.61200368

>300w on almost every AiB card is efficient
The fuck? The moment you throw more ALUs at the problem efficiency goes out of the window.

>> No.61200373

That's full system power, though.

>> No.61200383

And that's not in any way "efficient".

>> No.61200391

Well Rahja did say it will change.
There has to be a reasont they were showcasing gay ming without FPS counter, and didnt allow pcworld to bench games on their exclusive review.

It means the do expect it to change.
Othervice they would probably just scrap it entirely and sell the whole bunch as Radeon Pro and Mi25.

>> No.61200407

They'll shill MI25 and Vega SGG to no end on SIGGRAPH anyway.

>> No.61200419

>but they leave it up to the developers to actualy make use of them,
Tiled rasterizer and new geometry pipelne have nothing to do with developers.

>> No.61200484

>since opencl doesn't seem like something that needs driver optimizations


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File: 46 KB, 1313x387, 3dsmark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's up with the driver version of vega?
like if you look from oldest to newest entries the driver version increases then keeps decreasing then increases and then decreases again for the final version??

>> No.61200670

forgot source: http://www.3dmark.com/compare/3dm11/12249366/3dm11/12118513/3dm11/12085688/3dm11/12070976/3dm11/12148225/3dm11/12213436/3dm11/12196389/3dm11/12220458#

>> No.61201212

Because there's effectively 3 big driver now.

FE, Firepro, and RX drivers.

>> No.61201267

And neither works.

>> No.61201306

Firepro/pro drivers seem to work fine most of the time, but even they're still far from finished.


>> No.61201339

It beats the p5000 in some production software so we know the raw horsepower is there. It's a matter of whether in-game performance is due to poor software or a hardware flaw.

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File: 156 KB, 633x758, amdvega.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw waited for this

>> No.61202561
File: 93 KB, 216x249, 1462727743869.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>muhh wait for drivers™
>heeerppp Vega use a Fiji driver (WTF?)
>is to a gayming card
>heheheh compare with a Titan card
>wait for optimization
>top finewine kek
>wait for DX12 and Vulkan
>amd will release a driver for performance improvements in 200%
>wait for vega gayming card
>wait a little more time, please sir
>it's a workstation card
>just wait™
>opencl need driver optimization
>wait 6m~1 year for vega to release all its power



>i already asked to wait?

>> No.61202808

amd failed so hard yet again, nvidia continue to milk its customers...i mean nvidia is literally using its mainstream cards as highend and amd topend pro card fails to even overtake it.
With Volta nvidia will just release some 200mm mainstream card as the new 1180ti...

>> No.61202824

>another month of /v/ crossboarders shitting the place up with spongebob memes

I want RX Vega to release just so these shitheads will fuck off again (until the next GPU shitposting wars)

>> No.61202845

it's shit at compressing 7zip, not decompressing. It's 6900k level for decompression, mong

>> No.61202865
File: 45 KB, 1047x855, 1477263009035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I want RX Vega to release just so these shitheads will fuck off again

Just wait, sir.

>> No.61202866
File: 121 KB, 354x347, smug horror.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread is a genuine proof that /g/ is overrun by amd fanboys and shills who bend reality much like macfags did.

>> No.61202886

amd ryzen vega mac pros when

>> No.61202906

Of those drivers which driver is the latest RX driver do you think? :)

>> No.61202939

this post is proof /g/ is overrun by feminine cock lusting sissy faggots who want to be girls.

>> No.61202953
File: 83 KB, 1280x720, incoming miners.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The entire GPU market resembles a planet that's been raped by Tyranids. No prices anywhere make any sense and even if RX Vega launches and flops, it's not like there's any better options.

tl;dr GPU market is fucked for the time being anyway.

>> No.61202972

I want to be the little girl so I can pleasure myself all day.

>> No.61202984

Don't worry, looks like even nVidia joined ebin multichip race.

>> No.61202998

Inb4 miners dont buy hbm cards and 1070s are still 600$ forcing people to buy the only decent new gpu for the cost

>> No.61203002

you would enjoy being pleasured by big strong men more though.

>> No.61203004

What can they realistically do with this?

>> No.61203015

Sounds like a win win to me

>> No.61203024


>> No.61203035

Nawww I'd get a dog instead. Men are horrible. A cute cuddly doggo who is loyal is much better.

>> No.61203037

Say "we AMD nao" and make retardedly huge and powerful GPUs.

>> No.61203069

To your luck im a dog.

>> No.61203074


Actually, the memory issues was discovered shortly after the GTX 970 was released when a bunch of geek stress test the shit of the hardware and noticed odd behaviors in their tests when the application utilized more than 3.5GiB of video memory.

They posted in their finding on various fourms and imageboards and the rest is history.

Basically, Nvidia marketing fucked up bloody. They failed to properly disclosed the nature of GP104 binned. Engineers knew the issues from Day #1 and was similar to the "amorphous memory" found on GK106 chips and Nvidia disclosed that shit on Day #1 via white papers.

>> No.61203944

>nvidia master plan
>tfw Huang watched adored video and copied all the sycret amd tech

>> No.61203984

Well, would like to see a working product with this. Who's going to have the first MCM GPU? NVidya? AMD?

>> No.61204023

Of course it's going to be AMD.

>> No.61204030

honestly if nvidia just disabled the slow ram and made the card 3.5gb, it would have had 97% the performance, yet zero drivers issues or the strange performance issues.

>> No.61204050

Don't worry, they need working interconnect first.

>> No.61204086

This makes me think the amd shills are lying about ryzen too. Who do I listen to?

>> No.61204100

>best selling CPUs everywhere
Hi Brian.

>> No.61204123

No one cares what you do you dumb nigger

>> No.61204126

What are the best selling cpus? My name is Brian but not that one lol

>> No.61204162

Yes, you're totally not that Brian.

>> No.61204178

strange thing is amd roadmap shows Navi as being scalable gpu in 2018.5-2019, which makes sense.

But nvidia road map ends with Volta and we are few month away from paper release of it, yet there isnt any official announcement of new architecture. Judging this i think nvidia is unsure what next gpu will be mcm or just even bigger single die, it should hit around 2019.5 .
But if they didnt even start work on mcm yet, i doubt they can design proper mcm in 2years.
Honestly it will probably be another diestrink to 7nm.

>> No.61204194

It will totally be a dieshrink.
Raja and ATi was late to unified shaders for consumer market.
Now it's time for revenge.

>> No.61204215

Does Nvidia fabs actually have magic IBM technology that allows of 7nm node?

>> No.61204225

TSMC's high power version of 7nm node is somewhere in 2019.
The bad thing is that you can't fight IBM wizards.

>> No.61204241

Said TSMC's 7nm is not going to use EUV. That's really-really bad if GloFo manages to incorporate EUV into their 7nm node in 2019.

>> No.61204315

whats the differnce?

>> No.61204333

Absolutely hilarious amount of reduced complexity due to EUV cases much better yields.

>> No.61204348
File: 162 KB, 1462x1462, 1499104870271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61204352


>IBM wizards.

IBM is the sort of company that decides "hmm, today we're going to break the laws of physics" and manage to do just that. POWER8 and 9 are proof what happens when you bend physics over the table and go in raw.

>> No.61204355

well if they are getting high enough yields it doesnt matter for them then.

>> No.61204368

Anon with 7nm DUV being as complex as it is, the yields will never be 'high enough'.

>> No.61204381

so why they dont use it then?

>> No.61204384

>jewish intel faggots say 5nm is imposible?

>> No.61204394

Ask TSMC. Both GloFo and Samsung (members of Common Platform Alliance) will use (GloFo will start with DUV) EUV for their 7nm node.

>> No.61204406


>5ghz across 6 million threads?

>> No.61204408


Nvidia don't have fabs, they contract out to the usual suspects.

>> No.61204420

didnt nvidia do some test run on glofo or samsung silicon 1050 chips?
They might just jump the gun if samsung/glofo silicon is superior with 7nm.

>> No.61204429

GloFo will 146% have all the capacity used by AMD and Samsung's node is low power and i doubt they'll producte some 300mm^2 chips for nVidia.

>> No.61204461

well if nvidia offer more money then whats stopping GloFo from taking nvidia order first?

>> No.61204471

Wafer amendment that they have with AMD.

>> No.61204501


Didn't AMD have to pay a shitload to GloFo recently for changing the agreement since they weren't selling enough chips?

>> No.61204521

Too bad they are selling so much of them GloFo is increasing Fab8 capacity by 20% soon.

>> No.61204528

didnt amd literally paid buttload of money to not have to order from them? And even then im sure GloFo have the final say if what order they want to do. If nvidia order is juicy enough they will take it.

>> No.61204540

You can't have order more juicy than Zen2.

>> No.61204569

> 7nm 5ghz clocks

I'm signed up for the just wait club

>> No.61204589

Inb4 Intel just orders a button of chips on GloFo (they do have a ton of cash) and thus they put AMD orders on wait, while getting 7nm ebinmail processors.

>> No.61204592

You literally can't have order MORE juicy than Zen2. It's ALL the capacity you can muster will be put to a good use.
Like really, Zen is simply good.
Zen2 with astronomic clocks will win them even fucking HPC markets.

>> No.61204604

They can't since they have their own fab. Intel is no fabless company.

>> No.61204608

what in the fuck is an ebinmail, my dude

>> No.61204623

Intel's new mesh interconnect.

>> No.61204637

lol what? whats stopping them? have bilions in bank account, whats stopping them from running there own fab and then ordering bunch of shit from pajeets? Nothing, You are just projecting. Ofcourse intel would never order, since its signaling that they have lost the die war, but technically they could order from pajeets.

>> No.61204638

No they paid for one year. AMD and GF are bound to each other

>> No.61204647

anti trust agreements, maybe? I'm just assuming here.

glofo would be dumb to shit on a loyal customer like AMD. It's in their best interests to compete with intel, as if intel buys chips from them and AMD gets royally fucked, glofo would have one less major customer

>> No.61204650


>> No.61204652

>GF which has a new campus in fucking upstate NY is pajeets
>not h1btel

>> No.61204680

>Glofo Ceo Sanjay Jha
>not pajeets

>> No.61204695

>7nm node was presented by Nazi IBM engineer
srsly i am getting my oven ready

>> No.61204714


>> No.61204716

what the fuck does IBM have do to with Glofo you dumb fuck
they are ordering from glofo not IBM

>> No.61204729

not him but glofo is just a fab, they use design specs from whatever is given to them. e.g. AMD using IBM processes. All they have to do is not fuck up in making it

>> No.61204735

5billion dorra
for GloFo to absorb their fab business along with staff and IPs.

>> No.61204745

still GloFo is pajeets just check there CEO

>> No.61204748

>company FULL of IBM nazis
Begone kike.

>> No.61204756

t. Pajeet

>> No.61204758

t. Kike

>> No.61204765


AMD are contractually obligated to get a certain amount of chips from glofo, they are not just some 'loyal customer' since AMD used to own them

>> No.61204774



>> No.61204789

regardless of contract it is still fucking dumb for glofo to fuck over somebody buying chips from them. Almost moreso if they're guaranteed to buy them.

>> No.61204790

t. Faggot

>> No.61204812

its not like amd have somewhere else to go, also most likely nvidia will just order chips from tsmc and samsung, Huang is still to butthurt about anything amd

>> No.61204826

Man i still remember nForce.
Ruinz literally killed bff's.

>> No.61204837

Shouldn't it be Fa/g//g/ot?

>> No.61204844

AMD not having a choice in the matter has little effect on glofo's business. If AMD goes under, a large portion of their fabs will go unused for too long and they'll likely have to consolidate. It's in their best interests to work with AMD, at least for now.

>> No.61204846

>its not like amd have somewhere else to go

>> No.61204857


AMD can and have bought from other foundries, but for 14/7nm they have to pay a penalty to Gloflo to do it.


They're literally contracted to have to work with AMD, there is no choice

>> No.61205516

Probably gonna be more expensive to buy one here in aus over a 1080 with a decent oc and cooler.

Since we know and stuff runs as fast as it can out of the box I'm gonna have to jump ship.

It's been fun and Bros but time to admit defeat for now.

>> No.61205570

Hi Huang.

>> No.61205687
File: 1.03 MB, 268x274, Mr.kown_0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been waiting since early 2016 and when the rx480 dropped it was slower than my 390x

WTF are ayymd doing they can't even beat their own cards anymore and vega is fiji 2.0 but fucking almost 2 years late.

Hbm2 is a meme for gaming it was proved last time round.

I guess amd could get lucky with the button mining boom which I reckon Vega will be good at.

For the mean time I need a GPU that actually doesn't suck in99% of games not some special snowflake that needs dx12 and vulkan to perform like it should.

>> No.61205766


>Hbm2 is a meme for gaming it was proved last time round.

Anybody who says this clearly has absolutely zero technical understanding of what HBM is, what its designed to do and why it was a non-factor on fiji's performance.

>> No.61205801

/v/edditors are stupid.

>> No.61205859

Nvidia went the correct route, GDDR5X is cheaper and good enough

>> No.61205892

"Good enough" is not an answer when you can slap more shaders/ROPs insted of fucking DDR PHYs.

>> No.61206010

All I see is endless blablabla while this supposed "great advantage" is no-fucking-where to be seen. Nvidia made the right call, deal with it.

>> No.61206044

>nvidia cucked us out of superior memory to increase their margins
Deal with it.

>> No.61206079


Plus you have the advantage of when really trying to kill your bandwdith the physical distance the memory is from the gpu - after a certain point the electrical signal simply cannot travel the distance any faster and the only solution at that point is shorten that distance.


Nvidia uses HBM on their srs bsns cards for a fucking good reason - on a technical level HBM is superior to GDDR5(X) in 99% of ways.

>> No.61206122


Nvidia are free to use HBM2, they probably realize that it's pointless at this point for mainstream cards as memory bandwidth isn't starving the GPU.

It's like having 64 gigs of ram over 16. Is it better? Yeah, would you use it for gaming? Probably not.

>> No.61206127

Yeah I will deal with unmatched performance that amd can't even come close to while you keep clinging to your buzzwords and meme features that don't provide any real world advantage worth a fucking shit, alright. It's always hilarious with you amd shills. You are CONSTANTLY churning out endless excuses and damage control as to why amd gpus provide dogshit performance. Maybe it's highline you deal with the fact that the company you shill for is incompetent and that this is all there is to it, but I get, it's always something else's fault and other people "just don't get it", right? Enjoy playing ashes of nobody.

>> No.61206143

Look, it's /v/eddit! Truly it is the summer time here.

>> No.61206172


No you're right, HBM is a fantastic technology that allowed the Fury/Fury X to beat all the competition, and all tech companies are banging down their doors to get it in their products since it's so good and not at all expensive for a needless gain, and in no way will it increase the costs and decrease the availability of AMD cards due to supply issues.

>> No.61206183

wasn't that only because it was 4gb?

>> No.61206186

You are simply showing your tech illiteracy, anon. Please stop, it's not /v/.

>> No.61206206


I'm saying you're right friend, all those things happened. I'm singing the praises of HBM.

>> No.61206219

And you should do it. HBM is the best thing that happened for DRAM since forever.

>> No.61206223


>> No.61206233

No, since HBM is a widely used JEDEC standart.
Even Huang uses HBM. And he backed abortion that was HMC.

>> No.61206252
File: 174 KB, 1280x720, aitd2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

RE7 on vega leaked

>> No.61206327

igpus will actually be viable bcos of hbm
ddr5 will be useless because of hbm
soon stacked processors will be a thing too

>> No.61206341

>igpus will actually be viable bcos of hbm
>ddr5 will be useless because of hbm
Nah, on-package memory is not everything.
>soon stacked processors will be a thing too
Maybe. We should start by MCMing GPUs.

>> No.61206347


How soon? HBM has been out a long time and I don't see many companies flocking to it. Are they waiting for prices to come down?

>> No.61206373

>HBM has been out a long time
4 years is a long time?
>I don't see many companies flocking to it
Not everything needs on-package memory.
>Are they waiting for prices to come down?
Prices will come down once HBM becomes at least somewhat mainstream.

>> No.61206421


4 years in tech.. yes that is a long time?

But if it doesn't become mainstream by few companies using it then it won't come down?

>> No.61206435

>But if it doesn't become mainstream by few companies using it then it won't come down?
Guess why AMD uses HBM2 and why Samsung is developing low-cost HBM.

>> No.61206502


I'd assume AMD are using it because they developed it..? You did know that right?

Samsung is developing a slower cheaper HBM yes but I'm after actual usage and it's effect on the tech market

>> No.61206526

>I'd assume AMD are using it because they developed it..?
They use it because it saves die space and in general better.

>> No.61206575


Yes and in the cards that use it that still can't save them in the GPU race, back to square 1. It might be a great tech, but right now it's adding cost to their GPUs while Nvidia are putting along and beating it with GDDR5x, which is the original point - that memory bandwidth isn't a problem for GPUs that HBM needs to solve right now.

>> No.61206596

HBM allows you to put moar ALUs/ROPs/whatever in the same die space though.
Anyway GPUs are fucking irrelevant toys i am so fucking tired of /g/ getting spammed with fucking GPUs.
Fuck it.

>> No.61206630


>Anyway GPUs are fucking irrelevant toys i am so fucking tired of /g/ getting spammed with fucking GPUs.
>Fuck it.

You're posting in a fucking GPU thread what do you expect?

AMDs gigantic dies are already busy trying to keep up with Nvidias year+ old generation and spoiler: they can't

>> No.61206657

Vega10 is 13mm^2 bigger than gp102.
Also, no drivers, mr. Huang.

>> No.61206683


And power usage? And that's with HBM2 right?

So we have bigger die, fuckton more power, advanced HBM2 memory, coming out over a year later, and we're relying on driver updates to save it? With all that it can't beat year old shit?

>> No.61206716

>So we have bigger die
It's about as big as gp102.
>fuckton more power
It's 50watts more than throttling reference turd and about the same as any AiB gp101.
>advanced HBM2 memory
And that's bad?
>coming out over a year later
Sometimes you have to do the fucking R&D.
>we're relying on driver updates to save it
We're relying on driver updates to make it work.
>With all that it can't beat year old shit?
Like anything Huang will shit out in the next 3 years will be anything else than Maxwell: moar ALUs edition.

>> No.61206747

also hardware scheduler doesn't help on the power issue.

>> No.61206770

Don't worry Huang will bring it back sooner or later.

>> No.61206774

>will be anything else than Maxwell: moar ALUs edition.
Tbh, we don't even know name of architecture beyond Volta. Much less its features or lack of them

>> No.61206781

totally agreed, if amd went gddr, people would have rx vega in hand.I think Raja pushed for this to try and make up for the fury failure.

>> No.61206805

And consumer Volta is moar ALUs. And GV100 is moar ALUs with moar fixed function elements (meme cores).
At least AMD listed "scalability" for Navi.
What? The problem is drivers you cockgobbling retard. Vega10 was taped out AGES ago.

>> No.61206809

The "Joule" architecture?

>> No.61206821


>> No.61206839


They delayed Vega for 8 months because of drivers? Did they manufacture them last year and just waiting on their coders?

>> No.61206869

Vega10 was taped out in ~november 2016, since they showed us one on New Horizon even.
Yes, writing drivers for new GPU uarch is ass.
Especially if it bring truckload of features like Vega. And at least THREE of them require driver effort.

>> No.61206875

It's not a gaming card.

Fiji had massive gains in drivers

Just wait for the actual RX Vega release and for early bugs to be worked out

This card really exists so AMD can find the issues before the full RX Vega launch and fix them in software as much as possible.

>> No.61206886

It's not about GAINS from drivers.
It's about drivers enabling fucking uarch features for fucks sake.

>> No.61206925


No, the 1080 that it is competing against is 314 vs 484 for the AMD.

It has twice the power consumption of that 1080.

No I'm saying that HBM2 is great, but even with that advantage it can't do shit.

They didn't just start making GPUs, this one has been delayed again and again.

How are you shitting on Maxwell/ALU when this card literally couldn't beat a Fiji overclocked to the same speed? And this company that recycled the 7970 to the 280 to the 380? Then from the 480 to the 580 rebadge?

>> No.61206955

> They didn't just start making GPUs, this one has been delayed again and again.
Just like motherfucking Maxwell2 was delayed TWICE.

>> No.61206968

Well duh, but obviously it's not that simple, especially when you have 1/10th the R&D budget and staff of the other companies.

Vega should be competitive at it's price points but it likely won't be the fastest thing around


AMD comes out with some experimental $1500 top tier Vega card that is basically early NAVI with some kind of infinity fabric or something, that uses 2 GPU dies without the need for crossfire or game engine scaling.

But that's a long shot, they will likely talk about NAVI at least at the Vega launch.

>> No.61206969


You're literally saying they delayed over 6 months over drivers? I'd expect good availability on launch then, they'd have to have a few million in the warehouses by now.

>> No.61206980

It's ok when Huang does it.

>> No.61207016

>y-you just don't understand
>i-it's good b-but I can't explain why

Either it gives a performance advantage or it doesn't and right now AMD has been eating nvidia's dust for years.

>> No.61207017

>You're literally saying they delayed over 6 months over drivers?
Why the fuck else would they delay working silicon. That everyone eagerly awaits.
>AMD comes out with some experimental $1500 top tier Vega card that is basically early NAVI with some kind of infinity fabric or something, that uses 2 GPU dies without the need for crossfire or game engine scaling.
Why would they? nVidia just published whitepaper about MCM GPUs. They only published fucking paper.
They are at least a year away from developing functional interconnect.

>> No.61207020


Fuck somebody's angry about AMDs fuckup

Maxwell is forgiven since they released the most popular enthusiast consumer graphics card ever released that still tops the steam charts today

AMD have released this so far, and it doesn't look good

>> No.61207023

pretty decent performance if the price is right, but the price/performance probably won't be good enough to justify picking it over gtx 1070, and it's too late

>> No.61207046

>it's okay when Huang does it

>> No.61207062


Yes you've said that about 400 times this thread, usually agreeing with your own posts.

>> No.61207067


Just wait for the drivers anon. I'm sure when the magical driver comes out it will suddenly halve its power usage and double performance. Just wait!

>> No.61207090
File: 1.09 MB, 2560x1920, davidstall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who am I kidding i will still buy it because freesync. just hoping they can make a power efficient version before navi.

>> No.61207101

>Why would they?
Because it's their only answer to beating the titan Xp/1080ti in performance

They already have a working infinity fabric, just need to make it work for GPUs, NAVI should be the "Ryzen" of GPUs assuming that's what they meant by scalability. Pretty much like 4 480s slapped together on a die with perfect scaling.

>> No.61207125

>Because it's their only answer to beating the titan Xp/1080ti in performance
Hah aaa no. MCM GPUs are totally in the league of their own in terms of performance, anon.
It's like before and after unified shaders.

>> No.61207126


The question is how the fuck this happened, I've read a fury X overclock on the new process would have beaten this, how did their new architecture fail so badly

>> No.61207141

It should undervolt as well as fury could and going by the Vega FE PCB they will likely have a nano as well, hopefully with AiB nano models as well that don't have to throttle.

>> No.61207145


>> No.61207166


Your all caps HUANG bullshit doesn't change the benchmarks today

>> No.61207188

as efficient TBR is, I doubt it can make up for the extra TDP produced by having a hardware scheduler built into the chip. Nvidia's overhead is less because of pushing that onto the CPU. We will likely see a 10-20% increase if TBR and other optimizations are added but this chip is inherently limited by a higher TDP and lower clock speeds. Maybe, with luck, rx vega will have a second stepping of the chip or it'll run cooler from some optimization.

>> No.61207194

Huang please, hurry up with MCM research. I mean you have zero (0) expirience dealing with complicated NUMA setups, but you have a year and a half to figure it out.

>> No.61207211

It's a fucking 4096ALU chip.
It's inherently more powerful than even the full gp102.
The faggots only need to make it work.
Also you forgot increased geometry throughtput from primitive shaders.

>> No.61207212
File: 232 KB, 1900x1267, 1457106085553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's the classic AMD strategy. They can't develop products for shit so they have to rely on gimmicks that sound intimidating and powerful.

Bulldozer with with its MOAR (half)COARS. Bulldozer and Vishera with its MUH GIGAHURTZ MUH HIGH CLOCKS (and half the IPC of an i3). The r9 390 withs EIGHT GIGABYTES while the card wasn't powerful enough to actively use even 6 gbs, let alone 8, but it fooled the clueless retards who think you measure a GPU's power by the amount of memory you throw into it and that all you need for 4k gaming is a retarded amount of memory. Fury with its meme HBM memory that achieved FUCKALL and water cooling to provide you with the OVERCLOCKER'S DREAM, even though it couldn't OC worth a shit. Then we have mantle/directx 12 and endless Ashes of Singularity which literally no one has played because it's the only case scenario where all this worthless garbage provides any actual advantage. Now we have the return of the meme with HBM 2, because yeah, we are totally so starved for bandwidth, amirite? But hey, don't lose faith, all this very efficient tech totally shows off! But please ignore the fact that you can't see this supposed "revolution" in benchmarks, can't see it in any real world performance test, can't see it in any day to day scenario, can't see it in literally fucking nothing. But Believe™ & Wait™, good goy!

>> No.61207231

>let's remember bulldozer but totally ignore Zen
(You) tried.

>> No.61207240


>Its so powerful
>It has all these acronyms
>It still benchmarked like complete shit after coming out 14 months after the competition

>> No.61207256

I mean sure the theoretical increase in performance from the primitive shaders is impressive but it's yet to be seen on a GCN chip of any kind, so how are we supposed to actually judge real world results? I'm not holding my breath about the benefits of it but we'll see.

>> No.61207257


>> No.61207274

How the fuck does hbm even matter when the gcn/Fuji doesn't scale well over 4096 shaders anyway? AMD barely have anything faster than a 290 oc and that's a 4 year old card
Sadly this.

AMD at least are making good CPUs again but Vega is dogshit just like every other GPU they have made lately
Muh wait for drivers...

Look I have a 390x and the driver's over past year have been good it's just I can't see drivers alone making up20-40%+ perofrmance deficit

Everyone said the same about the 480 and turned out dead wrong

I have literally waited for amd to make a fast card that isn't a house fire since 2013 and I'm sick of waiting.

350 watt for gtx 1070/390x/fury level performance is not acceptable and it's more expensive to boot

Once the miners Jack up the price it will be the biggest floppy outside Fuji and fermi

>> No.61207283

They listed up to 11triangles/clock with 4 shaders engines.
We'll see. GCN certainly needed better geometry throughtput.

>> No.61207288

>b-but t-this one time they haven't delivered a complete POS, please ignore all the other times they have failed astronomically!

Wow, everything is saved, pajeet!

>> No.61207302

Wow, Huang, remember to look at Magny-Cours and EPYC for complcated NUMA setups.

>> No.61207305

They can't even sell them cheap because the die is fuckhuge and HBM2 is expensive. What a disaster.

>> No.61207315
File: 1.08 MB, 1438x852, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No you don't understand anon, AMD cards are not like the other gir- I mean, cards. They are special, they have hidden power that only the truly smart can see. You're smart, aren't you?

>> No.61207335
File: 173 KB, 960x912, bliss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fury X
>regular fury

they were good cards but were hamstrung by high prices because of HBM and high TDP, but they were nowhere near bad. They were competitive with the 980 and 980 ti, the top dog cards at the time, and the lower VRAM was not the bottleneck. The marketing of "overclocker's dream" was a fucking mistake though.
>t. fury nitro owner, got one for 250 dollars for some ridiculous reason

Also polaris was a good mid tier card, great perf/$ and decent thermals/wattage. Don't be delusional.

Like I said, hypotheticals are great, but if there is no actual benchmark to back up the actual benefits of said feature I'm skeptical.

>> No.61207413


And in the end Nvidia could do a price drop again like they did with the 700 series vs the 200 series. It wouldn't have to be a big one either.

>> No.61207418

So why did they even release it? Rikes...

If it wasn't for Zen and poolaris they would be dead

As a amd gpu fan sadly I agree.

Well back to the toilet and gpu division.

Just wait for navi 2020 you'll see!

By then volta will have ass fucked amd into Oblivion.

Let's not joke around here they probably won't ever overtake the 1080ti or a 1180 let alone a year old 1080 at stock clocks
Big whoop my oldass 390x stomps over 980s but it's too hot and too old and amd don't have anything to replace it with except a 580 or a rx590 vega which are just as slow

I am not deloosiinal it is. U who are saying Vega isn't shit.

Look at fiji ffs it literally almost sunk amd.

My next build will be a 1800 and 1080 because Intel and AMD GPU are horrid ATM.

So weird it's like it's 2000-2006 again

>> No.61207432

>they were good cards but were hamstrung by high prices because of HBM and high TDP, but they were nowhere near bad

More expensive than competition? Check.
Worse drivers than competition? Check.
WAY more power consumption and heat generation? Check.
No OC headroom whatsoever? Check.
Dropped like a fat turd by AMD itself which basically ignores its existence? Check.

But yeah, totally a good card.

>They were competitive with the 980 and 980 ti

Yeah, in ashes of nobody maybe.

>> No.61207466

Oh yes R300 was not TOTALLY stomping nVidia into the ground. Come on. Shitpost properly. Say that 5 series was great.

>> No.61207519

did I say vega wasn't shit m8? R e a d i n g comprehension is important. Currently, vega is DOA for gaming and should not be an option for anyone unless the prices make sense.


Decent card, 980 ti and fury x are similar at stock, and when OC'd the 980 ti consumes plenty of power (but is almost as fast as a 1070)

The value of the fury x IS less than the 980 ti but they are comparable cards and it by no means is a shitty card.

What is really the outlier is how good the pascal cards are.

>> No.61207553


also, check these graphs for more broofs of the dumb misinformation you're spouting.

>> No.61207633

Vega can't even beat a 1080 a fucking year old card and has double the tdp

How the fuck is this not a failure?

>> No.61207667

Yeah let's ignore every good product AMD/ATI ever released, you sad sack of shill trash held together with keyboard warrior jizz.

>> No.61207685

>every good product AMD/ATI ever released

You mean those from the literal past decade aside from ryzen? Amazing! Some top tier quality out there!

>> No.61207687

Why the fuck GPU threads are full of totally tech illiterate people?
Also why everyone fellates nVidia so much when they never did anything of value besides inventing fuckton of catchy slogans?

>> No.61207706

Because they have been consistently curb stomping ayymd since 2015

>> No.61207730

That's the reason everyone felllates lazy never-do-the-R&D shits like nvidia? Whoa. I'd better fellate IBM, at least these dudes do R&D.

>> No.61207758

>Why the fuck GPU threads are full of totally tech illiterate people?
/v/ spillover retards. Always happens when new GPUs are around.

>> No.61207762

>If it wasn't for Zen and poolaris they would be dead
if it wasn't for intel ensuring they don't get cucked by monopoly laws AMD would be dead

>> No.61207771


Hi HUANG, totally not obvious at all :)

>> No.61207783

I wish I was Jen Hsun Huang. I too love leather jackets.

>> No.61207790

>y-you just don't understand!

>> No.61207803

So what? The pascal arch works well for games.

Gcn doesn't anymore and scales like shit.

Amd literally flushed 2 years of Dev down the toilet on a dead arch and I can say this with confidence as I am a AMD GPU fan
Fuck Intel most of their cpus in the last 3 years are garbage netburst 2.0 tier house fire crap
Get fucked

>> No.61207804

amd has proven time and time again that their specs on paper aren't as good in reality compared to nvidia

>> No.61207830

>they never did anything of value

You mean aside from GPUs with performance AMD can only dream of coming close to, let alone surpassing, that don't double down as a heater? Oh you're right, they should have implemented some expensive worthless tech that doesn't provide any actual performance advantage whatsoever like AMD so we could get that nice 1~2 year old performance with double the power usage we've all been craving for.

>> No.61207847

Name one thing nvidia pioneered.

>> No.61207864


Intel and Nvidia are in such a comfortable spot. AMD doesn't provide competition worth a shit but it still counts as competition technically so they can't get hit by anti-monopoly laws.

>> No.61207868

Fuckloads of people writing per-game DX11 drivers.

>> No.61207877
File: 79 KB, 500x574, 1429317538405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Performance charts.

>> No.61207883

>comfortable spot
I won't call two hyperscalers adopting EPYC a comfortable spot for Intel to be. Like at all. They even resorted to autistic screeching.

>> No.61207906


Yeah, there is that, but in a normal situation that would just be the normal competition that we should be getting from these companies. They still have WAY more money and better infrastructure than amd could ever hope to have. I don't see how amd can keep that crown when they have a fraction of intel's R&D.

>> No.61207911
File: 84 KB, 653x726, last shred of hope intel wojak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i-intel was sandbagging ..

>> No.61207935

Intel's R&D money goes into fabs and broken memes like Optane. Also good NICs.

>> No.61208008


It does, but only because they haven't needed to do literally anything to beat AMD for almost an entire decade. Now that they are actually being defeated, I expect that to change.

Now as for nvidia, they must be laughing their asses off. I really hope that AMD ends up selling their GPU division to someone with money and who actually knows what the fuck they are doing because the only thing AMD is doing in this industry segment right now is protecting Nvidia form anti-monopoly laws and this is bad for the consumer. I mean, vega is shaping up to be a massive fiasco. Now how long until they release another GPU that is actually a new and non-shit architecture? We're stagnating hard.

>> No.61208039

>Vega is shaping up to be a massive fiasco
Based on?

>> No.61208050

How do you expect Vega to affect current GPU pricing?

>> No.61208055

>I really hope that AMD ends up selling their GPU division
yeah, no. apus and custom chips for consoles bring amd constant money. small amount, but enough.

>> No.61208057

Why would it affect it in any way?

>> No.61208075

Just shows how sick the x86 market is. ARM will likely continue to encroach on it without some serious moves.
Honestly don't care if AMD sticks to mid-range GPUs. If that's all they can make, they'll prob just stick with it.

>> No.61208084

Based on all the benchmarks we have so far showing it using DOUBLE the amount of power of a fucking 1080 while providing the same performance?

>> No.61208085

It being slower than a 1080

>> No.61208093


I don't give a flying fuck about pisspoor performance from consoles, I'm talking about getting top of the line performance and seeing two companies actually pushing each other to constantly improve instead of this "i-it's good f-for p-poor people" horseshit from amd.

>> No.61208095

And don't forget it will be more expensive and have shit tier support

>> No.61208102

You mean benchmarks of graphical workloads on a card with most uarch features disabled? Even reddit can't be this dumb.

>> No.61208107

They have been recycling the same gcn meme since 2012 how is this surprising

>> No.61208118

>I don't give a flying fuck about pisspoor performance from consoles
AMD doesn't give a flying fuck about what you think of consoles. consoles bring money. they have monopoly in this generation. that's all that matters.

>> No.61208124

Why release it with shit drivers then? They are so incompetent.

It's not like they literally had a year to perfect it and they release it with ancient drivers

>> No.61208145

Because they said Vega is Q2 2017 and they delivered you Vega in Q2 2017.
And nvidia recycles fucking g80 since 2007 and no one complains.

>> No.61208154

it does well in pro workloads. compute is there. gaming drivers however are not. vega now is basically fiji.

>> No.61208197

I can't fucken buy one and I wouldn't if I could.
Yeah nah fuck this I'm out gonna go get a used 1080 for 350usd fuck amd.

I could get a 1080ti for not much more than paper launched Vega and it uses less power and is twice as fast

>> No.61208210

then go buy one, why brag here?

>> No.61208212 [DELETED] 


Which is why they are and will keep getting slaughtered by nvidia because the only thing they can provide is netbook performance. But good job with that shitastic reading comprehension deviating from the point.

Hope you enjoy getting decade old stagnated performance while thanking AMD for holding progress back.

>> No.61208219

Boo-fucking-hoo. Start up your own GPU development company. Go win the lottery and give it all to AMD. Be the change you want to see in the world, faggot.

>> No.61208230

Then don't fucking complain. Vega FE is not for you and was never intended for you. You can still buy and jizz on silicon or HBM stacks of you want.

>> No.61208245

Because AMD fucked up.

If this card had come out at 400usd a year ago it would have been ok but a year late and power issues is a absolute joke

>> No.61208262

>AMD for holding progress back
nobody stops Nvidia to innovate. why don't they? oh, right because even Thermi outsold Evergreen. their drones are buying every shit they make. and you blame AMD for stagnation?
then buy Nvidia and shut up.

>> No.61208263

Vega rx590 will be just as shit.

Hbm is useless at 4k and no better than gddr5x

Enjoy your house fire

>> No.61208271

Can you show me the benchmarks of RX Vega? No? Than shut up and wait just like we all do.
>AMD is holding progress back
Oh well I though huangdrones were a thing of the past.

>> No.61208279

we are dealing with literal idiots here.

>> No.61208291

It's /v/ spillover, it happens every time new GPU releases. It's tied to something they call "pc master race" or something.

>> No.61208293

Waaa u mad ur just wait for Vega then just wait for Vega rx then just wait for drivers turned out to be shit and succ 400 fucking gigawatts ?

Seriously anyone defending amd GPUs is a fucking retarded cunt who deserves what amd shit out of their asses and that's exactly what u got.

It wasn't good enough 2 years ago and it's not good enough now.

Holy fuck wake up

>> No.61208303 [DELETED] 


>Be the change you want to see in the world
>this is level of damage control AMD marketers have to resort to





Don't worry, I will do something about it, which is to buy an nvidia GPU like everyone else is doing while you can keep hugging the garbage sinking company you hold so dear.

>> No.61208306

Yeah, it's AMD holding progress back. Not Intel with their shadey backroom deals, not NVidia with their benchmark/driver fuckery and TESSELATIONS. Both their competition played dirty like fuck.

>> No.61208309

Go mine your buttcoins faggot
Sorry we don't all render shitty sfm porn or wank around being "professionals"

>> No.61208316
File: 45 KB, 1500x1500, 1487044576299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>providing performance on par with a year and half products with double the power consumption, which tells Nvidia they literally don't even have to try is not holding proggress back

>> No.61208319

AMD used to rise above it but ever since 2014 their gpus have been terrible

>> No.61208330

/v/ pls. No one can hold the progress in semiconductor industry. It's either you do R&D and make new shit or you don't.

>> No.61208335 [DELETED] 


Nah, holding back progress is providing ancient performance for a premium while doubling down as a room heater, like AMD is doing.

But I get it, it's always someone else's fault that AMD is incompetent. AMD dindu nuffin.

>> No.61208354

He's deluded mate.

Hell normally I don't mind big hot GPUs as long as they are quick.

Which the Vega and rx version are clearly not and even if they catch the 1080 to by some miracle Nvidia will drop the 1180 next year.

It's over.

>> No.61208360

>Sorry we don't all render shitty sfm porn or wank around being "professionals"
you can easily go to /v/ and "wank" on your newly bought nvidia. and fix your teeth, your englishness is showing.

>> No.61208363
File: 55 KB, 500x301, 1438547142976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61208369

Maybe it's time for arm or someone to just buy amd out.

Zen is good but Vega is a Trainwreck flaming heap of poojeet

>> No.61208383

Aussie actually.

Have fun wanking over synthetic benches

>> No.61208384

/v/ please stop being so retarded and go back to /v/. No, no one will magically arse faster GPUs for cheaper. You can go back to place where you belong.

>> No.61208398

Aussie,english. same shit, different asshole.

>> No.61208421
File: 252 KB, 593x335, Bruce_Cottrell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Geee nice come back.

I guess I'll go get a 1080 to then since and are so incompetent they can't beat a year old card a year late to the game
Ayymd drones triggered as fuck.

Enjoy your 400watt heater and 10fps less than a oc 1080 that uses half the power

>> No.61208439

The sheer amount of autism this one anon just dumped into this thread could fuel a thousand "Autism matters" campaigns.

>> No.61208440

Yes yes do it my friend.

>> No.61208457
File: 140 KB, 768x1251, IMG_20170703_085009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61208463

Also it's 1/3 the price of your slowly burning heater

>> No.61208478


Yes do it buy 1080 It's the way it's meant to be played it's like magic.

>> No.61208490

AMD it's butthurt lame.

>> No.61208700

This is what I think of AMD marketing right now.


>> No.61208727

fuck it

>> No.61208753

now we know why shills got so buttmad about my 1070 level performance guesstimation lol

>> No.61209258

Don't know if I can take a whole month of autistic retards flapping their aspie arms and shrieking "AMD BTFO VEGA BTFO 1070 $1000 300W" over and over. I don't own a single AMD GPU (unless you count integrated shit) and even this shit is too stupid for me to look at every day.

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