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>protip, you can't

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yast, zypper

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not an argument

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No nvidia repos on tumbleweed
lack of basic software

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flaws aren't arguments, they're facts.

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the logo

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Correct. Arguments would be something more like, oh say, "YOUR WRONG!!!"

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This. Fuck gecko/lizards.

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It's a chameleon

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>No support for kfreebsd or hurd
literal garbage

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I can't.

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actually enough people complained and there's a setting to change it..

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Yast and zypper are great.

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You're confusing pros with flaws.

Why? The logo is cute.

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>You're confusing pros with flaws.
>Yast and zypper are great.
The delusion is real

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over 3000 packages in "base" KDE install

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Open build service requires an account. That just rubs me the wrong way. also, i3 isn't officially packaged by them and only available through open build service.

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>0 (zero) arguments

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>using nvidia in 2017

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>The delusion is real
stop talking about yourself

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Font rendering :(

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Fuck off animefag
This is a technology board, not a cartoon pedo cartel.

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>Firefox ESR

>Two network managers by defaut
>Bloated af
>Font rendering

Just tell me when to stop

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Firefox ESR and they dont even have IceCat

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It's a pro,we're in 2017 for fucks saké
>Firefox ESR
Who cares of the default browser
>Two network managers by defaut
More choice is good
Not a flaw
>Bloated af
I don't think so
It's a pro.
>Font rendering
It's perfect on my sistem
>Just tell me when to stop
Stop, your embarrassing yourself

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Nothing wrong with rolling or Firefox ESR but it's a rolling-release distribution and the newest Firefox they offer is Firefox 52 ESR. Even Ubuntu 16.04 has Firefox 53 available. That's just embarassing.

By Nvidia I meant the lack of Nvidia drivers. Performance on my card is absolute bullshit (not even games, just the damn DE), unless I use the proprietary drivers.

Are you on hi-dpi/laptop? Then font rendering might be fine but on a regular 1920x1080 desktop it's really ugly.

Choice is good but you have a ton of network managers on the repo. Why include two on the install when only one can be used? Why use wicked by default and have network manager show you're offline? Wicked is not that good for a desktop user. Damn.

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You should ask Nvidia to give up some documentation so you can actually make open sauce drivers for their cards, otherwise your only choice is proprietary, because nouveau is shit all around unless you have something ancient.

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>Font rendering
>It's perfect on my sistem

OpenSUSE can't do subpixel rendering.

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There is no flaw

>openSUSE Leap Is Now 99.9% Enterprise Distribution


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>Are you on hi-dpi/laptop? Then font rendering might be fine but on a regular 1920x1080 desktop it's really ugly.

Fair enough, I use it on a 1080p laptop

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It just werks®

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Seriously? No one mentioned this yet?

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>people don't like yast or zypper
What the fuck? Yast has a good GUI for basic and intermediate configuration(nobody's stopping you from using vim) while zypper is by far the fastest and most reliable package manager, libsolv and SAT solvers are godly.

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>implying I use gentoo
I use Ubuntu and Debian like all non-retards.

>fast and reliable
proofs please

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Are you even adult?

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I neither know nor care what you are on about.

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Yes, there's a reason why governments, developers, small businesses and giant corporations, largely use Ubuntu and Debian, and that's because they offer a Linux distribution that requires the least fuckery for common tasks.

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Actually I can agree. SLE and openSUSE remain one of not many distributions with a package manager that cannot show the dependency tree of a package.
Gentoo got equery g --depth=0 and emerge --tree
Debian got apt-rdepends and debtree
Other RPM distros got repoquery
There's no such a tool for SUSE family.

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Im on a 1080p desktop and the fonts hurt my eyes. (Doesnt care how much I change the settings on yast)

It keep me away from opensuse since I hate use external repos

Its sad cuz I love how opensuse works :(

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They use RHEL you dumb nigger.

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Look at the numbers, nobody uses RHEL except the DoD and hospitals

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>no support
>no warranty
No government nor financial business would ever use a solution without support nor warranty. That's why they mostly use fully commercial products.
The first are bounded by laws, the later are fucked if something goes wrong and there's no one to blame it on.

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>proofs please
Are you literally retarded or just pretending?
Libsolv is ages ahead of anything other package managers use.

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>what is yast

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>what is FATE open since 6 years for exactly this feature

YaST cannot do this.

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Like they use Windows and think it's best shot?

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>nobody uses RHEL
Besides the US military, governments, hospitals, universities, CERN/NASA/other science institutions, hyperscalers and cloud providers?

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>lack or important software
>zypper is slow as hell and leads to package conflicts
>yast is buggy as hell
>installer is trash
>missing many codecs
>no nvidia repo
>buggy packages
>shitty logo
>shitty forums
>has failed to boot on numerous occasions
>many for the 3rd party programs fail to install
>most of them are abandoned
>cant use steam
>their version of firefox has shit tier rendering
>leap has slow outdated packages
>tumbleweed is broken package
>programs either have an AUR build or a ppa but never a .ymp
>poor OS for troubleshooting
>btrfs is trash on it
>bloated as hell
>shilled by everyone yet no one seems to use it
>shit font rendering
>brightness keys dont work at first
Just to name a few

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Why are you all debating over a mediocre distro when you can just use Arch Linux?

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Neither could apt and portage doesn't even come close to this.

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They emphasize stability, no? That's why ESR is the default.

All memes.

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>what is equery

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It took me a more work to get an Opensuse installation working as I wanted than an Archlinux one.

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Are you sure you don't have impaired mental faculties?

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redhat vs. suse thread?

dude it lets me configure grub so fucking easily

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-Btrfs breaks on low diskspace, snapper default settings do not take small disks into account
-low amount of packages compared to debian distros, no xsensors, deadbeef unless you add unofficial repo
-more business oriented, low amount of support for things such as steam, as such steam breaks a lot
-no ZFS in installation wizard because of licensing
-codecs and proper media support requires adding the packman repo, in Ubuntu this is a checkbox during installation

Apart from those OpenSUSE Tumbleweed is awesome.

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>no live image
>yast duplicates and sometimes conflicts with desktop environment's built-in settings
>nvidia drivers not in repos
>default filesystem is btrfs, which has glaring bugs like it completely breaks in certain RAID configurations
>retarded logo
>made by germans instead of americans

pic related is the real master race distro

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Dat last one is a plus

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>logo is an alt right neonazi hate symbol

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It's not relevant in the current year.
Nothing is except for debian/ubuntu and rhel anymore.

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its not windows 7

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Leap is the regular vanilla version of opensuse and the one that should be compared with other distros. Leap isn't rolling.

Why do autists always assume opensuse = tumbleweed.

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Yep. And yast has an ncurses interface so it can be used in terminal over ssh etc.

If you need to do some autistic shit like add a kernel parameter yast allows that easily. With other distros you end up trawling through out of date guides and passive aggressive forum posts to find out how to do niche shit like that.

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Zypper is easily one of the best package managers out their. The only one I can think of that might be better is pacman.

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This desu.

NoVidya is in repos in the stable isn't it? I agree on the live image part, they should include it.

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slow and bloated

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kek yes

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And RedHat/Fedora have switched to libsolv because it was so much better than what they had with yum.

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has tons of useless packages that cant be removed permanently. they can be removed but the next update will reinstall everything.

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What are you even talking about. I am member of the opensuse project and there was never such discusion.
openqa, obs, yastfirewall and yast itself are top tier software. Most times you have to use terminal , but with yast BAM, all in one.

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I love opensuse but if the government want to use linux, they use Ubuntu https://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/government
Also linux failed in Munich due to microsoft's intervention.

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God I wish that were me

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Shit taste

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