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So in this new age of nonstop weaponized blackmail cryptography, how long before governments everywhere start banning cryptography for civilian use?

You know it's gonna happen.

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Good luck, I'm behind seven ciphers. https://boingboing.net/2017/06/26/crypto-denialism.html

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What do you mean how long?
It's already started. The UK has tried to ban encryption TWICE.

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>banning math
And it pretty much already is. They just throw you in in jail indefinitely for withholding evidence or whatever, or, in less civilized countries, just beat it out of you with a wrench or similarly effective methods.

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>how long before
Looks like someone is really out of the loop

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That's why everybody should know that
e*d=1 mod (q-1)(p-1)

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how do they even prove something is encrypted?
maybe it's just random jibberish data
are they gonna band random jibberish data?
how do you define random jubberish datra?

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Anime pron is already illegal there.
Literal facism.

How would that help?

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>Police found a cp image on my hard drive
>It has been generated from random bytes

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The UK is aiming to ban everything, but then only enforce it arbitrarily so they can detain anyone for any reason at any time.

sounds familiar.

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How cucked does a nation need to be to ban math? Surely /pol/ well be outraged over this.

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>How would that help?
That's the RSA equation where:
Q and P are 2 prime numbers
E is coprime of (q-1)(p-1)

E is the public key while D is the private one

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Certain combinations of ones and zeros are illegal.

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I know but how would more people knowing that would help?

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>people using X for illegal purposes. Let's completely ban it so every usage will be illegal too xDDDD

How can you even manage to live with a single digit IQ?

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Knowing this would allow everyone to program their own RSA implementation.

you can't ban math

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>How would that help?
It's the basic maths behind RSA. There's more to it, implementation wise, but the fundamentals are mathematical equations.

You could do https with pen and paper if you wanted.

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RSA implementation are already extremely widespread and easy to use. I am unsure how knowing that would make it even easier, people would not make the computations by hand after all.
Also, textbook RSA without things like proper padding and 4k+ keys is useless

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I'm not saying that knowing that equation would be practical. I'm just saying that while programs are bannable algorithms are not, and that's why cryptography cannot be banned

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