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>AMD releases Ryzen
>Is multithreaded king for three months
>7820x released
>all Ryzen dethroned
Eh it was fun while it lasted, rip AMD
Doesn't matter how hot it gets or how expensive it is or how much power it draws, it performs better, all that matters

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>while it lasted

You're forgetting about kikeripper, anon.

>it doesn't matter how expensive it is

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>it performs better
>it overheats
That's not a good performance in my books, anon.

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>Doesn't matter how hot it gets or how expensive it is or how much power it draws
Ok then. We shall have to disagree on that one my friend.
Incidentally I think it's an amazing chip, but I can't get paste the toothpast

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>Multi-core doesn't matter!
>Price/performance doesn't matter!
>Power usage doesn't matter!
>Temperatures don't matter!
>Soldered dies don't matter!
>*NEW* Locked platform features don't matter!
>*NEW* Synthetic loads don't matter!

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Intel is literally better. It's common knowledge.

Like the Miami dolphins suck at football. It's just some thing everybody knows.

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Isn't it more like Intel is New England and AMD is Pittsburgh?

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No, intel is downtown San Fransisco. Minus all the fags and other wierdos and AMD is nigger infested oakland

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>Twice the price
>25% faster
>35% more power draw
>Jizz TIM
>Watercooling required

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EU court says it's Intel who's a bunch of raiders

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>i9 launches
>aggressive turbo states push the chips into flames.
>top benchmarks
>top heat

Once the benchmarks are all out I bet there will be a nice round of bios updates that put these chips into more sensible realms of not melting down, but that won't matter as all the talk will be of the stellar day 1 performance.

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At this point I cannot tell if all of these Intel damage control threads are being made by actual retards, actual paid shills, or just trolls.

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Not the word I would use.

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Paid shills and trolls.

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dumbass intel shell

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I mean "stellar" as in it's as hot as a burning sun.

But seriously, it seems to maintain 4ghz on all cores on some of the bios revisions reviewers have, it's not slow by any means.

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Nah OP here
Just a troll
got a 1700x but I wanna start shit

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