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If you worked for this company, what would you do?

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fire myself from life

>> No.61049383

Probably be pushing a broom some where on the fourth floor, I'm not that smart.

>> No.61049410

There's a guy on the fourth floor who I always see pushing a cart.

>> No.61049412

Poo on the street with my boss raja

>> No.61049415

Copy Nvidia's technology

>> No.61049437

He's my successful alternate reality self.

>> No.61049449

Other way around.


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Copy everything nvidia does with a 3 year lag

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sheet on the streets
pajeet in the sheets

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my brother, we are all just alternate reality versions of ourself.

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Make a special "CRYPTOCOIN" edition of the most expensive GPU and sell it at twice the price.

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shill on /g/ not stop

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If they gave it a few percent more performance on mining tasks, that could be money maker.

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I think you are the reality version of me. My vision has been blurring and I no longer am abke to recognize my face in the mirror. I don't really feel like a person at all sometimes

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you should start jogging in the forest

not for physical purposes but for mental purposes

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Jew really hate amd

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AMD is german iirc
so yeah fuck AMD, nazi bastards!

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