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1.2 V
4.6 Ghz OC
402 fucking watts
high temps


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Friendly reminder that zen is more power efficient than Intel because they can't oc for shit.

t. Ryzen owner

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it's the other way around. it can't OC for shit because it's made with a power efficient process.

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Yeah, that's not right at all.

This is the right answer.

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tooth paste for tim will do that

t. owner of one of the last good soldered intel chips

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And Intel can't OC without one of these hooked up to it.

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Can't run stock with out that or else it throttles.

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No you can run stock with a decent AIO c'mon

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Intel fucked up real fucking hard this time.
Ryzen is fucking miles better.

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You literally can't.

>As mentioned, we had to use Alphacool's Eiszeit Chiller 2000 to achieve usable overclocking results. More conventional thermal solutions just wouldn't cut it. All-in-ones like Corsair's H100i and Enermax's LiqTech 240 hit their limits at stock frequencies under Prime95.

It thermal throttles at stock speeds with an AIO and a 240mm radiator. A custom loop is required for mild overclocking, and an exotic cooling solution for 4.6GHz or more.

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they got a bad chip, it was confirm

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>cpu provided by intel
>bad chip
Who comfirmed? HAHAHA.

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They sure did.

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If he's still holding the chip. What's on fire? Is that a replacement from Intel?

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That's just the heatspreader and a green piece of cardboard. He performed his mandatory delidding before installing the chip.

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At least Intel lets you delid your chip.

Why does AMD hate powerusers like myself so much?

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I don't know why Intel did this, they could have lowered the clocks a bit and escaped the bad press, the performance would still be okay.

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>At least Intel lets you delid your chip.
>lets you

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So you're saying Intel gave him a bad chip ON PURPOSE?


That or the golden chips are still terrible.

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9d chess

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>400 watts at 4.6GHz on the 10 core

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name 1 (one) reason for me not to buy a ryzen. ryzen beats i7 in games, productivity, and price. it will keep getting better for games once developers start utilizing more threads, as in all benchmarks ryzen threads are only at around 70% capacity and still match or beat i7.

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1kw for the 18c.

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Not even mad anymore, I'm just impressed.

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chicks digg intel

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Gotta love that video thumbnail, too.

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where is the 18 core Intel CPU? I thought Core i9 X-series was launched a couple of days ago?

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Paper launch but in the "We haven't developed the CPU yet and it may need a new motherboard" way.

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Won't see that shit until later this year, if at all. And like >>61051054 said, it might need an X299v2 socket to handle the increased power draw. lol

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If you're delidding, you're not a power user. Until X299, no power user targetted chip ever used thermal goo. Only consumer crap did.

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you owned a non jewed non K varient intel i7 920????

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I owned an i7-920 and currently am on a i7-2600K. I regret selling the i7-920 ..

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>last good jewtel
it is not.
as you can see by the ridiculously overpriced garbage it is.
at the expense of locking other chips multiplier..

surprised a tech forum has this many users who are OK with a company gimping their product just to charge a premium for unlocked multipliers.. such shitty marketing practises. so fucking anti consumerist it hurts.

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>charge a premium for unlocked multipliers
>what is Black Edition

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>Tech forum
You need to go fucking back, you don't even know where you are.

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I said I regretted selling it. lol

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top kek

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That's the HCC die you're talking about. Won't be coming out yet for quite a while, at which time Threadripper will already be out literally wiping the floor with it.

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I too am sad I got off the X58 platform this early as well. It's an upgrade, but not enough considering the nine year difference.

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all talking out of your asses

18-core i9 in october, will work on all x299 boards out now

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The only way ALL X299 boards will support the house fire creating 18 core chip is if they all decide they'll ONLY make high-end boards that nobody would buy for quad core Kaby Lake-X chips.

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>18 core Intel CPU

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i just wanna share with you the results of the upcoming ryzen AGESA

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mark my words AMD is going bankrupt
>mfw this was /g/ just one year ago

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30 fps more than a 7700k in just one agesa update

where is your 4core god now bitchies

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Titan X in the benchmark.

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It runs 4.9ghz with decent temps with one of these. Mind you this thing is at least 4x as big as the Corsair H110i

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Bait but ill bite.
What kind of poweruser has no fucking idea that there is no point of deliding a soldered cpu?
Kill yourself.

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>a kilowatt
Source? How is this even possible?

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>they got a bad chip
So it is actually what customers can expect then.

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Why? Big leap from my i5 750 to my i7 2600k. Got USB3 'n shiet as well.

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I'm fairly certain Der Bauer did manage to delid a Ryzen chip, clean up the solder and apply liquid metal.
Nothing happened.

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yeap he managed to reduce only 4-5c maximum

helps that amd is using indium as a paste

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I'll have a ganders

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>you can run stock with a decent AIO
needing an aio for stock operation, what a time to be alive

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That's not an agesa update

that's just helping developers update their software for ryzen

Which is just showing that the only reason intel has any advantage at all is entirely due to the software involved. As soon as you start properly optimizing for ryzen, it blows the fuck out of the intel CPU's.

Which means every game and program out there could be seeing 20-30% performance increases if they just optimize for ryzen.

It's great that AMD is bankrolling some of these updates. It helps make it clear to everyone that ryzen's got a lot more unlocked potential than people realize.

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im not>>61055654 him
i just provided >>61056022 cause >>61055654 took it from /r/amd

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Even if they did get a bad silicon, intel certainly would push those chips out in the market. And I can tell as I own a i7 6700k with svid fluctuating from 1.316V up to 1.375V stock fucking speeds. I am not going back to intel for that reason. Cheaping out on manufacturing and pushing bad parts out into the market in order to maximize profits. Fuck the Jews summer temps here are 35-40C I had to undervolt in order to get normal temps while gaming and that shit is not stable at some workloads but I can't set the votlage higher due to jizz paste making cpu run like a cremation oven.

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>svid fluctuating from 1.316V up to 1.375V stock fucking speeds
Is that not just because you're letting the motherboard do everything for you?
YT: watch?v=mBEeXajbG2o

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This is it.

They're running out of arguments. Resulting to non-points and fake news.

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Thats why I undervolted. Running at 1.25 volts vcore runs like 75C at cinabench 28 ambient temps turbo cpu fan profile using a H5 ultimate and all case fans ramping up after 60C. Thanks for the video though

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>H5 ultimate

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you know you are fucked up when even fortune is teasing you

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>turn on your i9 computer
>it flies away

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Daily reminder that i9-7900X sips compared to thread burner, rumour is it guzzles up 1kw and will need a whole new class of 2-3kw PSUs to run it.

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Dude 64core EPYC 2S system only managed to sip ~500w under GROMACS AVX load.

>> No.61056894

>The AMD EPYC platform is still seeing major updates to BIOS for power and performance which is why we are calling these preliminary results. At the same time, we are already seeing some impressive figures.

Too soon to say anything.
Though personally I'd really want to see load under normal x86 and not SIMD

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I hear its closer to 5000 watt

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b-but AMD's 64 cores are equivalent to 12 intel cores so it's ok trust us and please buy our chips

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Yes, goy! Buy our Skylake-EP Xeons! The most scalable! The best!

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They have biggest bingbus. Clearly best CPU

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is this true or
is this true?

which one is eating up an entire fucking kilowatt? whos the shill?

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A good guess would be neither

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i would certainly think so normally, but with how terrible the 10 core is im not so sure

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Even if you slapped two 1700 dies on there it'd still only come out to 130 watts. And I'm sure they can do better than that.

>> No.61057079

The 18 core model is either going to have anemic clockspeeds to fit within the power limitations of X299's other CPUs, or you'll have an X299v2 motherboard that can handle the higher wattage.

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>rumour is

did you start that rumor yourself friend?

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>that's just helping developers update their software for ryzen
Not really, according to the sauce article, the only thing they did was optimize further for higher core counts, not optimize specifically for Ryzen. Higher-core-count Intel processors should benefit just as much from these changes.

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A binned chip of higher quality.

A factory silicon lottery.

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>giving Anandtech a bad chip
>fucking Anandtech
You're a special kind of stupid.

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Threadripper will also consume like crazy when OCed. But it should be way easier to cool given it is soldered and it has two chips that are somewhat apart each other under a big heatspreader.

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So can you.

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You're also talking 10 cores vs 16 cores, prob. see Cinebrunch scores in the 3100-3200 range at stock and 3400 OCed.

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340-380W @3.9ghz

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File: 92 KB, 720x544, [RG-AF] Nanoha A's - 12 [DVD] [F2FEA995].mkv_snapshot_10.39_[2015.03.21_22.55.36].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe "chicks" that used to be autistic /g/ muchachos.
True - the flipside is that there is not a short supply there, it seems.

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>what is Black Edition
Every FX in the lineup? Every Ryzen in lineup?

Even with APUs, it was msot of SKUs - the K was standard, only low-TDP EE types had it locked.

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Yeah, I'm not overclocking a 16 core no matter how much you try to convince me double the power usage for 10% more performance is worth it, good thing it doesn't end there, I'd also need a water cooler and a overpriced mobo

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Kinda desperate. 1/10 try less obviously if trollolo

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Intel's recent moves into assisting geological surveys seemingly has started to pay off.

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It will just lose some marketshare (assuming all the shills and influence don't prevent even that). It'S not like their architecture, process or knwhow is bad.
Oh wait, this is 4chan (internet).

>> No.61060373

>It'S not like their architecture, process or knwhow is bad
Their arch has been completely optimized to the point where no gains are possible. Process has been stalled at 14nm for years. They won't be able to put out anything really interesting for at least a few years.

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And pray to gods that their next arch is not about bibelines.

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>meanwhile, in the real world:
KabyLakeX has a 15-20% fps gain over KabyLake
4x the performance of Sandy Bridge (no OC)

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Is this some kind of shitposting while sleeping?

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Say what you will about AMD, their marketing has always been on point.

>> No.61060628

Didn't AMD's marketing team get fired a while back?

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Source or it didn't happen.

That's an assumption that might or might not be true. Personally I don't have doubts that their engineers can improve IPC of their cores with bigger or smaller changes, if they get the right orders. If it was possible with BD and friends? I doubt it will prove to be such an hard to extend anymore arch like K8-K10 seemed to be after 2007.

Clearly they have been running without any the last 5 years. They use specially-bred rabbits in the meantime. Common sense.

>> No.61060714

>That's an assumption that might or might not be true.
They've been milking it for 5+ years. There's no more blood left in that stone. It's bone dry, dude. Well's empty. How many more analogies you want me to put here?

All they could do with i9's was crank up the clockspeeds and turn it into a miniature furnace. That's a sure sign of desperation, they have nowhere left to go.

>> No.61060783

I meant that their product names have always been more badass than Intel's. Skylake & Haswell sound like fancy blends from a coffeeshop. Steamroller, Ryzen and Threadripper are very visceral names.

>> No.61061053

i9-7900X is not a new architecture, it's server mod of 2015 arch that is late. We will only see how are they able to progress in 2018-2019 when they release Ice Lake (Icy Lake?).

There should always be places where the high-level design can be improved.

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leaked image of x299v2 motheeboard capacitors needed for the new i9 cpus

>> No.61062728

It doesn't look very effective, but it'll have to do.

>> No.61063332

By 2019, Zen 2 will have been out for at least a few months .. we'll see.

>> No.61064312

More importantly, I'm not entirely convinced that individual cores can be much more improved at all. There's only so much ILP in any single instruction stream. I can't help but think that, to get much more IPC out of a single core, they'll have to forego serial ISAs at all and aim for some kind of more explicitly parallel ISA.

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remove at once goy

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Zen 2 (7nm) is Q1 2019, if we are very lucky. I would love that but AMD tends to be less lucky than I would wish (Ryzen got delayed by 2-3 months too).

I think there is higher chance of Intel getting Ice Lake out in Q4 2018 or january 2019 and being first. Zen2 might even slip into Q2 2019, I don't think it is realistic to expect Q4 2018 at all. Note that they scheduled the refreshed 14nm+ Zen (Pinancle Ridge) at Q1 2018 - suggesting that its replacement will be at best Q1 2019 (but possible later because it will be early in 7nm deployment at GF and that brings risks).

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Give 7nm or it gets the hose again.

>> No.61064559

Lisa Su literally said they'll be rolling out 7nm products late 2018 through 2019.

>> No.61064643

Link? I think she said they want to tape out 7nm by the end of this year, but that doesn't mean it will be ready for launch in Q4 2018.

They might be able to get the chip ready to be manufctured, but the process might have uneconomical yields or too low clocks - basically what has been fucking Intel over on 14nm and 10nm.

This needs conservative expectations IMHO, even if you are a fan like I am. It gives ammo to haters too, if there is too much unrealistic hype.

>> No.61064659

Also I think the first to 7nm will be GPUs, not CPUs. So Navi GPUs, not Zen2 APUs/CPUs. See Polaris.

>> No.61064865

During the JP Morgan conference, she was talking about 7nm an the roadmap.

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I-it's o-okay guys... we'll just wait for the next generation.

>> No.61064931

Yeah, that is it I think, the same thing I was talking about, I've red the transcript. Tapeout in Q4 2017 means possible launch in Q4 2018-Q1 2019, but the parts about risks and immature process still stand, so I full expect at best GPUs to appear in 2018, as said.

Surely Intel realizes you can't cool i9s with the TIM, right? It'll be fixed in the next refresh!

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File: 575 KB, 1181x952, european-jet-tokamak-fusion-reactor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Intel recommended PSU at idle and load

>> No.61064982

No it won't, because believe it or not Intel saved around 40 million USD yearly moving all assembly to TIM across its entire lineup.

And for bean counters that run the company, that's a good win for nothing more than 'mere' enthusiasts whining and shitting on their product since bean counters are out of touch with reality

>> No.61065017

But then again you got GF yesterday saying 7nm products will be coming out in 2018.


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>> No.61065072

Well anything Ryzen is a complex chip that needs clocks of 4GHz or higher, that is not your first thing out on new process.
First will be mobile SoCs or GPUs. Really, look at their 14nm rollout.

Mobile SoCs at Samsung, many months, GPUs at GloFo, many months, Zen (it is true that it could have maybe launched in november to december 2016) if they were lucky and didn't need the first respin to B1, but that is really expectable.

Foundry roadmaps usually show the time where it becomes remotelly usable, but AMD will need higher reliability and maturity for launching a CPU on the process.

>> No.61065074

>5ghz operation
wew lad

>> No.61065081

I'm not worried about Zen, it's a good design that they can't fuck up.

Navi is a complete mystery besides the "MCM" GPU rumor

>> No.61065106

We already know what Zen is, porting improved Zen to 7nm is not that diffucult. Navi is a total mystery, hell, we know jack shit about Vega.

>> No.61065121

Yeah, I actually expected the mobile chips to get the first dibs on 7nm since they don't need that high clocks and AMD isn't planning on a mid cycle refresh of them like they do for Ryzen desktop(14nm+)
Late 2018 would put it right a year after Raven Ridge, which is right on time.

Considering AMD's competence in the last few months, I wouldn't be surprised if Navi, Zen2 desktop and mobile all launch in the timespan of 4 months.

>> No.61065175

You don't get me. It'S not Zen that is the problem. The complexity and requirement of high-performance CPU as such - any CPU like that - is the problem for immature process.

And yeah, Zen2 as a logic probably won'T give them trouble, just the process itself - its yiedls, quality, variability (problem with Polaris on 14LPP). There is lots of things that can go wrong. IBM/GF have a lot of work before themselves if the CPUs aren't to be delayed like Llano.

>> No.61065191


>"MCM" GPU rumor

Of all the things Navi could be I find this to be the most unlikely given the concept of MCM is orders of magnitude for complicated for a gpu than compared to a cpu. If AMD pull it off (which I doubt) it would effectively invalidate 90% of chips Nvidia produce.

>> No.61065218

not that guy, but what does a working MCM gpu imply in relation with the stuff that exists right now?

>> No.61065230

Thing is 7nm was scheduled originally a quarter latter, and I've seen more than a few GF engineers saying how smooth the process is going, a lot of thanks goes to IBM's workers probably.

If it's brought a quarter earlier, the yields are probably really fucking good, also we're not talking gigantic dies here, <200mm2.
Also if your product is good, you can take a profit hit on yields, but that's pretty obvious, sometimes time to market is more important.

>> No.61065298

>Infinity Fabric allows us to join different engines together on a die much easier than before. As well it enables some really low latency and high-bandwidth interconnects. This is important to tie together our different IPs (and partner IPs) together efficiently and quickly.

>It forms the basis of all of our future ASIC designs.

>We haven't mentioned any multi-GPU designs on a single ASIC like Epyc, but the capability is possible with Infinity Fabric.

Raja himself said this, and it seems natural this is obviously the way to go for the future, hard or not,someone has to do it.

>> No.61065329

IF scales to 500GB/s anon, it was made for GPUs in mind, that kind of bandwidth is pointless for CPUs unless they're planning 20 years in the future.

>> No.61065343


In simplistic terms? All of the yields. A major issue of gpus is getting yields since - almost by definition - they are monolithic. If you can go MCM yield issues suddenly vanish and if you want more horsepower you simply bolt more clusters of cores ontop an interposer to get performance.

It is the holy grail of gpu design as it lets you go as big as you feel like with relatively little risk. The main issue is dealing with the communication betweeen dies/core complexes.

Does mean if someone came along to AMD and demanded a colossal chip AMD could say yes and deliver it easily.


Sure it is the future but from what we know of infinity fabric in the here and now it is simply not fast enough to handle communication between (for want of a better term) gpu CCX.



>> No.61065356

IF scales to 512Gb/s and interposer brings latencies down, so, well, why not? Like anon said, someone has to do that, sooner or later.

>> No.61065389

but heat dissipation from multiple dies be a big issue on a gpu? gpu air coolers are already getting too big, and the way gpus are mounted doesn't really allow a lot of weight

>> No.61065436

You clocks them lower since you can have fuckton of shaders for cheap.

>> No.61065456
File: 263 KB, 1360x622, NaVi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, AMD roadmap mentions "scalability" for Navi. Maybe that means MCM

>> No.61065460

It's a hell of a smaller issue than a bunch of shaders stacked near eachother, hotspots are a problem, distributed heat is actually optimal.
Besides, MCM allows you to design at the most efficient clocks since silicon is so cheap, so they'll run cool.

>> No.61065469


Or it means an evolution of the radeon pro SSD they showed off a while ago (aka "fuck system ram, i'm bringing my own").

>> No.61065500

Scalability is usually a chip-wide concept, and AMD is currently using it like that with Zen.
Besides that which you talk about is already used in Vega Pro with IF.

>> No.61065507

but radeon pro ssg was giving a fuck you to the processor and storage by having it's own

it basically has its own ssd so the cpu doesn't have to fuck around to send stuff to the gpu


>> No.61065516

Maybe. In any case, all we can do for now is Wait, and do a daily Intel/AMD shitpost threads
CPU shitpost general? /csg/.

>> No.61065559

Did anyone miss how GF said they'll be able to make 700mm2 chips on 7nm? POWER9+ most certainly.

Though that's also probably gonna be Navi as well if MCM doesn't happen.

>> No.61065561

has to be some other stuff, /csg/ is already taken

>> No.61065572

for who IBM sells those POWER processors?

>> No.61065587

Government, airspace, military, mainframes.

>> No.61065600
File: 9 KB, 368x376, 1497205896674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Government, banks, military, anyone with money and connections.

>> No.61065608

that's nice to know, I hope they pull it off

>> No.61065628

how different is it to x86 based cpus? does it perform better in specific stuff?

>> No.61065641

>X299v2 motherboard that can handle the higher wattage.
Rumor has it that they will come with their own power plant

>> No.61065655

>make 400mm2 die
>clock it as low as possible before you start hitting diminishing returns
>glue 4 of them because murder is legal in the market
>now you got 1600mm2 of silicon mutilating the competition, and is around twice as fast

>> No.61065668
File: 84 KB, 336x400, 1497211308206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They excel at parallel processing.

Quote from wikipedia:
POWER8 is designed to be a massively multithreaded chip, with each of its cores capable of handling eight hardware threads simultaneously, for a total of 96 threads executed simultaneously on a 12-core chip.

>> No.61065676

jokes aside, rumor is that 160W (maximum supported by their socket) is not enough, and they'd have to make another one with 200W to be able to clock those 18c cpus at something that isn't a joke

>> No.61065686

And you only need 4 GMI links for that! I hope AMD & pajeet pulls this off.

>> No.61065698

Depends on workload.


>> No.61065720

You also need over 1500GB/s of bidirection bandwidth assuming we're talking about Polaris, if I was AMD and I could get GPUs in a MCM, I'd dedicate a lot of time and effort into lowering bandwidth requirements.

>> No.61065743

Looks like they've doing exactly that in Vega.

>> No.61065804

To what degree I don't know, in any case compared to Fiji, Vega will have 150GB/s more bandwidth even before the multiple bandwidth saving techniques come into play.

>> No.61065820

We'll see how iGPU in Raven Ridge performs.

>> No.61065826
File: 212 KB, 798x1148, ebyc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The 12-core i9-7920X will go on sale in August, while the top three chips don't yet have an official release date, but are expected in October.

>> No.61065855

>1 day chart

Come on

>> No.61065908

pretty good for organizations that can afford to write and optimize their code for non x86 it seems

>> No.61065929
File: 194 KB, 808x1152, ebyc2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, that looks better

>> No.61065930

>Our Xeon CPU architecture is proven and battle tested
Riiiiight after they fired their validation teams. Really makes you think, huh?

>> No.61066004
File: 156 KB, 834x979, Australian_48d075_5975673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can someone do this comic adapted to that intel response?

>> No.61066036

402 Watts / 1.2 Volts = 335 Amps??? Or am I missing something?

>> No.61066106

You're not, highend motherboards can take over 500 amps

>> No.61066113

No, SKL-X cores are EXTREMELY power hungry.

>> No.61066186

Unless you're playing on 144hz or want a really low budget pentium, then ryzen is the best choice

>> No.61066197

144 or 240Hz doesn't matter when you're GPU bound.
It's only a issue on 1080p or lower

>> No.61066265


>> No.61066285
File: 308 KB, 1160x984, cunt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tried

>> No.61066291

Is ryzen good for the price?

>> No.61066309

it's good regardless of the price

>> No.61066347

>POWER9+ most certainly.
S390 even more likely. That's where they really don't have to care about yields at all and can sell 0.1% chips for $1M each.

>> No.61066365


It's amazing period.

>> No.61066396


>> No.61066398

Not really, IBM is just the only remaining whole-system vendor that can afford their own CPU production. They live partly on old contract and contacts since the 60s, and partly on their ability to produce efficient whole systems. They still argue that their mainframes have really efficient I/O somehow without being particularly specific, but I strongly suspect this is just a legacy argument from when channel I/O was something special and unusual (ie. the 70s).

In the meantime, being able to rake in moneys from that and pouring it into CPU development at a loss seems like it might actually pay off at last. POWER8 actually went head-to-head with Xeons for the first time in a long, long time, and POWER9 is rumored to be much stronger, and so might actually outperform x86, which might actually make it a very attractive choice for the likes of Google and Facebook who buy CPUs by the thousands daily and wish to ditch the Intel tax.

>> No.61066437

They solder it.

>> No.61066449

>lowering bandwidth requirements
That's the thing, though. The bandwidth requirements are intrinsic to the kinds of workloads you run on GPUs. It's not that "GPUs require a lot of bandwidth", it's that the programs you run on GPUs require a lot of bandwidth. You can't really optimize that away on the hardware level. To some degree, perhaps, given the right kinds of compression and stuff, but the point remaining that whatever MCM solution they would choose needs to cope with bandwidth, not try to work around it.

>> No.61066688

>which might actually make it a very attractive choice for the likes of Google and Facebook who buy CPUs by the thousands daily and wish to ditch the Intel tax.
They are both apart of openPOWER

>> No.61066729

Yeah, how much shaders require bandwidth is workload dependent, the easiest, most traditional way of reducing hops to the memory is more cache.
How much can you increase the cache before snooping it becomes too slow?

>> No.61066735

For precisely that reason, of course. Well aware.

>> No.61066798

The real problem is that the memory usage patterns or graphics shaders is often highly non-local. Take texturing for example: Once you're done interpolating the surrounding fragment values, you're basically done with the fetched texels for the rest of the frame, and there's nothing to cache. And the same goes in one way or another for most graphics algorithms. That's exactly why GPUs traditionally have very little cache. The one thing that's really meaningful to cache in some way is mostly just the Z-buffer, and that problem is solved by tiling, which effectively is a local framebuffer cache.

>> No.61066871
File: 108 KB, 782x782, 1475211353488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.61067410

Nice job.

>> No.61068244

That was Tom's
Anandtech just pretended everything was ok and didn't do power/temperature and overclocking tests nor torture testing

>> No.61068286

Classic shilltech.

>> No.61068387

>Stock 7900X
>260 watts of power just for CPU

>overclocked 7900X at 4.6
>400 watts of power

Jesus Christ

>> No.61069879

What do you know? Intel's got brain problems.

>> No.61069926
File: 575 KB, 2400x1600, MSI_Z87_MPOWER_MAX_60[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

suddenly the MSI XPower doesn't seem all that ridiculous.

They were just a little premature throwing it on a Z87 board.

>> No.61070430
File: 228 KB, 489x394, 1495772605729.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.61071059


>> No.61071570

proud 980x owner here

best processor I ever bought, 1000€ but it lasted this long

will go threadripper asap

>> No.61071825

AGESA or Tomb Raider update?

>> No.61071845

Bingbus is deprecated. We Meshbus* now :-DDDd

*we've actually managed to make it slower

>> No.61071955

RotR update.

>> No.61071978

Israel announces a new addition to its arsenal, droves of goyim clad in ebinmail

>> No.61072505
File: 132 KB, 750x807, Muh Niggahurtz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my!

>> No.61072637

Inb4 RoTR disappears from all "but muh fps" proIntel shitposts

>> No.61072703

It should be said that the optimization wasn't Ryzen-specific, though, but rather a general threading optimization. How performance is affected on the 7700K would have to be tested; I wouldn't just assume that it's unchanged.

>> No.61072717

And here comes the damage control

>> No.61072809

Did you see anything in there actively defending Intel or saying that the 7700K would win no matter what? It's just stupid to present the RoTR optimizations as specific to Ryzen, when they actually aren't at all.

>> No.61072956

Yeah, a spokesman for the devs said it was general multithreading optimizations, but given that the 1800x has twice as many threads as the 7700k it's pretty obvious which will benefit more.

>> No.61073357

Depends on the nature of the optimizations, though. That's why I'm saying the 7700K should be tested before making any statements about it.

>> No.61073848

its an amd optimization for their cpus in general not from the rotr side

>> No.61073870

Oy vey, remember the six gorillion watts!

>> No.61073877
File: 262 KB, 653x726, 1454176825666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are there so many AMD shills on /g/?

>> No.61073916

someone needs to be on alert if any idiot intel shill tries to power a 7900x around here

>> No.61073919

Zen shills itself to be quite honest. 2S 64/128 system with 128 lanes and 16 memory channels pulled only ~500watts under heavy AVX load.

>> No.61073931

it just seems like there's a lot of AMD because all the intel shills have burned to death in tragic accidents

>> No.61073950

its technology darwinism

amd decide that intell should be no more
and now all the intel shills are praying for amd
amd is a thoughtform

>> No.61073954

Yeah well I play at 144hz, 1080p so I'm stuck with Intel.

>> No.61073964

Has anyone does any research into the relationship between Intel sales and global warming?

>> No.61073967

so what? 144hz isnt cpu bound never was

>> No.61073987

Rise of the tomb raider got a recent patch that improved Ryzen performance massively so that might have flipped to favor Ryzen over 7700k

>> No.61073990

threadripper- amd is a seamstress now- ancient Chinese secret

>> No.61074285

So they finally started optimizing their fucking shit engine?

>> No.61074382


Which nobody has tested yet. Incompetance or malice? You tell me.

>> No.61074702

Considering they got the game running on the 360, which is 11 years old, I wouldn't call the engine shit exactly.

>> No.61074749

It's hard to optimize for a CPU that's not even out yet.

>> No.61074916


>> No.61074945

>“Rise of the Tomb Raider splits rendering tasks to run on different threads,” Crystal Dynamics said. “By tuning the size of those tasks – breaking some up, allowing multicore CPUs to contribute in more cases, and combining some others, to reduce overheads in the scheduler – the game can more efficiently exploit extra threads on the host CPU.”
Very much from the RoTR side and not at all for AMD in particular.

>> No.61074965

>heavy AVX load
Of course, there's the detail that Zen effectively translates AVX into SSE.

>> No.61074986

And it doesn't burn your house/datacenter down, so I'm giving the win to AMD here.

>> No.61075039

AVX-512 is literally longer bibelines: part deux.

>> No.61075080


>> No.61075121
File: 31 KB, 428x428, 1497089004085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

woa wee Intel has the best power efficient CPU (i5 7500) AND the most powerful CPU (i9 7900X). That must mean Intel won. xd

Seriously, I find it kind of sad that Intel must throw power-hungry-xeon-mutants to compete with AMD because they want to prove they can get a shit-ton of cores.

They could get away with "the best for gaming" with ridiculous quad cores at 5GHz and shit. It reminds me that FX that could go up to 5GHz... So yeah, the tables have really turned. But at least they have still "the best" for gaming for maximum FPS, because no one cares about average aparently.

>> No.61075145

In that case your GPU with 1024-bit "AVX" must be the worst thing ever to you.

>> No.61075161

is that a cpu or a fucking washer

>> No.61075182

You missed the "longer bipeline" part.

>> No.61075191

>tfw 15 watt under load ultra low voltage i7

Who needs THROBBING POWER with blazing temps? Nobody

>> No.61075198

I thought that was just an analogy. In reality, AVX512 doesn't imply any actual pipeline changes at all.

>> No.61075258

It's just MOAR VECTORS in exchange for housefires.

>> No.61075288

So my analogy with GPUs was appropriate after all.

>> No.61075289

It's already losing to the 7700k in single core. Anything more and it'll be shit for gaming.

>> No.61075301

Except it's shit, see Larrashit.

>> No.61075341

>see Larrashit
What's shitty about it, actually? Seems to be enjoyed on the Top500.

>> No.61076526


>> No.61076708
File: 222 KB, 665x782, AMD_CEO_Lisa_Su_20130415_cropped[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because all the Intel shills got tired of their anus making woodwind noises whenever there was a draft, so they defected and are now enjoying asian food every day and the occasional appreciative headpat from Su-senpai.

>> No.61076742

because intel has been doing shit and is currently the one getting memed on. when vega launches and turns out to be trash then all the incels and nvidiots will reemerge from the woodwork.

>> No.61076954

lol saw this yesterday and just barely saw that part and thought wtf

>> No.61078045

HAHAHAHA WHAT? The change is tremendous, a Skylake-X core is 17mm^2, it's fucking huge, even Intel's own engineers said that the a core AVX registers is bigger than an entire Atom core

>> No.61078123

What is even the point of this AVX shit? Aside from completely demolishing the stock power draw.

>> No.61078186

Failing attempt at fighting Nvidia's Tesla accelerators in HPC

>> No.61079122

I said it doesn't imply *pipeline* changes.

>> No.61079131

Are you just pretending to be retarded, or are you really not aware why processors are equipped with SIMD instructions?

>> No.61079192

>Aside from completely demolishing the stock power draw.
It's not AVX that is demolishing the power draw. Admittedly, no details have been published as far as I'm aware about the AVX512 implementation, but for AVX256, the upper 128 bits of the datapaths are completely power-gated as long as they aren't being used.
That's actually why there's a delay of a few thousand cycles when starting to use AVX256 instructions before the effects really kick in, because it takes time to activate and stabilize power for the entire AVX unit, and during that time, the CPU emulates AVX256 with 128-bit SSE instructions.

>> No.61079399

You can't make your core 20% bigger and not change the pipeline, for starters Skylake-X has another extra execution port.

>> No.61079432

>You can't make your core 20% bigger and not change the pipeline
Yes you can. Especially when it's just about wider, perfectly parallel, datapaths. If you disagree with this, please point out the higher mispredict penalty on Skylake-X and/or the higher latencies for AVX512 instructions. Protip: You can't.

>for starters Skylake-X has another extra execution port
No, it doesn't. There's one AVX512 unit that consists of the fused AVX256 units on ports 0 & 1, and another one that only exists on the 10+ core variants, on port 5.

>> No.61079513
File: 72 KB, 411x186, 1498339510296.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who still coasting on a 4770k here?

>> No.61079527

2400 here.

>> No.61080617

So many say CPU makes a huge difference in gaming today.

I dont really see that on this picture.
I guess its really game dependent

>> No.61080657
File: 565 KB, 947x768, 1400522800052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we're hired by the UN to stop the acceleration of global warming caused by upcoming intel chips

>> No.61080700


fx 6350 here
feels comfy

>> No.61080735


4790, close tho.

late 2017 or early 2018 seems to be the year to make a full upgrade

>> No.61080893

Me. @ 4.5Ghz. It's OK. Nothing to write home about. I am not feeling the need to upgrade just yet.

>> No.61080977

>3770k at 4.5GHz

Don't plan to upgrade until Cannon Lake or Zen 2. The only things that even make me want to upgrade are getting an m.2 SSD and being able to upgrade from 8GB to 16GB of RAM without paying $110 per 4GB stick. DDR3 prices are fucked in my country but I can get a 4x4GB 3222Mhz DDR4 set for $139

>> No.61081014
File: 77 KB, 786x611, winter temps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

4790k at 4.6GHz
No upgrade until Zen 3 or when games really start using 8 cores on PC.

>> No.61081073
File: 473 KB, 524x513, BEEFY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

4.5ghz here, i needed like 1.39 volts for it over 4.4ghz at 1.35 volts.

>> No.61081246

So it's now faster than the -7700k?

>> No.61081374

Should I use rubber spacers / insulation kits on the MoBo-Case mounting bolts?

>> No.61081554

4770k represent
4.5ghz with a comfy dh15 sitting on top

>> No.61081642

AMD aren't exactly showing whatever gains the 7700K might have seen thanks to the same optimizations.

>> No.61081656

Insulation is only relevant for high voltages.

>> No.61081666

What did you think all those hundreds of redundant power pins on CPU sockets were for?

>> No.61081692

It's multicore optimizations, you can't really imagine it's going to improve as much on a quad core.

>> No.61081864

Depends on the level of parallelism it was exhibiting prior to the update. Even if the gains aren't as great, they can still be quite significant. Also, optimizations related to threading may not necessarily just improve parallelism, they could also just improve the critical path, which would make for just as good improvements on fewer-cored processors.

>> No.61084004

>18cents per hour to run
Fuck me.

>> No.61084040

Gotta eat big to get big

>> No.61084065

>FX9590 was a big boy

>> No.61085638

You do realise that it would be 10% increase per core?

>> No.61086292

Had a 4670k @4.7GHz 1.385V. I could play games fine at up to 70s on water but on prime 95 it would thermal throttle. Tried delidding using vice method and delaminated the fiberglass and fucked up some contacts on the edge. Now I have a Ryzen 1600 at 4Ghz 1.4V running cooler. Can't wait for Zen2.

>> No.61086389

Same except I have 850 EVO 500GB ssds and an R9 Fury. Two 1080p monitors so no point in upgrade. Mostly playing Paradox games or Sins of a Solar Empire anyways. Newer games are mostly shit or uninteresting like Nier or Horizon Zero Yawn.

>> No.61086517

Have oc ivy 5 and a 390x build with 6 fans and 3 drives. 414w at the wall.

>> No.61086532

its a multicore update............
meaning that MOAR COARS will always be ahead

>> No.61086547


wish those fuckers could give us a 64 bit update we can literally create over the top systems and it crashes all the time cause of no memory

>> No.61086598

Ryzen uses Indium as a TIM and solder.

High chances of corrosion in the next few years, say goodbye to your 5 year dream, that Intel gave you in the past.

>> No.61086615

t. Brian JUSTnich

>> No.61086635

bought a 7700k for 200$ from a friend who got turned into a AMD fanboy.

Spent the money I saved on an AIO

Haha, the bandwagoning has turned people into retards.

>> No.61086643

looks like coffee lake 6-core is gonna be the sweet spot

>> No.61086652

>What Intel shills need to spread

AMD made you their bitch so hard, it's not going to stop for another 4 years.

>> No.61086664

without a doubt.

but for anyone on Broadwell or newer, WAIT™ for Cannon Lake, its a refresh in Intel's upgrade path, expect some big changes.

>> No.61086670

What a dick move, he gave you that shit tier CPU?

>> No.61086687
File: 290 KB, 609x1352, 1474142472484.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is an update though. It's called the remastered version. There was also some software you could run to handle 64bit addressing. This was for the old vanilla version. Most mods supported it (the good ones anyways).

>> No.61086741

>Ryzen 1600, but for $350
Sounds totally retarded.

>> No.61086746
File: 283 KB, 1920x1200, 1484916935758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sweating profusely due to UN investigating Intel for global warming

>> No.61086884

Cannon lake won't exist on the desktop. It's Covfefe lake, ice lake then tiger lake.
>big changes
Like what?

>> No.61086899

>Like what?

>> No.61087117

>shit tier
>the only intel cpu capable of beating Ryzen on games and single core.

>> No.61087303

>slower 6800K
Why bother, just get a 6800K and X99 mobo

>> No.61088038


Intel has a fixed upgrade path

PAO : Process-Architecture-Optimization

Sky Lake was an Architecture upgrade, Kaby and Covfefe Lake are Optimization upgrades.

Cannon Lake is going to be a new Process, a dye shrink, reducing the size and overall power consumption and thermal output.

AMD doesn't have a set upgrade path, they're using up all their party tricks today, leaving nothing for tomorrows party. Many pajeet engineers in AMD are ones that were fired from Intel, they used their inside knowledge to give consumers the illusion that they're one step ahead.

Expect to thoroughly disappointed by Zen2.

>> No.61088091
File: 757 KB, 709x520, theres not even a single picture of AMD with so many pajeets.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AMD doesn't have a set upgrade path
They literally do, every new Zen iteration will be a major set of upgrades (a tock, like in the old tick-tock model Intel had before adopting this PAO bullshit to make up for their lateness), they're promising 10% improvement IPC wise and that doesn't even account for clocks or power consumption
> they're using up all their party tricks today
There's plenty of shit left out of Zen, like fat 256 bit AVX units, higher clocks, and IF running at the same speed or faster than system memory
Suzanne Plummer said that 256 bit AVX units were confirmed for Zen 2 back in 2015
>leaving nothing for tomorrows party
7nm it's confirmed for Zen 2
>Many pajeet engineers in AMD are ones that were fired from Intel, they used their inside knowledge to give consumers the illusion that they're one step ahead.
There's no Pajeet engineers in Intel, AMD never cried about muh H1B visas, unlike Intel
Keep lying though, dumb shill

>> No.61088112

well paint me green and call me a pickle

guess im going to clean my man cave again i think im gonna spend a lot of hours there

>> No.61088121

>There's no Pajeet engineers in AMD, they never cried about muh H1B visas, unlike Intel

>> No.61088123

more avx from what? not even the x series doesnt fully support the whole avx instruction set

>> No.61088390

Cannon lake is mobile and low power only, it's irrelevant for desktop. Ice Lake is the first 10nm desktop processor. Coffee Lake is just another refresh to fill the gap, as opposed to Broadwell where they just released Devil's Canyon and a couple late CPU's with Iris Pro graphics.

>> No.61088451

keep on shilling faggot

still not gonna buy intel

>> No.61088823

Did you even read what you replied to? For instance, if it just moves from 2-wide parallelism to 4-wide, then a 7700K will see just as large gains. If it moves from 4-wide to 8-wide, then an R7 will see more gains than a 7700K, but there will still be more parallelism to feed the latter's SMT. If it primarily optimizes the critical path, then again both will see just as large gains.

>> No.61088966
File: 119 KB, 1000x1000, intel ceo JUST.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did you manage to cram this much bullshit into one post?

>> No.61088970

But Intel's SMT is kinda crap.

>> No.61088981

Depends entirely on the workload, just like any SMT. On parallel compiles the i3 370M in my laptop gives roughly 50% extra performance when using SMT.

>> No.61089007
File: 173 KB, 640x400, my sides.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>T-they stole everything from Intel!
>W-wait for (Whatever) Lake!

>> No.61089786

>W-wait for (Whatever) Lake!
Fuck that, I'll be waiting for there new uarch in 2021 (when ever the fuck its comng out) and not another P6 derivative that we have been getting for the past 10 years.
Though their new will most likely be another fucking abortion of a uarch

>> No.61089799

It's x86 with parts chopped off and probably MOAR AVX.

>> No.61090017

>moar AVX
At least it's not hyberbibelines.

>> No.61090729
File: 64 KB, 605x558, 1493663499024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's x86 with parts chopped off
How is that going to work?
They were able to ditch shit like 3DNow because nothing that's worth a shit or fuck used it.
What else can they cut out? They can't do that do something like MMX without breaking just about everything.

>> No.61090759

>breaking just about everything
That's exactly what Intel wants to do.

>> No.61090762

It's going to have some sort of compatibility layer I guess. http://wccftech.com/intel-developing-new-x86-uarch-succeed-core-generation/

>> No.61090805

>name 1 (one) reason for me not to buy a ryzen.

>ryzen beats i7 in games
That's the only reason why people should buy intel over amd though. Games work better with high clock speed
>it will keep getting better for games once developers start utilizing more threads,

Not really happening in the near future. Devs are lazy fucks who keep making games to cater the console peasants

>as in all benchmarks ryzen threads are only at around 70% capacity and still match or beat i7.

Beating a 7700k? Where are those benchmarks?

>> No.61090807

Unless you're running legacy 32-bit programs, you're not going to need either x87 or MMX compatibility.

>> No.61090825

>Where are those benchmarks?
Literally in the picture you replied to.

>> No.61090892

i7 only wins if you are CPU bottlenecked, and most people aren't. They're GPU bottlenecked.

>> No.61090914

>i7 only wins if you are CPU bottlenecked, and most people aren't. They're GPU bottlenecked.

What happens in a year and half when you upgrayd ur GPU to something on a 1080 level or 1080ti for a midrange?

>> No.61090956

Newer games will make more use of the increased GPU resources, so you'll still be GPU bottlenecked unless you lower your resolution and raise your refresh rate.

(They'll also likely make better use of multithreaded CPUs since even Intel will be on 6 cores mainstream by then)

>> No.61090985

>Devs are lazy fucks who keep making games to cater the console peasants
Both major consoles are 8 cores. It's really just Intel that's been lagging behind keeping the entire industry on 4 cores for half a decade just so they can raise margins on their HEDT shit.

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