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This is professor Winston at MIT teaching a course in machine learning.
He uses a ThinkPad.

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He have a anime desktop?

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Literally who? hahaha... he's not even fucking famous nor has he invented deep learning.

Do you know who this is?

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OP means to imply that anyone not using a X/T/W *20 Thinkpad running GNU+Linux is a brainlet. Macfags in particular are BTFO.

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and look here... another father of deep learning (there's three of them btw).

he doesn't use your chink shitbook either.

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it don't matter. its preference

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MIT niggers uses core dumps

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Finally, see the guy in blue shirt? That's the third father of Deep Learning, Yann Lecun. Does he use your homless-tier chink shitbook? Didn't think so.

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thats their thing, core dumps

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Finally, do you have any idea who this is? Do you see him using your shitbook? Didn't think so.

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and what do we have here... another deep learning heavy weight. Notice the Tensorflow sticker too...

He doesn't use a chink shitbook either.

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he is ashamed to use it though. look at the sticker covering the white apple

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Well played, anon. I stand corrected. ChinkPads BTFO.
I'm literally ordering the new macbook pro 2017 15" right now. Thank you for saving me.

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Next up, Peter Norvig... the guy who wrote the book on AI. Director of research at Google. Is he using your chinkbook? Kek!

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How the FUCK can OP EVER hope to recover from this absolute and total annihilation? He simply can't. OP permanently and eternally BTFO for ALL TIME!

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Holy shit, that's a lot of important people. I better order two just in case.

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Finally, look here... this guy wrote the book on superintelligence and is one of the smartest people alive. Does he use your chinkbooks?


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You know who uses Chinkobooks? Poor people and LOSERS!

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deep learning is algorithm design, they just need a whiteboard and a calculator so no wonder they are using Macs as that is what they basically are

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As a professor he probably doesn't make enough money to buy a real laptop.

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s-stop it, ahhh please! senpai it hurts! I'm buying macbooks as fast as I can ahhhh!

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who is that semen demon?
talking about the guy on the stairs btw

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>put thinkpad on stairs
>bitches all over me
>mfw they didnt even know it was shopped

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>this white adaptor
Displayport to hdmi certainly...

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>he posts a bunch of white males
Ugh bigots are so annoying

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Ok! i will install hackintosh in my x220 right now!

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I can't think of the last time OP got BTFO so bad. He already left the thread probably. TOP KEK!

Hey OP, if you read this by any chance, you should commit a sepuku ASAP.

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n-no I'm still here, I'm waiting for confirmation from the apple store that my purchase went through so I can screenshot it and post it here

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Why are you listening to a racist alt right white nationalist OP?
He should go back to his containment board

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This is his containment board.

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Had to do it... kekekeke

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Is this the new symbol of the alt right?

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do you have any ice packs for your ass?

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so? If he used a macbook would that be proof that macbooks were great?

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>pics of only intelligent people
>no black

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Go back to your containment board you racist fuck

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no anon, I'm an applefag now. I like it hot and sticky. :^)
the hardcore ass pounding he gave me opened my eyes to what I've been missing out on this whole time

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Proof white people are the best
Shitskins BTFO
When do we get to gas the minorities?

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This is Bill Gates, literally the richest man on the planet.
He uses a Thinkpad.

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>that disgusting lenovo logo
I still don't get how Richard Sapper let this happen

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I get it now.

The reason we haven't yet invented Strong AI is because of these researchers using macs..

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holy shit

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Now that I know this, I feel better about using my Thinkpad. No longer will people laugh at me and call me names. Today I am redeemed.

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Seek mental help kid. Your obsession with your fruit religion is not healthy.

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most teachers these days (atleast to my knowledge) are given thinkpads even though im pretty sure they would prefer macbooks (because le apple is professional meme)

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Why should I care what their personal laptops are when any real work they do is on a proper workstation?

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Haha give it back, Jamal

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Most of the deep learning is done on the cloud platforms of google or amazon, so even a netbook with an internet connection would be able to do the calculations, because google charges charges $0.70/hour , so not really hefty and a great deal without upgrading your rig

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Yes? Is he by your side? Can I talk to him?

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hit that bong again kiddo

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Unfortunately he writes his demo programs in Java on Windows. I saw his course on Artificial Intelligence.

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OP is clearly butthurt about this thread: >>61016503

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gonna need to see some proof

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I've been working in IT ( vibrant, diverse etc. ) for some years now. I haven't seen more more then a few coons thou and most probably they weren't strictly technical ( dare I say? ) people. Why nogs can't into computers?

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but there are some serious cs people using thinkpad...

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How does it feel to be THAT buttblasted that you deleted your other thread OP?

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What other thread?

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Please stop buttblasting poorfag low-achieving hobbyists, they can't take it.

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Hey, hey, ... deep learning!
*laugh track*

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See >>61023602

>> No.61024176

that thread is still there, he's talking about some thread that got deleted

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Oh, my mistake. Sorry.

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We should start a /g/ version of poo-poo-pee-pee but with the apple logo and /pol/ alt-right shit.
Seeing this >>61020244 on MSNBC would be unironically hilarious

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>daily threads about le intelligent CS man using mac (even though they're almost all people who develop for all 3 OS and thus have to use a mac since macOS is locked down)
>literally one going on right now
>no problem

>a single thread is made showing someone using a thinkpad
Kek cry harder.

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they probably use others for heavy task

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I thought ThinkPads specifically target IT professionals and executives though

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that is the machine that the university has given him. He probably uses an MBP at home.

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>pigs are allowed to be professors now.

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>GNU/NEETs assblasted professionals use macs

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Congratulations that you pointed that out

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So you just made this shitty thread to announce you're a gay macfag?

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only Android users are gay. android is literally made by gays for gays. nickname for android inside of Google is gayfdroid due to a high number of gays working on it. stay mad!

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>meme poster

poo in loo with shit shoes

>open meme office

tip top jej

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You need to know how to screech to teach liberals

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