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>Atom: 700 MB
>Sublime: 25 MB

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>Ed: 24 bytes

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>700 MB
>close to a GB
>For a fucking text editor
what the fuck

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Why is Atom so fucking slow?

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Fuck no.

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>Nano: 4.6KB

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i use vim :o)

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Why not just install an IDE at that point?

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Make primives thing like text editor in layer over layer over layer of software, web app are huge mistake, web technologies works for sites like 4chan,Wikipedia,forums,textbooks online.

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>He didn't get the CIA license for free

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It's written in JavaScript. Welcome to the new generation of "programmers"

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But I don't wanna get droned.

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>paying for a text editor

phew. okay.

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Do you also think people pay for WinRAR?

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No way, not even under DOS could you fit something with the parsing abilities of Ed's UI into 24 bytes. Even a minimal 8086 hello world in flat binary format comes to like 29 bytes. But these bloated editors ARE a joke, make no mistake.

Notepad++: 7 MB
Nano: 201 KB
Emacs: 34 MB

Even Dev-C++ is just over half the size of Atom, and it's a full (if minimalistic) IDE whose size includes a complete GNU toolchain.

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>4chan,Wikipedia,forums,textbooks online.
Actually those are decent because they don't make excessive use of web technology. JS is fine for making buttons on websites do stuff when you click them. But I can't even go on news or commercial sites anymore without my browser dropping to 1 FPS because they use Javascript to write video codecs or something.

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Is anyone ITT so poor that 700mb is anything but a rounding error?

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>Notepad++: 2.70 MB

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>uses 30% CPU to render a blinky cursor

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notepad++: 5mb
vim: 2mb
nano: 500kb
ed: 24b
magnetic needle and steady hand: 0b

but yes the trend of horrendously webscale electron-based shitware in 2017 is disturbing

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Atom wasn't meant to actually be used, it's just a bunch of self important developers having a good wank in the way fashion designers and architects do. I can imagine a huge chunk of the code only being contributed because people wanted their names on it. Making a good editor was secondary if not tertiary and beyond.

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Why did you post a picture of the shitty building that put ROM on verge of bankruptcy after all the hedge fund fucks who pledged millions of dollars bailed on their commitment?

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How is ed only 24 bits?

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Here, use this:

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Cool concept, shitty execution. Having a "hackable" text editor is pretty cool, it's just that it needs to be good.

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>You have a good job right? So why are you complaining that a 40 watt bulb costs $500?

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"Hackable" is also just an excuse for them to not implement features. Did they ever add a way to *not* open the previous session on startup?

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Bad comparison. Drive space isn't an issue now. This isn't the 90s anymore.

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Considering VS Code is electron-based too, but "just" 200 MB while having more functionalities out-of-the-box (like debugging), the devs weren't even trying.

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yeah no just thinking about eclipse makes me want to down half a bottle of something reasonably strong

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Eclipse is seriously underrated.

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Why are you assuming people dislike bloat because they have no money? How does money come into play on this?

Are you the same sort of retard who calls everyone who dislikes macs a poorfag?

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>paying for a text editor, but in hardware to run the shitty javascript

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it's 40kiB

[email protected]:/tmp/ed-1.14.2# ./ed --version
GNU ed 1.14.2
Copyright (C) 1994 Andrew L. Moore.
Copyright (C) 2017 Antonio Diaz Diaz.
License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.
[email protected]:/tmp/ed-1.14.2# size ed
text data bss dec hex filename
34631 1400 2248 38279 9587 ed

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except in this case the 40 watt bulb costs 24 cents. Even ssd prices are at 34 cents per gigabyte. Even a third world dirt farmer can afford that.

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source code is 90kiB for ~2500 lines of c

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I don't think they are taking about "real" ed, just a stub that always prints "?"

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like I get it has support for all these academic plugins, but it runs so slow on anything pre the last 7 years and its ui is a mess

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You can just use the infinite evaluation period. Sublime text is the winrar of editors.

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I'm "a third world dirt farmer" and can't afford a new 2TB HDD, never mind an SSD. The income-to-price ratio isn't the same as in the US.

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Program size affects more than hard drive space.

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It's smooth and fast compared to Visual Studio.

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Wrong. You are confusing GNU ed and Unix ed. If you look at some data from the first edition of Unix which Dennis Ritchie extracted from some old DECtapes you will see ed is 3998 bytes (just under 4KiB)

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>ui is a mess
Probably, but I've been using it since 2011 and I am super used to the layout. I just know where everything is.

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sauce: http://ftp.fibranet.cat/UnixArchive/Distributions/Research/1972_stuff/Readme

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>Not fitting your entire text editor into the L3 cache in 2017.

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I have 16 GB of RAM. 700 MB would be about 4% of my total RAM usage, however it is not the only program running on my system, and the increasing demands of applications are why I need to have 16 GB, instead of just 8. Moreover, greater RAM usage means that the program will run slower in general because less of that program is able to fit into cache.

I think it's reasonable to expect that a text editor should not use almost as much memory as Minecraft, and more memory than some of my older video games.


Sublime may be proprietary, but it is also hackable with Python extensions.

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>academic plugins
More reason not to use it then. I really hate academic "softwares".

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I suppose it has loads of corporate plugins too for codemonkeys
but yeah

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>Atom: 700 MB

Even barebones visual studio is lighter.

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Came here for the comparison. "My text editor is better than your text editor!".
$ pacman -Qi vim
Name : vim
Version : 8.0.0628-1
Description : Vi Improved, a highly configurable, improved version of the vi text editor
Installed Size : 2,85 MiB

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No one's talking about RAM here.

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They're claiming a 700MB text editor is fine because everyone has enough hard drive space. However, for a program to run efficiently it must be loaded into RAM, and RAM is usually several orders of magnitude smaller than hard disk capacity.

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I cant exactly say your wrong but memory usage can differ from disk size and no one ITT has posted memory usage data or implied any advantage in that area.

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I think you're having trouble understanding what's being said. The fact that a program gets loaded into ram during usage is a counter argument against "lol who cares about file size, disc space is cheap".

And while you're right, programs don't have to be entirely loaded into ram at all times due to predictive caching, it's not unusual for it to scale linearly with application filesize. Plus predictive caching from disk to ram will always be slower than having everything in ram anyway.

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Why would you destroy a building with history for that ugly piece of shit tumor

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notepad is the most solid one, too bad theres no linux-meme version of it

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because history doesn't fucking matter

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Am I the only person on this planet who uses Geany?

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Atom is 265MB on macOS

Still a lot for a fucking text editor but I imagine a lot of that is the plug-ins which I have disabled anyways because I just want a nice editor that is easy on the eyes and supports directory windows + split view

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>geany: 9.5MiB

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>there are still people for whom <1GB RAM is a lot
>there are people willing to use inferior software because it uses marginally less RAM
where can i donate RAM sticks you poorfags?

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>Optimized means inferior

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Probably yeah

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The only editors are vim and maybe emacs just because they run everywhere including ssh and are highly extensible.

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optimized for user comfort. but sure, go ahead and dig a hole using tea spoon, it takes less space than a shovel so is better amiright

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if every program i'm currently running used 700M ram, i'd be at 82G usage right now

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>Not using VSCode

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Relative numbers matter, Anon. An application using >100 MB of RAM generally isn't necessarily that big a deal. When that application is a text editor, it's a bit more of a big a deal. When software with more or equivalent features is able to run in less memory, you need to fix your fucking program.

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this desu

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Sublime is dead

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VSCode is written on top of atom shell

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That implies there's a better alternative.

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>not writing your own text editor in Java

How many fucking features do you need for a fucking text editor?

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Still better than Atom

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Yes, it's called emacs

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VS code is still pretty good, a bit lessed bloated than Atom, but far inferior to Sublime Text

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except everyone is for the reason of

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>write a text editor in Java
>can't work on your new text editor using your new text editor because Java is a monstrosity and requires you to use an IDE for anything larger than hello world project
The only positive thing about Java is the jvm.

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VSCode is far more extensive than sublime ever has been.
It's also proof you can legitimately use electron and have it not be a giant piece of shit, but that ultimately requires the backing of a giant corporation so I guess normies should chill w/ electron.

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>VSCode is far more extensive than sublime ever has been.
Not too surprising given how poor of an idea it is to only offer some scripting API for extensions instead of a native plugin system.
>It's also proof you can legitimately use electron
Nah. They could have created a decent, as extensible, native framebuffered, still multiplatform text editor with half the manpower.
>and have it not be a giant piece of shit
It's a polishing upgrade to "barely usable". And only, because they wrote the text buffer/parsing in another language. What Atom devs plan to do as well, now. And that will only fix the "big file" issue.
>but that ultimately requires the backing of a giant corporation so I guess normies should chill w/ electron.

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>shipping a whole web browser just so you can program your shitty language in the only language you understand, javascript
That's why.

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Does atom uses electron?

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Atom is made with electron. A matter of fact, it was the first mainstream program made with electron framework.

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>The only positive thing about Java is the jvm.
The JVM is fucking garbage. Every part of that dumb project should die, just like clojure that piece of shit.

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there is notepadqq

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it's built on top of nodejs

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Considering that it has better compression ratio AND higher speeds than 7z, yeah.

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Here's a bigger version my boy

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Severely underappreciated post.

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Sublime and Emacs are both as customizable, and neither are as shitty as Atom

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more of this adorable girl

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$~>du -sh .emacs.d
1,8G .emacs.d

hu ho

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yeah the JVM is great

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>ywn cuddle her and grab her cheeks
kill me

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>pirating a text editor
top fucking kek

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As people have pointed out, you can use the CIA Sublime license if you don't want the nag messages. However, my job requires SFTP'ing into a server, and the S/FTP plugin also requires a separate $30 purchase, or it nags (and causes FTP operations to fail).

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>paying US$70 for a text editor that doesn't even give you future major updates

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yes, that's even dumber than pirating it

still pirating

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>not pirating a text editor
>not doing the thing that can kill proprietary software

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it's dying on its own. people that pirate it and make it more popular are keeping it alive, because some of the new users WILL buy the license

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