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Neither, get a Ryzen.

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i5 7600K

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>baiting for intlel fans in the age of glorious AMD Ryzen offerings

lmaoing @ ur lyfe

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Ryzen 1600x

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Ryzen or go home

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Literally Ryzen

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not sure if mentioned yet, but RYZEN

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U dont need more than 4 threads, dont waste ur hard earned shekels on that aymd gargabge

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Ryzen my arsehole. Waste two times as much as Intel's. Enjoy your energy bills.

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what about ryzen

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Definitely Ryzen

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>7700k 95w tdp
>1700 65w tdp

Really makes you think.

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AMD Ryzen™ 5 1600X

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Ryzen 7 1700 is slower and costs more here in my country.

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Dude! Ryzen!

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Ryzen 1700

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Wow your whole 4 FPS in SOME video games. Vs. Faster everything. Oh and your entire CPU at 96-100% while any Ryzen CPU stays well below 70% unless some serious shit is happening. Stay ignorant shill.

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Dude that's the difference between having 1 fps and a silky smooth 5 fps.

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God damn the ryzen fags are more obnoxious than the Intel Jews at this point. This thread is literally a marketing team all taking turns posting

AND is knockoff brand quality in comparison the Intel

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>Userbench is no good
>CPUZ is no good
>passmark is no good
i5 for gaming/htpc
i7 for high fps gaming/streaming
zen for encoding bootleg anime

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but your 5 fps isnt silky smooth at all

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>i7 for high fps gaming/streaming
[stuttering and framedropping intensifies]

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Why the fuck higher clocked 7700k is slower than the actual 7700k?

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>mentions streaming
>post cherrypicked regular gaming benchmarks

Really made me think.

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>buying a quad core

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yeah it usually happens when the developer puts
if (processorname != "7700k")

if (processorbrand == "AMD")

into the main loop of the games.

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Intel's single core performance is so far beyond anything that AMD can even dream of in their wildest fantasies that even in some purely theoretical scenario in which there would exist an app that would take advantage of an infinite amount of cores, an i5 would still outperform even the top of the line Ryzen.

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keep dreamin intel shill

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>Being this buthurt

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same fagging much

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>Rypoo shills will ignore this

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Same fagging much

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Core duo.

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ignore that the 7740k is worse then the 7700k?

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Ryzen, intel is inferior

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>all these pajeet shills
just wow

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>AMD chips are more efficient than current Intel chips w/ the same core count
>"Enjoy your energy bills"

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>>61002728 >>61002742 >>61003416 >>61003486 >>61004696

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There's no sense in buying the LGA 1151 motherboard really. AM4 will have a better upgrade path down the road. Are you mostly a gamer? If you really ONLY care about FPS @ 1080p then go ahead and buy a i7 7700k and overclock it. It's going to be hot as fuck but it will deliver high framerates for people who have high refresh rate monitors. If you want to stream then you might as well go Ryzen. The additional cores, threads and solid minimums on Ryzen is great for streaming. Ryzen's only real weak spot is 1080p gaming performance. It leaves a little to be desired but if you game at 4K then you should buy Ryzen over Intel. For everything else Ryzen is way ahead with a much better upgrade path. Again, though, if you stream get the Ryzen even if it's @ 1080p because it's much more capable of that heavy lifting.

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and @ 4K?

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>low cost
>extremely powerful (inb4 bullshits i7 that cost your soul)
hey its ryzen its fucking cheap you bullshit, the only thing that intel is good is to give you the highest quality of overprice dicks to suck with

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CPU doesn't really matter at 4K all the load is on the GPU at that point.

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i5 2500k @4.20ghz

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unironically this

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i7, never i5. If you're going Intel it's either i7 because you absolutely need single core performance for some reason or the Pentium because you're on a budget. Ryzen's the obvious choice for everything in between.

What's your problem with them, exactly? It's a totally fine and valid benchmark.

> all the benchmark sites are bad
yeah good luck to you

>Faster everything
Nope. Not sure who you're trying to kid there. Intel's have higher single-thread performance, Ryzen's have higher total performance.

What's the point of posting benchmarks that will be limited by the GPU for 99% of all people without making it clear which GPU is used?

>CPU doesn't really matter
It matters that it's good enough and all the latest Intel and AMD CPUs are. Not sure what the point of showing 1080p benchmarks is anyway, like anyone who bought a i7 or a Ryzen 7 and some expensive GPU like the 1070 or 1080 is going to use some shitty 1080p panel.

I care about what performance I'd get with my triple 1440p monitor setup or a single 4k monitor. That's it. I don't care about 640x480 pixel benchmarks or 720p benchmarks or 1080p benchmarks.

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Xeon Bronze or Xeon Brass

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try Xeon DoA.

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ITT: AMD shills trying to clear their defective stock in anticipation of B2 respins

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There is a reason for low res benchmark.
It's for CPU benchmark.
See I use a 7700k with 1080sli. I can easy hit 1440p 144hz on most games. Since most benchmark don't use a SLI, it's a way to I know if the CPU is gonna hold franes or not.
Said that it's horrible, albeit I have top performance, to see my CPU 100% on bf1. I can't let anything open otherwise it stutter sometimes very badly.
When tr is out, I gonna wait it stabilize and see if it's worth changing, I was considering going skylakex but with those prices and temps it's a no go.

With a proper hedt platform I can just keep a single machine for vms and gaming.

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i9 in desktop
i7 in laptop

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I don't know if this has been said before but you should prolly get a ryzen.

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7700k has iGPU. If you don't use it that's 15W less.
Also AyyMD was always lying about TDP. By 'lying" I mean they're using their own definition of TDP. For intel TDP is the "worst usage scenario". Plus you can Delid(TM) your 7700k and get MUCH lower temperatures than ayymd.

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>actually reccomending DELID as a good thing
Fantastic goy.

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Overclockers are always happy to be able to remove this unnecessary piece of metal that lowers heatsink capabilities.
It is a good thing. Competent people will delid and get better product than ayymd cpus, while stupid people don't even remotely give a fuck about CPU temp

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>trying to turn DELID into some sort of hardcore badge of honor

You're one of those special stupids, aren't you?

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For /v/ related either will do. I'd go unlocked i7 though.

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top zozzle bro. All CPUs are going to go over TDP when running synthetic loads.

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i5 or ryzen

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>being too poor to get an Intel CPU
>being too stupid to delid
here's your ayymd poo instead, pajeet
are you mentally retarded?
TDP has nothing to do with power consumption, you /v/ cancer summer TRASH

>> No.61007659

>wattage has nothing to do with power consumption

ok enough, that's just false flagging to make Intel drones look even more retarded than they are

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4790k master race checking in.

>> No.61007686

this is not wattage you nigger retard
which part of "Thermal Design Power" you did not understand?

>> No.61007687

>you /v/ cancer summer TRASH
Anyone pushing AMD isn't from /v/.

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So you're not false flagging?

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I really wish I wasn't gay for amd during the phenom 2/bulldozer days.

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Summer is real

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i9 or gtfo poorfag

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Projecting much?

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Hey kid when you do anything besides MUH GAYMING. You'll learn to stay off the internet. Tell your mommy to change your diaper too.

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get a Ryzen.

>> No.61008493

When will it be worth to upgrade from an I7-3770 and to what if it is already worth it?

>> No.61008607

Non-K i7's are pretty much obsolete across the board. You could go up to a 7700K (if you want more single core) or 1600X (if you want more multicore)

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>Overclockers are always happy to be able to remove this unnecessary piece of metal that lowers heatsink capabilities.
The overclocker who first discovered that Intel's new chips are filled with jizz previously DELID a Ryzen 7 CPU and tried direct-die cooling, which resulted in a margin-of-error improvement to performance. The IHS on the Ryzen chips is so good that it's practically the same as having a DELID chip in the first place.

>> No.61010140

>he posts average
>he doesnt post the minimum
n-n-n-n-n-n-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nic-nice st-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-tut-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-terring y-y-yo-you g-g-g-g-got th-th-th-th-thre-there

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Instal gentoo

>> No.61010292

Literally the only Intel CPUs worth buying right now are the 7700k if you literally only use your PC as a video game console without running anything in the background or a G4560 if you're so poor that you should barely even be looking at building a PC in the first place

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>amd is winning
>intel marketers all up in tears and don't know what to do

Holy shit it's the Barton core era all over again. This is so delicious. What a time to be alive.

>> No.61010373

I lol 'ed on this one

>> No.61010392

It's crazy, I never thought it would happen again.

>> No.61010446

It should still be relevant for a while. Upgrade your gpu instead.

>> No.61010454

It's a gift for all of us. AMD actually being back means that Intel can't charge insane prices for their high performance CPUs anymore.

But you're right.. this caught me totally by surprise as well. Just when I thought that we'd have a monopoly AMD came back hardcore.

It's a huge blessing for all of us.

The Intel marketer tears are just the topping.

>> No.61010502

>hurr I'm a autistic intel shill
>literally a 3 degree difference

>> No.61010620

I love intelfag tears so much

>> No.61011040

I'm kind of out of the loop here, but what's a delid?

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Take the heatspreader off an Intel CPU to replace the garbage thermal paste they put in there with liquid metal. This lowers temperatures significantly.

AMD CPUs don't have this problem as they are soldered and delidding makes no difference in tempertatures.

>> No.61011207

So basically you have to pay for additional process of putting better thermal conductor that's included from get-go in AMD hardware. Nice try, Intel.

>> No.61011225

>you have to
Only OCD retards delid CPUs.

>> No.61011232

Get a i7 6700k and then watch Intel crash and burn

>> No.61011532

I already have an 1070 and I'am not really a fulltime gamer I just like to have enough performance to be able to play a game occasionally without having to tweak the settings for hours. I'am just gonna wait for AMD's next release. It would take 1-2 years max right?

>> No.61011668

3D bar charts are bad and you should feel bad

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How many cores makes you a winner?

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>AMD literally have to shill on 4chan in order to move their shitty stock
Really activates my neurons

>> No.61014543

Did it ever occur to you that people are just sick of Intel's shit?

>> No.61014641

Nice b8

>> No.61014665

Ryzen processors are best sellers on Amazon. You're the shill here.

>> No.61014708

So get a ryzen?

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im pushing a i5 and im going to WhyZon Cause just admit it, intel is garbage this year.

Free Wallpaper

>> No.61015698

What is your budget bro? Ryzen = better upgrade path, less expensive, better stock HSF, equal 4K performance, better for streaming, leagues ahead in multithreaded performance, more headroom BUT 5-10% maximum FPS hit @ 1080p gaming, assuming you even have a GPU powerful enough to deliver those framerates (such as GTX 1080). This only concerns current titles also because newer games should fully take advantage of Ryzen's potential. For example the developers of Quake Champions have said that they fully plan to optimize for Ryzen to utilize as much as possible. This question has an easy answer for most people: Ryzen 1600 or maybe higher if your budget allows. For the minority of dudes with 144Hz monitors who also own a GTX 1080ti, have an aftermarket cooler and plan to overclock their i7 7700k then Intel is their option. They must also admit that their socket is going nowhere though. Paying premium prices for a LGA 1151 board right now is hard to justify.

>> No.61015794

Point being is that if you plan on using 4K Intel offers the same FPS as Ryzen but at a much bigger price tag and if you even tried to stream the Intel processor would not be able to handle it. Ryzen on the other hand has the extra cores, threads, general multithreaded performance to pull it off.

>> No.61015810

AMD shills and marketers are out in full force. Like >>61015698

>> No.61015815

There is no denying that you can buy a used 2500k cheap as hell right now, like 50 dollars or maybe even less but it's old as HELL. If you already own a motherboard for it then go ahead but otherwise why would you even bother building that system from scratch? You'd be much better off going Ryzen.

>> No.61015831

Can you explain what is wrong with my post?

>> No.61015837

because a 2500k system with all bells and whistles (2133mhz ram, good cooling) is 150$ vs 320-350$ for a ryzen with no fps gain or very little

>> No.61016002

>buy 1511 socket
>get fucked
>buy am4 socket
>get plenty of upgrade options coming your way

>> No.61016069

You would need to buy the CPU, motherboard, RAM and an aftermarket cooler if you can do that for $150 that's not bad but what are you going to upgrade to in 1 or 2 years? You would need to buy another motherboard CPU and RAM. Instead right now you could buy a Ryzen 1600, AM4 motherboard and RAM for ~320 USD which annihilates the 2500k in multithreading, doesn't specifically to overclock for good performance (but is completely capable of doing so), doesn't need aftermarket cooler, similar single thread performance on stock speeds, more power efficient and better minimums, 2 additional more cores, 8 additional threads. Choice is clear to me. 2500k is ancient in comparison and will be full CPU usage in any demanding game.

>> No.61016077

r5 1600

>> No.61016111

How many games have octacore support?



>> No.61016163

Yea bro that's what I said. You can find semicomplete builds for 150$ or so nowdays.

Well in 2 years you can check what's out there and maybe get an even better setup if needed.
Who knows what'll be around by then.

>> No.61016193

>games are literally all i or anyone ever does with their computers at all ever for all eternity

Neck yourself, faggot.

>> No.61016261

I get it, it's a great value but typically people who are spending money on hardware think about what kind of future upgrades they will be able to obtain. the AM4 socket is going to have a ton of options down the road so just on that alone it's a solid buy. the 2500k on LGA 1155 though? There is nowhere to go from there and you even if you tried to sell your system in 1-2 years time it's going to be worth next to nothing.

>> No.61016274

>Comparing used parts to new
This meme is retarded and needs to stop.

>> No.61016277

AMD shills pretend they're content creators, streamers on Twitch or perform intensive tasks to justify Ryzen when in reality most PC builds in /g/ or in /v/ mostly boil down to videogames.

The shilling is so bad and blatant that you have these retards spouting how a quadcore is suddenly not good enough for multitasking.

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yes goyim, merchant is your greatest ally

>> No.61016337

>people who are spending money on hardware think about what kind of future upgrades they will be able to obtain
not absolute poorfags, which is the case here
Getting a great cpu like the 2500k STILL absolutely relevant for gaymern (thanks to intel lazyness in the past 5 years) for that cheap is unprecedented

>> No.61016383

>i don't do any of those things, so no-one does!
Literal autism.

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>As mentioned, we had to use Alphacool's Eiszeit Chiller 2000 to achieve usable overclocking results. More conventional thermal solutions just wouldn't cut it.


>> No.61016515

Why are people recommending Ryzen lately? Weren't people shitting all over it before?

>> No.61016535

There were a small number of virulent shitposters, but they've mostly fucked off or been banned.

>> No.61016538

This is a good point.

>> No.61016540


>> No.61016829

>he's been in the same thread for 22 hours.
I take it back. You are funny.

>> No.61016860

Shit even stock it nipped on the OC'd 6950x and still shit on the overclocked 1800x

>> No.61017021
File: 97 KB, 932x626, Untitled-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was cherrypicked. Look at the rest of the benchmarks in the link.


>If you're strictly a gamer, Core i9-7900X won't make you want to buy a new CPU, motherboard, and memory kit.

>> No.61017115

they really fucked up there's no denying that.

>> No.61017211

I don't care about the god damn benches that don't mean anything

I'm looking at benches that utilize the CPU

Gee, it's GTAV

>> No.61018298

...and running almost as hot as Fermi.

>> No.61018359

I really don't think a stock clocked Skylake-X is all that hot. I'd definitely at least put a solid bet that isn't any warmer than that Overclocked 6950X. So we're getting warmer...

Personally I never even expected the 7900x to break 4.3ghz. The fact that you can go all the way to 4.7 is equally insane as the thermals and consumption.

>> No.61018437
File: 260 KB, 739x684, lawd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh boi

>> No.61018471

As if Meme95 is the fuck all everyday scenario

>> No.61018493
File: 119 KB, 320x252, 1496687334844.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nigga when ur CPU reaches 100° on AIO under Meme95 isn't "all that hot", it's nova grade

kys cuk

>> No.61018518

>tdp 91 w vs 65 w

>> No.61018548

Who the fuck buys $999 CPU and puts a $100 cooler on it? I don't think an H220 would even do it justice (well the 7800 ok)

>> No.61018667
File: 418 KB, 694x544, skylakeX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yea goy dont be a cheapskate

>> No.61018699

I lol'd

>> No.61018751

>If you don't use it that's 15W less.
No. If you use it, that's 15W of Turbo Boost headroom less.

>> No.61018764
File: 710 KB, 863x720, [Nofunloli] Milky Holmes Fun Fun Pearly Night ~The Gift of Ken and Janet~[5E6E6D13].mkv_snapshot_18.58_[2017.03.05_18.25.20].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GTA V is not a CPU benchmark, it's just another fucking game.
>Synthetic loads don't matter anymore! Because Intel!
Jesus buttfucking christ.

>> No.61018868

Are you all hot and bothered?

Shit just slap us another cinebench I really do not give a fuck

Nignog can't handle truths

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>> No.61020959

Everyone on the face of the earth knows this garbage is DoA.

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