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>re-released i7 series with an overclock


[Look at that power consumption!](https://www.pcper.com/reviews/Processors/Intel-Core-i9-7900X-10-core-Skylake-X-Processor-Review/Power-Perf-Dollar-Conclusi) : "I didn’t believe it at first, but the Core i9-7900X is using more than 70 watts additional power than the Core i7-6950X!"

Up to 65 ° C Tcore with a heat spreader temperature of approx. 24 ° C results in a delta of more than 40 ° C. We reached this value with a power loss of just under 230 watts. As soon as you move above the 300-watt limit, which can be reached even with simple rendering programs from 4.6 or 4.7 GHz and the necessary voltages (depending on the chip quality), the chiller is hardly anything. At the maximum values of 300 watts reached by us the CPU is already permanently thermal limit of 100 ° C, shortly thereafter comes to the consequential shutdown.

-> Overclocked the CPU wasnt properly coolable with a 1000 bucks compressor cooling solution. That cpu is a real hog.

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How the tables have turned. :^)

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Intel INVENTED housefires with NetBurst, anon.

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4 more years of this.

There is no answer that Intel can come up with on the Core architecture.

Node shrinks alone won't do it.

I can only imagine the smiles around AMD lately.

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Serious question here. How do I delid this shit and turn it into an actual CPU?

Asking for a friend.

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>smiles around AMD
Why do you think she's so smug?

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You need to buy a delidding tool since manual delidding is too dangerous for housefire-x due to PCB design.

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i'm looking into it

but at this point i'm not even sure if it's worth the fucking hassle

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Feels good.

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Why the fuck would you buy these housefires?

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It also has fucking terrible gaming performance KEK

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So what type of temps would we get after a 7900x De-lid?
7700k dropped about 20C on average

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I always keep the fact that you can delid those chips and remove some of that ridiculous temp delta - then I realise those are $600-2000 CPUs that have a relatively high chance of breaking while being delidded. wew.
der8auer got 5ghz on his golden hand picked chip, albeit at housefire temps around 90°c with a 280mm aio. If you use liquid metal and a fat custom loop you can probably keep 80°c on an overclocked chip. you gotta be retarded enough to delid your chip though.

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how good is reaching 5ghz on it?

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90 degrees delidded on 280mm AIO good.

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Let's put it this way. This is reccomended cooling for OCing. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/intel-core-i9-7900x-skylake-x,5092-11.html

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Let me rephrase that. How good of an improvement is reaching 5ghz on it? is it only for e-peen contests or does it /actually/ perform better in every way than not OCing it?

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OCing is always fucking good for performance. But it comes with a price. A terrible price for Skymeme-X.

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I can't find any benches for the thing at 5 GHz except the one crazy der8auer video. You aren't going to get your hands on a golden sample anyway. $1000 a try. Wanna roll the dice?

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One thing is deliding a 300$ cpu another one is deliding a 1000$ cpu, that have components on top of substrate, and even worse, have 2 stacked substrates with glue on both. Seriously i dont understand why intel made this shitty 2 substrates stacked

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Does the 7700K not have topside components?

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No, you can just slice right through with a razor blade.

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>Intel is now the new AMD

what a time to be alive

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Yeah, I did that recently. Just checking.

Put a scratch on the top, and it wasn't displaying. Maximum panic for a bit before I realised some blood got on the gold contacts. Wiped it off with alcohol and it started working.

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heh, blood gold.

more like nvidia during the fermi days

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You forgetti the glorious dustbuster friendo.

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Fucking panicked like shit. But got the test build outside the case plugged in and a monitor hooked into the GPU other than the iGPU and it booted into the BIOS. Crisis averted, I guess. Haven't had a chance to fully test the system yet since I ordered the wrong bloody cooler.

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IS that a fucking all-copper radiator?

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YES FRIEND. That was nvidia's answer to glorious 9700pro of pajeet rape.

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and now the cpu has a part of you inside™ it.

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Had to make a blood sacrifice to the Jew Gods to make sure I won the silicone lottery. 8.4GHz overclock on water AIO inboud

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It has only begun to feed.

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Just get an EK vardar

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The issue is heat transfer from the IHS and block.

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Not even (insert exotic thermal cooling solution here) can save you from the jizz TIM.

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>Forgetting the Pentium 4 aka NetBurst
Intel was and forever will be a house fire.

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Because I'm not a Pajeet looking to convert music faster. I need better VRay render times and AMD can't offer shit past 8 cores without it being datacenter hardware.

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Why not just wait and see how Threadripper is looking?

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