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why is all the software for android adware-laced software? everything i download comes with fucking ads

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Enjoy your botnet.

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>he doesn't have global adblock on Android

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Because Android is a fucking joke. "Hey do you want to install this shitty flash game made with stolen code? Well they need access to your contact, messaging and location data"
Good job on that whole "don't be evil" thing Google.

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>he doesn't exclusively use f-droid

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i've yet to come across a program on f-droid that has ads
i wonder why that is

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In Android defense, it literally tells you before you download the app, there will be ads.

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Android users refuse to purchase apps and the developers need a revenue stream so they resort to shitty ads everywhere in everything.

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use fdroid

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Is there a way to see if an app has ads before installing it when you use GPS?

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It says it on the store page near the install button

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Get DNS66 on f-droid

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