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That's a big socket.

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for you

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This machine kills kikes

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And it fucking werks!

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>sp3 socket
EPYC compatibility confirmed.

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History repeats itself. It's like pottery.

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I was wondering when they'd just make cpu's a lot bigger. Seriously they dont need to be thaaaat small for desktop/server.

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Dude mesh of bingbuses lmao.

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If I take the lid off, will it die?

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how the h*ck do you cool it

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With a big ass cooler?

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My God, it's full of stars!

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Actually it makes the whole processj easier, larger die surface (or in this hase heat spreader surface) means your cooler will have more surface to draw heat from it.

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with a heat-sink

fucking moron

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MCMs are nothing new. See: POWER5 (pictured), Pentium D, Core2 Quad, etc.

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It will be extremely painful.

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You're a big die.

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what the fuck is a bingbus

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You're not funny.

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At least you can talk, who are you?

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bullshit threadrippers are so huge that you wont be able to use current water cooling.

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A dedicated backdoor for Microsoft's search service.

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I want a mITX thread ripper board for my next build.

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AMD then.
AMD now

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Dr Keller? I'm AMD-V

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the heatsinks for this are gunna be fucking gigantic

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With a proper pipeline a monolithic die scales better than a MCM design, but with infinity fabric AMD has managed near 100% scaling. Intel's problem is that their pipeline for their 12+ core designs is shit.

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AMD's problem was that their Quad Cores weren't faster than Intel's Core 2 Quad.

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The board doubles as a waffle iron.

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what the fuck is a bingbus? all i could find from gugle was redirections back to 4chan archives. is it just hyperbiblines?

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It'd probably get hot enough to cook waffles nicely.
Also kek.

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Intel (since Beckton) uses Ring Bus to connect cores and L3 slices togethers. Its scales like shit, as if it was never fucking intended for ebin gigantic core counts.

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It was never intended to shit ton of cores because intel didnt expect to have so much cores, and because its old tech. From a day it was released, it was good enough on nehalem, but its cumblesome now.

Now intel is using a mesh, which is basically a mesh of buses where you have shared mesh network.

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And the mesh is shit. Like, it does nothing but removed fucking buffered switches.

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doesn't it also work like shit this gen since Intel lowered cache in their HEDT chips? Infinity Fabric just seems better all round as long as the RAM is fast enough.

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It's not about cache, they fucking niggerrigged KNL mesh for big dick cores. Something that was never fucking intended.

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you guys need to cool it with the antisemitism

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Waffle batter helps to disperse and dissipate heat, so it's essential you are cooking waffles while the device is in use.

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shut up jew lol (short for laugh out loud)

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They work for the indian guy... the pajeeta man...

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>buying $600+ dollar cpu
>not buying a dedicated waterblock

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At the end you end you end up with a fat stack of hyperthreaded waffles.

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its not anti semitism.
its is a inverted euphemism.

in most communities, being polite is a virtue. so people tiptoe around issues even at the expense of truth. so they are forced to use euphemisms to express their ideas in a polite way. 4chan culture is generally based on being as offensive as possble, the opposite of other communites. so people intentionally express their ideas in offensive ways.

the jew posting is just an inverted euphamism for ideas that everyone knows to be be true. elites, are dicks, and they sue their influence to fuck everything at is good. you can call these elites illuminati, corporate shills, 1%ers, jews, whatever. but they are different words for the same thing.

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Was getting caught inside of that cage part of the CPU's plan?

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there is no need they are 120w on 12c
32c is only 180w=nothing

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back from your ban already?

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same person

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The elites don't care if you're anti-semitic, so long as you're pro-israel.

I think Israel has a right to exist that extends beyond the right to exist of its neighbours and all military action is justified.
Also jews should all die

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there is a rumor on beyond3d that amd is developing a cube version of naples with a custom watercooling solution for it

whoever doesnt know what the cube is the pic is showing the cube amd developed for vega

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>Infinity Fabric just seems better all round as long as the RAM is fast enough.
The Infinity Fabric in EBYN and ThreadRipper run at 2:1 vs RAM speed, compared to the 1:1 of Ryzen. So even 2133 DDR4 shouldn't hinder it.

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lol :3

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so it will run at ~100 GB/s on TR and ~200 GB/s on EBYN?

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It's not anti-semitism, it's counter-semitism

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EBYN and TR will run at 100GB/s on 2133.
Ryzen 50GB/s on the same speed RAM.

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>Ryzen 50GB/s on the same speed RAM.

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50GB/s is quad channel RAM speed (TR)
100GB/s for octa channel(EBYN)

this makes the fabric run at 100GB/s and 200GB/s for TR and EBYN respectively

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what is this picture, why is there a usb to serial adapter

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Beh, yeh, that's it.
I need more fucking coffee

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That is certainly an interesting perspective, and I won't say I disagree as you make a good point, but I was generally of the impression that legitimate anti-semitism carried that same anti-elitist mentality. you seem to imply in your post that people here use anti-semitism merely to convey that sentiment, rather than also being legitimate jew-haters, and I'm not sure that's true.

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Nah, you're just racist

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Hey, nothing to do with any of you fine folks, but all the people I have talked to in real life who are "rooting" for AMD are also fat racist Trump supporters who pretend to know things about processor architecture as some way to validate their 3 shares of AMD stock they bought when Zen was announced half a decade ago. Not that any of that applies to you people, just my personal experience with the red team fucks I've met. Keep congratulating yourselves and posting "oh shit, Intel is fucked. they are running for the hills now. it's over for them" as you were.

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one of the pins got bentbo when i poked the heavy CPUnit in. oh shi- hope the chinks at newegg will RMA that shit.

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That's not how you install a workstation and server CPU m8.
See the lid? See how it's got a slide milled into it.
You slide the CPU into there, and then close it down and screw down.

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>Socket's too big for you now goyim
Inteil® can't compare to the Big Jim™

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oh look, a projector

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/pol/ is leaking

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>3d stacked dies
That would be... interesting...

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how would you cool that shet?
I assume internal heatpipes under IHS

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>rumor on beyond3d that amd is developing a cube version of naples

Zeppelin only has 2 xGMI controllers, and you'd need 3 for a fully connected (= non-shit) 4P system.

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>not 6D torus
get your fucking shit together intel

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And I'm not sure how a 4P EBYG would be possible in a standard 1U/2U server chassis, assuming you'd still want the 16 DIMMs per socket.

Even if you cut out all the PCIe slots, I'm not sure there's be room in a standard-depth units for the PSUs.

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4P in a 1 or 2U chassis would likely require that the DIMMS be of the SO-DIMM factor to cut down on the length space they take up, and ECC Registered SODIMMS are not common.

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no PCIe slots and SO-RDIMMs could do it, but you'd realistically only be able to support as much memory capacity as a 2S with full-size DIMMs, negating a huge part of considering Epyc to begin with.

There's only 2 xGMI controllers on-die for some pretty solid reasons I'd argue.

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Honestly a better post than the people pretending to get upset about anti-semitism here. Look at the grammatical structure impersonation.

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Well, if you're willing to go 4U, 4P Epyc could be possible either by putting the DIMMs on daughter-cards and orienting them vertical to the mainboard, or do what Tyan did way back in the Socket 940 era and add a slave motherboard above the mainboard, with riser cards linking the master and slave boards together. Doing it that way though would make it significantly harder to use the upper board's PCI-E lanes so it'd be of questionable usefulness.

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Add 50 cores, no additional PCIe lanes. Fuck them.

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that scaling is absolutely horrible. Also, 3.4ghz, its throttling?

If Epyc proves to scale much better, and have 3+ ghz, i see a lot people will switch to it for newer servers. Also consider heat+electricity consumption, when you are on a data center, both these things become real issues to be managed.

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Boards integrating multiple fiber channel, ethernet, and SFP port tied directly to the PCIe lanes would save space and give you the ability to pipe huge amounts of bandwidth to the CPU

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Zen scales fantastically well (>>60950351)

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For you.

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make me faggot

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I don't think there's enough anti Semitic to reliably build a block with that could be big enough to both fit and properly cool a TR chip.

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it should be:
>That's a big socket.
>for you
>If I take the lid off, will you die?
>it will be extremely hot
>You're a big die.

could have been a great meme

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>not knowing that the q6660 was literally two dual-core dies packaged together

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Oy vey these antisemitic goyim!! Don't they know about the 6 quintillion!!

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