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will we ever see a price drop in the near future?

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wait 2 months

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500-600 is too much?

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no, wait when mining bubble bursts

my only hope to snatch vega in time

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save up for the ti, now that amd has shown its cards with vega the ti is going to get the 2500k of gpu's

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no, and dont forget to purchase your gsyncâ„¢ monitor

200 dollars extra for 5% more performance over freesync, what a steal

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The 1080 already had a price drop I can't see the TI getting one unless vega really is good.

I was lucky enough to return my 1080 for a full refund (bought before price drop) and replaced it with a brand new 1080ti a week after it came out for the same price i paid for a 1080.

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>ti is going to get the 2500k of gpu's
hahahaha, how is that 780ti treating you?

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Never had a 780ti tbqh. amd were still in there at that point.

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