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>he doesn't use watercooled RAM

top pleb

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>not having a mineral oil submerged machine


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>having a mineral oil submerged machine

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>he uses heat spreaders on his ram
enjoy paying more for useless metal

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>he uses RAM

Fuck off

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Water cooling at least works.

Submerging in mineral oil just leads to everything overheating after a while as you can't get rid of the heat.

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>having to recirculate the water from one ram to another
>letting one ram get hotter than the others
>no having an individual water circuit for every component

Smh desu senpai.

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>he uses a computer
posting from my quantum triangulator (Qt for you hip folks)

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>Submerging in mineral oil just leads to everything overheating after a while as you can't get rid of the heat.

You can pump it through a radiator.

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>he doesn't watercool his fans to

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I wish I had the money for this.

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Oil works too.

You need to recircultate the water as heat rises.

Theres two choices.

1. vent the air with a exhaust above the tanks
2. have a radiator
3. increase tank size and improve circulation with oil pumps submerged

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>not submerging in flourinert.

You disappoint me senpai.

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Circulation only delays the overheating.

No matter what, you need to transfer the heat to the ambient air to get rid of it.
Air cooling does this directly.
Water cooling does this with radiators.
With oil the best you can hope for is a slightly shittier variation on water cooling, with less efficient radiators making more noise for the same performance.

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>Water cooling does this with radiators.
>With oil the best you can hope for is a slightly shittier variation on water cooling, with less efficient radiators making more noise for the same performance.
r u dum

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>He doesnt have a watercooled router

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>not alkaline water

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I think he's implying that oil->radiator surface heat transfer is slower than water->radiator surface.

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>RAM usually 40 degrees
>Put it on waterloop
>Water at 50 degrees
>Water-heating your RAM

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>he didn't overheat his desktop during the day and throw it in the freezer at night

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What's the point of water cooling any way?

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>RAM running so hot it needs water cooling

Is this the power of Ryzen?

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>not living in a perpetual state of coldness that it freezes everything you touch


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Same reason you use heat pipes: So you can use larger/more fans.

If you only have a single 14mm radiator there is no point - you might as well use air cooling.

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Worse heat transfer, harder to pump around and radiator fins need to be thicker.

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posting in millions of colors and pixels

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>He doesn't overclock his RAM

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>he uses RAM

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>he has limited RAM

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>He doesn't watercool his VRM and northbridge

Why should you?

I don't watercool my RAM

Why should I?

I watercool my GPUs and CPU though.

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> he doesn't watetcool every chip on the motherboard

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Not coffee cooled brain computing, drained to chia tea bed extracts eventually ending in koolaid-cyanbased extract that you drink reguarly.
Still not dying because you know you're on te prefisis of discovering a total VR experience mimicking the game of life in assembly totally compromising the human evolution.

>not fucking you

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>not water cooling each capacitor

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I hope you are watercooling your mechanical keyboards too

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>he doesn't watercool his audio cables to reduce their temperature and thus their resistance

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>he didn't format his ram in gparted and doesn't use it as a very fast storage device
Oh shit niggers what are you doing?

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Those cavities though

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>not having a liquid hydrogen submerged machine
templets, when will they learn.

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>he uses cpu cache

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>he uses a case
>he doesn't just mount his motherboard using velcro and a pizza box
>he doesn't submerge his system in a fishtank with oil
>he doesn't watercool his ram with blue poweraid
>he uses a cpu cooler instead of getting his corner slave to blow on it rapidly
>he uses an SSD instead of writing his data to magnetic tape

Literally why even call yourself an enthusiast

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How do you hookup that 6th unconnected ram outlet?

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the biggest problem is the oil works its way into all the contacts and eventually insulates anything that isn't soldered, pci cards, power connectors etc

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it's cooling down the water before reaching the CPU block for more effective thermal transfer

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>fucking with the impedance on audio components

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That look isn't even complete the fluid will leak out of that and ruin the board for God sake

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See? This needs to be addressed or the builder will get an F Tell him to fix it

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forgot Image

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moreover, that is a terrible way to loop that. you are basically constricting the hell out of the flow. im sure there are 180 bends that are better, or even just splitting it and coming out the other side.

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Let's not even mention how crowded it will make the inside of the case

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>he doesn't use the 4chan-X built-in water-cooler.

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No, that's not how it works. The water heats up as it goes through and comes out that end as a gas. Anything in or on that hole equals pic related

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>not using ionizing radiation to cool your laptop

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>all that steam in your computer case

That would be an absolutely retarded idea

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lol. This fag posted a pic of his kids.
That's what you get for being a mobile poster.

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I don't see any pic in that post anon not even when it was posted

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Fucking lol good catch

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>Not using Cryokinesis to freeze your components
baka desu senpai

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>when you go into a thread hoping to gain knowledge on the latest technological advances but your instead bombarded by memes

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>he doesn't use watercooled RAM
Oh but I do.
And I regret it.
Pain in the ass to maintain.

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>not watercooling your cmos battery

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sauce on those girls

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You're too much.

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Do you actually do this? Could you point me to a good guide?

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thinking about watercooling my car lads

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>soft tubing

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Unless youre driving a 40 year old 911 I can assure you its already partially watercooled, chap.

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>he doesn't hook up hit ram in parallel
wew lad get off this board

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I would literally drop the money to do this right now if I could make the tube like a swirly straw

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20-30 vendors and more not included

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You can.

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Can I watercool my house tho?

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>not living in Russia so you can passively cool your system

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Water cooling tends to have a more stable temperature over air cooling.

Also a larger radiator is going to be easier to keep cool and take up less space overall then a giant aluminium cooler.

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why do people have fridges in greenland/russia? wouldn't it be the same thing to just have a normal cupboard out on your balcony? if you are worried about having to go into the cold every time you want some food then you can just mount the cupboard to the edge of your house and have it insulated from the indoor heat using something similar to a standard fridge door or maybe an asbestos door. If it's too cold outside then you can water heat the fridge using a thermostat and you'd still be ahead energy wise. On this note you could also store your PC in such a system and get a free 24/7 nitrogen cooling tier overclocked PC

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>cloud computing

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>using a case

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i dont know why the motherboard bending is the worst thing in that picture to me.

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Because they still have summers.

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greenland summer is colder than the inside of a fridge

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>not watercooling and overclocking your mouse

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It's not though and it's not even July yet.

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When it's cold outside you need to warm up your house. The heat generated by the fridge's compressor is not wasted.

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>he doesn't know about daneborg

resistive heating is much less efficient than a heat pump. although a fridge is technically a heatpump in reverse yes, you are referring to the heat produced by the compressor itself which is a resistive heat element on its own

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>cooling ram

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In July it's still 4.4 C on average.

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>he has a northbridge

Hello, intel.

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>he doesn't solder his components to the board for maximum performance

>inb4 hurr upgrading
Get a new motherboard.

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Fucking phoneposters.

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Clover turned yellow after opening this

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Looks like the right one might be Little Caprice, no idea about the other one, tho.

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>Qt for you hip folks

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>he doesn't

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>not creating your own fab to manufacture the integrated circuits for your RAM

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>he doesnt cool his pc with liquid nitrogen


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you gotta watercool those high speed sdd

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>he doesn't water cool his phone

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More stable temperatures are caused by the thermal capacity of the liquid in the loop. While it means that the temperature will rise much slower (compared to air cooling) when you increase the workload, it will also go down slower after you decrease the load on the components.

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my old pc has an aio liquid cooler and runs pfsense.

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>not even watercooling your chipset


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That's a hard drive though

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>his ram isnt rgb
Time to enter current year grandpa.

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>those kinked hoses
Fucking nice.

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So...Leaks happen all the fucking time.. What do you guys do if your water cooling system springs a leak inside the system?

>> No.60930733

6 years without a leak here, no idea.
Do it correctly in the first place helps I guess.

>> No.60930735

i've had a custom loop for 3 years but never sprung a leak

>> No.60930823

do you replace the connecting washers, or do mold checks, or anything? I'd imagine it's an extremely delicate process to avoid any spillage if you have to adjust them to remove a video card, or something else.

>> No.60930851

>Loop is open

>> No.60930884

It uses oil, and then it just leaks all over the motherboard and gets picked up in a bucket underneath for recirculation.

>> No.60931144

I've seen people literally wash motherboards

itty bitty spill is fine, just make sure everything is off + capacitors drained before you start adjusting the water cables and then make sure it's COMPLETELY dry before plugging it back in

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i'll never forget that thread

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reddit phrasing

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not using novec 7000 phase change cooling
>next level pleb

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As much as I hate the RGB meme that RAM is pretty aesthetic.

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>Not just letting everything overheat in your PC for faster performance.

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>put motherboard upside down
>spring leak
>does literally nothing.
In all seriousness you shouldn't spring a leak unless you're brain dead.

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X-Art.com Caprice Anneli Girl Time - x 108

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>attaching your computer to the water line

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I am probably wrong, but this is usually what you want isn't it? Silicon probably doesn't give a fuck if the temperature suddenly changes by 10-20╝C, but theoretically it's better for large temperature changes to happen over time rather than instantly in terms of component lifespan.

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My raspberry pi 3 gets to 212 degrees when playing HD video. I put a copper heatsink and a fan on it.

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