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Everyone is too busy discussing consumershit like GPUs, headphones, arguing over which fucking distro is better, arguing over systemd.

Here are some things I'm wondering why we never discuss since they are very tech-relevant and could probably help some of you NEET bastards get jobs.

* Kubernetes
* Start-up culture
* Continuous Integration (like Jenkins)
* Data structures/types (/dpt/ is shit at this before you mention)
* Docker
* New database tech like RocksDB, Redis etc
* Message queues

Until you start to have threads on these (and I'm not talking about one thread every 2 months), you shouldn't consider yourself a legit tech board.

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How useful are Ebook Readers when used for something other than books?

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Like what?

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Half of those sound like porn, the other half I've never heard of.

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Try Hacker News, they enjoy masturbating over garbage like that.

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Any good guides on getting started with containers/docker?

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not very

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Let's also discuss ruby an rails, node.js, angular.js, node.io and mongodb!


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So... be more like 8/g ?

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So, shit that you don't need at home? Except data structures(what's your deal with /dpt/ anyway?) and message queues(what's there even to discuss). Half of what you mentioned is straight in enterprise meme/buzzword territory.

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>legit tech board
Dude, this is a board for anime fans that also have an interest in tech. The average guy on /g/ is some poorfag, using Linux, and measures dicks by which 'hard' to install distro they use.

I'm not here to discuss real tech, I'm here for my daily dose of memes and to anger some fatass halfway across the world by telling him Windows are for gamerfags, macs are for dumbfags, and Linux is for poorfags.

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Why would we talk about start up culture?

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>* Kubernetes
>* Start-up culture
>* Continuous Integration (like Jenkins)
Obviously essential, there is nothing to discuss
>* Data structures/types (/dpt/ is shit at this before you mention)
Not enough people understand them here
>* Docker
>* New database tech like RocksDB, Redis etc
>* Message queues
I remember when they didn't need a special name

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>* Kubernetes
>* Start-up culture
>* Continuous Integration (like Jenkins)
>* Data structures/types (/dpt/ is shit at this before you mention)
>* Docker
>* New database tech like RocksDB, Redis etc
>* Message queues

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Intelligence explosion.

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No idea what this even is.

>Start-up culture
Sorry I'm not one of those people who think money is the most important thing in life and who all have the SAME FUCKING HAIRSTYLE NOWADAYS.

>Continuous integration
I understand this being of some interest if you're a big company with a lot going on, but fuck me when people try to push shit like Jenkins to one-to-three member teams.

>Data structures
/dpt/, unless you can think of a really good topic worthy of it's own thread

Ok, I can understand if some people have a professional interest towards this but I don't have any ties to this what so ever.

>New Database tech
Same as above (though I do use databases to some extent, but they're still not interesting.)

>Message queues
In what context? This could mean a million different things.

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Nobody on /g/ discusses gender disparity in software development

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That's a very easy question to answer.

Does it involve a lot of reading and very little interaction?
Your ebook reader is a great choice.

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>all those buzzwords

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is it a new type of data structure?

Why not just use boolean?

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>could probably help some of you NEET bastards get jobs
Have you ever considered people come here not to self improve or land a job, but to unwind after work?
There definitely are some talented people around /g/, but they don't come here to activate their almonds. /g/ is a braindead place where you can murder (with some collateral) that cancer in your head that developed over the day of wageslaving.

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Is this the designated "tech-snob" or "/g/-snob" thread?

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I think it is

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you will soon see that it's pointless to talk about flavor of the month trash

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>* Kubernetes
Pretty cool - I've messed with making a few pods on my cluster before
>* Start-up culture
Not interested in the slightest
>* Continuous Integration (like Jenkins)
Interesting, I've never messed with it myself but have read up little on it
>* Data structures/types (/dpt/ is shit at this before you mention)
I'm not a programmer so never really delved much into structures beyond what I need at the time
>* Docker
Great stuff, a lot of management tools are hit/miss along with arm support (tho i hear that's better now)
>* New database tech like RocksDB, Redis etc
No interest at all to be honest
>* Message queues
Something I do find I need to work on.

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