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blue screens and telemetry is not fun
I guess someone should tell all those programmers and cybersec experts that OS X is useless

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The shills have arrived.

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How is an OS fun or boring? It's a fucking line of code homie

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>interrupted yum transaction
This is a line that nobody should ever write in their entire life.

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a line of code? there's more than just 1 bro.

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>his OS is more than one line of code
What kind of bloated shit are you running?

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>goes unnoticed

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>all these people who don't realize the age of this image.
This is like, PRE "Rate my desktop" threads and Arch bashing.

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What show is that?

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Computer Chronicles

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Strawberry Marshmallow.

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Its GNU+linux or GNU with linux not linux. Linux is just a kernel.

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Notice how linux is studying and improving herself meanwhile freebsd is just a mess that is aimlessly wandering the halls with her eyes closed?

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Boku no pico

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Yup. Linux shills.

I have no idea why you would shill a OS though.

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>thinking this attitude will help
4chan is dead you fags. Join the #accelerationist master-race and plebify the site into the ground.

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You know acceleationism is a communist theory in which you support capitalism out of hopes the more capitalism you get the closer to collapse you get right?

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>Everyone who likes what I don't like is a shill

Stay mad, pleb.

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You have no idea what you're talking about.

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The last time I had a blue screen was in 2011 because one of my memory sticks was faulty. Before that in 2010 from overclocking too much. Blue Screen meme ended with XP. Also blue screen mainly became a meme because computer illiterates were unable to self diagnose.

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>Having Code in your OS

It's like you're not even trying

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Linux is clusterfuck of patches and shitty hacks thrown together with zero fucks given to design philosophy and quality control.

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Windows and Linux caption should be switched desu

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>blue screen meme

i love windows but you best check yourself, anon. I work in a corporate environment and see blue screens happen from time to time where the cause isnt faulty memory. Windows 7 has become much much better over the years. As we test and get ready to roll out Windows 10 though, i see that stupid fucking face all the time.

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lolis getting molested. Pretty much average /a/ entertainment.

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i have seen more purple screen of death on vmware in the past 3 years than blue screens on windows

>I guess someone should tell all those programmers and cybersec experts that OS X is useless
at some point in your life you will stop ricing your shitty systems because you actually want to work and sadly osx is the only solution because you get hard and software support which you would not in many other cases for linux machines, with a very very very few exceptions like xps and even that's a fucking joke. in addition to that, since most people in the industry work on unix based systems, you'd prefer working on a unix based system for unix based systems. they have just given up and want to be comfy, even if it restricts you in so many ways but it does get the job done in a more comfortable way than on a windows machine

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>windows tends to crash
>linux reliable

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What did they mean by this?

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