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Intel Core i9 processors have RFID tags, AMD featurelets BTFO


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enjoy your botnet

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The RFID tags invade privacy. They use them to identify what programs have been run on what CPUs.

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Whats wrong with this? Its not bad right?

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>The overclocker Der8auer has released Intel's Core i9 from its heat spreader and discovered an RFID or NFC chip - with an unknown purpose.

>The LGA2066 housing of the new Core i9 processors hides a radio chip, ie an NFC or RFID tag. The overclocker's novel Hartung aka Der8auer discovered this when he removed the metal cover from a Core i9-7800X.

>So far, it is unclear what Intel is using the RFID chip; The chip manufacturer has not answered yet. The data sheets published so far and the specification update for Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X do not mention this RFID chip.

>From a PC housing the chip should not be readable, but only from close proximity to the procession housing. Intel may deposit data from the respective processor in the RFID chip, which are laser-insulated on the heat spreader, but can not be read under the cooler: for example, the type designation and the spec number with which the stepping can be identified.

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What is Intel even doing at this point

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get ready for maximum butt fuckery jews

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>approximate size of a POWER9 CPU

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It just keeps getting bigger every time I see it!

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First it was Intel ME, and now it's this. Fuck Intel and the botnet.

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It's a feature guys pls continue buying Intel

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That's a big cpu

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Someone will manage to make that fit onto a mini itx board

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The only thing I can think of that's not nefarious for it's purpose is it records clock speed, thermal data, and power. Run a reader next to it, and have it display what it was doing before the customer needed an RMA. Just easier book keeping and service.

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If i delid that, will you die?

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They need something to tell your smartphone when it starts throttling at 120C

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>nothing to worry about here goys, just look away

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>had money for a RFID chip for daddy NSA
>but not fucking liquid metal solder

Fucking kikes, gas them all

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Which is retarded since they won't be able to fit more than four RAM slots, and they will already start building upwards for the M.2 cards, audio DSPs, and integrated wifi.

Then throw in the single PCIe slot and you are wasting expansion space for raid controllers and coprocessors.

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Haha, so typical intel. Used toothpaste instead of soldering so they can put in extra spyware in the actual hardware. NSA and mossad must have some hilarious info on the intel board. It' shilarious how theya re running intel into ground with this shit.

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Those chips will strangle themselves.

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There would be extreme heatenings.

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>le nsa bogeyman
It's obviously for the fire departments.

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more permutaions

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I just wonder if intel paid derbauer to spill that tim nonsense or if he came up with it himself; since if he's not the founder of the "deliding" market, he's at the very least the biggest player in the deliding tools market.

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You're not a member of the God's Chosen Nation unless you circumcised your dick.

This is preached through Intel's CPUs, that pass the same trials

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>intel putting something extra on a chip and not an arm and a leg for (or to not disable) it,
>not being nefarious

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>he fell for the non-simulated cpu meme

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>RFID tags
>foreskin melted into thermal paste instead of soldering it
Fucking kikes.

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>not building a CPU with 74 series logic

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intel put an RFID chip on the processors so they don't mix up the $250 processor with the $2000 processor that go in the same socket, more at 11

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Seriously... I really want to continue buying Intel CPUs, but the go-to standard mod for them is fucking delidding them? That's just too much...

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>rfid inside a cpu, bellow a metal heatspreader, bellow a metal heatsink
wtf, the jews dont know what to do anymore
or maybe it was just an """elaborated""" plan to prevent you from DELID THIS that backfired?!?!?

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Haha the customer is fucking paying for this and not the fucking solder. Holy fuck I cannot understand why someone would pay for this. Just stay with botnet x99.

>RFID is good for customer
>Swat doesn't need to remove your cooler to identify the processor
>American spies can insert microcode malware from afar
>But you get kick*ss RFID chip for free!

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What could the purpose of this RFID chip be if not some type of botnet/tracking device?

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Delidding is the most retarded meme in the past few years.

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Well maybe tracking who leaked the engineering samples? Dunno, whatever it is, none of my concern, I won't be getting i9 like ever probably.

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Are you trolling? It's been proven to lower temps by 20-40*c

Intel cheaped the fuck out and didn't solder the internal heat sink to the die.

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I don't have any of these processors, so I haven't really looked into it to see the results. Does it actually improve anything, or is it like the EVGA exploding cards meme where the thermal mod sorta helps temps, but the exploding was completely unrelated and not user-fixable?

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Your CPU runs 20-30C higher than needed because Intel thought it would be a smart move to not use a few cents for liquid metal solder instead of toothpaste to glue to silicon to the metal plate on a $2000 CPU

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You'll get solder for the next refresh, goy.

In the meantime please buy our delid tool and Intel Developed Water Cooler

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On the 3770k my CPU would sit at 75-80°C stock
I could not overclock past 4 GHz without reaching 90°C

delidding allowed me to clock to 4,4 GHz keeping it below 85°C which is still a bit on the toasty side, but I did not expect it to run for more than 5 years.

Now lower temperatures for chips is always good. Lower power draw, higher life expectancy.
And that goes for both overclocking and regular usage.

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>the only difference between the $250 processor and the $2000 processor is a software limiter to throttle the performance down

yea that's totally a consumer friendly practice that I should support with my wallet.

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No you're retarded, You shouldn't have to pry open your brand new cpu to make it perform acceptably. Delid market is just solidifying to Intel that they don't need to solder it. Why when you could possibly damage it and buy a 2nd cpu. More sales for them. Genius strategy since most users don't replace a cpu for years.

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>literally ever thing the cpu does is id'd for intel to snoop on you with
Living the dream

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In PCB production I know of RFID chips made by Murata (http://www.murata.com/en-eu/products/rfid/magicstrap). Those chips are usually embedded either on top of the PCB or are sunken into the sides of it. Typically you would store information regarding the production process on it (i.e., how long was the PCB inside the drilling process and what parameters where used, etc.).
Would be interesting to know, if this is a chip like that, or if they really store other info on there.

t. pcb trading anon

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>few years
more like 13-14, you underage piece of shit

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It could just be something they're putting on preproduction chips in case anyone steals them.

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pic related is how it'll turn out

oc because I was too bored

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Yes, and Intel ME is perfectly innocuous as well all know.

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Skylake/kabylake is a decent bit more efficient than haswell/broadwell was at mid frequencies.
3.5GHz is definitely impossible but i wouldn't be surprised if they manage to get 2.7-3GHz with only moderately housefire TDPs

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The jewcum for TIM has already made the rounds and people are fucking livid, once the RFID nonsense follows people are gonna be even more livid.

Intel really doesn't deserve better for this nonsense.

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>only moderately housefire
Is that enough to beat Threadripper? Nope.


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Oh god no, i'm definitely not saying that. Ryzen is going to be at least slightly more efficient even with skylake IPC and soldered to boot.
I just don't like it when people exaggerate shit on either side. I expect that kind of shit from /v/.

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Threadripper IPC and Skylake IPC should be about even, though.

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So what happens when the thermal paste inside the fucking lid dries out

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Depends on application, Skylake is slightly faster but at those core counts it will no doubt clock lower.

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No, ryzen IPC is roughly even, to slightly better than broadwell depending on the task. It should be slightly lower than skylake assuming nothing has changed from the consumer chips.
Ryzen really shines in perf/watt and maintaining excellent efficiency up to relatively high clocks (3.4-3.7GHz).

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Yea since I saw this and the jewing scheme to remove pci lanes from 8 cores I can't only say Intel go fuck yourself

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If it doesn't help the consuner, why would they charge extra? They already charge extra for Zabinga boy commercials.

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Nice try

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fucking ridiculous temperature jumps from doing something as simple as clicking on a start menu or opening a terminal
ridiculous idle temps, think 50C to 60C

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Kikeripper in the flesh.

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We need to go wider.

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What's gonna be even funnier is when 7nm Zen hits and Intel is still having trouble getting 10nm to clock as high as 14nm on desktop.

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You don't even need to wqit.
Running kaby all cores @4.5 usually gives a baseline of 50-60c. I was getting 75c on high usage on water cooler. The Tim part probably is a Jew scheme to deny you extra performance

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>>So far, it is unclear what Intel is using the RFID chip; The chip manufacturer has not answered yet. The data sheets published so far and the specification update for Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X do not mention this RFID chip.

Shady as fuuuuck.

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........what the fuck are you talking about... it's an RFID chip. It stores information. That's it. The processor can't even read that chip.

actually, upon reading, it seems that many anons on /g/ are complete fucking retards who don't know what an RFID chip even is.

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Real Fun ID chip I guess.

>> No.60698629

Can it not be removed/damaged? Just take small screwdriver and 'scratch' it off?
Anyway rfid/nfc can be shielded pretty fucking easily

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You shouldn't need to do this.

>> No.60698671

>The processor can't even read that chip.

You're making several assumptions there, assumptions such as "the RFID is ONLY used to monitor the production process"

When the CPU reads the RFID info on boot to load critical settings, take a guess at how well it works when the RFID is disabled.

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File: 393 KB, 462x497, [HorribleSubs] Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.26_[2017.03.15_14.21.42].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tinfoiling your PC
>delidding and potentially damaging the CPU
Is this what Intel consumers have been reduced to?

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Well it can only be read from the inside of the case up close, so it's not likely it can be used for spying unless someone already has a tracker on the inside of your PC.

It's still stupid that they spent the extra $$$ on this and skimped on soldering the fucking things.

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Intel are so fucking cheap they screech while taking a shit, I bet the NSA had to pay them the R&D and assembly of that RFID chip.

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Remember when people were freaking out when Intel hardcoded serial numbers in the Pentium IIIs?

Today we have AMT and RFID identification.

We're so far down the rabbit hole, it's frightening.

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the slippery slope is real

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>But now, the largest chip manufacturer, Intel will soon going to provide Kill Switches for your laptops as well. The company has been working on a project called Wireless Credential Exchange (WCE) with several partners in an effort to bring Kill switch to other mobile devices, including laptops.

>The project uses RFID technology to provision, track and monitor devices such as laptops, hospital equipment and other devices, including a Kill Switch option for the lost or stolen devices.

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So filthy.

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Worst fears confirmed.

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Rabbit hole? Oh baby, we're already halfway down the Kora Borehole

>> No.60698930

Are you feeling really tired? I've had a really busy day and think I might take a nap, you should do the same, its important to stay rested.

>> No.60698936

>Kill Switches for your laptops as well
cant they do it allready by "installing upgrades" and just delay it in time?

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I dont think OP understands what an RFID tag is

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Good goy

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the mark of the beast

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It's probably just used during manufacturing to identify and sort the chips on the assembly line.

It's fucking nothing, move along

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Again, they added it instead of soldering the damn things. People should be pissed because of that at least.

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I know... Its nothing to worry about... I'm feeling so sleepy...

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>It's fucking nothing, move along

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>buy 2000 dollar cpu
>doesn't support ECC
>have to delid to overclock

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Fiery Bridge here, you don't have to delid to OC, but it sure would help. I've been running a toasty 75C on torture ever since it came out and it's still fine. But yeah, it's unforgivable, Threadripper will rip Intel a new asshole.

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No it wont, Intle = 18 cores AMD = 16 cores

>> No.60699942

How drunk/high/retarded were you when you typed this?

>> No.60699957

And neither do you, goy

>> No.60699981

Anon, are you ok?

Did you see the AMD clockspeeds? They also have more PCIe lanes and support ECC. Not cutting down on features means they can work on just one implementation for all chips instead of the shitfest that is with tiers on Intel, that means less expensive motherboards even if there are already some godly expensive ones already confirmed. Also, don't forget how Intel's current 10core sometimes straight up losses to AMD's 8 cores. As they scale up, AMD's approach with their CCX and shared resources becomes even better.

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16 cores is less than 18 cores and Intel cores are full cores isntead of half cores, dumb fanboy shill

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Off topic question about RFID chips.
How hard would it be to buy or make a few to track items in the factory I work in?
We always have issues finding certain parts.
Like could I make a digital map of my parts flowing through the production line?

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>those sexy 0s
Fuck, I concede; can't compete with that.

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your 5 0's say you are a big fat zero

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Can't tell if trolling or just retarded.

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you're dumb as shit, but checked

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>RFID on a CPU
for what purpose

>> No.60700434

damn, these are fuckhuge

>> No.60700438

>hospital equipment

>Hi, I'm just calling in to report Anon's pacemaker is missing. Can you activate the kill switch?
>Sure thing!

>Hello this is the NSA. Anon "loli lover" ymous' pacemaker went missing. Can you activate the kill switch?
>Anything to protect the children, sure thing!

What could go wrong?

>> No.60700559


No, they are used for asset identification.

>> No.60700683


dropped a screwdriver on a delidded I5. Cracked the die etc. Still worked.

Also chipped the edge of an I5, and it still worked but wouldn't change its base voltage.

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Call me paranoid if you like, but I do not trust it's backdoor potential.

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>muh asset indentification
>muh manufacturing assembly
Lmaoing at intlet fanboys
You realize you dont have to solder the rfid directly to the cpu just to have your """"""identification""""''' arguement

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>spinning this as a good thing

>> No.60702420

RFID tag is so NSA can get the secret backdoor key to your PC

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Fucking Jewtel

>> No.60703199

you're a big thermal solution

>> No.60703384

People say this is used for manufacturing. Why in the fuck would Intel develop something this complicated for identification when they've used serials forever? And why isn't this in specs/Intel won't comment (until they are ready to fire up the shill cannon)? A simple manufacturing id isn't a much of a trade secret.

>> No.60703439

Not difficult, technically. But it'd be a massive pain to have to attach rfids to everything.

>> No.60703449

This is why:

>> No.60703465

Ow fuck of course they'll use it in that. Fuck me.

>> No.60703495

>Post something that denounces your government online
>Governments intelligence agencies uses the tools given to them by intel to backdoor the ip address and get the serial number of the processor
>Purchases traced
>Find address
>Use equipment to check if the device is nearby using the RFID chip.
>Seize computer
>Use RFID to insert instructions to computer while its operating
>Decrypt PC
>Hang person for attempted Coup d'etat

I see nothing wrong with this. Intel is great!

>> No.60703672

>activate the goynet and shut it down

coming soon to an Intel processor near you

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>> No.60703773

I'm hoping someone desolders it, takes a look at the pins, and patches in a scope. Like, it's just weird, I'd have to guess this is for RMA stuff.

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RFID tags can not receive or analyse data you piece of shit.

>> No.60703812

Jew giving away free stuff , surely nothing will go wrong

>> No.60703830

Where are the Naples dies? I want them extra thick.

>> No.60703842

>add more dies vs add more bingbus
Gee I wonder who'll win.

>> No.60703857

You mean package? Exactly the same. Same socket, even.

>> No.60703889

Wait, for real? Isn't Naples 32 cores though. Are threadrippers the scraps from them?

>> No.60703901

Threadripper is 2 Zeppelin dies in one package. EPYC is 4.

>> No.60703925

They use the same X399 socket so theoretically it's possible to just pop in a Naples processor into your rig without any problems.

Pricing ideas, gentlemen? E5s are generally <$2500 so I think Threadraper will cover from $800-$1500. Ebyn counters E7 so I'm guessing a $2500 buck part?

>> No.60703938

>so theoretically it's possible to just pop in a Naples processor into your rig without any problems.
Naples is designed to run without a chipset.
It also has a few features absent from Threaripper.

>> No.60703946
File: 1.10 MB, 1024x775, naplespackage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Extra Thicc you say?

Might be a bit harder as 2 of the dies on Epyc when installed on a threadripper board will not have access to any of the I/O, including memory.

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>Intel's face when AMD has perfected multi-die scaling
>Intel's face when UNLIMITED CORES

>> No.60703982

So let me get this straight, AMD can scale however the fuck they want and they can go even higher than 32 cores if they wanted? Not only that, it seems that being that modular actually helps them for huge behemoth configurations, right? What the fuck man.

>> No.60703999

I wish I wasn't a poor student, I would have invested on AMD stock with that slight dip. There's no way it isn't going up with how nice Zen is.

>> No.60704015

They can slap as many dies as there are GMI-links on said dies. It's 4 for Zeppelin.

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>first Intel ME
>now RFID chips
I'm getting AMD for my next PC, even if it's worse for gayming.

>> No.60704066

>So let me get this straight, AMD can scale however the fuck they want and they can go even higher than 32 cores if they wanted? Not only that, it seems that being that modular actually helps them for huge behemoth configurations, right? What the fuck man.
In theory yes. As long as they have the links to do so (and the mainboard space) they can keep scaling up. If they are willing to sacrifice some PCI-E lanes for more links (IF uses PCI-E PHYs IIRC), they could add another 2 sockets to the system for 128c/256t behemoths.

>> No.60704121

Is that what Intel told you?

>> No.60704127

You won't miss those 5-10 frames when they're already in the 120Hz range on 1080p and are identical on higher resolutions. Besides, newer games are utilizing moar cores already, it wouldn't be crazy to say that 4 cores will become obsolete by the end of 2018.

>> No.60704197

Needs to be updated for i9

>> No.60704223

It's not entirely as much as they want. If they put more dies on an interposer, they gain PCI lanes, if they add a second chip, half the lanes go towards the IF.
The question is whether they still need 128 lanes for a 4P configuration or if an extra 128 are needed to allow chips across from each other (diagonally) to communicate.
If this is so, it's probably the reason why AMD haven't revealed plans for 4P systems, they would probably need at least 6 dies per chip to have enough lanes left over for connectivity.

>> No.60704233

>6 dies
Not enough GMI-links.

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Time switch to AMD, I guess

>> No.60704386


Infinity fabric is different from pci lanes.

It is literally Hyper Transport taken to the next evolution.

>> No.60704393

It still occupies PCIe lanes from what we can deduce.
Wendell over at L1 runs over the basics on Zen pretty well.

>> No.60704411

I thought it was memory lane.

>> No.60704444



That's why they have insane I/O on Epyc.

>> No.60704469

>RFID botnet
>on a CPU
Look out guys, NSA agents are wandering around your backyard, waving RFID readers at your window to figure out what you're masturbating to.

Don't worry about that internet port behind the computer that literally connects your computer to the entire world, that's just used for FaceBook.

>> No.60704474

oi vey, buy the new kill switch for $500 you dumb goy
games will have 2 more fps you dumbo

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>he doesn't have a 2 Kt (kilothreads) CPU

>> No.60704672

anyone wants to kickstart my open hardware x86 cpu?

>> No.60704916

double dubs pretty cool too

>> No.60705031

Thank you AMD.

>> No.60705065

This is funny coming from an AMDrone when Ryzen cpu's have abysmal clockspeeds

>> No.60705088

look at that intel no gains cuck.

>> No.60705186


Personally, I'm willing to bet that the chip itself is meant to be paired with an antennae in a laptop/desktop, and it'll be used for asset management by IT staff as a new part of Intel ME. The idea being, a whole computer could be identified the second it slides over a help desk counter and it's information pulled up in a ticketing system, so made check-ins and check-outs easier. Or in a server-space, one would be able to walk up to server in a rack/somewhere, tap it with a phone/tablet, and change settings, collect information (temps, errors, etc), and similar.
As well, this'll be so Intel can say "All new Intel Chips have built-in NFC reading! Empower your security through Intel's new Contactless, NFC login system, a component of Intel ME!" and make it so admins can login to any PC with a tap, versus a password, or for enabling 2FA logins to machines.

>> No.60705277

I'm an intelfag you retard

>> No.60705294
File: 7 KB, 408x286, 1317570502763.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe related to their line of water coolers? NFC communication between the watercooler and the cpu?

>> No.60705333


>> No.60705675

Only way to know for sure is to break it off and see how the CPU responds.

If it continues working fine then it isn't anything critical, so it wouldn't be interfacing with the CPU directly.

>> No.60705685

>implying you even need to upgrade if you bought anything after sandybridge

>> No.60705701
File: 1.38 MB, 312x176, water heater.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't be that. Pic related would be the result no matter.

>> No.60705722

>Intel has detected that you don't use a intelcool® cooler, this will limit the turbo to 1.8Ghz

You just know it'll be like this.

>> No.60705739

If your only intention is to identify parts, yes RFID is cheaper than NFC.

However NFC tags can store their own data. RFID tags store a read-only serial number.

You still need to setup RFID/NFC readers all over your factory and every time a tag passes by it and is successfully "read", you would probably send the location of the reader and which tag was read to some local server.

>> No.60705807 [DELETED] 

where can I buy old socket 1366 Xeons in Canada for cheap? I wanna fuck around 'til the new HEDT lineup is out so I can buy the 7820x

>> No.60705958

Why wouldn't Intel advertise the fuck out of this?

>the thirty day evaluation period is nearing an end. You have three (3) days to subscribe. Intel cannot be held responsible for possible housefires which occur with (un)licensed products.

>> No.60706068

This is funny coming from a ringbus apologist.

>> No.60706138

>running intel on desktop
>running intel on laptop
>running intel on server
yeah. It's because of shills like you that there's no progress since you'd buy anything intel shits out, even if it's a complete shit.

>> No.60706150

Yeah complete shit that AMD has failed to compete with for nearly a decade.

>> No.60706191

...and now they just started to be competetive again

>> No.60706291

>kiketel doesn't even have a lie ready to go for this
shady fucking ineptitude

>> No.60706321

> tfw no integrated kill-switch rfid-cores inside

>> No.60706427

What does rfid means, should I put tinfoil around the case.

>> No.60706507

Don't worry about it go- I mean boy. It's a cool new (((feature)))

>> No.60706511


These are for tracking during manufacturing and RMA. It's not a ''''feature"" for end-users. Also, it's completely useless when sitting in your socket. It's equivalent to the QR-codes you see on components.

Nothing of interest for us and also not a security risk ever.

It's literally not worth it to dedicate a thread to other then pointing out it's uninteresting.

>> No.60706525


Dude, what material is you case made from?

>> No.60706533


>> No.60706555

They already had tracking, doofus.
But they specifically use RFIDs for their killswitch technology.
so what's more likely; they they're for a new technology that they're rolling out to do more kikery, or that they're abandoning the manufacturing tracking they already have that works just fine for everyone else for this more expensive one?

>> No.60706561

Or it's on the PCB because it's storing encryption keys.

>> No.60706618

>or that they're abandoning the manufacturing tracking they already have that works just fine for everyone else
Maybe it's in an effort to clamp down on all those chink vendors selling off Xeon engineering samples.

Knowing Intel it's probably there to screw over consumers one way or the other.

>> No.60706663
File: 56 KB, 343x400, IMG_20170424_143003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.60706838

The actual story is the cover-up. If it were just nothing, it would be spec'd, would it not?
What'cha hiding there, rabbi?

>> No.60706891

Shut up goy.

>> No.60706931

this is pretty sick tho

real life eol planned obsolescence, ME had its presupposed prior vulnerabilities but this is meant to be paired with w10 botnets and as a kill switch to counter threats concomitant with the internet of shit

>> No.60707267


How does better cooling result in less power draw?

>> No.60707281

integrated circuits are more efficient at lower temperatures.
Check Anandtech's Fury X review.

>> No.60707310

solid aluminium

>> No.60707373

Intel only has a sizeable clockspeed advantage at 4 cores, retard. Anything above 10 cores and they start to lose in clockspeed to AMD's Zen because it's actually designed to scale.

>> No.60707531
File: 283 KB, 1920x1200, 1496140523280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.60707678

Inb4 they store info about user overclocking so that they can deny RMAs.

>> No.60707703

RFID is essentially a serial number that you can read from a short distance away.

What the fuck are you all doing going on about backdoors and shit, when this is not related.

>> No.60707717

Remind me again which HEDT setup has ECC and which does not?

>> No.60707730



>> No.60707736

ECC is not a premium Intel feature.

TIM mayo
28 lanes

Are better Intel exclusives than ECC

>> No.60707830

I saw it. Again, it's fucking nothing. You can't read RFID tags from afar and the tag itself doesn't do anything because it's just a serial number.

The actual kill switch technology as a whole is what you should be worried about, not the fact that it incorporates a serial number that needs a reader in close proximity. Did you miss the part where it said 3G was used, ie. cellular data?

The article was written by a woman so no wonder it has its facts a bit wonky.

>> No.60707902

AMD really took it this generation. Intel will keep adding MOAR COREZ/GIGAHURTZ while AMD actually gets a new architecture that's lower power and way better price/performance.

>> No.60707919

A couple more likely scenarios:

>Apple, Dell, HP etc build rfid readers into their motherboards and marry the processor to the board. No more simple processor upgrades.

>Delidders buy a cheaper cpu and an expensive one, swap the lids and return the cheap cpu with the lid of the more expensive one for a refund. The store it's being returned to can scan the part and immediately know they're being screwed.

>> No.60707941

Infinity Fabric is fucking glorious.

>> No.60707963

I don't think i9's are going into prebuilts.

>> No.60708040

That's called a GPU

>> No.60708061

Do you also think that RFIDs won't find their way into lower end parts, after their introduction here?

>> No.60708104


might play with intel optane tech, no source on that

intel prioritized internet of things, cloud computing

>> No.60708257


While intel is shady as fuck and clearly installs backdoors for the spooks, it's not unreasonable to speculate that the RFID is used during automated manufacturing and packaging. OTOH it could be a replacement for the recently discovered passwordless backdoor, and opening a backdoor when triggered by a strong radio signal.

>> No.60708279

>intel prioritized internet of things
Yep, and I bet they'd also have RFID. Now imagine what your personalized Intel processor with AMT and RFID chip would do with all that. Or maybe it would be the other way round, or even both.

>> No.60708352

take from someone that actually knows a thing or two on how rfid works..

if there was even a tiny bit a small lead from the rfid connecting the chip to the spreader it will act like a giant fucking antenna for it

>> No.60708623


Shit, they could just get it in over the power cable going into the wall, put it straight into the ground rail.

>> No.60708749

>In theory yes. As long as they have the links to do so (and the mainboard space) they can keep scaling up. If they are willing to sacrifice some PCI-E lanes for more links (IF uses PCI-E PHYs IIRC), they could add another 2 sockets to the system for 128c/256t behemoths.
Meanwhile E5s have natively scaled to 4 sockets since forever and E7's have natively scaled to 8 sockets since forever as well. And if you count SGI's NUMAlink chipsets E5s scale to 256 sockets. But you retards keep on jacking off to a chip which isnt even released while screaming intel btfo

>> No.60708793

>4S and 8S
>2% of the market

I'm sure Intel and some universities care.

>> No.60708812

So AMD is going to provide the same for much cheaper and lower power usage. Sounds like a win, really.

>> No.60708824

>So AMD is going to provide the same for much cheaper and lower power usage. Sounds like a win, really.
No they're not. For fucks sakes Ryzen PSODs on ESXi if you dont disable SMT

>>2% of the market
I think you mean where AMD is in the server market.

>> No.60709021

Hopefully that gets fixed.

>> No.60709087


>> No.60709352

common guys, this is getting out of hand

>> No.60709418



>> No.60709467


>> No.60709905

amd stock is taking a nosedive from bad press and returns

>> No.60710028


Wtf you talking, fag?

>> No.60710041
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