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I can't wait to end my suffering by upgrading from FX 6300 to R5 1600

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Blog it

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Good choice. What's the price difference in the 1600->1600x again? If its very little, might be worth going for the x.

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1600X is $30 more expensive and doesn't come with a cooler. If you feel like OCing and playing the silicon lottery, 1600 is a better option. 1600X is a safer bet.

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Fair enough then.

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Nice, you'll get what, Core 2 Duo performance?

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Oh good, another retarded tripfag. Just what this board needed.

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>Ryzen 5 1600 matches performance with i7 7700k in games, when overclocked, and destroys it in everything else
>lol Core 2 Duo performance
Retarded tripfags everyone!

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At least they're easy to filter.

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I'd like to see one fucking game where a R5 1600 comes even close to a Pentium.

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lmao kill yourself. Even an R5 1400 can BTFO a poorfag pentium G4560. http://www.techspot.com/review/1386-amd-ryzen-5-1400/page3.html

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i did and it's great

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Bullshit, not even a 1700X can match a 7400

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somebodies butt bedazzled

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there's literally nothing wrong with the 6300, but good for you anon

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FX makes good server/workstation chips (other words No Gaming) but for games yeah the FX lineup suck especially for older single thread games.

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fuck fx and phenoms, fucking pieces of garbage, I fell twice for those memes.

Couldn't take it anymore.

Upgraded to a i5 3550 and overclocked it with cheap a z77 from china.

gonna upgrade until 2020 I think

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I think you.

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Some older games are too much for even Intel's single-threaded performance. Was trying to play Boiling Point, a 2005 game, and it maxed out CPU 0 on my overclocked 6600K. Jesus that game must have ran like trash when it came out.

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Oh man that game was a massive buggy piece of shit until the first patch and even then it was still fucking shithouse after.

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My Linux box has a FX-4300 in it. Honestly, don't really care to upgrade. I game on my Skylake i5 system anyway (Windows 10). For regular use it's still good enough.

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Rumprustled, bro. Rumprustled.

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>tfw I upgraded from FX6300 to R7 1700

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>tfw 1600 + 1070

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M9 please... I'm upgrading from Athlon X3 to 1800x,gonna jizz my pants when compile times drop from few hours to minutes

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I think this is the new perfect gaming CPU/GPU combination. Until Vega at least.

1070 is much better than anything radeon offers now like the 580. The 1080 is kind of like diminishing returns. 1600 is significantly cheaper than a 7700k while offering a cheaper mobo option with the ability to over lock to 4.0 on even the stock cooler. All while btfoing the i7 in multitask and being on an upgradeable socket.

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So no need for ryzen if coming from a 2600k, or newer Intel?

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You tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't even matter :^)

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nigga get you that threadripper 16core for that thicccc socket

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I guess I should stick with an OC 2600k thanks.

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If your 2600K can hit 4.7 GHz stable, sure. Gamersnexus is known for putting insane OCs on their Intel CPUs in benchmarks. Look at the i7-7700K at 5.1 GHz, lol.

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>If your 2600K can hit 4.7 GHz stable, sure

Neat. Now I can put off for later until better hardware comes out.

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Thanks, but I don't play any of those games.

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Yes, yes, I'm sure the only games you play are Arma 3 and DCS :^)

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I'm going to have a gtx 1060 with my r5 1600.
>tfw GPUlet

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Wow. I'm a little scared now. Those are the games I play outside of old STALKER mods, and C&C zero hour on lan.

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Do you have current benchmarks for those games?

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Its the year of AMD boi!

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said "server"
>pleasepleasepleaseplease naples

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Pajeet'll lose his job if he posts those you nigger.

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Post from someone using a 1700 with DCS.

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ARMA 3 loses about 20 FPS to Intel. It's not surprising, the game is terribly optimized.

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fx is the last non botnet cpu though. however its my understanding some newer pentiums and i3s dont have ame? i wonder about thread ripper

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How was this link relevant? Obvious AMD shill with 0 forum reputation points claim amazing performance in DCS with ryzen because cores, and people in thread call bullshit. No proof of performance was ever submitted, and thread talks about Intel CPUs instead.

Maybe that's why you linked to only a single thread post.... fucking gay. /gees/ resident poojeet is the worst.

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Fx82xx, and opteron 62xx series were the last non botnets.

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Why are you so mad? Obscure flight simulator is poorly optimized, big fucking deal.

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Pajeet linked to pajeet's own post on a forum that wasted everyone's time, but in a bad way.

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I just want a zen apu to come out, and maybe someone could make an stx sized mini mobo like that intel one for it

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>tfw FX-4300

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isnt opteron just a bin? also fx8350 and fx9590 aren't botnets

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