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this will be 1500$+, what the fuck is the point

i have to spend 800$ on the vive anyway

2300 for a cpu and a fucking vr kit is goddamn retarded

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No Intel have mercy

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Why waste money on that dead meme. Basically nothing but marketing buzzword now

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>A hotter, more expensive processor with dogshit multi-core performance is gonna be released
Oh no.

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>400w TDP

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yeah i never intended on buying into the vr meme anyway but this is even more reason not to, esp if intel thinks 1500$ cpus are the only way you'll have a good experience in vr games lol

*shrug*, intel releases new cpu, everyone gobbles it up, amd threadripper cpu comes out with more cores at a higher speed for half the price and i'll get that instead

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Why aren't template threads banned already? Jesus fucking Christ man.

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Now Best Buy will have to redo their CPU charts. The one that said you need an i7 to design websites. You'll obviously need an i9 for that going forward.

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>intel releases new cpu, everyone gobbles it up
But that's not what happened at all.

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more cores, higher ipc, higher clocks, faster ram and top tier boards like the IV Apex

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>Now Best Buy will have to redo their CPU charts.
Link? That sound hilarious.

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you're arguing with yourself here

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It's AYYMDPOORJEETS, get on with the memes

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No I can confirm he's using the meme correctly. https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/search/text/%22AYYMDPOORFAGS%20CONFIRMED%20ON%20SUICIDE%20WATCH%22/

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>for a great vr experience

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Shit...can't find it. It gets posted on /g/ quite a bit, so I never bothered to save it. GIS isn't giving me shit.

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>more cores
>higher clocks
Not how it works with Intel, buddy. Their arch scales terribly, especially compared to Zen which splits cores into seperate dies.

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intel will have an 18c skylake

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/g/ already responded, LOL!

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That runs at 2.8 GHz base and costs $2000, sure.

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Don't forget the shit yields, while Zen is hitting 80%. http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/amd-ryzen-14nm-wafer-yields-pass-80-threadripper-cpus-on-track.html

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if you like burning your house down

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>Intel forced to make an i9
>i3, i5, and i7 prices will drop
>Core/thread count per dollar will finally move to where they should have been years ago
Thank you AMD.

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You do realize that Intel Extreme and AyyMDThreadripper aren't mainstream desktop CPUs with a focus on single thread perforemance, right? They're massive chips with more PCIe expansion than an average gamer needs with a focus on multi-threaded performance. They're not gaming-centric CPUs.

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>18c 2.8ghz furnace

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>i3, i5, and i7 prices will drop
Coffee Lake-S isn't their HEDT platform, it remains to be seen if they will shift the product stack up or down.

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Who are you fooling? Intel has been marketing the Extreme processors to gamers since the day they first started developing them.

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This guy is totally not gaming.

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>tfw you wish your i7-6700K came in a sexy black and gold box

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Neither is this guy.

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Marketers (professional liars) do this because lying to people sells more product than telling the truth does.

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This, marketing doesn't mean shit. Nu-Titans are specifically not marketed as gaming cards yet they perform better.

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>encoding videos, streaming, and playing gaymes at the same time
nobody fucking does this

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Apparently some people do, they just don't want to sell their kidneys to afford it. >>60650034

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Technically streaming is the encoding part too.

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Where do they get the market share data from? I never though intel disclose the individual skews

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$3000 for a 165W chopped down xeon cutting ever corner to get the price down using cheap TIM over soldering

i feel sorry for the poor baster to even thinks of overclocking this shit

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nvm, just seen the "cpu's we tested" thing.

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3k and I bet it wont even support ECC

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>MSRP: 6000 USD

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That's a lot of shekels.

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>4 cores UNDERCLOCKED to 3.8GHz uses more power

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>My face when intel jews thought MOAR COARZ was only a meem and not a soon to be reality

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Looking forward to it!

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>I bet it wont even support ECC
It won't.

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Just like x86_64 was...

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DOAlake-X specs already leaked, and they're HILARIOUS

INTEL i9-7920X - 12c/24t @ 2.90GHz (No turbo listed) - 160W.
L2 CACHE -12 x 256KB
L3 CACHE - 16.5MB
£1300 + VAT / $1671

INTEL i9-7900X - 10c/20t @ 3.30/4.50GHz - 160W
L2 CACHE - 10 x 256KB
L3 CACHE - 13.75MB
£855 + VAT / $1099

INTEL i9-7820X - 8c/16t @ 3.60/4.20GHz - 140w
L2 CACHE - 8 x 256KB
£515 + VAT / $659

INTEL i9-7800X - 6c/12t @ 3.50/4.00GHz - 140W
L2 CACHE - 6 x 256KB
L3 CACHE - 8.25MB
£345 + VAT / $439

> https://gameolo.com/product-category/คอมประกอบ/cpu/cpu-intel?orderby=price-desc

18c CPU gonna be ~$2.2k I think, maybe more as the flagship.

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Aren't you even slightly tired of making these types of posts?

There are a few of you who make the exact same post every single time AMD or Intel comes up with new hardware. Is you life really that boring to make those posts?

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It is AMD's year, you bootyblasted shekelchaser.

Skylake-X in its entirety is already BTFO or about to be BTFO'd when Threadripper gets announced. Intel is going to sell essentially zero of these overpriced, underclocked housefires.

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>get 6850k because i needed 40 pci-e lanes and hexcore at a consumer grade cost
>h-hey it has a lower clock but if I win the silicon lottery i can OC to at least 4.2ghz!
>crashes at 4.2

I fell for the intel meme. I fell for the "silicon lottery" meme.

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It's ok poojet. Don't get so analravaged.

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LMAO gas yourself shekelchaser. Enjoy defending this abortion of a product line :^)

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to follow up, 1650$ for the 7920x and that isn't even the flagship, it's the 12c/24t with a clock speed of 2.9ghz lmfao

160w housefires for non flaghsip parts tho

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Every day I thank the lord that I am not a retarded faggot who plays autistic video games. Just a console for casual gaming without pixel analysis and a workstation laptop docked to a monitor, along with a home server. Its bliss.

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Don't call it a comeback.

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It is DOA if Intel insist on the rumored prices. There's no way that a ~$1500 non-Xeon is going to move in the current HEDT market.

You might as well get a real Xeon since these CPUs are crappy at overclocking.

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Whats with the janky cache sizes?
Dont threadrippers come with 32mb?

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They went heavy with the L2 for muh AVX512 meme.

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I don't believe it. Intel can't get away with overcharging unless there's no competition as before.
They could get away with Broadwell-E until the R7s came along. With AMD's HEDT platform looming and the R7s essentially obsoleting the 2011 socket, it won't be possible for them to cut the same margins on Skylake-X. Perhaps the higher end CPUs get halo pricing, but a 6-core/12-thread at $439 isn't going to fly, unless they have the IPC, GHz etc to show for it.

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Watch out, Scott is a paid AMD shill.

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>staring at 729p 30fps jaggies all day
Don't kid yourself poorfag

>> No.60651193


>all day

What part of 'casual gaming' do you not understand? If I spent more than 2 days a month playing video games I'd look into a gaming PC, but even that would still be shit because I'm not an aspie and I enjoy playing games with my IRL friends.

>> No.60651229

I enjoy playing games with my IRL friends too at post 2005 resolutions LOL

>> No.60651248

Why are there quad and hexacores on the HEDT platform when Coffee Lake also has them?

If Coffee Lake is just a 6-core Kaby Lake + 1% meme improvement why should customers buy an expensive $200+ motherboard for what is basically a 6-core Skylake?

>> No.60651264

HEDT platform features. As already mentioned the features are gimped on the 4, 6 and 8 core models, though.

>> No.60651270

>having money to pay anyone

>> No.60651273

No....no... that's not true....THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

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The 4 cores don't support quad channel for more PCIe lanes. So what HEDT features?

>intel will have an 18c skylake
Assuming this is true, does Intel really want to play that game?
AMD could just release 32core HEDT. Nothing is stopping them. Intel can't win and shouldn't try.

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Seriously, they're up against an architecture that can scale completely effortlessly. They might as well double down on the "muh clocks" 4 cores at this rate.

>> No.60651323

The 4 cores don't support quad channel nor more PCIe lanes. So what HEDT features?

>intel will have an 18c skylake
Assuming this is true, does Intel really want to play that game?
AMD could just release 32core HEDT. Nothing is stopping them. Intel can't win and shouldn't try.

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4c/4th at 5gh stock with proper cooling
would have the gaming market on lock

>> No.60651391

This won't happen without a completely new architecture.

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Well then get that multi billion RD budget to work then

>> No.60651433

5ghz maybe not, but 4.5ghz might be possible on Zen2 since GoFlo's 7nm process was designed for IBM's POWER arch.

>> No.60651447

Intel is working on a new arch, but it won't be ready until 2020 at the earliest, probably 2021. If their management weren't complete retards, they'd have it ready to go this year. https://www.overclock3d.net/news/cpu_mainboard/intel_is_reportedly_working_on_a_new_x86_architecture/1

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HAHAHAHA, Fuck you.
After getting my 6/12 I will never go back to a 4/4.

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Dis nigga right here
Just goes from company to company making revolutionary shit and just leaves right after.

>> No.60651472

>Why waste money on that dead meme. Basically nothing but marketing buzzword now

>he doesn't want to play the inevitable high quality 3d vr porn games

>> No.60651499

Intel should just make their own version of the FX 9590
Clocked to the moon with no regard to power consumption

>> No.60651516

Lmao. Intel already got there before AMD did; see Netburst. AMD literally dead and bankrupt!

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>4c/4th in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Seventeen

>> No.60651531

>intel presentation in less than 12 hours
>amd presentation in 24 hours

Oh boy, here we go.

>> No.60651551

Stop it, my penis can only get so erect.

>> No.60651554

in every fuking 7700k vs 1800x thread over on /g/ is all about clocks for intel niggers and all about cores for amd niggers
>my linux compile is a second faster
>my cs go fps at 720p is higher

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Now this brings me back.

>> No.60651578

Imagine if Intel had their new architecture ready to go this year. Just as AMD is getting back on their feet, BAM! Intel knocks them right back down again. Instead, we get this embarrasing sideshow.

>> No.60651626

>Imagine if Intel had their new architecture ready to go this year
The last 5 or 6 times they tried to do something new they failed spectacularly and delivered a product that was way worse than existing lines
iAPX 432, i960, the first Pentium, i740, Itanium, Netburst, Larrabee, the list goes on

>> No.60651644

Pretty sure Intel just released an X299 i5 for the upgrade path, and a lower barrier of entry for the HEDT space.
>does Intel really want to play that game?
Given that Intel is *currently* shipping server CPUs with 22 (72, if you count Xeon Phi) cores, in a market that has no competition and required no sweat on Intel's part, they're not the ones playing catch-up here. Skylake-EP at 32 cores is due for release around the same time as Epyc.
But the idea of stuffing that many cores into desktops is silly. Even the HEDT will struggle to find a use case where 18 cores matter and you aren't better off just getting a server.

>> No.60651710

It's hard to imagine Epyc not taking a big bite out of the server market. It has everything going for it.

>> No.60651743

>up to 25% faster
>up to
so 0% faster and -100% faster are options.


>> No.60651751

I'm referring specifically to the idea that Intel and AMD go all out in a core-war in the HEDT space, which I think is dumb, both to do, and to think it will happen.
As for Epyc, it's very exciting, I agree.

>> No.60651774

I remember when I built my first computer with a pentium 4 and I dreamed about having this baby.

>> No.60652274

I thought Skylake had 1024KB of L2?
Did they really circumsize 3/4 of the L2 to sell to the goyim?

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File: 1.69 MB, 1920x1200, 8283E83E-551C-4B02-8ED2-FA08634EB67D-1995-000003133F8351FC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.60652321

>delidding an 18-core $2000+ processor
>risking destroying it
>voiding warranty
Linus Shilltips approves

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>> No.60653353


Those forum members are not your friends, you're likely gaming at 1080p like a current gen console does.

>> No.60653368


>Schuper Schayan

>> No.60653452

6850K actually clocked higher on SL's listings being a higher binned chipped.

>> No.60653514

Now inflate for any country that's not the USA and you'll see that Intel is dead in the water with overpriced chips.

>> No.60653526

He didn't design ryzen

>> No.60653638

>18 cores
Who cares, Nipples has more cores and they could scale Zen to 20 cores for the consumer if they wanted to. Their CCX fills me with happiness, I hope they have something similar for Navi.

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>> No.60653810

Nipples is a server SKU.
If you want to bring servers into the discussion, Skylake-EP is also 32 core.

>> No.60654153

Try $2500, minimum.

>> No.60654223

I do, and my 1800X kills at it.

>> No.60654229

>1.7% yields

>> No.60654325


>> No.60654344

AMD yells at intel
Intel roars back,


>> No.60654355

>implying intel didn't have a KILLER ARCH in their basement hidden for cases like that

face it man, AMD is going bankrupt.

it saddenns me, competition is nice for the consumer but there was no chance in hell that AMD can keep up with guys that have a way higher budged and were kangz of the game for the last 7 years.

>> No.60654395

I highly doubt the market will bear this pricing. There is a somewhat decent AMD alternative this time around.

I thought this was their top end processor pricing holeefuck it's not.

>> No.60654401

Thats staples. Easy tech, and easy rebate. All about the easy. Employee here.

>> No.60654457

They are disabling the features on the 8 core models? If I didn't have a 4770 that isn't worth replacing yet I'd jump to AMD so fast just on principle. I doubt there is an architecture issue on the 8 core models preventing a full feature set. I bet it's on the fucking die and disabled.

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>> No.60654596

Does it matter for most people anyway? A 1700 ryzen or 77k intel chip will do 99.9% of tasks.

>> No.60655170

no, that's why this platform is (should be) commercialized for enthusiasts

>> No.60655379


>> No.60656018

>not soldered
>temps will be fine
>why oc, silly goy?
t. Combustion Lake by Jewtel®.

>> No.60656064

At least games now make use of moar cores

>> No.60656380


Edit the logo on the last panel.

>> No.60656393

amd+nvidia masterace

>> No.60656399

>spend 2000$ on a chip
>doesn't even come soldered
what a fucking waste of a company.

>> No.60656428

this is like the 5th thread

>> No.60656437

7120 shekels = 2000 usd

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somebody already fixed it

>> No.60656958

should be chibsets

>> No.60657037

>18c skylake
You mean
180C° Skylake

>> No.60657088

Top jew.

Yea nah Intel keep yer shit to yourself. I currently own an i7 3880K and it if ever needs replacing Ryzen looks like a great option. Or threadripper by then. And not for 6 gorillion shekels at least.

Intel are almost jewing themselves out of business.

>> No.60657096
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How can one guy do dis, truly jewkiller

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64PCie lanes on threadripper.

Lmao Intel
You picked the wrong company to fight on scalability and core count.
Inb4 consumer Naples 24 cores in 2 months with 128 lanes at $2000
And it will still be clocked higher than Intel's DELIDIS housefire at 2.8GHz

>> No.60657420 [DELETED] 

Fuck AMD and fuck black people

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>Just Wait(TM)

>> No.60657777
File: 495 KB, 1070x601, 1495358050273_0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Stop caring about market segemnts in which Intel got BTFO'd the fuck out!

>> No.60657789

Their new arch won't be here until 2020 at the earliest. Knowing Intel, it won't be out until 2021.

>> No.60657792
File: 1.71 MB, 1920x1200, Core_i666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your tears are DELICIOUS :^)

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File: 475 KB, 2048x1536, DBDrAhVVwAEQjQC.jpg:large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 124 KB, 955x537, intel-core-x-series-processor-family_product-information-page-005_575px.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>10 core only 10% faster than Broadwell 10 core

Literally DOA

>> No.60658674

Jesus Christ, it would get BTFO by a 10-core Threadripper, nevermind the absolute beating the 12-core Threadripper will give it.

Intel better start praying that AMD doesn't use full speed Infinity Fabric on Threadripper, as that would give it better single coar than the 1800x AND possible 3.6/4.0 on the 12 and 16 cores, AND 64 PCIe lanes AND ECC ram.

>> No.60660439

Intel still solders their HEDT

>> No.60660460

Not anymore.

>> No.60660480

beat me to it lmao

>> No.60660504

I think Intel beat everyone to it.

It's almost like they don't want to sell these chips or something, or are so deluded thinking their branding is as strong as Nvidias

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Well if thats true and they're doubling cores these won't be memes for very long. Someons PC is going to explode.

>> No.60660532

quad get nice

also intel confirmed for death by fire

>> No.60660618

>4k gayming
>+25% while 1080p streaming

>> No.60660667

Someone sounds like he isn't MEGA-TASKING hard enough.

>> No.60660768

I'd definitely go with the AMD chip as well if I got an employee discount :^)

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mah nigga


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>> No.60661579

swap the I and first E
flip the M

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