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Vega will be out but it will already be too late and most probably won't even beat 1080ti

Next year Nvidia will release volta early and will again take up all the market share and vega 2 will again bite the dust.

Why can't AMD speed up their shit and bring better product like they did with ryzen.
They have made every Intel cpu other than 7700k(just gaymers) obsolete, why not do the same with gpu market

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Don't worry vega will redeem them

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>Why can't a company with a fraction of the resources of Intel or Nvidia individually blow them the fuck out in two markets simultaneously?

Really gets the mind racing.

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Intel is suppressing AMD through scare tactics. It's all a conspiracy against the church.

Illuminati confirmed.

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If they have to, Nvidia will just keep AMD's GPU division alive with cash injections just so that they are not a monopoly.

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Not completely blowing out of the water but they haven't even able to keep up with their high end gpus after Tahiti

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yeah that's not gonna happen

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>they haven't even able to keep up with their high end gpus after Tahiti

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Did you mean hawaii? With Fiji it was over and it's already been 2 years since.

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Fury x was weaker than 980ti which was cheaper

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No i mean Tahiti
Hawaii and fiji high end didn't go neck to neck with nvidia even with hbm meme
Meanwhile back in 7990X690 both were equally good and there was no clear winner

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>290x did not go neck in neck with 780ti/titan
Your meds, anon.

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1. Ryzen is only trades blows with some Intel CPUs and doesn't even compete at all in the low end market

2. AMD is retarded, they are like 1/100th the size of Intel and Nvidia, they literally have no chance of competing so they always release half-assed products with pure lies in their marketing

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This pretty much

Intel & Nvidia fucking love AMD because they are the perfect token competitor

AMD releases shit and has no chance of actually competing, while Intel & Nvidia are free to do whatever they want without getting investigated for a monopoly

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Intel is dead.

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even if vega doesn't beat 1080 ti, it will still be cheaper than what nvidia has, so I'll upgrade to it from my fury x

>tfw 4gb of vram is not enough for 4k gaming anymore

rip in peace

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RIP Intel never forget

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Intel have lots of fabs. They can go pure fab bussines and still won't die.

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So much FUD being soread I hope you faggots get ass cancer

Vega is going to absolutely murder the gaming industry.

Titan Xp performance for 1080ti price. 4k Ultra with MINIMUM framerates above 60fps.

Fury X at Vega clock speeds puts it at Titan XP performance in firestrike extreme.

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>1. Ryzen is only trades blows with some Intel CPUs and doesn't even compete at all in the low end market
They haven't even released their full product stack yet, retard.
>they literally have no chance of competing
>AMD releases shit and has no chance of actually competing
That's why Intel's i3, i5 and HEDTs are all trash tier now, right? And half of NVidia's mid-range GPUs, too.

If AMD really couldn't do anything this time around, they'll die or get bought out, and x86 would collapse in slow motion after that.

Fucking shills. This entire board is a fucking cesspool of Intel and Nvidia cocksuckers.

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Yes it's all just shills, definitely not people that actually want to buy good products

If AMD didn't keep releasing garbage, I might actually buy their crap

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Right now the only Intel CPUs worth half a shit are the i7-7700K and G4560 (which will soon have competition from APUs). So what, exactly are you saying? Everything they release is trash even though it shits on most of Intel's product line? They haven't released a CPU that you specifically want? Just fuck off if all you're going to do is jerk your fanboy dick raw.

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I literally see no reason to buy any Ryzen CPU unless you do a ton of rendering/encoding

My thoughts pretty much agree with what Puget Systems said, that there is no compelling reason to use Ryzen over Intel CPUs.

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AMD offers a superior user experience over Nvidia. Crimson is just flat out better in every way to Geforce experience. AMD hardware can actually do Direct X12 and Vulkan. Which offers a better game when explicitly coded for DX12/Vulkan instead of a DX12/Vulkan wrapper over DX11 code.

Zen chips are a superior gaming experience, with higher minimums, and less input lag. They simply let you do more, for less.

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>AMD offers a superior user experience over Nvidia.

This is just a blatant lie. AMD products are riddled with bugs and incompatibilities. Regardless of their performance, this is the biggest reason to avoid them if you do anything serious with your computer.

It's the same reason why system builders like Puget Systems refuse to put them in their pre-builts.

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Is this like some sort of Shilltel/Puget Systems shill combo pack here? Nice FUD.

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Puget Systems writes good articles, I've never bought anything from them though because I build my own computers.

Here is what they said about Ryzen: https://www.pugetsystems.com/blog/2017/03/10/In-Search-of-Competition-911/

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Yeah man I'll hate having slightly less than 1080Ti performance for half the price. Woe is me. I should have paid extra for the way it was meant to be played.

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ITT: Midrange and budget GPU's apparently don't exist.

AMD doesn't have much on the high end, but they're doing quite well at every other price point. The vast majority of people can't justify buying at the highest end, and AMD has quite a strong budget and midrange.

>Inb4 poorfag
Fury X fag, reporting. It serves my purposes. HBM is a godsend in Harmony desu

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>they're doing quite well at every other price point

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Get lost img_xxxx, you aren't subtle

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This basically just says that they are too small, too inflexible to offer Ryzen. There's no compelling argument there. Also, system builders want to milk the dead in the water Intel chipsets while they still can, not sell people future proof AM4 boards.

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>future proof AM4 boards

AMD is the opposite of future proof, that's the problem. They're unstable and buggy.

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It sounds like they reviewed Ryzen right when it came out and never gave it another chance. They claim to be "PC experts" but are too dumb to understand new architecture launches have issues. Ryzen issues have pretty much all been fixed by now, but I'm willing to bet a year from now they still won't offer it because they are obviously biased. They claim they'll test it again in "A few months". I doubt it.

I looked at the benchmarks they posted and it seems there are issues with Adobe software and Ryzen CPUs, but they refuse to acknlowedge this or show CPU usage graphs. The comments are flooded with pro-Intel and anti-AMD shills. Everything about this reeks of bias, shilling and favoritism.

In non-Adobe software the i7-7700K and etc. get crushed by the 1800X in video rendering and encoding tasks, so there are obviously issues here.

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Get lost img_xxxx, you have autism

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>hurr durr I'm gonna take my retarded Amazon sellers argument from the other anti-AMD thread and apply it here!

Kill yourself.

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The FUD is real. It's a new arch on a new platform. There are issues that have mostly been ironed out already. This happens with every new arch launch.

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Not person you replied to, but tell me about these bugs?
I have ryzen 1700 for almost a month now. At first used it with windows 10 for a week or so, now I'm on linux.
Had no issues. With both OSes

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Puget Systems makes really high quality systems that focus on stability.

They're not going to throw Ryzen in there because it isn't ready yet.

Maybe it will be later, maybe it won't, who knows.

Check out their articles, they know their shit.

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they are payed off by intel, intel pays oems to not use amd

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Yes it's all just a big giant conspiracy

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The kid is right

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seems weird that intel got a 1.5 billion fine for a unproven conspiracy, really activates my almonds

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What you said before is basically "AMD and ryzen are shit forever and ever". Just fuck off already, shill.

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So intel shills are real after all.

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t. AMD shill

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Go ahead and prove that Puget Systems is paid off by Intel, I'll be waiting

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no shit just read this entire thread ruined by a autistic intel shill that is so obvious to point out his posts that he might as well be a tripfag

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as soon as something is released, it is already outdated
this is how the computer industry works; why do you keep making threads about it

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>intel pays oems to not use amd and gets fined for it
>puget systems is a oem

literal 1st grade critical thinking skills poojeet

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Retard there is literally zero proof

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They're a bunch of cucks that claim over and over Intel is TEH BEST EVAR.

>Rooting for Intel is what it must feel like to root for the New England Patriots. Each year both roll out new products and new players in a system that's built to win. Their dominance is almost taken for granted at this point.

Yeah, totally not shilling fanboys here. I doubt they're even going to bother re-testing Ryzen.

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who where wait™ for threadripper™ plus vega™

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The truth hurts doesn't it.

Look at their articles, they extensively test EVERYTHING.

They're perfectionists, that's why they don't use AMD.

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the fine for oem bribing is all the proof anyone with more than 2 brain cells need

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>Hawaii and fiji high end didn't go neck to neck with nvidia
True. By now Hawaii is 30% faster while Kepler based cards suffer horribly in modern applications.

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>They're perfectionists
funny way of spelling shill

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>literally zero evidence
>that's all the proof I need!

AMDtard logic

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In AMDtard world, facts are shilling

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Did that and all was said by that shilling
>Ryzen is bad, bugs etc
>Why buy ryzen over intel?
>You don't need more than 4 cores
>Intel makes premium products
>AMD lies about their products!

Kek, no arguments just
>I love you intel!

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That is because nvidia treats its old cards like shit with no support
Wait till volta comes out, 970 will perform same as 390 in newer games

They really want you to shill their card every year or two

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>being this mad

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>they extensively test EVERYTHING
Except CPU usage graphs which would show an issue with Adobe's shitty software instead of AMD's CPUs, apparently.

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>being this mad

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Looks good on paper
After release will perform same or worse than nvidia offering at similar price
Pic related

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This is exactly what I'm talking about

Apparently Ryzen doesn't work with the vast majority of mainstream software?

Blame whoever you want for the so-called "bugs", this is the reality

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>img_xxxx changed his image names
still not subtitle

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You are truly an insane person, you seem to think I'm someone else

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>but mah gaymes
Fuck off to /v/ with your gayming benchmarks.

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It isn't only drivers. Kepler and Maxwell were DX11 architectures on steroids. On paper Maxwell eg. supports all the fancy Vulkan/DX12 tech, but in practice stuff runs slower than with a serialized DX11 pipeline. AMD cramed all that stuff into GCN in silicon. It costs them quite a bit when it comes to stuff like efficiency (also the GPU computing part contributes to this), but the cards have few problems actually using all the fancy shit when it starts being used.

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>but mah gaymes

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no one believes you cuck

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go away img_xxxx, you have severe autism

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What a load of bullshit. They ran a bunch of day one benchmarks in one shitty program and then declared it shit. They're just another massively overpriced "premium" prebuilt maker that convinces idiots they're hot shit.

>> No.60626578

Yes just go ahead and ignore their ridiculously well researched articles

>> No.60626579

I think if you jerk their dick any harder, it might fall off.

>> No.60626594

>ridiculously well researched articles
Jesus fucking christ. This is beyond shilling. You're just fucking obsessed with sucking their dick on a level that would make a whore blush.

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Implying this is CPU issue and not software.

>> No.60626615

AutoCAD devs even admit their software is poorly threaded for no real reason other than that it's old shit. https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/autocad/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/Multithreading-or-multiprocessor-capabilities.html

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Facts hurt don't they, here's a good one they did on m.2 cooling:


These guys know their shit

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>Entire thread is full of puget system shills
>Another shill posts another puget system benchmark

/g/ - Puget System and Intel Shills

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>Implying this is CPU issue and not software.

Gosh there sure is a lot of bad software

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t. AMD shill

>> No.60626656

This is EXACTLY why more cores will never work in video games. It has nothing to do with Intel, game developers are just garbage fucks at their jobs and video games are horribly optimized heaps of single-threaded dogshit.

If your hardware is relying on the software being well made to work right, you're going to be real fucking disappointed.

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where is the issue? it can compete in a single-cpu task with a 6900K, a CPU that does cost 100% more and has a 50% higher TDP. of course the 7700K is faster. you only need to look at the fuckin clockspeed to know that considering IPC is somewhat simililar across the board...

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The Intel CPU costs $160 less and performs better.

>> No.60626700

Learn English, you stupid little shit.

>> No.60626701

Industry support is more important then specs.

Nvidia is the way its meant to be played, that isn't going to be changed by some pajeet shouting VR while waving two $199 cards that are actually $249 while demoing a game that had 50 concurrent users on steam.

The irony is that their market share has been steadily moving towards the same numbers for years and the only thing preventing it is the street shitter heart pumping deep in AMD's chest spewing out an endless stream of rancid lies and wait juice.

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>1700X loses to a 35W i7 that costs almost $100 less

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NVidia is moving into other markets than GPUs...... they couldnt care less if AMD out performs them.....

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once again

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Yes good goy, don't look at the stats, they mean nothing

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Your retard graph also shows a $1000 Intel CPU losing to a $170 Intel CPU. Kill yourself, faggot.

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>Nvidia is the way its meant to be played
Literal tripfag faggot shill. Drink bleach.

>> No.60626784

And it shows a $500 AMD CPU losing to a $170 Intel CPU. Really that $170 Intel CPU looks like a great choice for a mid-high budget build -- oh wait I guess that was supposed to be AMD's sell point wasn't it?

>> No.60626785

Oh no Intel BTFO by Intel

>> No.60626794

Yep, it him. how mod not ban this faggot yet

>> No.60626795

>2 years ago

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>please ban these evil people posting facts

You must be a liberal

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>Nvidia is the way its meant to be played

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he gets banned all the time, its because 4chan doesn't permaban unless you post cp

>> No.60626846

the facts you call facts are the same (((facts))) that liberals love

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>that entire graph is AMD gaining lost marketshare
wew now i know why it was 2 years old, amd has been gaining marketshare for the last 2 years

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Retard they are literal benchmarks

AMD are the libtards of the tech world, lying and cheating because the facts don't back them up.

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You are either too shilly or too retarded to get the point. It fuckin depends on the application case.

Look at stuff like cinebench, 7zip, handbrake etc. if you really want to see where octacore CPUs shine even though they are lower clocked. The 1800X and 6900K crush the 7700K.

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Here more fact, hope you post this too next time

>> No.60626880

>he didn't read the chart

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>Look at stuff like cinebench, 7zip, handbrake etc.

I absolutely agree, in many apps that people don't use, Ryzen shines.

Meanwhile in mainstream applications.

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>allahu akbar benchmark
>bitches about LIBRULS
just lol

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>2 8pin 375W HOUSEFIRES


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WTF I thought Ryzen was supposed to be good at streaming

>> No.60626930

Shills make these threads so often that all I have to do to know it's a shill thread is look at the image.

Do you think they ever get reported and banned?

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File: 3.31 MB, 1122x7216, 2017-05-28-11-44-29 best-selling-gpus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Newegg too?...

>> No.60626941

Show some VM benchmarks too. It's embarrassing how bad Ryzen performs.

>> No.60626950



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Only morons actually believe this will happen

Intel would crush amd if they could and then just bribe people in government positions so they don't get hit with any anti-competitive fines or similar.

There is no longer any sort of control on corporations in our country. I'm surprised they aren't just hiring hitmen to take each other's boards and execs out to be quite honest

>> No.60626970

Its called megatasking and Intel's new i9 series will be the best at it.

Threadripper will be for uh... whatever needs like 30 threads, and the i9 will be for megatasking.

>> No.60626985

>last 2 years
>''AMD's GPU market share has grown for first time in four years''


>2016 Q3
>2 years old

>> No.60626994

>Meanwhile in mainstream applications.

Nobody gives a shit about Excel performance. We don't live in 1995 anymore. What matters is whether you have to wait 2h or 1h for your encoded video file. And that is what the 1000$ CPU buyer cares about.
What you are suggesting is that CPUs like the 6900K, 5960X, 5820K etc. have no purpose. But they do for people who actually do work with them. And the market has a way higher gross profit.

>> No.60627071

>What matters is whether you have to wait 2h or 1h for your encoded video file.

AMDtards truly believe that everyone uses their computers for encoding videos all day long

Protip: This is why nobody is buying Ryzen

>> No.60627106

And also no "professional" is going to be using his own personally purchased workstation to do his job. He's going to be using whatever his company gives him.

>> No.60627128

And it will be a laptop, which won't be AMD.

>> No.60627138

I am waiting for revision 2.0 of ryzen to ditch 4790k. So 2018 is year where i pass down that i7 to family member.

>> No.60627324

Actually i made this thread and how is this shilling and who am i shilling ?
It is a genuine question

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That benchmark is nothing but dickwaving. It's not even an official benchmark. Dolphin will run on a literal potato these days.
lol you still keep posting the exact same trash.

>> No.60627374

>in many apps that people don't use
Kill yourself literal shill faggot that's been shitting up threads with the exact same benchmarks for months.
This will never become a meme no matter how hard you try, useless faggot that should kill itself immediately. https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/search/text/%22AYYMD%20HOUSEFIRES%22/

>> No.60627378

Puget is shilling for Intel because they buy wholesale and prob have good discounts being a long time high profile customer. Why build on a new unknown platform, train your workforce and sell CPUs at a lower margin. Much easier to type something up.

>> No.60627393

Kill yourself, faggot.


>> No.60627425


>> No.60627444

I don't know if this belongs in /pol/ or /x/ but it's retarded either way. I'm sure Intel knows just as well as NVidia that if AMD dies or is bought out, x86 is pretty much finished.

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File: 77 KB, 493x493, megatasking_intensifies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kill yourself tripfag. Megatasking is embarrasing marketing drivel from Intel. How are you such a fucking shill?

>> No.60627486

Normal people aren't running Monte fucking Carlo statistical analysis every day, and the ones who are aren't doing it in Microsoft fucking Excel.

Most people don't even know what a Monte Carlo is.

>> No.60627488

I'll be waiting for that Ryzen "re-test" in a few months. Not that this literally who prebuilt shiller matters much. If they couldn't even be assed to test programs outside of Adobe's buggy garbage, they were clearly biased from the start.

>> No.60627531


"Who uses Monte Carlo simulation?

Many companies use Monte Carlo simulation as an important part of their decision-making process. Here are some examples.

General Motors, Proctor and Gamble, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Eli Lilly use simulation to estimate both the average return and the risk factor of new products. At GM, this information is used by the CEO to determine which products come to market.

GM uses simulation for activities such as forecasting net income for the corporation, predicting structural and purchasing costs, and determining its susceptibility to different kinds of risk (such as interest rate changes and exchange rate fluctuations).

Lilly uses simulation to determine the optimal plant capacity for each drug.

Proctor and Gamble uses simulation to model and optimally hedge foreign exchange risk.

Sears uses simulation to determine how many units of each product line should be ordered from suppliers—for example, the number of pairs of Dockers trousers that should be ordered this year.

Oil and drug companies use simulation to value "real options," such as the value of an option to expand, contract, or postpone a project.

Financial planners use Monte Carlo simulation to determine optimal investment strategies for their clients’ retirement."

>> No.60627650

It's just more bullshit synthetic benchmarks that the AMD shills love to pull out

It's hilarious how the only thing Ryzen can win is crap that nobody uses

>> No.60627670

>test programs that are literally the most popular in the industry

AMDtard logic is truly hilarious.

>> No.60627733

lol check out doom 3 its running at like 200 fps holy shit.

Single card? Buy two!
Check out this multiplayer game nobody plays!
>checks twitter and stares at the floor for 10 seconds

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>> No.60627869


>> No.60627873


Exactly, big corporations and big projects that need to make big decisions with wide-ranging consequences based on statistical analysis are using Monte Carlo -- and they don't give a hot fuck if it took 7 seconds or 3 seconds to run because it's a decision that's going to be made very infrequently and with an extreme amount of oversight auditing behind it.

>> No.60628397

No, people doing heavy rendering tasks are using things like 4-way or 8-way setups. I couldn't give a shit about Ryzen OR i7 but trying to market Ryzen to me is a joke.

>> No.60629052
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>> No.60629062
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>> No.60629076
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>> No.60629092
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>> No.60629099
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Thank you for your well though out and we'll supported opinion, kikefriend.

>> No.60629117
File: 871 KB, 801x1500, 1492438108088.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another well sourced post, bravo!

>> No.60629127
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>> No.60629155
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>> No.60629156

Just to recap this entire thread.

>AMD sucks.

>Hardly, here is why

>These worst case scenario benchmarks disprove your arguments!

>Why would any ine run that configuration?

>This company who sells comouter parts says AMD isn't worth a

>What they are saying flies in the face of conventional knowledge

>AMD sucks so bad

You should all be launched in to fucking orbit.

>> No.60629167
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>> No.60629176
File: 408 KB, 882x1418, 1488678336902.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, totally kikebro.

>> No.60629185
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Yes yes, good post!

>> No.60630678

>970 will perform same as 390 in newer games
it already does

>> No.60631024

Not really Intel's Integrated Graphics still technically count as GPUs. If AMD is gone than Nvidia will share the market with Intel's iGPUs which are very widespread

>> No.60631414
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AMD is busy for now
they are fasting performance

>> No.60631433

This was done on liquid nitrogen
Nice try though

>> No.60631672
File: 13 KB, 1690x86, Screenshot_5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>comparing a liquid nitrogen cooled card to standard stock GPUS
how about we make this fair?
Or now that both are on a level playing field it's not fair

>> No.60631695
File: 1.78 MB, 270x175, 1495509599890.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh fuck, is my processor gonna blow up?

>> No.60631761
File: 1004 KB, 878x695, 1231421241.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most likely yes

>> No.60632414
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>> No.60632462

>They're unstable and buggy.
This must be why my Athlon 64 2200+ worked without a hitch for 10 years before I simply wanted to replace the motherboard.

Coincidentally, that motherboard used nVidia's nForce chipset, and I had tons more trouble with that.

>> No.60632538

Come on now. They gave Ryzen stellar scores.

>> No.60634614


and? The new fab will allow these clockspeeds on air if not higher

>> No.60634666

You type like an Indian. I can just tell.

>> No.60635127

Sure thing buddy

>> No.60635320

>heh high end gfx cards are all that matters
AMD should be prioritizing 1) APUs (laptops), 2) datacenter+server, 3) GPGPU, 4) consumer processors, 5) custom SoCs, 6) HEDT/Consumer Processors, 7) consumer dGPUs & professional GPUs, then finally 8) high end dGPUs. The gamer market is not profitable. AMD is salvaging what's left of HSA to spearhead their GPGPU (ML/DL) along with Vega and their new software stack, X399 is hitting the datacenter and HEDT, Ryzen was a fair success and repositioned AMD back into the desktop game and the power efficiency is ready to be scaled onto laptops where OCing is not an issue, and they secured SoC wins from Sony and MS. Right now, AMD's total R&D is ~30% less than nVidia (which is already a fraction of Intel's) and less than half of that goes to RTG so it's not surprising that Vega is late and is probably DOA like Fury X, though less so because they were smart enough to pair it with Radeon Instinct this time around, as well as doing early adoption and 8GB+ VRAM.

Performance looks to be a little less than 1080Ti and some people (including shillTV) think a smaller Vega is to be released countering the 1070 specifically. I am hoping on very low power consumption, then that would look perfect for the Ryzen+Vega APU situation.

>> No.60635392
File: 206 KB, 480x358, 1296850715618.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vega will be on par with 1080 ti in DX12 and Vulcan titles.
Older API based games it will be slower than the 1080 ti.
It will be priced at $419 for the air cooled model and $489 for the water cooled variant.
The smaller cut down model will be $359 and will be air cooled only.


>> No.60635920

It's not "video encoding" it's everything

I have, right now, 15 firefox tabs open, a second firefox window running a java applet open, discord, excel, open office writer and openoffice math, foxit pdf, and mspaint; all running right now. Nevermind steam and nvidia + microsoft's spyware running in the background, nevermind the billion random processes win10 always has running.

You better fucking believe I want a 6 or 8 core CPU, and you better fucking believe it's going to be AMD and not Intel.

>> No.60635967

pls dnt b lie

that sounds fucking perfect

>> No.60637574

The biggest problem AMD has is cryptoniggers

>> No.60637584

5 months ago
>Vega won't even beat the 1070!
3 months ago
>Vega won't even beat the 1080!
>Vega won't even beat the 1080Ti!

>> No.60637666

Intel shills posting day 1 reviews/graphs with heavy emphasis on old software with heavy emphasis on single thread. Meanwhile showing heavily overclocked Intel chips (delid this) with near 100% usage on all 4 cores in gaymes. Calls it a win for Intel.

>> No.60638443

J-JUST WAIT GUYS, software will get better to support Ryzen CPUs!

All software is shit and that's why the Ryzen is loosing!

I'm sure that all programs will get better and support Ryzen during it's serviceable lifespan before DDR5 comes out and shits all over it in 2020!

You're all Intel shills for not buying a CPU that mainstream industry standard software doesn't make proper use of. You should buy AMD Ryzen CPUs because synthetic benchmarks and a few video encoding results say so!

Intel shills are biased because they aren't testing Ryzen with 3200 ram! Nevermind that the only AMD certified ram is the Flare X! Nevermind that you currently can't get 3200 mhz out of any kits larger than 16GB! Who even needs more than 16GB ram! 3200 mhz doesn't make a difference!

You can buy B350 motherboards for way cheaper than Z270 motherboards for overclocking! Who cares that B350 only officially support 4 sata ports and that the 5/6 sata ports are added on by shitty third party chipsets and SLI is only available on X370 motharboards that costs just as much as z270 boards!

Just wait, you'll see AMD ages like fine wine and everyone should hold on to their AMD products for half a decade or longer and hope that the ecosystem starts to support their products!

Let's all join hands and immerse in the delusion that AMD is cheaper while the 1700X costs 465 USD across the pond! All that matters is that AMD is cheaper in the USA, FUCK YEAH FREEDOM!

>> No.60639396

you are so dumb it hurts.

did you even bother to goggle anything at all.
do you even breath like in real life.

t.6700k owner.

btw amd does have laptops with ryzen it just so happens they are gaming laptops
here is just one as a example.

Itsz the ROG asus gaming laptop

as usually the case amd is going to release these last because fuck the laptop market.

I think we will see the laptops when ryzen 3 becomes a thing or at least not long after it.

>> No.60639440

>>60638443 <---

>> No.60639507

the 290x shits all over a 780ti, maybe even the old titan, especially these days

>> No.60639882

>Vega is going to absolutely murder the gaming industry.
>Titan Xp performance for 1080ti price. 4k Ultra with MINIMUM framerates above 60fps.
Deja Vu, I've heard this line before

>> No.60639893

the only market they are doing well is deep learning..
quallcomm is about to enter there also with amd so
they wont really get much going

quallcomm already has a far better chip on machine learning than nvidia and the fact that tesla got jim keller to desing a chip for them shows that nvidia is really just garbage

>> No.60641169

Did you hear lads? AMD released agesa, bioses with it makes every(even Hynix) memory work at full speed.

>> No.60641340
File: 95 KB, 4096x4096, 1456503141274.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>battlefield 1
>nobody plays

>> No.60641352

>maybe even the old titan
the titan was weaker then the 780 ti

>> No.60641371
File: 45 KB, 200x200, intel jew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>t.6700k owner.

>> No.60641758
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