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>he unironically uses a seagate drive

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I was using it, but that fucking 3TB shit died some years ago, right after warranty. Fuck this company.

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>He doesn't do research
You deserved it, anon

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I use not one, but 2.
Have been running strong 5 years now.

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It was in 2012...

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How the fuck do you ironically use a hard drive?

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I bought a western digital blue terabyte hdd for 50 dollars. Is this a good deal?

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made me post

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What's wrong with them? It's the only external I own.

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No, I use a toshiba 2.5 I popped out of a dirt cheap external. It's has 24 pending sectors for the last year and a half.

>he paid for his storage drive(s)

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Stupidly high failure rates. Check Blackblaze.

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I have a 2TB seagate still going strong after 6 years.

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I just took a 3TB Seagate out of my ZFS array. It still worked but it was giving checksum errors and I figured that was my advance warning to replace it. Made 8/2013. I'll probably keep it and use it for a third backup copy of something.

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>tfw seagate used to be unironically good
I don't think they're as bad nowadays as people state but 2007-2011 was a low point for sure and it's hard to go back after being burned so hard. I generally stick with western digital now, although warranties and reliability have gotten worse across the industry as consolidation has taken hold.

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>>60601879 here
Blackblaze is shit.

tl;dr they stuck a bunch of consumer drives into a custom built defective rack that subjected them all to temps/vibration they were never designed for, after husking refurbed/returned seagate drives that they paid people to get from questionable sources during a shortage in which one defective model was the cheapest per GB.

Seagate had a couple dogshit drives during the time, and I still don't buy from them because of how shitty they have made warranty policy, but blackblaze stats are downright disingenuous.

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My firefox profiles+cache and porn drive is still at 100% health with a clean S.M.A.R.T record after almost 3 years of PoH...

the only Seagate I've had nearly crap out was one that had over 60,000 PoH and despite that it still works and I can hot swap it in to get out any data I need (did that recently) the only issue is it's rather rickety not dependable enough to boot off of and makes a barely audible squeaky sound if you rotate it back and forth the direction the platters turn while holding it next to your ear.

Meanwhile I've had several WD drives die completely in much less time.

You are fake news. The seagate being shit meme dates back to 2009 when they really were shit.

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>not CrystalDiskInfo Shizuku Edition

How many hours though?

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but SSD-Z has cool graphix... shizuku just has a pig disgusting anime girl who probably isn't even (male)

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Their newer drives are fine. Their 3tb drives from 2012 are the absolute shit ones.

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>he unironically read the backblaze pseudo statistic meme chart
haha ok

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Every time I see someone recommending or buying Seagate drives, I die inside. I regret not taking a picture of the tower of dead drives that piled up weekly.

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I have 5 2U shelves of seagate 1TB drives.
They're fine.

They die no faster than any other shit.
Run a RAID AND keep a backup.

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I actually use one that has a picture of a real barracuda on it. Great drive. Stay pleb.

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wtf are you doing to your hard drives?

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>pig disgusting
>liking traps

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>he doesn't pile up drives for aesthetics

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pending sectors only go away once you write to them

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Do they go away if I reformat the drive and write 0's over them?

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if you did a full format (not a quick one), you should be rid of the pending sectors

to explain, a pending sector is a bad sector that has yet to be reallocated
you signify to the drive that you want to reallocate the sector by writing over the sector, the drive will silently write the data to a new sector in a reserved area of the disk, and the old sector will be crossed off the pending sectors list

erasing the whole disk is one way to find and 'clear out' any bad sectors
or you can just surgically overwrite just the pending sectors alone (not like you're damaging data, the sectors are already bad and will cause a CRC error when read)

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