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>Time Warner Cable slowed down connections to League of Legends servers, while they were negotiating contracts with Riot in an effort to strong-arm Riot into paying TWC money.

Still think we don't need net neutrality? Yea just roll back protections, ISP's would never do that

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So fucking what? You use more internet you pay more stupid fuck.

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>america is this cucked

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Yeah, ISPs are running out of Bits to send so they have to raise prices to produce more

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>net neutrality is obamacare internet!
people actually believe this then shit like this happens

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you already pay for it

not only they want you to pay more for limiting your internet
they also want the companies to pay them for the right of being a choice for you to pay more

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Yes, since competition will fix this eventually.

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What competition?

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Sorry, ISPs have fuck every up beyond repair

There will never be competition because that would be illegal

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>more internet
please sir kindly go back to the board of which you have kindly originated from sir thank you

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Only in america

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that would be te logical outcome

but read up on american cable companies, they love each other

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I'm so glad I voted for Trump, truly making america great again

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>The claim is noteworthy in that it hinges on data from both Netflix and Riot

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Good. Fuck LoL

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NN just means that TWC will never face any real competition because the barrier to market entry is too high.

NN prevents shit like this happening but an open market allows you to find someone else rather than the 1-2 ISPs that most regions have available to choose from.

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>NN just means that TWC will never face any real competition because the barrier to market entry is too high.
No, NN will mean TWC would never be allowed to do this. NN doesn't stifle competition in any way.

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Companies should just what advertisers are doing on Youtube. Group up and tell ISP that if they try to pull this shit nobody using them will be able to use their services. I imagine nearly nobody would sign for for internet that couldn't use Netflix, Google, or LoL. Of course if the ISP did do something both sides would lose a lot of customers.

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You mean bandwidth, that thing that we already fucking pay for.

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Your girl lost shariah blue. Get over it.

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By a reality show host with a spray on tan.

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True, we will not see the benefits of it, but people in the next few centuries will.

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The low orbit balloon/drone/satelite based zuckernet is going to twc out of business in couple of years anyway.

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This has absolutely nothing to do with net neutrality and the rules never prevented metered connections you stupid fuck

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Time warner cable is already gone they are spectrum now

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>a state sued a corperatiom because they messed with a game aimed at man children

This country is over

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They did way more than that

They're also accused of not giving the speeds they promised

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How did net neutrality stop this?

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Lol. You think they have strong Net Neutrality rules in Europe?

You poor delusional fool. Our NN rules were even stronger and more robust then what you have in the EU back when Obama was still in office.

Canada is the only western nation I can think of that actually has strong NN rules now.

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>just let them do anything!
>They are selling your web history and web habits? Who cares, I have notjing to hide
>Selling personal information? I love adsvertisement mail!
>You cannot use your internet for anything beside social media anymore if you don't buy the professional package? Who needs anything besides Facebook anyway!
>Just using the Torrent protocol cancels your internet? You reap what you sow pirate scum!


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stop them from strong arming riot to pay more money by slowing down connections to LoL servers. It was literally the entire point of NN

and yet this doesn't happen in the EU at all

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>"Oh boy! Let's make a new ISP! These existing ones are shit!"

>can't afford the network infrastructure
>can't get the rights to build infrastructure
>regional monopolies have the spare money to undercut my business until I die
>bunch of legal shit coming my way because I'm somehow doing something that was copyrighted and owned by the competition a century ago

American ISPs are not fun.

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How exactly does Net Beutrality block new ISPs from entering the market? Fuck off shill

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it doesn't. Retards think ALL regulation must somehow stifle businesses

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So you're saying what happened in the article actually didn't?

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Tell us what regulations there are, and why it's easy.

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Net Neutrality hasn't even been rolled back yet. They just made their first proposal not too long ago

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kill yourself and take your family with you.

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>Net Neutrality hasn't even been rolled back yet
Correction: it wasn't even rolled in. No NN were actually implement at any point.

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Sorry, I forgot this is affecting paying customers.

Where are the payment tiers?

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I keep hearing San Diego as an example of no competition. Meanwhile, AT&T covers 95% and Comcast at more than 50%, with two or three other providers.

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Is Google still a bad option in hindsight?

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Im not against net neutrality pencil dick i just think a state sue8ng a corperation over a video game is retarded you dont need multiplayer

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nice fake news

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>you dont need multiplayer
>in a multiplayer only game

>hurr you don't need to play multiplayer games!
and you don't need to watch aminuu~~ and have a waifu.

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>You use more internet you pay more

In theory that would be the correct thing to do, just like electricity or tap water, the more you use the more you pay... HOWEVER Harry...

What completely crosses the line, is the fact that they are "negotiating" with other company that sells a service which needs internet access (Riot games creators of LoL) and then it becomes basically, extortion.

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It's up to the people to strongarm ISP's. TWC tried to impose data caps in NYC and guess what? NYC didn't let it happen.

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local government is your best bet at getting anything to happen anyway

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good. fuck riot and their glitchy shitfest of a shitty excuse of a game. definitely one of if not the worste MOBA.
faggot ass microtransactions. fuck

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Shit provider
Shit game
Who cares

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When govt barriers to entry are extremely high for competition to come in that should easily show how fucked the govt has made the internet situation in the usa. If you want to see how fucked it is just read on google bringing in fiber internet and how much govt red tape there is, the easiest one to read on is google and san antonio. I believe google was planning on using pre-exisiting boxes from comcast/at&t/etc and renting out the space but those companies blocked them from being able to use that city property. They then had to make their own facilities throughout the city and got the designs okay'd back in 2014. They then started to build in spring of 2016, and at the beginning of 2017 the city of san antonio put a hold on their construction because some of the buildings weren't in the best spots. As of end of april the building is still paused with the ball in google's court to find out how to either choose better places or to make those huts less obtrusive to the surrounding neighborhood.

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You may think this is good in this case, but if this starts to happen often, sooner or later theyll come for something you actually like or care about, be it your favorite weeb torrent tracker, tranny pr0n site, video audio streaming, whatever, then youll be here bitching about how these companies are greedy and yada yada...

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>company doesn't buy enough bandwidth for its servers
>blame ISPs for throttling them
Oh vey!

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This particular case had nothing to do with the specific net neutrality laws in place though, the cable company was sued by the state of New York for deceptive business practices and false advertising by promising reliable access to Netflix and online games.

Not true. Title 47, Part 8 was effective November 20, 2011 but sections concerning blocking and unreasonable discrimination weren't enforceable until internet providers were reclassified as common carrier telecommunications effective June 12, 2015. That last part is what the FCC is now proposing to turn back.

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>Still think we don't need net neutrality?
We don't you fucking faggot cuck.

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the only reason people on /g/ think net neutrality is bad is because trump said so.

prove me wrong

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This. /G/ used to be neutral on NN during the election. It's probably a shariah blue campaign actually.

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I want /pol/ to leave

Literally nobody who understands the issue is against net neutrality

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4chan was pro net neutrality back when it was first a big issue. there was even a message at the top of every board about it.

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>/G/ not /g/
>4chan neutral on NN

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i guess it's not surprising that anti-trump memes aren't funny

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This. Also the anti-semitism was in poor taste.

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NN isn't strong enough, and I don't support cucked measures. The only regulation I'd get behind is for all ISPs, including celluar companies, to treat all bandwidth equally, meaning no "you can't use your bandwidth for x servers or for hotspots", all data is treated equally, for it to be illegal for an ISP to monitor or log any internet activity unless a warrant is issued by a judge, and for it to be illegal to throttle without pre-negotiated cause (data cap hit, network congestion, etc.).

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>morons actually said that removing net neutrality would be a bad thing
>yet here it is killing the cancer that is Riot

Based. Turned out better than expected.

And people forget that in the future most people will access the internet through cell towers. Shit like 4G LTE and 5G are more than enough to post on facebook and watch netflix. Only the power users and businesses will use land line connections anymore. This means anyplace that currently doesn't have competition will almost overnight have tons of competition with Verizon/AT&T/Spring/etc becoming an option.

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>and yet this doesn't happen in the EU at all

lmao this delusion

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We need net neutrality but not regulated by the FCC. The idea is to have a comprehensive consumer protection framework enforced by the FTC instead of the FCC.

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So you are telling me that an ISP tried to do something bad and they are getting sued now. This is why we need net neutrality? Is that really your argument?

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No we need one based on the free market instead you cucky loser.

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Gas yourself kike

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The free market would mean that squeezing riot for internet access is a profitable thing to do.
Competition? they'd do the same thing since free market is about maximising money, not about maximising consumer satisfaction.
For example, slavery is unequivocally a profitable thing to do. In a free market there is no company that would not use slaves.

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>free market will fix it
Oh well claps, they never learn.

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>For example, slavery is unequivocally a profitable thing to do. In a free market there is no company that would not use slaves.
And in a free market the consumer decides who he gives money to. If they start doing stupid shit they fail.

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>In a free market there is no company that would not use slaves.
When most people say free market, they usually mean just the market is free, but there is a leviathan that punishes impediments on others freedom. Usually they don't mean complete anarchy of society.

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Is this 3DPD avatarfagging? Wasn't this supposed to be against the rules?

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Slavery was not abolished with market forces.

Freedom needs to be enforced. So that's what regulation is for.

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What speeds were they promised up to? Did TW state their throughout would be an exact number and not a range? Don't bother reading contracts and sign up for imaginary deals only you thought of.

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Still shilling for net ((neutrality))? How much do they pay you? It's called a free market. It'll sort things out. Vote with your wallet and stop begging for more government intervention.

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Sounds to me that if Riot was smart, they would go extremely public with it? Bad press is a strong negotiation point.

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>implying TWC cares about bad press

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A natural monopoly isn't the free market.

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So what's the libertarian free market?

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Monopolies are dealt with by either breaking them up or regulating them.

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Except that's not true. There's a third way- the free market. If you deregulate and remove the government, monopolies will dissolve naturally. Just like how monarchy dissolved naturally and painlessly.

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Net meaning "internet" and Neutrality meaning "neutral"

Meaning the ISP is agnostic to the content being passed and concerns itself only with gross bandwidth.

This concludes the extensive definition of the term.

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Libertarianism is just like a martial art. It makes no sense in the real world but just like "if you were coming at me from this angle, and I were standing like this, I could totally flip you" libertarians think "if the market were precisely this saturated for good/service X, and there were roughly Y people within the premises, then there would never be any monopolies and everybody would get the lowest price possible"

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people literally already do, you fucking retard. This is not paying for the amount you use (bandwidth tiers) but paying for your data's origin on top of paying for the amount

fucking kys and leave these things to the grownups

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>If you deregulate and remove the government, monopolies will dissolve naturally.
wtf are you smoking?

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>Monarchy dissolved naturally and painlessly
Lmao. What is the French Revolution?

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Pai Ajit is that dumb and he believes everyone should believe his lies

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