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>pacman -Syu
>can immediately tell something is wrong because browser doesn't want to launch anymore
>system doesn't want to reboot, have to go into another tty as root and reboot
>xorg is now apparently broken
>downgrading Nvidia package doesn't work
>trying to fix X.org conf files doesn't
>reinstalling seems to be least hassle filled option at this point

I seriously thought this was a meme of the past. I can't believe in 2017 a pacman -Syu can still fuck up your install.

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We tried to warn you against the Arch trolls anon. It's your fault.

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>fell for the meme

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I just did pacman -Syu on my machine and nothing happened. You're lying.

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I wish i was

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nigger you don't even need an xorg.conf file anymore unless you use shit hardware, you fucked up when you installed you shit

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>haha this nerd still uses arch

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werks on my machine ®

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worked for OP too until now

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Install a non-meme distro like Gentoo

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Stop reading there.

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OP here, as far as I can tell, openSSL is borked

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Any ideas boys? I got an error message whining about openSSL after updating when I tried to launch my web browser from the terminal before upgrading. openSSL is installed already and I reinstalled it just to be safe. Should I just wait this out until the package mantainers sort it out?

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>after upgrading but before rebooting

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Switch to tty if you can, install this:

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Literally just tried that, didn't work unfortunately. I think I'm gonna have to mess around with the system lib files manually.

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you should reinstall anyway. you fucked up royally on the way.

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>emerge -avuND @world
>change use flags if necessary
>everything works perfectly

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my arch up to date and werks like mad

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>in case it doesn't work
>warns you about errors and doesn't fuck your system, instead asks you to resolve the conflict and try again until successful
>your system is basically unborkable
Master race

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Install Windows 7

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>you don't even need an xorg.conf file anymore
how do you specify the positions of your monitors if you don't have an xorg config file ?

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OP here, got it to work again. It was my fault in the end, don't fuck with packages from testing and then forget to completely uninstall them then do a pacman -Syu.

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you forgot the pound sign

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Then you woke up and realized it was a dream then you got to the desktop and your 10 years old ArchLinux installation was fine.

Arch is stable like a rock.

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lol BTFO, brainlet

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>his distro doesn't use LibreSSL by default

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Just install fucking OpenSSL 1.0.1 from your package cache or archive.archlinux.org you fucking retard
Either go back to Windows if you can't figure something like this out or admit you don't know shit from clay and it's 100% your fault you fucked your system throu-
Oh that's interesting I wonder why it wants so many different versions of OpenSSL? Try giving another -Syu a shot and failing that try a rollback to your last successful -Syu date on archive.archlinux.org
I'm sure it's not a difficult one to nut out but if you have to ask/bitch and moan it's probably beyond you
Good luck mate!

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Take two minutes to have Ubuntu install itself and then use your computer to do things instead of doing nothing all day the hard way.

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Run an xrandr script in .xinitrc

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And to clarify, I fixed it by clearing out my cache with a pacman -Scc and then reinstalling the DE

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I already fixed it boys.

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you fucked up nigger..

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What'd it need?

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Clear out pacman's cache then reinstall DE. Nothing was wrong with Xorg itself, the DE was looking for a version of OpenSSL I didn't have

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Section "Monitor"
Identifier "DVI-1"
VendorName "Dell"
ModelName "U2311H"
DisplaySize 509 286
Option "Primary" "True"
Option "PreferredMode" "1920x1080"
Option "Position" "1280 0"
Option "DPMS" "true"

Section "Monitor"
Identifier "DVI-0"
VendorName "Siemens"
DisplaySize 338 270
Option "PreferredMode" "1280x1024"
Option "Position" "0 56"
Option "DPMS" "true"

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pacman is a notorious homophobe, you shouldn't have been so obvious.

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>posts nigger
>calls others nigger
pajeet calm down
having mess of an xorg file is bit different than section configs

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buying new GPU, either amd or nvidia
been on intel igpu for ages but now ryzen build

which one gives me less problems on arch?
I feel like I read about nvidia having issues far more often

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Nvidia does work but they're incredibly stubborn when it comes to Wayland. If current trends continue, AMD might actually be better in the long run because it looks like Nvidia users will probably be stuck on X.org.

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Living the arch life.

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>uses antergos
>calls anyone brainlet
arch-anywhere you dumb nigger, that logo and name look like shit

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Don't know what you did, but it was retarded.

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>Thinks antergos and Arch is any different
>Trip shit
True brainlet spotted

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>uses antergos
>calls people brainlets

>thinks using an installer is any better than the other retard

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>Using Arch

You get what you deserve while the fun is on Debian

>inb4 "cutting-edge siftware"

Can be compiled on anything of the same architecture

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Does installing it by command line increase your benis size?

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I didn't even command line install it you nigger cattle. Antergos does = Arch but my autism hates that shitty logo and name, Arch-Anywhere is a GUI installer for all your meme needs

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>Thinks installing a from the command line will make him intelligent
Another brainlet

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You do realize this is an elaborate false flag thread, right?

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dependency hell debian?
overheating laptops debian?
I need to make it into ubuntu for it to be useful debian?
literally cuckware debian?
Fedora my nigga

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It wasn't a false flag, I did have a problem earlier but everything is a-okay now.

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Using aptitude on ElementaryOS

It really feels good right now

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>he's too dumb to use arch

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