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What's /g/'s view on AMD? I personally like it for its cost. Too poor for Intel, and a Nvidia combo. My RX 460 and FX-6350 (OC to 4.2 GHz) service me well, and I run a majority of my games at 60 FPS constant. Then again I get a lot of crashes due to the shit drivers that AMD puts out for Radeon. But what do you guys think of AMD?

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have fun with your 3 FPUs for 6 """cores"""

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Hey man, it was 90 dollars. I'm fucking poor, can't afford an i3 that also runs any game I want.

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>shit drivers

Had an FX-8320 and an R9 380 at one point and never had any driver issues. Using an RX 460 eGPU right now which is begging for problems and still no driver issues.

Maybe you're just retarded, anon.

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>people are still using FX in 2017

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Wattman crashes like fuck dude. Even AMD has acknowledged the problem. I'm surprised you haven't had any. Then again it is mixed.

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90$ dollars man, that's fucking cheap for something that can run the Witcher 3.

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then again I might be retarded. I dunno, all I know is it crashes, and when I revert to ReLive 16.12.2 with no wattman, it doesn't crash.

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I'm on a core 2 duo. :/ atm my desktop is a phenom ii x6, but its time to upgrade.

thinking about buying ryzen though.

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HA. I actually really like that one lmao.

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>mfw mods won't delete this
>mfw mods are scat fetishists

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AMD FX are shit. Ryzen is superior.

Also being 'poor' isn't a reason to not choose Intel. The smart people bought old gen Intel CPUs. You can get a i5-3450 for 40 € nowadays.

AMD GPUs can be nice for price/performance, especially the 290. As long as you don't buy rebrands.

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How much would an intel cpu cost that can also run the witcher 3 fps? I mean solid, just like mine.

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i compared amd to nvdia at best buy, amd is no where near good graphics

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oh god yeah, nvidia beats the shit outta amd in graphics. But 100 dollars for being able to run most of the games I have at their highest settings is a good deal. (Except for god damn witcher 3, only can play at high.)

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40 €, as I said. An i5 will run stable 60 FPS. Even i3s will perform good with occasional drops. Witcher 3 is GPU-dependant
The 570/80s are nice for their price point, but AMD lacks of competition in the high end sector
Vega comes too late, everyone already bought 1070s and 1080s except of the hardcore fanboys

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how much does an i5 cost? one that will run as you say.

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>mfw that computer has two sets of negroid lips

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40 €... Get a cheap H61 or B75 board, 8 GB DDR3 and a 3000 i5
Its still a capable lowend machine

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>using backdoored processors

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Aight, but here's another question. Is it still commonly used enough to where I can get support for said CPU? And on top of that, does it perform better than my FX?

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Literally, nothing is coming up for 3000 i5 or i5 3000. Send a link to CPU.

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Its got better support. Kaby Lake only supports Windows 10, Ivy Bridge supports any OS up to Windows XP. The only downside is that H61 doesn't have HDMI and Ivy Bridge cannot output 4K.


Intel is a joke, there is no difference in real-world usage.

Also note H61 doesn't have USB3 and SATA6G, you can use extension cards or get a H67/B75/H77 platform if you need them.
Where do you search?
non-K versions

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Searched on google and newegg. I got this


260$. I don't think that's 40 pounds.


and that. Also 200 dollars.

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I'm not sure where you live. Of couse you can't get these new anymore.

Just make sure you get a trustable seller. Also note Ebay is more expensive than local market sites, your pendant might be "craigslist".

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oh fuck that. I'm not going to get a used processor. I bought new and If I'm gonna get something, it's gotta be new.

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New ones can also fail. BOX versions often come with warranty, like my 200 € 5820K, which will have warranty until 2019.

If you want to buy it new then you're retarded and should play twice. Have fun paying 400 % more for a "current-gen" i5 with the same performance.

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I bought 2 CPUs before, both used. Fucking pins bent and broken. I have good reason to not get used shit.

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Intel is LGA, meaning the pins are on the motherboard. So obviously, don't buy used Intel boards.

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Thats why I said "trustable seller". I never had any problems with used processors, only one time with a used AMD GPU. Always call the seller before sending any money.

Intel doesn't even have pins.

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I know, I bought two AMD CPUs.

>>60500896 I got one from Ebay and one from a local computer store. You could infer I got AMD CPUs. I am very strongly against used computer parts, could give less fucks about the reasoning why. If I'm gonna shell over money for a computer part, it better be brand spanking new. (And on top of that, I get RMA's if it doesn't work, or comes in damaged. Don't get that with local, might with Ebay.)

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CPUs very rarely fail, probably one of the safest components to buy used.

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It doesn't make much difference, new parts can be defective too. If you got warranty on used parts then buy them if they make a good deal.

Especially CPUs fail very rarely. Most of them degrade with high OC, but you cannot OC locked CPUs that much.

I don't care if the parts last forever on lowend parts, I can replace them cheaply. They should not be faulty when they arrive, like old GPUs with VRAM errors.

Also always ask if the part is 100 % working. If it arrives defective this will be a kind of fraud at least in my country. Thats why I always demand a phone number.

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New ones can come defective, sure, but knowing that no one has used that CPU like they have a used, makes me feel pretty reassured. I don't want to waste my money on some broken, or near death CPU when I can have the brand new. "Ask if part is working" if someone is trying to sell something not working, they'll probably lie about the condition. Out of all my parts, only one new CPU, and two used CPUs. Look which is working now.

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k. But nothing stopping someone from selling one with bent pins, broken, already failed, or completely dishonest about its condition. I get no guarantee that it will work, and nothing back if it doesn't.

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Locked CPUs are almost never 'near death'. Even Q6600s and C2Ds which are 10 years old now still run used. i5-3000s are four years old at maximum.

For the most expensive parts I look for ones with warranty, like my 5820K. It cost half of a 6800K (Which was released by that time). So I switched my 3770K without warranty to a faster one with warranty without even paying for the 50 % additional performance.

For the lowend parts I don't care. 40 € isnt that much as long as the CPU runs when I get it. If I need to replace it I can get four more i5-3550s before reaching the cost of a single new i5-7500

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Yeah, not my style. If I'm gonna give up all that money on a chance, then I'll just give more for nearly guaranteed. This is my computer, so I'm not going to get that used shit.

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then you have to pay
buying intel or amd fx new is retarded btw
if you need lowend get ryzen 3 as soon as they come out

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plan on getting ryzen, really fucking want one.

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sorry are you fucking retarded
have you literally never used ebay in your life

if someone fucks you over and sends you a broken processor, ebay fucks them first and you get money back within days

and nobody with a reputable seller score is ever going to fuck you, because even one bad feedback point can ruin their listing visibility

used CPU's are a pretty safe buy, i have quite literally never bought a new CPU
My Pentium G3260 was used, my i5 4460s was used, my sisters athlon 5350 and my sempron 3850 were used
and none of them caused any problems whatsoever

its particularly hard to break a CPU without some real fucked up shit happening to it

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I used it once, and guess who didn't get money back. I don't care about any stories of others, what happened to me happened to me. Could give a shit less about these new changes.

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Alright well have fun overpaying for old shit

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Anyone can explain why in Germany computers are too cheap?

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I get you OP, there's nothing wrong with it, the CPU is still great, get a better graphics card like a old R9 280X, should be quite cheap nowadays.

Get proper drivers, don't use any random release or preview, I used Radeon cards for years and never had a single graphic related crash because if I noticed unstable drivers I just stuck with the ones that worked.

AMD is fine, the hate is a "meme" and there's nothing wrong with buying or using AMD products as they do 99% of anything you wish fine. As you said, 60 FPS gaming is no problem, unless you want to go to 4k 144FPS there's no real reason to waste money.

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I'm using Wattman drivers from 6 months ago, not a single issue, even with newer games released after the driver

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Its used and a local market website
new hardware is very expensive in Germany
A 1080 Ti is around 700 $ in the US, in euro prices more than 900 $

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get a fucking used sandy or ivy i5. i'll be much better than an fx.

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seems like you are retarded.

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Yeah, I do now use a bit better ones. It was for what I had, just the newest drivers they had.

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Aren't you lucky? My cousin also has no issue with wattman, but one of his friends does. I guess it's more varied than I had first expected.

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>What's /g/'s view on AMD?
pajeet mans intel

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>ITT: What are your abstract opinions about a company? SInce no specific products are being discusses and no objective evidence can be provided, please feel free to shitpost your hearts outs on a totally subjective basis.

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hey man, if you don't like how I brought this up, go elsewhere.

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I like to see myself as an AMD fanboy and by that I mean I have never used a AMD card or CPU. The PC's I had growing up were Intel by chance and the extra power is nice for my day job; however I am in love with them for their open source work. Admittedly I am part of the problem but I always try to recommend AMD to people when building new gaming or media PC's as they do that well enough.

For real though, check out their open source shit. It's fucking neato.


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You're an idiot. Why the fuck would you recommend something you have no first-hand experience with?

I used to support AMD Radeon graphics cards and I don't recommend them. That said, it's not like they were any better when they were ATI.

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You don't need to be shot to know it will hurt and to recommend people avoid it. You don't need to use AMD on your system to learn about it's pros and cons. AMD will work just fine for 99% of computer users and I imagine you wouldn't be able to tell in a blind test what CPU a PC had on a Facebook machine.

Most things we do comes from second hand knowledge. More so I always inform people I have never used the product when I give them my recommendation. Price is often the biggest factor for people especially when they are going to be doing non hardware intensive tasks.

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You got a good point there.

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amd has nsa backdoor as well

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Except that there's no substitute for working with a product every day to know it's pros and cons. Especially in a tech support role.

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Intel has a lot of open source software as well. Including the best open source video driver of any of the vendors.

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I had Wattman crashes, but a clean install fixed it

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>OC to 4.2 GHz
>Then again I get a lot of crashes

You sure that's not because of an unstable OC?

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I havent had issues with my 8370 and 1060 combo , and I'm working win 7 sp1

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Seriously, OP, have you even tried turning that shit down/off to see if that stops the crashing?

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What's my view?

A 4 core Intel right now would smash an eight module Piledriver on all threads, say in Cinebench R15. About the only advantage the PD has is the actual threads. You're looking at 100 vs 200 CB score per thread.

Ryzen would be about 150.

Skylake-E could hit 200 too.

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my girst AMD was a K6-2. not buying any intel CPU since they resorted to jewish tricks to keep AMD out of the OEM market despite the Athlon being better than anything intel could offer at the time.

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>am i so out of touch?!
>no, its the children who are wrong

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yes, turning down my already overclocked gpu to 1080 ghz, then to 1000, then to 900, 800. I'm not autistic...well.

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I prefer AMDs- The extra 6-10% performance for an expensive Intel isn't worht it especially since I can run an Nvidia card with it for gaming.

That and personal experience Intel's don't last as long as my AMDs. 120$ and being able to run any game I want is fine for me.

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>have you tried turning off the oc on your cpu?
>yes, I turned down my gpu and it didn't work! I'm not autistic!

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>what's /g/s view on AMD?
holy fucking fuckety fuck how god damn new can one man be?

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