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>a laptop is his main computer

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>a phone is his main computer

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>he never leaves his mother's basement

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>a laptop is his laptop

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>he doesn't have multiple desktops, laptops, mini PCs, etc.

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>an ARM SoC is his main computing device

I'd laugh if it didn't waste so much energy

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my rig broke and I'm waiting for ryzen itx mobos don't bully me :(

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>a computer is his main laptop

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>a raspberryPI as his main computer

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Laptops are pretty viable if you aren't playing games
Pretty comfy for programming, I honestly dont mind not having a desktop

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>he takes his whole desktop when going out

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More and more people are doing that this days. Like what happened to landline phones when cellphones first hit.

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it's not so bad

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>He plays video games

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This was me for 1.5 years
Now I have a comfypad t420

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When are you upgrading to a Macbook Pro?

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Literally over half of 4chans userbase are phoneposters these days, no wonder this place is so shit lately

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>uses metal utensils on non stick

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>he still has a desktop

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Please elaborate

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i built a really nice desktop in 2013 and have been continuing to upgrade it in the subsequent years, but i spend so much time on my work laptop that it might as well be my main computer now. feels bad.

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>sneering is his main activity

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Go to hell.

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