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>All this tech illiterate who didn't blocked their 139 and 445 ports

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>He doesn't have his PC on the DMZ
Don't you just love the feeling of that breeze?

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>he has to block ports because his OS is an insecure POS

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>all of these tech illiterate who use wangblows "watch you and sell your data" 10

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>not disabling everything but core networking

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gotta love that fresh internet breeze

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>enabling networking at all
>still being cyber
>not going psy
>not brainwashing someone else to post whatever you want for you

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>automatically install latest updates weekly
>have the latest and greatest free AV software based on the most recent comparisons of all AV products

Why the fuck would I waste my time blocking some gay ports?

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Doesn't router block it by default

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>blocking ports ever
>not opening them when needed

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>All these tech-illiterates who use Windows of any type

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b-but muh gaems!11!xD

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b-but muh app manager!1!!xD

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who is this semen demon?

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Crow 2hu

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thank you anon

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All these faggets that don't know what NAT is.

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>NAT is not a firewall
>what is IPv6

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If I pull an XP VM on to the DMZ will it die?

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>my toaster is now directly accessible and uniquely identifiable from the internet

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Haha jokes on you I blocked 445 instantly an...

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RIP anon-kun

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why cant i block port 1024 and 1025?

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>Didn't blocked

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teach me. I have dd-wrt.

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I used smb to do my backups, ie. I had my backup server connect my windows box and download the files. So I'd have been blocking my own backup system if I blocked those ports from the LAN.

Not an issue anymore as my desktop has been Linux for a while now. Just ssh + rsync.

Why does the article tell you to block Tor? Nowhere is it mentioned before.

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Rather be an English illiterate than a tech illiterate like yourself.

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It would be extremely painful...

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>Blocking ports instead of just updating your fucking OS

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i don't know which updates i should install

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I downloaded KB4012212 directly. Is that enough or do I need anything else?

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It's a hideous hack is what it is.

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>he had opened port 445 on his router
hahaha holy shit you can't make this stuff up

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Tech illiterate with W7 here, does this look good? Same thing applied to port 445.

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I also disabled SMB1&2 in the regegdit

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You can also disable it with the programs and features dialogue in the control panel

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editing registry wasnt enough?

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All of them.


If it goes over IPv6, NAT is irrelevant.

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>running windaids

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>all this fuss over getting files encrypted
what are you all idiots?
literally just:
>download a file you know you had on your system before it was encrypted
>decrypt your system with every possible key
>any resulting strings that contain that file as a substring might be your system

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Why would you have to block them in the first place?

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>All this tech illiterate who use Windows

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>decrypt your system with every possible key
We don't have until the sun explodes, Anon.

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>all this tech illiterate who purposefully refuses to patch his system's security
I bet you're an anti vaxxer too

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Physically impossible with current technology as you probably won't decrypt your files before the heat death of the Universe

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It's just another means to the same end

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I would literally


rather have my files encrypted and my shit fucked, than have to update Windows

Would give me an excuse to wipe everything clean anyway

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how do I block it then /g/ ?

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install gentoo

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