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- Buy brand new ACER monitor
- Has a dead pixel so contact their support for what to do
- They tell me to send it in, in the original packaging.
- 20 Days later get it back with the same dead pixel and original packaging all destroyed and a note that "It turns on for 24 hours with no trouble"

- Contact ACER for what happened. They tell me dead pixel is not a problem. They then accuse me of making it up, lying, and to get a refund with newegg.
- Contact newegg and can't get refund because ACER destroyed all the fucking packaging before sending it back


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soudyou got aced

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The logs are fucking insane

The customer service reps constantly pull bullshit. Telling me how a dead pixel is not a problem. How nothing is wrong with the monitor.

Then when I ask "Why did you tell me to send it in over a dead pixel" and they respond with utter bullshit answers.

The service order literally says "the unit has a dead pixel".

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>Buying a JADE monitor
>Buying a JADE anything

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did you buy it on a credit card? do a chargeback, that's ridiculous.

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Insults. Notice I contacted them what to do over the dead pixel and they said send it in for repairs.

Ana S.: I will make sure they take the time and attention to the dead pixel.

Tells me to take a PICTURE of a 1080p screen to show off a dead pixel

Rita W.: It has nothing to do with the resolution. If you would just take a picture of your screen, I can see what you are referring to.

They also lied about the technical service. Saying they said there was no dead pixel on the report. when I asked further.

Ana S.: The diagnose was that the device had a dead pixel. And the repair details state that they checked and tested the monitor but did not find any dead pixel on the screen.

Unit arrived with complaint: C: Customer is contacting us because the unit has a dead pixel.
Upon Testing: NO Trouble Found
Placed up on extended Testing 5/6/2017 7:30am.
Unable to replicate the problem. Ran extensive tests on the monitor without a problem. Tested monitor for 24 hours without failing.
Thoroughly test LCD, button functions, VGA, HDMI, audio speakers, line-in.
Unit passes all tests.
Ana S.: Repair activity:

>testing literally never mentions pixels but acer support lies and tells me that it did.

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this, just chargeback your damn money and then let them come. The first thing they will try is say you stole it. This is step 2: just send them the monitor and make sure that you have something to proof you send it them.

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would that work for newegg? I'd assume I'd have to send everything back right? Never done a chargeback before.

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>>testing literally never mentions pixels
>Unit arrived with complaint: C: Customer is contacting us because the unit has a dead pixel.

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yes, send it back. it's completely legal to deny payment for a product you feel is defective or not as advertised, no matter what their "policy" is. fuck companies that think they can get away with this sort of behavior; the issue is between newegg and asus, and they're trying to make it your problem.

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Call newegg, show them chat logs, explain situation.

See what they can do, then initiate charge back if youre not satisfied

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Try this before you wasting your time on Acer.

There are similar native programs for Windows etc.

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I have done those things + massage

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NEVER buy anything Acer
I've had my fair share dealing with their support over my netbook and in the end the jew won because I just gave up

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It is also a good idea to pick biggest resolution to get maximum refresh rate if it is limited at max resolution or even overclock the thing to get even higher framerate.

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>Contact newegg and can't get refund because ACER destroyed all the fucking packaging before sending it back

btw, a single dead pixel is indeed not a reason to send it back, read the fine print next time.

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Also just to note: It's less about the dead pixel and more about the support. I asked them if they could fix it. They said to send it in and it would be fixed/replaced. They then destroy original packaging and send it back still with the dead pixel.

It was more to do with that scummy behavior, lying, and trying to cheat me, than the dead pixel bothering me.

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It's a dead pixel in the top right (my perspective) of the monitor.
Rosa H.: Alright
Rosa H.: It is okay.
Rosa H.: In this case , since this is a hardware issue and we will not be able to fix it from here, the best solution would be to schedule your device for repair. Is important for you to know that the process of the repair takes from 7 to 10 days, (once we receive the device) and also, we fix everything that is wrong with the device (unless physical damage). Your warranty is up to date and I will be more than glad to assist in creating a repair case for you. And, due to the inconvenience that the device is presenting, we will provide you with the shipping label, so it means that you will only have to package the device.

Rosa H.: We will fix it and if we are not able to fix it, then we will send you a replacement.

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any reason you didn't buy dell or eizo? why acer?

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should've bought amd, anon

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I asked on /g/ but I don't know brands that well. Just bought the monitor that fit the specs I was looking for.

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Post a pic of the dead pixel

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>trusting support
just take it back where you bought it and demand a replacement or a refund, support is for retailers, not customers
Try and screw over someone that buys 200 units a week, you fucks

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fuck, working at tech support/service must be soulwrecking. I bet they know how much of a bitch a deadpixel is and yet that can't do shit to help you because of their meme cheap ass policies. so they tell you it's "nothing". fuck, I die inside when I think about this

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This is a close up and I think the camera lens distorted it.

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A picture was fine, no need to break out your SEM

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acer sold me a motherboard with half of its memory slots nonfunctional, and then made me pay to ship it back and kept it for a month. it does work now, but i'll never buy anything from them again

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I need more context in the picture. Google "white", put it full screen, take picture of entire monitor.

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Who gives a shit. You bought thrash.

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Here is the picture of the screen they requested lol

as if you will see a dead pixel

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>It has nothing to do with resolution
>taking a picture of a 1080 monitor to see a dead pixel

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Google "white". Take a picture of it. This isn't rocket science. Or if the dead pixel is white, google black.

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You don't get it dude. my camera sucks shit.

this is literally a picture of it on a black screen

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the white thing is just an out of focus cursor

The dead pixel is the little white dot to it's left.

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so it's a stuck pixel then

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I fail to see what you are trying to point out or prove

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you see here, these corporate shits will stick to the guidelines. You told them it's a dead pixel - they were searching for dead pixels, found none. But they found a stuck pixel, but that's none of their business since you didn't outright state it before.

it's their job to not notice anything else.

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the problem is in the report it doesn't mention "no dead pixels"

NO Trouble found. Unable to replicate the problem. Ran extensive tests on the monitor without a problem.

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one problem is that I am talking about the dead pixel. I'm not a picky person. I literally asked on /g/ if I should send it in over a dead pixel and someone said yes I should contact them and ask.

So I contacted them and asked. They said to send it in. I am not a picky/anal person in the least. It's more of the service than the pixel.

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>Unable to replicate the problem.
so they stated that they're unable to find any dead pixel because that's the problem that was stated when sending it in

try sending it in once again and maybe state your problem properly this time. and for the love of god get a better camera and make a proper photo to show it to them.

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Do you have cerebral palsy

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you are such a cuck

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use amazon next time bro

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So OP is just a lying ASUS shill, who refuses to take a picture where you can see the actual monitor, and the "dead" pixel

tl:dr, take a picture where one can see the dead pixel, black background or anything, AND the monitor itself you photoshopping moon hippie

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What in the fuck does that mean? How do I take a picture of a 1080p monitor with a shitty camera that shows a dead pixel?

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Just take it close enough that we can see the fucking dead pixel, but far enough that we can see anything but a blurry mess.

is the dead pixel even anywhere in the picture here ?

If so, draw a circle or some shit around it you meteor

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Looks like anon bought a cheap monitor and doesn't understand what manufacturing tolerance is

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do you work for acer?

>> No.60333708

No, my fellow brand shill, not acer.

are you in the booth next to me?

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It does not show up on a picture because the resolution of my camera is too low. Your question is pointless.

>> No.60333936

bullshit, if you can make it fill up over 20x20 pixels on a hilariously close picture, you can have it show 2x2 or 4x4 with no issue, and way less blurryness

threads over people, OP is from reddit trying to gain karma :^)

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What in the fuck are you talking about?

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Who the fuck buys Acer anyways? I've always known they were garbage, and avoided them like the plague.

>tfw probably just jinxed myself because I recently had to send in my LG phone because of boot cycling
>inb4 they fuck me over
>inb4 someone replies with "Who the fuck buys LG?"

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yeah I don't have an acer monitor or a service order (output)

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>posts blurry photoshopped picture

Oh jeez i wonder who this might be

>> No.60334305

And yet you can't actually provide any proof to substantiate your claims

the best you can do is blurry shit where you can't see any problems. You're a retard,

Fuck off

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>single pixel in 21" 1080 monitor
>doesn't show up on my shitty camera

yes, yes, excellent points

>> No.60334338

Apple Retina Display doesn't have this problem.

>> No.60334357

Use your phone

no camera is so shit that it cant take that picture, its you not the camera

for fucks sake you cant even take a picture of an a-4 paper


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>buying acer in the first place
you asked for it.
just be a man and take it up the ass.

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you really don't get it.

>> No.60334419

>you really dont get it

ok shill, more fake news at 11

>> No.60334455

Why would I shill this? It wouldn't even marginally benefit any other company. Is it just impossible I only have access to a shitty camera?

>> No.60334461

My 144hz monitor is an acer that i got a while ago and came with no dead pixels but I will keep this in mind. Thanks OP

>> No.60334478

Just what a blurry shill would say

What camera is it
what phone do you have?
Take a picture of phone with camera youre not lying.

>> No.60334481

how do you know I'm human?

>> No.60334487

youre not, youre a shill.

>> No.60334499

what am I shilling and why?

so I made up the service order form, made up the problem, fabricated the chat logs?

>> No.60334536

All of it you fucking terminator shill
I bet you work for the freemasons too

post proof of phone with camera and name camera model or gtfo

>> No.60334551

It's literally a POS burner phone dude.

>> No.60334552

>OP too retarded to know that unless you have 5+ dead pixels, it doesn't count as manufacturer defect and you can't do shit about it
Next time you should buy locally anon, get that fat ass out of your house sometimes. Even if it cost a little more you wouldn't be having these problems

>> No.60334561

prove it

>> No.60334562

I knew that though. That's why I contacted their support.

"I have a dead pixel on monitor that arrived yesterday."
Rosa H.: Now back to the issue, is it possible for you to send me a picture of the issue?
: not immediately, but I can take one within a day.
: It's a dead pixel in the top right (my perspective) of the monitor.
Rosa H.: Alright
Rosa H.: It is okay.
Based on that information, would you like to send it?
: What is the chance of repair?
Rosa H.: Sorry, what do you mean by that?
: If I send it to you will I receive it back without the dead pixel for sure? or a replacement?
Rosa H.: We will fix it and if we are not able to fix it, then we will send you a replacement.
Rita W.: The dead pixel policy states that any LCD can have up to 16 defective pixels, depending on what resolution a customer uses. If you only have one dead pixel, and it wasn't in the middle of the screen, this may be why nothing was done. This is why I am trying to verify with you sir.

>> No.60334578

the amount, and where they are, really depends on brand and even what series of monitors it is.

>> No.60334582

That's what you get for buying a monitor from a company with a shitty dead pixel policy.

>> No.60334599

he didnt buy shit, this is all made up

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Make a post on reddit.
It'll get 10k upvotes, ACER will go into damage control and give you a new monitor for free

>> No.60334613

The support person (aka pajeet) is a moron who didn't knew that, or just ignored it, so, when the monitor arrived at the actual repair center they just ran common diagnostic and sent it back, so Acer will no do shit even if their "support" staff told you otherwise.

>> No.60334618

Just give it a gentle rub, pixel will come back to life.

>> No.60334622

I did already. It feels cheap to have to do this over bad service but I guess it helps increase it overall.

>> No.60334631

Why bother sending it to acer instead of just getting a refund from the store directly?

>> No.60334636

I know, but it doesnt matter since this is all fake as fuck

>> No.60334645

because I contacted acer first and was mistaken that they would say the truth.

: If I send it to you will I receive it back without the dead pixel for sure? or a replacement?
Rosa H.: We will fix it and if we are not able to fix it, then we will send you a replacement.

>> No.60334690

I mean, maybe it's just a yuropoor thing, but here most of the time you only send something to the brand's support if something happened after the first month of use.

If it came fucked from the store, you just go and refund it, no questions asked.

>> No.60334692

did you buy a new mouse too

>> No.60334741


>> No.60334751


>> No.60334770

What does a mouse matter?

>> No.60334795

you made a post about it i wonder if you bought one or not

>> No.60334802

I haven't made a post about a mouse.

>> No.60334815

not here no
it was last week remember

>> No.60334851

I haven't. You must have miss-traced me or something.

>> No.60334862

it was on overclock?

>> No.60334869

I don't post there. Probably a coincidental google search.

>> No.60334888

then it was on esr

one of those you were looking at a zowie

dont buy zowie m8 therye shit.

>> No.60334907

What are you doing to look up info? work for acer?

>> No.60334913

I agree, OP made a huge mistake there, depending on where he/she is. In most EU countries you can just return anything you've bought within 14 days with no questions asked.

Contacting Acer directly was a mistake even though it may have appeared logical. But OP, you didn't buy anything directly from Acer, they didn't sell you anything, NewEgg did and you should contact them. I'd demand that they refund you even though you don't have the original package since you do have documentation that you sent it to Acer.

Generally speaking, Acer is a real garbage brand. My brother bought a laptop from them some years back. It broke down and fell apart so fast it's funny to think about. I don't buy anything Acer because of that.

>> No.60334923

Jiggabite i get free motherboard with a plastic weapon as a northbridge heatsink if i make you delete post

>> No.60334976

people buy Acer because they're cheap as shit
but it's exactly that: cheap shit

despite what anyone anywhere tells you, never send shit back to the manufacturer if you're still in the seller's return window
return it to the seller, get your money back and get another monitor, save yourself the hassle in nearly 100% of cases

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>buy acer monitor
>stuck pixel
>sperg out at customer services
>get monitor back, no problems
>decide the best thing to do rather than dispute it calmly like a normal person is to complain to /g/
>get spoonfed advice despite making a absolutely shit thread
>get asked for evidence
>too autistic to sit still and take a comprehensive picture

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File: 262 KB, 1587x1199, picture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is as good of a photo as I could take before it got too blurry. I still don't understand the importance of a photo of it.

>> No.60335399

monitor is upside down in the photo the top right of monitor from viewer perspective is in the bottom left. I don't know how bad I sperged but I asked before sending it what would happen about it being a pixel. It's not like I lied and said it wasn't a single pixel.

>> No.60335420

Are you retarded? Make a thread on reddit's pcmasterace or something. Those fags eat up anti-corporate shit like this and companies actually pay attention so you'll probably get a free upgrade

>> No.60335427

What were you expecting, OP? You bought a monitor that costs about half of what a quality monitor of comparable size should cost. I'm not defending them, but there is such a saying as "you get what you paid for." The poor man takes his time, does his research, saves up and only pays once. The cheap man pays twice.

>> No.60335463

I agree. It was more my expectations that they said they would fix it. I think it was obviously a mistake of the service rep or technical something or other. If it was just a dead pixel and they had said that originally I would be fine.

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File: 3.85 MB, 2592x4608, IMG_20170512_121722[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

uh oh spagget-os

>> No.60336342

Man you are really retard.
If you aren't a complete tech illiterate you would know manufacturer except eizo don't warranty a few dead pixels. If you know it before and still insisted on the mouth breather tech support you are not only dumb but retard. Best would be return to seller, afaik Newegg has a return policy.

Anyway purchased a lot real lot of monitors + 50. Never seen a dead pixels on arrival it's rare.

>> No.60336386

I agree. I asked on here though and someone told me to return it if it had a dead pixel. Then I asked the support person and it seemed like they actually took them back/fixed them.

The part that got me annoyed was that they had originally said to send it in over the pixel.

>> No.60336417

WTF is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_13406-2

>> No.60336446

Not the guy you're replying to, just another guy that thinks you were stupid to return this to the manufacturer. Pretty much every monitor manufacturer these days has a "dead pixel" policy that says some bullshit about how so many pixels being dead is acceptable. You should have RMA'd to Newegg immediately. They really can't deny your RMA within 30 days I believe.

It sucks because you have to ship it back but that's the deal with buying tech shit online. Sometimes you get burned, but you just did the straight up wrong thing by dealing with a manufacturer, ever. RMA to manufacturer should only be done in the most dire situations after you can't initiate a return/exchange with the seller.

>> No.60336470

One dead pixel isn't a problem you fucking piece of shit.

>> No.60336640

Yes, but someone on /g/ told me a dead pixel is unacceptable and to see if I could send it back. I don't have experience with hundreds of monitors.

>> No.60336674

>listening to one retard on /g/ instead of having an ounce of common sense
It's actually your own fault. You completely brought this upon yourself.

>> No.60336689 [DELETED] 

It's so unbelievably obvious you work for acer. Why are you calling me a shill?

>> No.60336734

I've only posted in this thread twice and don't give a fuck about Acer. You should have returned it to the seller immediately for an exchange. It's easy as fuck to do. Hope you learned your lesson.

>> No.60336922

yes it is

>> No.60336948

OP will surely be getting the Karkland.

>> No.60336995

Nice reddit post.

>> No.60337041

You should've just returned it to the vendor and got a replacement you gigantic idiot.

>> No.60337712

Youre just realizing that acer is shit?

>> No.60337777

>one dead pixel
Christ, just get on with your life you autist.

>> No.60338093

That's what you get for buying retarded gaymen brands. Next time, buy brands with good warranty policies and customer service like Dell.

>> No.60338149


>> No.60338172

>buying Acer ever
It has forever been a shit brand, since it's start
What kind of shit meme did you fall for? You would had gotten like twice the features with the same amount of dead pixels with one of those reject panel Korean monitors

>> No.60338197

fuck that, I would send it back too

>> No.60338209

half the morons posting here rustled my jimmes to the point I have to reply

no company will ever replace a product if the dead pixel is literally 1 pixel

it has to be a cluster of dead pixel before they will service or replace it.

the recent nintendo switch dead pixel issue can refresh your memory of it and looking at dell's website, it also states that it has to be like 5 dead pixels to be considered eligible for service

also, op is venting his frustration at different advisor. if i was the second advisor and got op on the line and he starts bitching right off the bat, I won't want to help him out either. the advisor is probably making min wage and constant over time, you think they want to help you with you bitching non stop about something they can't control?

you think the 1st advisor created the case, receive the monitor, inspects it, test it, then sends it back and wait for op to reply? you must be retarded then. i can't control what the other moron advisor tells op and what the service dude did to the monitor. keep bitching and I'll just put you on hold and hang up

>> No.60338226

>he didn't read the company's policy on dead pixels before buying
you deserve what you get, moron. if you want a guarantee of ZERO (0) dead pixels you pay out the ass and buy professional brands/models.

>> No.60338235

post this fucking everywhere

>> No.60338294

There are various types of dead pixels, Dell will replace for a single truly dead pixel, but not one that's bright or has a dead sub-pixel.
However, regardless of what the policy says, I've had multiple experiences with Dell where they agreed to replace a professional monitor that had an inconsistent image or excessive light bleeding without much question. I doubt it's the same for consumer models though.

>> No.60338352

Exactly. Got one Asus nice pg278q thing was good til 3 months later half the screen turned green.
Tried to contact Asus they just said as op, bla fill forms, no we can't help you, sorry it's your problem. Gone to the retail took me a month but I got it perfectly back, more than a year later it's okay.
Always try the retail first.

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