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This is the script I used

>for %%f IN (*.png) do (
ffmpeg -loop 1 -i "%%~nf.png" -an -c:v libvpx -qmin 4 -qmax 16 -crf 16 -quality best -threads 4 -t 2 -r 1 "%%~nf.webm"

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I have a macbook, does it really do this?

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>hur dur fuck up file and save 2 kb!!!
Kill yourself.

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This is the original PNG file. It's 116KB bigger.

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write a script that compiles all the pngs in that directory into a single webm and maybe you'll have a fun thread

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Yup, this is why you should bootcamp windows 7 on it ASAP. mac os for non-important things and windows 7 for important things.

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>write a script that compiles all the pngs in that directory into a single webm and maybe you'll have a fun thread
for what purpose?

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Thank god for that, I was worried I was going to run out of space.
>mfw dumb NEETfag thinks saving 116KB is some kind of epic feat

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because it's silly enough that other people might do run it and post the results for a giggle

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>intentionally programmed to delete private data

That sounds illegal?

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If everyone in the world cut their file sizes in half then data storage would be 50% cheaper.

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>data storage would be 50% cheaper
>cut their file sizes in half
Yeah, let me just cut this ISO in half. Maybe it will still work.

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this is the most autistic argument i have seen all day

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>you can't compress an ISO

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you are like a little baby

watch this

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> windows for important things
You're a fucking joke.

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4chan already supports an actual lossy image format. it's called jpeg.
VP8 does not beat jpeg and that's one of the reasons that Firefox doesn't support WebP (the actual image format not some hacked WebM):

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Just you wait motherfucker. If I wasn't getting so much overtime I'd have a 24 TB ZFS share.

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Nope, I'm being as serious as a heart attack. I have a macbook 2013 and I can only get work done on it when I boot windows 7 on it. Everything else werks good enough on mac os.

Apple can design good hardware but their software isn't as good as it should be.

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>Applel can design good hardware
The day pigs get RGB lighting

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Well the 2013 macbook turned out ok. Can't vouch for the overheating donglebooks apple has made thereafter.

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C'mon guys at least try the script, it doesn't make mustard gas. i promis

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This is retarded. Hope when you die, it's a painful death.

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So much effort for next to no gain.

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So you don't care about 4chin images loading faster on your device? Alright, guess this isn't really a tech board anymore. Maybe I should leave this shitty place for good.

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lol you think that's a lot

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post your storage if its so great

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no u

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that's pretty easy actually

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elins a cute

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No. No, I don't care about that. They load fast enough for me to notice. On my device. You retarded mobile poster.

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wot in tarnation...

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>386 images into 2.2MB
Okay I am impress. Can you post the script anon? That's batshit crazy.

Script to extract images for everyone else:
ffmpeg -i input.webm thumb%04d.png

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What if you make a PNG out of that Webm and then turn THAT PNG into a Webm


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why is this a webm?

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jpeg is shit compared to webp/webm

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I agree. Why?

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hella good compression

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nothing changed for VP8 since then due to google abandoning it

repeating lies in the face of an actual study makes you look stupid

please check your eyes, that compression is far from transparent and blurry

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to kill your battery with endlessly decoding VP8 that's non-hw-accelerated on most CPUs

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You know ebay uses it now, right? Also it's been extensively improved. See pic related.

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Check again you retard. This webm gives my laptop i3 like 20% load at most.

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you know the difference between VP8 and VP9?
4chan can't do VP9

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No shit but webp was based on VP8's keyframe encoding.

motionless webm videos of images just show about how gopd webp would be if it was used

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are you claiming WebM wasting 20% of your CPU isn't killing your battery compared to 0% for jpeg once it's rendered and cached?

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>motionless webm videos of images just show about how gopd webp would be if it was used
that would assume same encoder, but cwebp and libvpx aren't.

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It only peaks to 20% while loading it the first time, after that my cpu goes back to its idle 1-5% load even after minutes of the video being looped.

It's an

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why not use, dare I say, jpeg?

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which shitty jpeg encoder is gimp shipping with?
pretty sure it's not mozjpeg

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The libturbo mozjpeg library was a huge failure. It causes a ton of compatability issues with web browsers/image editors and takes like 10 minutes to encode a single 1080p image in most computers.

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>Apple deleted my music. No... Apple stole my music. Better headline!

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if that's the measuring stick, what an epic failure is webp?

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I want that illya pic

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oh yeah?

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nvm found it


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wtf I cant zoom in on webm on my phone
this will never take off

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share it

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I just told you the artist

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why does dithering always give me a warm fuzzy feeling?

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Using a video format to turn images in lossy 1 second long loops.

Not pushing for FLIF that offers better compression, does both lossy and lossless and animated images.

The gook should make /flif/ instead of adding all these new useless boards.

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How the fuck does that even work? How can Apple somehow delete shit off your hard drive?

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>3D design, animation and rendering, cad, graphic design, finance and other enterprise software, video editing, audio editing and masterization
>on loonix

You are the joke

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Damn that's some tech-illiteracy, back to Rèddit with you!

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OSX is way better for designing and shit.

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>No drivers
>No latest GPU hardware compatibility
Might as well keep using Winshit like a pleb, senpai. Anything involving Graphics will be slow and stuck in the past…

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Stop with the bullshit and just prove on a single image example that there is something out there better than jpeg. This whole thread is about lossy compression, right?

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>blank image
I think your script is broken.

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Nice trips, but webp has the benefit that it already works in any relevant browser. I'm on Opera 12.X and even it supports webp. FLIF would need some javascript hackery like bgp

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This shit is real annoying. It technically being a video means that you can't do a lot of shit that you can easily do with an image, like easily zooming in a specific amount.

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I'm the Opera12 fag and even I can do that with WEBMs. Your browser is shit.

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How do you do it then? Ctrl+scroll?
Opera generally has weird progressive features though.

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PNG is lossless, your webm is not.

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even indy is disgusted by those artifacts

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Yeah but 386 images in 2.2mb mang 0_o

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Also you can fit 200 eggs in a standard plastic bag if you stomp on them, but what's the point?

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>file size different when you download the jpg
thank you for proving my point

That's an average of 6KB/pic. JPG can't do that.

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One of them is blank.

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So what? If the quality is garbage, I don't give a fuck how small the image is.

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A really big omelette with extra protein?

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Well I do. If gookmoot would allow webp then images would load faster. You might have a 1Gbps internet connection but 4chin is limited to serving you content to like 4mbps and on some busy days even slower than that.

In fact this is a big reason why ebay loads faster than other websites.

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please let this pic be real.

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I would only touch mac as a ssh machine honestly. Its for people who need other people to manage their shit to keep it from fucking up. And yes that music thing is real though I am not sure if they got enough heat to stop it.

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The ADF (Apple Defense Force) already poured cold water on it and denied it was Apple's problem.

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VP8 is trash and because of it WebP's lossy mode was obsolete on arrival. We don't need more dead formats.

>10 minutes
Mozjpeg is pretty damn fast, aren't you talking about guetzli? Great encoder by the way.

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>Well I do.
So you don't care if the quality is "garbage"? Then why not convert every image to a 1x1 white or black png of a few bytes? That's significantly smaller and you could technically say it's a compressed form of the previous picture. The quality is garbage though, but you don't care.

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see >>60223632

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Because webp uses the keyframe encoding tech from VP8.

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That's why I need to see that? I already knew that. I don't see how that makes that post relevant.

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Not the same image, you used lossy compression.

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Op is stupid as fuck

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Wow, I wonder why the """image""" in the Op is smaller.

Really makes you think.

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He's probably the same autist who has been pushing the static WebMs for months. Countless times people have told him that his images look like shit, but he rathers to autistically save 100 Kb.

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but you can

>> No.60230098

He has a Gmod that has a shill for webp in the load screen.

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How long until CPU performance is strong enough that file compression can be a simple mathematical expression that equals the total file in binary?

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Can't zoom on my phone.

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i am pretty sure you hoard all you animu in 1080p.

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In what ways does OSX prevent you from doing work?

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>not (2^10)^3B

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seems like only people with iShit devices care about webms.

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lmao this

>pay ~$1000
>have to jump through numerous hoops to play q webm every time
god, what a joke

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Why are you doing this? its retarded, ugly, breaks zoom, and breaks the click-to-close function of the site.
Are you really that much of a file size jew?

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It was probably music that was illegally downloaded.
They probably did it so that people would "have to buy the music from the itunes store"

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>have a hackintosh t420
>using the latest fag os
>delet itunes
>don't have this problem

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10^9B is 1GB.
(2^10)^3B is 1GiB.
Windows incorrectly labels GiB as GB.

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I didn't know those even existed.

>> No.60236328

There are a few 2TB SSD's. There's even a 4TB SSD from Samsung, too.

>> No.60236367

How expensive are those? Also, does there are any M.2 2TB SSDs?

>> No.60236390

bretty sure it's capped at 1.2tb

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Just use 96% 4:4:4 jpeg

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plebs out

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nice mspaint skills.

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start -> run -> "mspaint.exe"

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