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Why are you not using Void Linux, /g/?
>No systemd
>Xbps-src is fucking awesome and is better than AUR
>https://build.voidlinux.eu/waterfall for waiting updates.
>Rolling Release
>Musl version, if you feel like it

If you are using arch in 2017 there's something wrong with you.

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yo anon can i get the wallpaper please

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sure thing anon

Now proceed with the void installation

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>lighthouse in the middle of the woods

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>>No systemd
More like a needless hassle to me, if I didn't like systemd I could just install FreeBSD
>>Xbps-src is fucking awesome and is better than AUR
Doubt that. AUR's popularity comes from the abundance of packages. AUR and xbps-src aren't the same thing as well. Stop comparing apples to oranges
>>https://build.voidlinux.eu/waterfall for waiting updates.
>>Rolling Release
I like point releases
>>Musl version, if you feel like it
NEVER, NO. Musl is pure cancer. Produces binaries slower than Java.

0 reasons to give a shit. I'll stick to my Xubuntu for now.

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Because I legit run Gentoo.

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I am using

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>Just install FreeBSD
But what if I want to stick to linux?
>AUR is good because is not reviewed
AUR is good because is easy to create new packages.
Templates used by xbps-src are the same.
>Musl is slow
It also produces very small binaries, and having choice is always good.
That's ok, I still use gentoo on my desktop pc.
Nice WM, anon
Should I check it out?

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No one reviews anything in a user repository, even if void had an official 3rd party user repo, it would not review what code a user puts into his repo. It's a "user repo" for a reason.

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Does it implement SELinux?

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>No systemd
How is that an advantage?
>Xbps-src is fucking awesome and is better than AUR
Link to the archive?

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But I am! I switched all my computers to it not even a week after I tried it in a VM.
I fucking love this distro.

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So it's like Arch but without systemd and aur, why would I ever want to use it?!

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"""Modern""" art

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I can see that happening, I'm not artistic at all but it could be a NK-like country border, just with woods, it looks for passing people.

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Void uses a build script and a buildbot for creating packages.
The build script is similar to the one used in Arch, but instead of being in a user repository is in a git tree that has to be reviewed before being build. You can still install the non-reviewed ones, of course.
he build bot then costantly package the templates and serve them in the main repo.
Nope, its still lacking
Because is like arch but without systemd and aur.

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Does it support xfce?
Will it work with minimal configuration on my x220?

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Yes, it is in repos.

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Of course.
I have it right now on my Elitebook 2540p.

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I've been wanting to, but I'll have to wait a year or so before I do. I still don't understand though, why is systemd so bad?

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i don't like spics

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I do and I love it

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There's much less packages there than in AUR.

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Adding new packages is piss easy.

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I don't miss anything honestly.

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So is adding packages in AUR.

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Of course, arch has a lot more users, but it litterally takes 5 minutes to add a new package, especially if there alredy is a PKGBUILD

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who maintains the repositories and why should i trust them ?

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Why should I use it? Lets say over Ubuntu or something.

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>rolling release
Into the trash it goes.

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You want a slim system, recent software, don't trust openssl, a fast package manager and maybe contribute to the official package repo.

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The distro contributors, you can check out their github profile since the whole tree is hosted there.
What's wrong with not fucking up your pc every time you apt-get dist-upgrade?

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Systemd is bloated and complicated.
It's generally a giant festering boil on Linux and because of its complexity it is prone to exploitation, which leads some to accuse it of being a potential botnet vulnerability.

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>Nice WM, anon
>Should I check it out?


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>What's wrong with not fucking up your pc every time you apt-get dist-upgrade?
why would you dist-upgrade all the time ? ofc dist-upgrade can break, it's apt-get upgrade ... dist upgrade is for upgrading between versions

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Is this a joke?

What could possibly be okay about your PC getting fucked WITHOUT starting an upgrade manually?

I'd prefer if I could anticipate things breaking and prepare and then choose to upgrade the distro when I'm ready rather than subscribe to a shitty Windows-10 system that buttfucks me with an update I didn't start.

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The point of rolling release is not having to dist-upgrade ever

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>The distro contributors
and why should i trust some neckbeards more than e.g. debian maintainers ?

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so the point of rolling release is not having a stable api/abi ?
sounds retarded.

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>implying there aren't neckbeards working for debian

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I don't know. Why do you trust debian maintainers?

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Void seems interesting but I'm not willing to give up systemd. It's the industry standard for a good reason.

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which is precisely why it's an autistic Pajeet concept

"woah, look how streamlined my workflow is, I don't have to waste an entire 5 seconds of my work time per month typing apt-get upgrade like a total noob!!!"

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I don't think you know what you are talking about.

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because they have proven to be reliable for years now, their keys get removed a soon as there's a possibility their work could be compromised, they have proven that they can manage to keep a distro stable, they have proven to roll out security updates as fast as possible, etc etc
companies like canonical risk their money relying on them, ....

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That isn't what lighthouses are for you absolute mong.

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The void maintainers have been applying security patches as soon as they are released. The distro is still too new to have a long history of good security practices but the current state of affairs is encouraging.

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>The void maintainers have been applying security patches as soon as they are released
what ? do they seriously wait until some security update gets released upstream instead of patching it themself ?

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>not 2570p

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Would you trusts a distro maintainer with patching a very critical lib like libressl? I'd rather let devs that know their stuff handle it and apply their patch.

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debian or redhat ? yes, they have proven to be reliable for years (please ignore poettering).

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They do.

They patched the last libressl vulnerability and were involved analyzing it

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Why would they be faster than the upstream developer?

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At some point you realize all these distros are bullshit and you stick to ones with good repos and not utterly broken pieces of shit. See: Gentoo, Debian.

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I need help.
I actually chose Void Linux for my first distro. I was considering Manjaro or Netrunner, but I was worried about updates breaking compatibility and such.

I wanted to install KDE Plasma 5.9 but it's like 100 packages and it isn't in the official repo.
Setting up 100 packages with xbps-src would be mind numbing.

Then if I build KDE Plasma 5.9 from source? I am liable to get the same updates breaking it when I update its dependencies.

runit is also a bit of a pain. Packages don't automatically set up runit management. You have to manually make sure the correct services are set up to start.
I understand WHY this is done.. but shit, give me systemd over that.

At this point I feel I should switch to a distro that has KDE Plasma 5.9 in the repo already. Either Arch or Manjaro.

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But I am using Gentoo on my Desktop.
I just find Void to be the closest binary distro to it. Apart from the beloved Sabayon, that still compiles a lot of stuff.

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Linux logic

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Try arch yeah.
Arch can be shitty for other reasons, like any distro.

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Why is musl slow? Just curious. Inefficient (but small) algorithms/data structures?

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yeah... why can't a distro just not be shitty?
I want void linux but with Arch package maintainers. And optional automatic setup of services (like with an installer flag)

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I would go with KDE neon, since there's no need to have a minimalistic distro with a full featured DE.

>> No.60196463

Just help void grow in to what Arch is today

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Yes, these are what I refer to as the "main" ones. Everything else is just based off of the "main" ones but with broken bad repos as you said, and more bugs.

Examples of "main" distros (in no particular order):

Just about everything else is just a shitty little project based off of one of the "main" distros, with the exception of Ubuntu, because it has enough manpower and organization behind it to be considered an effort independent from Debian.

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>implying half of that list is not shit
For fucks sake. But whatever, as they say, pick your poison

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I really wish I could.. but I need to get my DE set up and get to work soon. Best I could do is hopefully donate in some months.
I'm actually super fucking bummed here.
Void is perfect if only it had more packages, and it had optional automatic service set up.

I'll go Arch. I'll leave a little bit of partition space to set up a Void VM or something.

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I've made quite a few custom aur packages and I'm a shit programmer. It's just a Saturday/hobby thing for me. I imagine void is just as easy.
But yeah setup a normie de then use it to setup your rice desktop is what I do.
Make a separate /home partition so you can just seamlessly boot into your new install. Be it arch or void +gnome/kde/i3 or whatever.

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KDE Plasma has like 100 dependencies. I'm not up for maintaining that.

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because Solus works just fine for me.

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I'm >>60196297
Installing Arch now. The installer takes 3 times longer to boot. Already feels bad, man. :(

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Because the woods are really a galaxy far far away

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I don't have severe autism

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I use a gui livecd like Ubuntu or Debian or mint to install arch to be honest. Gparted, and browser is too good not to have

>> No.60197461

Antergos works for me

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Don't need to copy paste really just for an OS install.

Void Linux install was sooooo easy though (once I figured out it wasn't booting the USB into UEFI unless I opened the boot menu for my mobo and forced it to boot the USB through UEFI). Arch linux install has so much typed manually and it just seems to boot much slower.
And it had to download from repo just to install, and the top mirrors were out of sync even though the install wiki says the mirrors list should be automatically tested and configured for you.

All the problems I ran into with void linux were really intuitive to solve. Only problem was the lack of packages and manually setting up services a pain.

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Ok Kevin, no pressure

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No need for a VM

>> No.60199065

Whats that DE? Looks like i3wm but weird.

>> No.60199089

Its an allegory for systemd, you may be figuratively out in the wilderness of computing attempting to hide from surveillance, yet you ignore the massive lighthouse in the middle of nowhere watching your every move.

>> No.60199101

Why would I not use a VM, though?

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>musl is pure cancer

Your face is cancer you luser faggot. Back to to the shit that is glibc

>> No.60199165

Apart from being a vegan hipster and slowing down performance, is there any real reason to use musl outside embedded chips?
No? Thought so. Fuck off with your hipster garbage.

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That could work
Less overhead on the system?

>> No.60199243

What repo to use? Defaults are crap.

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You realize a new distro will never get off the ground if people just don't bother to try it as there are easier options. Arch was at one point in a similar state to this you do realize, the AUR wasn't always as large as it is today. Without a userbase supporting a piece of software it will never be given the chance to grow into something more competitive. Right now it has its niche and a definitive point, though it lacks maturity, that's where everything starts.

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Thanks. Cool looking WM, I've been looking for something to try in place of i3.

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>I'm retarded

>> No.60199313

No need for unofficial repos, but I'm thinking about creating my own buildbot to speed updates up.

>> No.60199321

Top quality damage control. Did I hurt your feelings?

>> No.60199354

it sounds dumb but think of a watchtower. It's design is that of a lighthouse but it's a lookout point with a spotlight

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>I'm retarded

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>I'm retarded

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there are plenty

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>Doesn't even have a complete LSB compatible ABI
>Still slower
What a fucking joke

>> No.60199527

>lsb abi

it has an incomplete one, do you even know what you're talking about
have you even read the src

>still slower

it beats other libcs in nearly every benchmark that matters and is unencumbered by the legacy of gnu whose baggage precedes linux

stop shitposting about shit you know nothing about

>> No.60199567

>it has an incomplete one,
Did I say otherwise or your attention span is less than 2 seconds? re-read >>60199450
>it beats other libcs in nearly every benchmark that matters
Blatant LIE

>> No.60199591

>the comparison page is a lie

ok faggot, kill yourself

>> No.60199629

>the comparison page is a lie
That comparison shows GlibC is faster. Which is why GlibC is widely used everywhere and it's not hipster enough for you and OP. Fuck off, faggot.

Your next response will be
>b-but it's faster in my cherry picked benchmark
>b-but I was pretending to be retarded etc etc
Kill yourself, hippie trash

>> No.60199643

hating systemd is a meme

>> No.60199668

>because of its complexity it is prone to exploitation, which leads some to accuse it of being a potential botnet vulnerability.
t. someone who doesn't understand anything about security

>> No.60199676

Is it more or less secure than Ubuntu? Give concrete evidence.

>> No.60199725

How is security relevant here? It's neither less nor more secure than any distro

>> No.60199736

>Systemd is bloated and complicated.
Why does this matter? It is faster, easier to use and more consistent than the alternatives.
>It's generally a giant festering boil on Linux and because of its complexity it is prone to exploitation, which leads some to accuse it of being a potential botnet vulnerability.
Has there been any exploits yet?
And even if there were, how would it be different than if there was an exploit on another piece of the system?
If 90% of the gnu/Linux systems use systemd, wouldn't it just make it more likely to get fixed quickly than if it was something only an obscure distro uses.

>> No.60199760

Why is /g/ filled with the new kind of hipsters?
>Wake up in the morning
>Go back to the terminal you left open last night for increased uptime and powerlevel

>It's Void Linux with no Xorg

>Runit instead of Systemd
>LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL
>Clang instead of GCC
>Musl instead of glibc or
>Uclibc instead of libc
>Busybox instead of coreutils
>ZSH instead of bash
>rEFIt instead of grub
>Patrician ed instead of nano
>Screeny instead of screenfetch
>Wicd instead of Network Manager
>Organic water instead of tap water

>Compile herbslutwm and install vivaldi
>Go to 4chan, browse /soc/

>Manages to chat with a "fem"anon
>"What do you do in leisure?"
>My choices of entertainment are somewhat recherché
>"Tell me more"
>Eat no proteins, only dead, organic vegetables
>I prefer Ballad to what you call "mainstream songs"
>I don't like smokers, I prefer vaping, guilty charged
>I own a Penny-farthing vélocipède for transportation
>femanon freaks out and stops responding

>Go to >>>/g/
>Fuck systemd botnet
>Fuck bash, noob
>Fuck GNU
>lol are you still using gcc in $currentyear?
>I personally use BSD for my primary operating system
>Muh Unix
>Muh philosophy

>> No.60199798

i dont know if you know this but this website is filled 100% with teenage faggot contrarians

this place is trash

>> No.60199816

500mL of organic water has been deposited to your echo friendly reservoir

>> No.60199847

> this website is filled 100% with teenage faggot contrarians
OP is a prime example

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>> No.60200201

That's not true. See: Mint, Manjaro, etc.

>> No.60200416

I'm having issues installing this under VirtualBox. The filesystem menu isn't letting me select my fstypes. I select the type and the mountpoint and hit yes, though it then puts me back to the partition selection screen and it still says fstype none. And the installer thinks that everything is set to ext4 and is mounted on / when I hit install on the main menu. What am I doing wrong?

>> No.60200494

The "<settings>" doesn't update until you restart the installer. When you hit "install" you should see the proper selections.
Fucking confusing, I know.

>> No.60200533

Nobody. There are a handful of active people working on it, less than a dozen, and only about 4 of the active people can commit, so must test everything. This results in xbps having no packages and sometimes outdated packages, but its design is good enough that this doesn't mean much to you since updates are easy to push and fairly safe to pull.

However, this means that if you want it to support anything, and even if you package it yourself, you'll have to wait months before it gets in. Look at their pull requests, there are currently 7 pages of them, among them is full Plasma 5 support that's been sitting there for months.

It is a good distro, but they're seriously lacking manpower, not because people don't work on it, but because the people who have access rights to the upstream tree just don't suffice. They usually just look at stuff that's interesting to them and ignore the rest.

>> No.60200534

Weird, thanks.

>> No.60200568

Who the fuck is Kevin

>> No.60200581

I'd also like to add that for this reason, crux is much better because it's decentralized. You don't have to wait for months before a package is pulled. This is why they have Plasma 5 ported and *working* before Void.

>> No.60200617

There is a tool that links runit scripts the same way systemctl enable would link them. I can't remember what it is though, just xbps-query -Rs runit.

Also if you want plasma 5, you're using the bad distro.

>> No.60200664

Void has xorg, it uses gcc by default, it doesn't support Uclibc, good luck replacing coreutils with busybox on anything, void is completely reliant on bash, using zsh will break a lot of things, the void install script also (used) to force grub on you, you literally couldn't finish the installation without installing grub SOMEWHERE, herbslutwm is in the binary repos, vivaldi is proprietary, /soc/ is full of qt traps and there is nothing wrong with that.

Anything else?

>> No.60200695

That's nice to know.
But still dead with its few packages and no Plasma 5.9+

You'd think by now that someone would develop something to better manage this whole packaging system on Linux.

> void is completely reliant on bash
Which is odd when it configures env sh by default.

>> No.60200728

Then Kevin said he saw
Another potential lady.

>> No.60200754

>there will never be a linux distro that's literally just openbsd with the linux kernel so it can run on more things

>> No.60200772

I also made the post above >>60200533
Those are serious issues and they're basically an issue with xbps' design which just assumes that the maintainers will do their fucking job, which assumes that this won't be a hobbyist distro, which it is. Everything is statically linked and built in cement, so if you want to use some 3rd party repo, you'll have to rebuild a bunch of packages every time. This is why crux is a better hobbyist distro of this kind, but crux has the same issue as gentoo, it should have a buildserver like any sane distribution that relies on a ports-like manager. They try to be like *BSD but *BSD have buildservers. There is no reason, managing build options should be optional through the ports tree.

xbps-src and runit are entirely built on bash, which is fucking stupid.

>> No.60200896

Which is sad because I like everything else about void.
If it's not in the repo, or flatpak or something, you're screwed.

I'm fine with building from source, but only when it's managed well and does other set up. Not when it's an obstruction.

I wish there was basically something like npm but for a Linux distro.
Let it have known stable versions of packages. Let it warn you when something was changed and it's not verified that those changes aren't malicious. Let things simply note what version they're dependent on, and allow multiple versions of the same dependency. etc.

Just got Arch installed. It was pretty obnoxious that such a large distro doesn't have a more clear installer.
Void's install was easy except for the "<settings>" no updating, and there not being a clear indication that it didn't boot via UEFI. And that I had to change from sh to bash. And it didn't detect dhcp even though I could ping google in sh...

>> No.60200941

> Pale Moon: The Distro
Literally placebo.

>> No.60201022

>literally placebo

>everything is statically linked
>runit is the only usable init that doesn't rely on sysvinit
>gives you the option of using musl and actually makes sure that stuff builds fine on it
>libressl instead of openssl by default
>hardened kernel by default

Yeah, I agree that it doesn't mean much for a lot of users, but the design choices in it are vastly different than those of all other distributions and manifest themselves very quickly when you use it. Void is anything but placebo.

>> No.60201135

what the fuck is that compositor doin

>> No.60201180

nvm Arch didn't install.
fuck this garbage installer.

I followed the instructions exactly and it seemed to complete fine. All that wasted time setting locales and shit, too.

>> No.60201300

oh ffs it didn't install a boot loader or mention that in the install wiki page.
And I hate choices like these as now I don't know what to go with.

>> No.60201527

grub2 u fuckin dingus
try reading up a comprehensive guide instead of a reference manual if you are a beginner. it will teach you instead of showing you the inputs

>> No.60201608

>s-systemd if f-fine guys
Justify this.

>using zsh will break a lot of things
You fucking what?

>It is faster
runit is faster.
>Has there been any exploits yet?
A lot (just search for systemd+cve), as well as dangerous bugs when Potter tries to re-implement unix tools without understanding them. See https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/5644
>how would it be different than if there was an exploit on another piece of the system?
The size of systemd's codebase makes it 1) harder to audit and 2) offers a bigger surface of attack
>If 90% of the gnu/Linux systems use systemd, wouldn't it just make it more likely to get fixed quickly than if it was something only an obscure distro uses.
Yes but on the other hand the chances of an attacker targeting your obscure system are very small.

>> No.60201769

The actual fuck, Potsmoker? You get caught doing stupid shit, and instead of learning from it, you throw a damn tantrum?

>> No.60202117

don't use void if you know what's good for you. I personally have it on both my main computers but i swear you shouldn't use it. it's garbage and a meme that has no packages. don't use it fags

>> No.60202266

okay, but install could have been more clear that it doesn't install a bootloader.
void's did practically automatically.

Got grub2 working. it booted fine. yippie I guess but would it be so hard to make a better installer?

Contribute packages and then it'll have some.

>> No.60202386

Installed Arch.
It's like 9 seconds from POST to boot with a fresh install.
Void was like 3-4 seconds. Why does Arch boot so slow?
Using xfs and Grub2 on both.

>> No.60202432

The extra 5 or 6 seconds is systemDongle loading the botnet

>> No.60204190

Because i use gentoo.
>no systemd
Bigger repos than any other distro and layman
>rolling release
Just why?

>> No.60204750

>>using zsh will break a lot of things
>You fucking what?
By that I mean force-removing bash and linking /bin/zsh to /bin/bash

>> No.60204762

>Just why?

>> No.60205658

You never know when a ship comes sailing in your neck of the woods, bruh.

>> No.60205958

Why would you do that?

>> No.60206206

When someone mentions "replacing bash by zsh" as something edgy I usually assume that they're not just talking about their default shell.

>> No.60206319

What a shitty library.

>> No.60206433

Because I am using Slackware.

>> No.60206682

You wouldn't actually do that even if you were looking for speed youd use dash
And that is something some peopler do so you're not that far fetched.

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File: 53 KB, 1080x456, Screenshot_20170504-092659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Xbps alredy uses dash, not bash

>> No.60207399

I unironically like using systemd and pulseaudio.

>> No.60207895

>tfw too hipster for bash

>> No.60208028

>speed == hipster

>> No.60208304

True patrician right here

>> No.60208389


>AUR is good because is easy to create new packages.
The AUR has nothing to do with creating packages, idiot. That just proves how much you know about the things you're talking about.
Kill yourself you pretentious retard.

>> No.60208462

>it's garbage and a meme that has no packages
works on my machine™

>> No.60208584

>implying void doesn't have pulseaudio if you want it to

>> No.60208772

>look mom, I made a for loop to compare two shells. Turns out I can finally justify my hipster meme shell now :D

>> No.60208842

>hipster meme shell
Since you're at it go back to windows, after all loonigs lets you do sooo much stuff it's only for hipsters

>> No.60208954

What are the CONS of Void vs. Arch.

At the moment I'm considering the switch, what are the cons that come with Void, Runit, etc. Enlighten me.

>> No.60209056

I have user arch for some years and started with void some months ago, here's my bits of thought
xbps-src is nice but not as intuitive as pacaur, for simple stuff it's hard not to find an already done template that you only need to modify (version and checksum), otherwise pretty simple to do with the xtools (check wiki). However I've had some issues with bigger packages with more dependencies and stuff to do while installing.

Runit-void is a package that contains most scripts for runit, until now I didn't need to make one. You may want to set up a system logger though, that's not by default.

There's not grsec, selinux and apparmor implementation as of now afaik. You can look up the packages @ http://www.voidlinux.eu/packages/. The distro doesn't have many devs and it's underfunded, icu took ~12h a few days ago and IRC was flooded with people asking why xbps couldn't update. With the next version however packages building won't block the update process. Didn't have any breakage with ~700 packages until now. I'm probably missing something

>> No.60209189

Gonna try it on my Thinkpad later today, is there an installer or something or is the installation like arch?

>> No.60209192
File: 345 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2017-05-04_16-49-29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here goes. I'll see how long will I stick with it.

What kind of cases would require custom runit scripts?

>> No.60209202

There's an installer by default, you just run void installer

Honestly I don't know. If I needed something to run I either ran it with the i3 conf or cronie.

>> No.60209245

>no systemd

>> No.60209272

Void hippies in a nutshell

>> No.60209603
File: 52 KB, 350x708, women_are_fag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The AUR has nothing to do with creating packages
>makepkg -sri creates a tar.xz and then installs it using pacman

>> No.60209627

>no wine in musl port yet
>no seamonkey
I don't know, you tell me

>> No.60209693

there's nothing wrong with systemd

>> No.60209711
File: 16 KB, 600x600, lqbait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>musl slow
>*ubuntu fast

>> No.60209715

so much gayness

>> No.60209766

>void is completely reliant on bash,

t. mksh master race

>> No.60209775

looks like a tryhard special snowflake distro. I can already remove sysd from arch if I so wish

>> No.60209777


>> No.60209792

looks like a tryhard special snowflake distro. I can already remove unity from ubuntu if I so wish

>> No.60209804

you absolutely could, yeah

>> No.60209819
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>> No.60209933

pkgbuilds and makepkg aren't specific to the AUR, official packages are exactly the same
the AUR is about distribution, not creation, of packages

>> No.60209936

You can change the shell, but you can't remove dash

>> No.60209941

I'd switch, but most of my job is working with Scala, and as far as I know there literally aren't any Scala packages. I'd try it because systemd is bloated, but I'm not touching a distro without Scala and intellij packaged.

>> No.60209952

what does dash have to do with bash?

>> No.60209995
File: 66 KB, 1000x1000, Thinking².png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It seems you have encountered the Solus dilemma.

>> No.60210005

Yeah but is it optimized to be fast like Solus is?

>> No.60210014

I like systemd

>> No.60210055
File: 186 KB, 1012x760, yolo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course kevin, void and solus will overthrow arch and ubuntu

>> No.60210093


I have not checked out Void Linux in awhile, but my previous complaints are as follows:

1. No atomic rollbacks, and btrfs snapshots were bugged on Void Linux.
2. Installing two different versions of a single package without modifying your PATH variable is impossible.
3. (Older/non-mainstream) programming languages other than the stuff supported by the GNU tool-chain is impossible to get working, regardless of musl or glibc.
4. The init system lacked dynamic loadable modules/units/whatever people call it, which for a developer who works on the border of userspace and kernelspace, is quite the pain.
5. Non-deterministic builds, I was able to build a package on one machine, but on another machine, because I had installed another (optional) package before I installed the specific package I wanted, pkg-config used that package instead, and everything broke. (Note, I did not configure it to do this, it just did.)

Not backing Arch, I do not use Arch, but I would not back Void either, both are deeply flawed for what I need.

>> No.60210313

>Why are you not using Void Linux, /g/?
Because Gentoo have better wallpapers.

>> No.60210320

>not in this reality

>> No.60210407
File: 552 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot from 2017-05-04 08-07-10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, Solus has become Slowlus. It's really not that great compared to other distros. In fact I would say it's pretty bad compared to most main stream distros. I'll talk about some reasons why in my next few replies. I'll try to be as objective as possible while also posting my own personal experiences.

>> No.60210438

Solus actually broke itself on my friends computer (he's a normie so he's not touching any root files, all he did was update and reboot) so I had to do a data recovery to get all his files then I installed Ubuntu on it and so far he's liking it a lot. I started using Ubuntu a few days before that and I've been liking it. Depending on what you want, I would recommend either Solus or Ubuntu. I'm also liking what Canonical is doing too right now.

>> No.60210450

I guess I can build off on this.

For the most part, both distros "just werk", but they can run into issues, but running into issues happens on every OS.

Ubuntu does have more programs in the repo, and you can add ppa's, and chances are if there's a piece of software available, there's either a deb file or a snap for it, or it's easier to build from source because of the file structure (i.e. not changing some of the build files on where to look for files and where to install them).

Ubuntu also has a much larger community so chances are if you have a problem, other people have had it and it's been solved. Solus does not have that luxury yet, but could in the future, but at least you can talk with the devs and creator if you have issues.

Ubuntu is also a distro built for everyone, whereas Solus does kind of feel like it's a distro built for Ikey but others can use if they like.

I myself have built a few packages for Solus, and even started building the stable kernel releases so we don't have to stick to LTS. Ikey didn't accept the kernel thing until he made his config file for the new release, but I did apply the patches and the security patches. Solus does not have cowsay in their repos for example, where in Ubuntu you can just do sudo apt install cowsay, and it installs. I actually made a cowsay program in c++ (because a friend in IRC wanted it) and it worked perfectly and I packaged it to install on Solus just fine, but the devs didn't accept it saying it's dumb and something along the lines of "quality over quantity" even though it was quality, but they said "just use npm to install cowsay".

Ubuntu does have better support for third party software, and the Solus devs refuse to package any Firefox other than stable because you can just download and run the beta, dev, and nightly of it, whereas on Ubuntu you can just install it.

Running out of space, going to continue this in the next reply.

>> No.60210462

>I started using Ubuntu a few days before that
>I use unoobtoo for a few days and you should listen to my opinion cause I kno
>I'm also liking what Canonical is doing too right now.

>> No.60210493

Even though Solus is rolling release, you might not get the newest software when you want, because you have to wait for the smallish team to build the new software then greenlight it to be put into the unstable repo, and then after that it goes to stable. On Ubuntu, you can add ppa's to have newer software, and those are updated immediately whereas on Solus you have to wait for them to build it and then fix any packaging issues that may have come up in the new release.

eopkg is a good packager, but it's slow, and as of now APT is better, but there's a new one for Solus called sol.

Font rendering is good in both distros, but I would have to say Ubuntu takes the lead on it.

As of now on Ubuntu and Solus, my systemd-analyze is about the same now for my boot times.

I would like to add that I have better battery life on Ubuntu, and have no screen tearing.

Ubuntu also has much better Optimus support, whereas Solus is not ready for it yet.

I feel like it's worth adding the desktop environments. I personally really like both Budgie, KDE Plasma 5, Unity, and GNOME. On Ubuntu, you can get a flavor of it or even get something like Mint to get your desktop of choice, and still have the Ubuntu experience, but I would say the best Ubuntu experience is the one with Unity, just normal Ubuntu. I'm excited to see 18.04 using GNOME, and what Canonical will do to add to it. You can have Budgie on Ubuntu, but I would say that Budgie is a much MUCH better experience on Solus. Also Budgie 11 seems really promising as it's based on Qt and will have blur and they say full Wayland support. They also say it's coming out Q2 2017.

I would also like to add that you don't really have a choice of DE on Solus. You really only have Budgie, MATE, and GNOME.

Big updates can sometimes break something in Ubuntu, but Solus also broke itself after an update on my friends computer.

>but kevin, it seems like almost everything you said is negative about Solus and positive about Ubuntu.

>> No.60210501

Both distros have their pros and cons, and some pros and cons have more meaning to different users, and some cons others may see as a pro, and vice versa.

I guess you could call Ubuntu the jack of all trades distro, but I don't feel that represents it well because it's also built for the desktop. Solus seems to some people more polished, but at the same time it isn't.

Your choice of desktop is subjective, but you're choice is very limited on Solus.

Both distros are secure and have good security patches on their kernels, but Ubuntu has apparmor, and Ikey doesn't want to package any of that stuff because he said it would be too hard to maintain.

Solus, for a small team, does have very fast development. Ubuntu has good development, but it's also a much more established distro.

A lot of the things I said are both subjective and objective, but it's up to you to make the subjective choices on what I told to make the decision which you want to use. As of now, based on what I've said, I made the choice to go back to Ubuntu. I'm not telling you what distro to use, just use what has the most pros to you, and what works for you. At the end of the day we all just want to use a distro that works and requires no maintenance. So the choice is yours to decide your distro. I'm not telling you which to use, and I personally still really like Solus. I tried my best to give an objective point of view with the distros and add my personal experiences with them.

Also, both distros are very optimized.

This is the end of my thing, if you have any more questions or comments, I'm able to answer and help :)

>> No.60210517

I wrote this a few weeks ago when someone on /g/ was considering Solus or another distro, and wanted to know why I jumped ship. It was made to compare Ubuntu and Solus. As of today, I would still recommend Ubuntu over Solus.

>> No.60210528

I've used Ubuntu for months before I went back to it after Solus.

>> No.60210568

Oh, wow.. so you've tried 2 distros and now you are expert?

>> No.60210596

No. I've used other distros based on Ubuntu, I used Arch for a few months, some other Arch based distros, Fedora, tried OpenSUSE, and installed Gentoo in a VM, and I used Solus for a few months, as well as using Ubuntu the most. Never said I was an expert mate, just comparing two distros and providing some personal experiences.

>> No.60210637

just trolling, don't get so worked up

>> No.60210699

Okay lol, sorry.

>> No.60211072

But kevin, who is gonna shill solus now?
I alredy said to everyone that it was the /g/ reccommanded user friendly distro

>> No.60211082


>> No.60211096

you obviously missed the point. Everything else is just based off of one of those but with more bugs. You are a very sad person and you have bad behaviour.

>> No.60211103

end your fucking life faggot

>> No.60211116

When Ikey finds someone else to pay so they can shill Slowlus.

>> No.60211119

Void is not based on anything

>> No.60211129

Can I be payed?

>> No.60211143

void is based on being gay

>> No.60211150

>fedora, ubuntu
>being good

>> No.60211174


all cute little niche distros that will be dead in a couple years

>fedora, ubuntu
>being good

>> No.60211185

There's also slackware. Anyway, whatever

>> No.60211186

Ask Ikey.

>> No.60211189

it's based on xbps nigga

>> No.60211262

no one actually uses that.

>> No.60211268

I was actually going to put it on my list though, but yeah no one uses it.

>> No.60211283

So you're that kind of guy who knows everything? woah

>> No.60211347


An Hour in and I'm at 30%, what's going wrong?

>> No.60211356

I don't know everything, I just know what I know

>> No.60211415

this wiki entry is old and there is no patch for infinality because it's dead
if there is a fork you can contribute on github, just take a look at older templates with infinality patches and manual

>> No.60211434

Oh well, if this shit now, what do I have to clear? Is it all in /tmp/ at the moment?

>> No.60211458

to clear what? just stop compiling

>> No.60211559

Did that, I'll just config fonts with fontconfig I guess.

Was just wondering if there will be any leftovers anywhere if I quit compiling now. I'm coming from apt and dnf :)

>> No.60211573

God I wish that were me

>> No.60212807

Void was the first good meme I fell for. Thanks /g/.

>> No.60212952

what fonts?

>> No.60212975

> Void is anything but placebo
So, it's got nothing to offer?

>> No.60213012

Was one of the attack vectors in those vault7 leaks.

>> No.60213194

In case you're laughing at the font rendering, that was a fresh install, I had not configured fonts yet.

In case you're asking for the fonts, that was a fresh install, I had not changed the fonts yet.

>> No.60213218

hm.. what are the default fonts?
thanks for replying, i just like it.

>> No.60213252

I don't know. I can report back in fifteen minutes as I'm reinstalling with MATE. If I had to guess: DejaVu Sans 10 (interface) and DejaVu Sans Mono 11 (terminal)

>> No.60213368


DejaVu Sans 10 and DejaVu Sans Mono 10 on MATE. Pretty sure the xfce4 had the same ones.

>> No.60213567

>tfw this meme crashed their main EU repo

>> No.60213645

>having to configure fonts
Literally lamoing @ ur lyfe rite now 2bh famalam

>> No.60213671

Installed with MATE and the fonts look great instantly. :^)

>> No.60213696
File: 1.45 MB, 326x256, Neckbeard Tendies.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh nice :^)
So XFCE4 came with the shit font rendering?

>> No.60213767

xfce4 comes with some problems, but font rendering is not a part of them, unless you believe so

>> No.60213792

Yeah, MATE has great font rendering.
Xfce4 had shitty rendering at first but modifying /etc/fonts/local.conf takes like twenty seconds.

>> No.60213813

Then why did you say you had to configure your fonts? If it's not you that I had originally replied to, how come he has to configure his fonts? Even Slowlus has fonts pre configured. Although, IMO, Ubuntu has the best font configuration.
I see.

>> No.60213825 [DELETED] 

I'm not him perhaps?

>> No.60213848

>snowflake Linux #2857

>> No.60213851
File: 259 KB, 540x540, Thinking to the nth power.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.60213858

I'm not him. Anyway, the little I have used xfce I didn't have any problems with the font rendering.

I know.

>> No.60213873
File: 247 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot at 2017-05-04 23-07-41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beautiful MATE font rendering. Fuck, I'm bored and the repositories are down so I can't install anything.

>> No.60213887

Because it's not Ubuntu.
>No systemd
Into the trash it goes.

>> No.60213928 [DELETED] 

>Into the trash it goes.
Hey Lennart, no time no see

>> No.60213954

Hey Lennart, long time no see

>> No.60214082

Is this default terminal window in Void or you're using a framework? Looks amazing.

>> No.60214249

Is packaging really as easy as it seems to be?

>> No.60214284

For simple packages, yes, you autogen a template and put stuff there. For the rest it's pretty much like a PKGBUILD.

>> No.60214325

"Simple packages" means? .tar.xz? I'm really new with contributing. Everything I've always needed I've gotten from AUR or apt-get or whatever.

Void repository is missing some neat stuff for MATE though.

>> No.60214989

For make; make install packages

>> No.60215428

to spot wild niggers

>> No.60215475

Why do people use Chrome, it's literally botnet.

>> No.60215502

Anyone else getting sick of the void Linux shills on this board?

>> No.60215536

What did that distribution to you to cause so much butthurt? Did it fuck your wife?

>> No.60215665

How's it going, whoever it is founded Gentoo? I'm sorry I don't know your name. It's just that, you know, you don't matter.

>> No.60215755

im sure he's going to be shocked from what you said

>> No.60216730

Okay the live install of it from the USB takes 3 times longer to load.

>> No.60217046

>Why do people use ___? It's literally ___.

>> No.60217178

boy you sure showed me it there lmao

>> No.60217214

>crux is much better because it's decentralized
Except you have to keep track of who is currently maintaining a package.

>> No.60217225

Why did Solus shills get Solus into Distrowatch top 20, but Void shills never even got Void into Distrowatch top 100?

>> No.60217248

I thought lighthouses were beacons (sending) rather than watchtowers (receiving).

>> No.60217259

because there are no void shills, or perhaps because there are too many systemd shills

>> No.60217265

Why are they so hopelessly ineffective though (see>>60217225)?

>> No.60217330

>there are no void shills

Someone please post the image of archived posts from void shills making the constant threads with the same/similar fucking copypasta content.

Perhaps the void shills died down because they failed so hard but they certainly exist.

>> No.60217337
File: 20 KB, 480x360, Maga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was just letting you know how stupid you sound.

>> No.60217366

>systemd shills

It looks like the Linux ecosystem is stuck with it though (fringe contrarian distros need not apply), just as the Windows ecosystem is stuck with Windows 10, and mainstream CPUs are stuck with blackbox security/management coprocessors. This is the future some chose, and the rest have to deal with it (for better or worse).


>> No.60217378

I bet you're one of those smug nerdy faggots in school that try to correct everyone's grammar vocabulary in order to make up for the fact that your parents never loved you

>> No.60217397
File: 1.21 MB, 480x287, Wrong.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like you're projecting bud.

>> No.60217411

fuck off kevin

>> No.60217428
File: 9 KB, 133x131, Bye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No u

>> No.60217440

Yea but, again, why have Solus shills succeeded in a much shorter timespan where Void shills have been utterly failing for years?

>> No.60217478

I'm pretty sure there aren't any more Slowlus shills.

>> No.60217624

It's not a question of whether the shills of either are still there. The question is why is Solus #12 on Distrowatch and Void is #127 even though the latter is around for much longer and has been shilled for for a much longer time than the former.

>> No.60217681

Solus was super easy to install and have running like Manjaro or Mint.

>> No.60217696


>> No.60217825

>What's wrong with not fucking up your pc every time you apt-get dist-upgrade?
Nothing. That is, if you don't mind having everything possibly break every time you do one of the (daily ) updates , introduce new bugs/regressions or end up with an unbootable system because some obscure config file got corrupted during a (daily) untested update.

Rolling releases are not suited for workstations for these reasons. Especially not since Snappy and Flatpak are right around the corner.

>> No.60217903

KDE Neon or OpenSUSE. The first one is officially supported by the KDE developers, the second one has a company behind it and parches certain packages (like Firefox) to integrate better with KDE. Plus, it has YaST.

>> No.60218119

Meeehhh. I got it running on Arch already. I'm just pissed off I have to use Xorg and bugs. idk. maybe I should use KDE neon. but muuuhh packages.

Linux sucks.

>> No.60218152

Welcome to Arch. Arch is so advanced, so amazing, so modern and so minimalistic, that it has no GUI install despite 99 % of users using the default settings (since nobody is going to use that piece of shit in a server), and despite other distros, like Debian, offering both a GUI and a CLI installer; it has untested and barely configured packages, AUR (aka, the only way to install relevant packages) receives no audits (yes. Anyone can upload a malware-ridden package to AUR and nobody would notice); every single update can break your system, and Pacman (used to, I don't know if it still does that) likes to delete/corrupt config files during updates.

Arch is so simple, that they removed the begginer guide from the wiki and hate the Majaro guys with a passion for, get this, ruining "the Arch way" by making it easy to install and testing some packages before shoving them down their user's throats and potentially breaking their systems

Arch is a timesink OS. Arch developers and users only use it to showcase their 1337 sysadmin skillz on Screenfetch threads.

>> No.60218320

welp I left 30GB free partitioned. I can put KDE Neon on there to try it.
I have a lot of experience with Debian but I still ran into those FUCKING ISSUES where I need a certain version that's not in the repo because an older version works, but not a newer, or I NEED bleeding edge for something.

Linux sucks until they figure out a better package distribution system. But I don't want to use Win10 outside of VM.

>> No.60218334

Because I use Gentoo and have the liberty of all the same things :)
I'll soon be installing Gentoo with clang and musl just for funsies.

>> No.60219063

Maybe because Slowlus is good at least compared to Void.

>> No.60219105
File: 21 KB, 400x400, Autism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Linux sucks
Wrong, Arch sucks.

>> No.60219197

That's a bold statement. Do you have a single fact to back that up.

>> No.60219290

I swear to god if I try KDE neon and its no different.
I KNOW it won't be different. I know I'm going to need a certain version or something and it wont' be in the repo and it'll be JUST WAIT or JUST NEVER. Like I had with Void and I've had with Debian.

Whereas with Windows I can just download the fucking installer for the appropriate version.
Or with npm I can just set a dependency on a certain package.
It's just Linux that has this problem. And it's a huge problem.

>> No.60219368
File: 1.51 MB, 800x3400, Distro Comparison.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am [email protected], I used to shill Solus here. Remember the /STD/ - Solus Threads Daily? That was me. I also made some other threads using trip related. Of course I don't have a single fact to back my statement up. I've used both though, and I can say I preferred the feel of Slowlus. It was also more normie friendly too.

>> No.60219382

Back to my normal trip.

>> No.60219391
File: 42 KB, 750x657, 4by59po6byty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why are you not using Void Linux, /g/?
Because I don't beat off to how obscure my operating system is. Here is the list of acceptable desktop operating systems:

- Windows
- macOS

Here is the list of acceptable server operating systems:

- Ubuntu LTS
- Debian

That's it. If you are using an operating system that's not on this list, somewhere along the way you have made a poor decision in life.

>> No.60219675

b-but im using Gentoo

>> No.60219715

But why move over if Arch already does all that?

>> No.60219769

That's the problem Snappy and Flatpak try to solve. The Windows approach is not the best, mind you, because if a program comes bundled with an ancient .DLL, the program itself may be compromised and it increases the memory usage with duplicated libraries.

Since Neon is Ubuntu-based, you can use PPAs. PPAs containing backports of the latest version of the most relevant programs (GTK, QT, Wine, LibreOffice, Firefox, KDE, etc.) Exist.

I think Debian experimental has bleeding-edge packages, but I've never used it since I like my old, tested and stable packages.

Alternatively, you could use Gentoo (though that's kind of a pain in the ass) or build the Snaps, Flatpaks or AppImages yourself.

>> No.60220197

Yeah I'm not saying Windows approach is best either.

But there's some middle ground that's better than both..
And well, KDE doesn't have a flatpak


I do hope flatpak catches on, and we get a DE that's as good as Windows. I want to love Linux, but I don't.

>> No.60220221
File: 17 KB, 250x304, photo-lee-atwater.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have made an especially poor decision in life. Rolling release distros are for people who don't give a shit about the long term stability of their system.

>> No.60220241
File: 5 KB, 249x249, 1489603000611s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread should've died a long time ago

>> No.60220329

Too bad.

>> No.60220679

Only people who never installed Gentoo would say that.

>> No.60220719
File: 1.19 MB, 1024x768, 2017-05-04-191412_1024x768_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but I am, OP

>> No.60222924

Installed solus for the first time a week ago. Amazed at how nice it is. And now there are no more shill threads to hang out in. Guess I should have been using it earlier. Still have gentoo on my thinkpad, dont worry g

>> No.60223273

>objective garbage such as windows10 and systemd must be embraced because some assfucks have decided to force them onto everyone without alternative

I bet you'll also defend hardware rootkits in contemporary CPUs and other signs of modern "technological progress".

>> No.60224882

But then, it's still alive

>> No.60224925

>No systemd
I have no use for it then.

>> No.60224935

>If you are using arch in 2017 there's something wrong with you.
Hahaha, nice one.

>> No.60225002

It can work as a mark for people not to get lost. Or for people to know that if they do get lost they can go there and seek help / ask for directions.

>> No.60225930

fuck off bougyman

>> No.60227902

Thats just retarded

>> No.60228113

bump limit approaching

>> No.60230475

Can I exchange (you)s for more packages in the void repo?

>> No.60230677

Void isn't Slowlus.

>> No.60231066

t. lennart

>> No.60231295

1. true
2. true
3. there's no lack of security on Mint compared to any other Debian based distro.
4. garbage, probably dead in few months.
5. true
6. not really viable, garbage.
7. true, nobody gives a shit about openSUSE
8. nobody gives a shit about a package manager because if you use arch you don't know wether it breaks on the next boot or not.
9. Using Budgie, technically should be the most bloaty, but is not, really.
10. for doublechinned neckbeard i3 users + looks like 1980s.
11. noname, also shitty package manager.
Be honest /g/ which distro you think has no listed flaws?

>> No.60231349

There's no flawless distro. There's only distros that may align with your needs.

>> No.60231473

well, the least amount of flaws at least. I basically want it for desktop, so stability and good looking UI is a must. don't want that "cutting-edge" unstable bullshit, but don't want prehistoric pure Debian either. I prefer something debian based if that's an option.

>> No.60231541

There's debian testing and unstable.. but honestly I find them an hassle more than Arch would be, because of security and stability. Good looking UI, you can do it almost anywhere, stability.. ubuntu? dpkg is pretty shit and so are PPAs, but in whole it's pretty ok after all. Or maybe manjaro? I heard they have some delay in the packages or something like that.

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