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IRC is such a piece of shit, why do people still use it?

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Why's it a piece of shit?

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Because it's the best at what it does.

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Stop posting this thread, faggot.

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hipsters, same reason people use OSX and Linux when Windows is better in every way.

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Most IRC networks are vastly more privacy-focussed than you can trust $vc_funded_startup to be.

Plus an IRC network that actually logs the messages being sent is essentially unheard of. There aren't any logs they could turn over to the authorities.

Plus https://xkcd.com/1782/

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It's simple and very hackable. Anyone can run their own server fairly easily and there are plenty of clients to chose from depending on your needs. No advertisements all over my screen. Nobody (except my friend who runs a bouncer for me) is stealing my data to resell. It just works.

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The same reason people use textboards over imageboards.

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Windows is such a piece of shit, why do people still use it?

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Just switch to Slack already you fucking losers.

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Because it is great.
It hasn't succumbed to feature creep and bloat.
Stable as frig.

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>It hasn't succumbed to feature creep and bloat.

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have SJWs ruined IRC yet

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I can understand your argument, but then the most common jet airliners in the skies are not 747s and A380s, but rather 737s and A320s.

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It works as intended and doesn't have needless bells and whistles

Maybe you'd be more at home on a mac running only facebook messenger?

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I can run IRC on almost any device I own, even my C64, can I do that with those?

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It's simple, light and works.
What more do you want?

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If you actually had things to do you wouldn't care about running a chat program on your Commodore.

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You can *probably* bridge using IRC from a c64, but that's literally just another point for glorious IRC

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>can run IRC on almost any device I own
IRC's having to stay connected is bad for mobile desu.

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This one will save us.
Slack/Discord is the BitKeeper that blew IRC/svn out and Matrix is the git that will destroy it.

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I'm sure there's a mobile client that pairs nicely with a bouncer to help with that.

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I hate irc. I hate it for one main reason, nobody uses it. Now, before you say "over x million users" I mean use, like I actually talk, not just sit there logged on. I have tried to join a lot of open source or product channels on irc (pypi, python, docker, wercker, kubernetes, etc.) And every time without fail, I join the channel and there are over 50 people signed in and I'm like "awesome people actually use this channel", then I proceed to ask the question the prompted me to lognin in the first place. After four hours and no answer or response at all, I usually have to go home, or shut my computer down. I don't have a desktop running 24/7 just so I can irc. So once I log off, I know I'm never getting an answer. I might try again if I have another burning question, but with a couple of tries and no luck, I eventually give up.

Now slack on the other hand I've never had this problem. I don't know what it is, but some of the same communities switched over to slack (i.e. kubernetes) and once they were on slack, I was getting responses and discussions from multiple people within 15 min or less. The beauty is even if the channel wasn't as active it would still be a million times better because I can shut down my laptop, and get notified on my phone when someone replies. I can then continue with the conversation publically or privately, even if the two of us are on other sides of the world, because history is saved and I don't miss anything I'm notified on, even if I'm not logged in anywhere.

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get a bouncer with proper settings and it won't be a problem

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Still not great for battery life.

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don't use a phone then

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>using slack/discord/matrix
they are fucking pointless
they solve things that have already been solved long ago
they are made with only profit in mind and you eat it up like the good goys you are

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>running chat program on Commodore is worth noting; running it on phone is unneeded and frivolous

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>they solve things that have already been solved long ago
By what?
>they are made with only profit in mind
So are most tools. Enjoy your shitty rock, I'll be using my for profit hammer.

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Where can I go to find an IRC relevant to to my interests that's active?

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Elitism and resistance to change. Most of /g/ choices are made solely to feel superior to others.

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That's because they cost like 80 million dollars each.

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You can't. Every IRC is now populated by idlers who will never respond.

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How is the extremely obvious use case of chat history handled?
>have to set up bouncer bot
>have to query bot for history

>sane chat program
>scroll up

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>have to set up bouncer bot
>have to query bot for history
wtf are you doing. znc just prints the history on the channel like any sane person would expect

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I've literally only found two channels where people talked, one was super small and the other was mozilla web-extensions.

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And because they aren't efficient for the vast majority of routes and only supported by a smaller number of airports.

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>run an irssi instance on your server
>ssh into it from your phone
You even get your :cloud: logs

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>join my slack
>link to heroku web app to request an invite via email

or just

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>IRC is

is the place where millions of people go to idle. How fun and useful.

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true and sad
same for discord tho

I recall AIM and IRC in 2002-2005, shit was fun, I still talk to these people 15 years later

why did messaging chatrooms die ?

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ITT: we went on IRC for 5 minutes and we know what's up

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I'm new to IRC. Can someone give me tips?

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get a time machine cause its ded

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>>ssh into it from your phone

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doesn't /g/ have an irc channel?

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I was an IRC operator for Rizon for years. Stop making guesses

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It is because people are stuck in their ways and refuse to learn new technology. It is the same basic reason people still code in FORTRAN and listen to cassette tapes. People do not like to move on to objectively better services like Discord because they have memories of using IRC and selling their souls to their mIRC overlords. Put simply, people do not like change.

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IRC is the perfect counter example to "Open source is better". IRC has been around for 20+ years. But a company that is just a few years old blows it away feature-wise. The answer to every "missing feature" in IRC is to install some extra software and then maintain it yourself.

I'm don't want to waste time doing that, I've got better things to do.

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I got a question about managing my own IRC server, is joining a network like quakenet necessary? If so, why?

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>staying always connected is bad for battery life
>use ssh bro
IRC is great for /g/ since they have all day to fuck around with their shitty chat program and it feels like they're actually doing something and they never leave their always on desktop.

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dumb frogposter

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>Frogposter makes a completely worthless post
What a surprise

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I got hacked from IRC PLENTY OF TIMES. It's exhausting

But there is something more exhausting that that: which is entering here in search for advice and getting loads of virile members as answer.

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turn around, I'll show you a virile member.

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Like everything else in IRC, it is optional.

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What did he mean by this ?

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same go for Java and Flash?

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Why would I want to join a network?

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To download my anime.

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>I got hacked from IRC PLENTY OF TIMES. It's exhausting
Consider it a lesson in learning to setup issri properly. At least you are wiser for it.

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To help support the network because you like its community.
In other words, if you need to ask this question, you wouldn't want to join a network. Just host your server and be done with it.

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I'm just curious, what benefits would I get out of it? Would a desktop or web client be unable to join me if I was not part of a network?

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You'd get more traffic on your server. But it'd be mirroring all channels across all other servers connected to the network for redundancy, so that if one server goes down the rest of the network keeps on trucking until that server reconnects.

Clients don't care about networks vs servers. All they see is a server.

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IRCv3 makes it a bit more modern, but making the standard has slowed.

inspircd already supports +chanhistory,
but they also want user avatars, and unicode usernames

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Okay, so if I joined a network and if my server died any of the other servers that host that network would be able to keep it running.

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Sort of. The users connected to other servers on the network would stay connected, but those connected to yours would drop until your server comes back up or their clients reconnect to a different server on the network.

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I think joining a network would be great if I wanted to keep my IRC channel running at all times across many different servers.

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At which point you may as well skip hosting your own server and just make a channel on the network of your choice.

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To be cute together, like this site:


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gay apple shit

laughable, but debatable.

never heard of it. will look into it.

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itt: I went on a channel to ask my inane questions and nobody answered within 5 minutes so I left and now I use slack/discord/whatsapp/telegram/this week's meme social media platform


well there's your problem

>IRC has been around for 20+ years. But a company that is just a few years old blows it away feature-wise.

>email has been around for 20+ years, but my new prototype client that only runs on the latest ios blows it away feature wise

once you start trying to haphazardly bolt features onto an ill defined protocol whose plentiful clients almost certainly won't add support for your niche feature set you aren't working with that original software any more, there's a reason why irc/mail/etc has barely changed for years and that's because it's widely supported by just about everyone independently and any major changes are going to be ill supported

irc is a stupidly simple protocol to work with and fixing many of its shortcomings is trivial but as soon as you have to use the '/g/rc special snowflake edition' client with the '/g/rc server - I'll work on the logo' server the people already using weechat/irssi/xchat/hexchat/textual/andirc/kvirc/mibbit/mirc/quassel/et fucking c and have to switch servers from inspircd/ircd/unrealirc won't give a shit about adding these features to irc any more and if they need those features they'll look at software that actually caters to them, KISS principle at work

it's for these reasons even software like slack supports irc/xmpp gateways

basically, fuck off with your apples to oranges comparison and 'hurr proprietary software wins again'

(and before any smartarse gets the wrong idea this isn't to say FOSS software can't implement something like slack but that you're not going to do it with something as ubiquitous as irc)

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Email's success is just evidence of IRC's failure.
It's had 30 years to become the standard for chat and it still isn't. If email was as fucking garbage as IRC I'm sure some propriety company would be filling that niche right now.

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E-mail is much easier to use. IRC has been uncompromising and unchanging. Adapt or die, friend. IRC is dead and /g/ is the coffin it is being buried in.

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use quassel / quasseldroid

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hi awoo

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